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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 11/01/2014

UPD: 11/01/2014 Zakharchenko included in the draft list of the US for the imposition of sanctions - media

Захарченко включили в проект списка США на введение санкций - СМИ

Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko included in the draft list of persons against whom the US government plans to impose sanctions, according to sources of Ukrainian Truth in Washington.

In general, the list includes from 10 to 20 names.

In turn, former deputy Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State Melanie Virvir confirmed to the Ukrainian truth that sanctions are actively being considered by the current US government as "one of the tools."

"My government is working to determine what tools they can use to exert influence (on the Ukrainian government) to support you in your efforts, such as sanctions or other types of political initiatives that can be put into play, - she said.

In addition, the publication reports that next Wednesday in the US Senate should be held extraordinary, second over the past two months, a hearing on Ukraine, which are called the Consequences of the crisis in Ukraine.

The speakers include Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Melia, and former US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Personally, the head of the Senate International Committee of the Senate, Bob Menendez, meets last week with the Ukrainian diaspora in New Jersey.

Earlier it was reported that the administration of the American president discussed with the Ukrainian diaspora in Washington steps to respond to the oppression of democracy in Ukraine. On the part of the US authorities, Karen Donfried, Assistant President Obama and Senior Director for Europe in the National Security Council of the United States participated in the meeting.

Representatives of the diaspora urged the White House to impose sanctions against Ukrainian officials. In particular, at the meeting the names of Security Council Secretary Andrei Klyuev and Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko were heard.

In addition, representatives of the diaspora named the names of the chairman of the Kharkiv regional state administration Mikhail Dobkin and the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes, who, in their opinion, were involved in the massacre of the activists of EuroMaidan.

According to the US President's Decree No. 7750, not only officials but also members of their family, including children, are being sanctioned.

UPD: 11/01/2014 Singer Ruslana injured during clashes near Svyatoshinsky police department

Певица Руслана пострадала во время столкновений под Святошинским РУВД

Singer Ruslana Lyzhichko wrote in her Facebook that she suffered as a result of spraying tear gas during the clashes at Svyatoshinsky police department on Friday evenings.

"The head and the bad condition are very sore," she wrote.

At the same time, as the singer wrote, the provocateurs who happened to be among the protesters are to blame for what happened.

UPD: 11/01/2014 Lutsenko is in intensive care - media

Луценко попал в реанимацию - СМИ

Former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko got into intensive care after he was beaten up by fighters of Berkut during the clashes with activists of Avtomaydan.

The press secretary of the politician Larisa Sargan said this on her Facebook page.

"Three subcutaneous hematomas on the head: Closed craniocerebral trauma." The seam was imposed 3 cm, Lutsenko was losing consciousness partially, now in a more or less sober state. "In the reanimation department, according to Irina Lutsenko, there were about 10 strokes on the head," she wrote .

As writes today, referring to eyewitnesses, the ex-minister got into the eye glass from the glasses. According to them, Lutsenko received a blow with a club on his head when he tried to protect his wife. She supposedly got the first one after activists of Avtomaydan began to rock the bus with Berkut.

UPD: 11/01/2014 Passions on Prospekt Pobedy have subsided: protesters and Golden Eagle have dispersed

Страсти на проспекте Победы улеглись: митингующие и Беркут разошлись

The last fighters of the special unit Berkut, whose buses on Friday night blocked the participants of Avtomaydan, entered the building of Svyatoshinsky ROVD, UNIAN reports.

The demonstrators themselves also diverge. Near the police station there were about a hundred people left. In addition, on the street near the police jeep was left on duty one policeman.