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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 04/11/2014

UPD: 11/04/2014 Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation: Yanukovych will not be issued to Ukraine

Генпрокурор РФ: Янукович не будет выдан Украине

Chaika said that he sees no reason to extradite Yanukovych.

Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika said that he sees no reason for the extradition of Viktor Yanukovych to Ukraine.

"We see no reason for his extradition," said the prosecutor general.

UPD: 04/11/2014 Pro-Russian rally of Donbass: “Enough of p # here! You need to burn, b # ian, Bendera !. VIDEO

Several dozen residents of the city of Rovenka, Luhansk region, decide on their further actions on the picket. Attention! Obscene language !!!

According Tsenzor.NET, the pro-Russian activists are very radical.

UPD: 11/04/2014 Cash dollar went up by more than the hryvnia on sale

Наличный доллар подорожал более чем на гривню в продаже

On Friday, April 11, the average rate of buying a cash dollar in Ukrainian banks, compared with Thursday, increased by 68.03 kopecks. up to 12.3207 UAH

The average selling rate of the American currency increased by UAH 1.096 and amounts to UAH 13.4117, informs the League.

The maximum purchase rate was 12.7 UAH., The minimum selling rate - 12.95 UAH.

The average euro buying rate increased by 85.22 kopecks. and is 16.9438 UAH., sales - by 1.54 UAH. up to 18.7424 UAH You can sell the euro more expensive for 17.8 UAH., Buy it cheaper - for 16.95 UAH.

The average purchase rate of 10 Russian rubles on Friday rose by 16.9 kopecks. and is 3,295 UAH. for 10 Russian rubles. The average selling rate increased by 27.5 kopecks. up to 3,749 UAH The maximum cash purchase rate offered by banks is UAH 3.54. for 10 rubles, the minimum selling rate - 3.35 UAH.

UPD: 11/04/2014 NATO: satellite images with Russian troops on the border of Ukraine are reliable

НАТО: спутниковые снимки с войсками РФ на границе Украины достоверны НАТО: спутниковые снимки с войсками РФ на границе Украины достоверны
НАТО: спутниковые снимки с войсками РФ на границе Украины достоверны

Representatives of NATO said the reliability of satellite images, which can be seen Russian troops located near the Ukrainian border.

Moscow had previously claimed that the pictures were taken last year, the Russian Bi-Bi-si service reports.

In a statement released late Thursday, representatives of the alliance said they would release an additional package of shots to show that the accusations of the Russian side are completely false.

The NATO military command intends to publish satellite images relating to 2013 and the beginning of 2014 to demonstrate that there were no armed forces in the area on the border of Russia and Ukraine until March 2014. The leadership of the alliance estimates the number of Russian troops located near the border with Ukraine at 35-40 thousand people.

As the NATO Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Philip Breedlove, wrote in his Twitter, Russian troops near Ukraine are fully equipped and capable of invading.

Recall, according to the Alliance, the pictures were taken between March 22 and April 2, 2014, they depicted about 40 thousand Russian soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles, artillery and aircraft in more than one hundred points near the Ukrainian border.

UPD: 11/04/2014 Russia deserves ridicule, - Swedish Foreign Minister

 Россия заслуживает насмешек, - глава МИД Швеции

When Russia, which seized the Crimea and concentrated its troops on the border with Ukraine, criticizes it for military preparations, it causes laughter.

This was written on his Twitter by the head of the Swedish Foreign Ministry, Carl Bildt.

“Russia deserves ridicule when it criticizes Ukraine for military preparations. Russia invaded the Crimea and concentrated its troops on the borders,” the Swedish foreign minister sneered at the Kremlin’s policy towards Ukraine.

UPD: 11/04/2014 Russian Foreign Ministry scares Russians traveling abroad: "Americans have a hunt for our citizens"

МИД РФ пугает россиян, выезжающих за границу: Американцы устроили охоту на наших граждан

The site of the Foreign Ministry of Russia posted a “Warning for citizens traveling abroad.”

They are urged to refrain from traveling outside the country where the US administration “hunts” them in order to extradite and convict them on dubious charges in the USA, Tsenzor reports. NO, with reference to the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"In a follow-up to the warning to citizens of the Russian Federation issued on September 2, 2013 about the possibility of detention or arrest at the request of US law enforcement agencies and special services, the Russian Foreign Ministry points out that this threat has recently increased significantly due to the US-imposed anti-Russian sanctions.

The point is that the US administration unreasonably refuses to recognize the reunification of Crimea with Russia, which fully complies with international law and the UN Charter, tries to turn Russian citizens in third countries into the routine “hunting” practice for the purpose of their further extradition and conviction in the United States, generally dubious charges. At the same time, the American side, ignoring the bilateral Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters 1999, does not burden itself with informing the Russian authorities about the accusations made against our compatriots, and in many cases does not even inform the consular offices of Russia about their detention.

Given these circumstances, we strongly recommend that citizens of Russia refrain from traveling abroad, especially to countries that have concluded mutual extradition treaties with the United States (a list of such states is posted on the US State Department website), if there are suspicions that US law enforcement agencies may present it claims, "- said in a statement.

UPD: 11/04/2014 Russian TV is cynically lying again - on different channels the same person is both an “anti-Maidanist” and an activist from the “right-wing sector”. VIDEO

In different stories about Ukraine the same person on different TV channels showed something like a “mercenary Maidan”. how "affected by maydanovtsev." About this reports Tsvideoblog Vadim Kozyrev.

UPD: 11/04/2014 The OSCE observation mission did not detect violations of the rights of Russian speakers in Ukraine

Наблюдательная миссия ОБСЕ не обнаружила нарушений прав русскоговорящих в Украине

The mandate for the OSCE Special Observation Mission in Ukraine was adopted on March 21 after a lengthy discussion. It implies sending from 100 to 500 observers initially for a period of 6 months.

OSCE experts cannot confirm cases of violation of the rights of Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine, which were previously reported by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“The reports do not confirm reports of violations of the rights of Russian speakers in Ukraine,” the organization’s official Twitter account is noted, Censor reports. There is NO referring to

Recall that the mandate for the special observation mission of the OSCE in Ukraine was adopted on March 21 after a long discussion. It implies sending from 100 to 500 observers initially for a period of 6 months. Currently, more than 100 observers are in Ukraine.