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UPD: 11/07/2014 A bomb is being searched at the Kiev station

At the Kiev station looking for a bomb At the Kiev station looking for a bomb

The police are looking for a bomb at the South and Central railway stations.

Police officers are searching for a bomb at the Central and Southern railway stations, the television channel 112 Ukraine reports.

As reported, the station buildings are cordoned off, no one is allowed inside.

Recall, the Kiev station repeatedly "mined", but every time the message about the bomb was false.

UPD: 11/07/2014 Girkin shoots residents of Donbass for petty crimes, guided by Stalin's order. A PHOTO

Girkin shoots the inhabitants of Donbass for petty crimes, guided by Stalin's order. A PHOTO Girkin shoots the inhabitants of Donbass for petty crimes, guided by Stalin's order. A PHOTO

The correspondent of BuzzFeed Max Seddon discovered the protocols of the military tribunals left by the rebels of Slavyansk, which the militiamen practiced during their stay in the city.

Judging by the three protocols found by the journalist, "the mysterious militia commander, a former Russian intelligence officer, known under the combat pseudonym Igor Strelkov, supported the order in the city with the help of simplified wartime justice": "The theft was punishable by a decree issued by Stalin at the beginning of the Second World War. Courts were hastily conducted under the jurisdiction of men known under the nicknames of Nos, Sedoi and Balu, whose sentences were carried out "resolutely and mercilessly".

"Much of the internal functioning of the DNR remains a mystery," Seddon writes, Inopressa reports.

The rebel leaders make contradictory statements about which of them is the main one, and periodically for a few days go to Moscow for "consultations" with Russian politicians.

"However, the documents that BuzzFedd and the reporters of the other two editions found on the floor of the security building (and confirmed by sources, including one participant in the" judicial proceedings ") show that Strelkov had at least some autonomy under Slavic, "Nothing in them links insurgents directly to Russia." Instead, Strelkov (real name - Igor Girkin) seems to have developed his own system of "justice" based on nostalgia for the Soviet Union during the war and the need to keep s local population in check. Written testimony of the defendant and witnesses are written on small name. The order for enforcement of the sentence signed and stamped Gunmen. "

The spokesman for Strelkov, Miroslav Rudenko, does not hide that the rebels held several military tribunals in Slavyansk in accordance with a decree issued on the day of Hitler's attack on the USSR. "We needed a military legal basis for an effective fight against looting and other wartime phenomena, so we turned to the model for history," he said.

The case of Alexei Pichko, an unemployed welder who left the prison, shows that Strelkov was engaged in even minor crimes that have nothing to do with the uprising. According to Pichko's confession, on June 14, being drunk, he saw a house whose owners fled the city. Pichko broke the window, climbed into the house, stole two shirts and a pair of trousers, but was noticed by his neighbors. A few hours later he was detained by militiamen.

In a confession, Pichko asks him to send him to the front so that he "dies as a person who has benefited" the DNR, "and reports that he has a pregnant wife." The entire protocol of the process that took place in this case in three days takes less than two "The document says that Baloo and Sedo wanted to send the defendant to the forefront to dig trenches, but the chairman of the tribunal Nos insisted on the execution.

On the same day, Strelkov issued an order: "I warn all militia and commanders of the militia of the People's Democratic Republic, as well as residents of Slavyansk and Slavyansk district, that any serious crime committed in the zone of military operations will continue to be punished resolutely and mercilessly. The DNR will not allow the outbreak of crime in the territory of the city of Slavyansk and the Slavic region.The penalties for crimes will be inevitable, regardless of the status and merits of the offender, "the newspaper quotes.

The authorities of the DNR could not confirm to Seddon that the verdict was carried out. However, one of the friends of Pichko allegedly told his neighbors that "the insurgents shot him from the machine gun the same day and threw the body into the front to be torn up with shells." Pichko's mother learned of the verdict for her son only from journalists.

UPD: 11/07/2014 Lies on blood: in the US, 60 fakes of Russian media about Ukraine were published. PHOTO reportage

Ложь на крови: в США опубликовали 60 фейков российских СМИ об Украине. ФОТОрепортаж

Examples include articles in Russia's largest news agency RIA-Novosti, Russia Today and the Russian newspaper.

The US website published 60 of the most noteworthy untrue facts published in the Russian media, about Ukraine, LIGABusinessInform reports.

"Russia's aggressive information war, which is being waged by its big propaganda machine, continues to produce misinformation to justify its actions in Ukraine," the material said.

"Knowingly false information and deceitful images are currently being distributed in every accessible place: from leading politicians and the infamous Russian mass media, right up to bloggers, useful idiots and hordes of paid trolls that spread hatred and brazenly lie," the publication stresses.

Among the examples are the articles in the largest Russian news agency RIA-Novosti, Russia Today and the Russian newspaper.