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UPD: 11/08/2014 Battalion "Dnepr" detained "people's mayor" Alchevsk. A PHOTO

The battalion of the Dnieper detained the people's mayor of Alchevsk. A PHOTO The battalion of the Dnieper detained the people's mayor of Alchevsk. A PHOTO

One of the accomplices of the terrorists was detained by the battalion "Dnepr".

As reported by Facebook, where the deputy governor of Dnepropetrovsk, Boris Filatov, wrote.

"Battalion" Dnepr "detained" People's Mayor "Alchevsk Nikolay Boyko.

The photo will be in half an hour. As a variant, I can suggest Lyashko "to interrogate" this rascal. We can undress him to his cowards, as Oleg Valeryevich likes.

Personally, it's disgusting even for Boyko to approach, "Filatov wrote.

UPD: 11/08/2014 The customer does not touch: negotiations of terrorists defending the estate of Yanukovych in Donetsk. AUDIO

Armed terrorists defend the estate of Yanukovich in Donetsk from the same as they are armed looters. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine intercepted the negotiations of militants

This is reported by adviser to the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko, and the message he posted in his "Facebook".

"Finally, it became known for the sake of what terrorists are dying in Donetsk.The main military task of Girkin and his terrorists is the protection of the house of Yanukovych *, which, unlike his Mezhyhir estate, is still untouched and untouched," the advisor to the minister said, adding , that as soon as "unintentional terrorists try to rob Yanukovych's Donetsk fazenda, their senior comrades immediately send out a rapid reaction group to protect the property of the ex-dictator."

Gerashchenko also published an audio record of intercepted telephone conversations of terrorists. "We must assume that none of the terrorists shoot out of Grads, howitzers and mortars toward Yanukovych's house," he said.

In his opinion, "fighters of volunteer battalions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard and regular army brigades will have to visit Yanukovych's estate to find out why the terrorists carefully guarded it, distracted from important tasks to rob the remaining residents of Donetsk."

UPD: 11/08/2014 The situation in the East of Ukraine. MAP

Ситуация на Востоке Украины. КАРТА

The antiterrorist operation in the East of Ukraine is continuing. The Ukrainian army is carrying out active actions for the liberation of Lugansk and Donetsk from terrorists.

According to the information and analytical center of the National Security and Defense Council, as of 12:00 on Monday, the situation in the ATU zone looks as follows.

UPD: 11/08/2014 We will help our soldiers!

Поможем нашим воинам!

We ask you to help our soldiers taking part in the defense of our country.

Also, please distribute this page among your friends and acquaintances on the Internet.

Glory to the heroes!

UPD: 11/08/2014 "Liquidation Brigade" of the GRU-FSB to destroy the leaders of terrorists will leave for Donbass in the coming days, - Shkiryak

На Донбасс в ближайшие дни выедет ликвидационная бригада ГРУ-ФСБ для уничтожения главарей террористов

Putin gave an order to destroy the leaders of terrorists. This caused many ordinary militants to think and save their skin. Some, find an opportunity and try to hide among civilians. Others surrender to the ATU forces and actively give testimony to their Russian "patrons".

This was reported on his Facebook page by Zoryan Shkiryak, an adviser to the head of the Interior Ministry.

"From the front line, according to intelligence intelligence and radio interceptions of the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service, as well as for the information of captured terrorists, demoralization and panic are intensifying in the ranks of militants, in particular, mass defections are recorded in Russian terrorist gangs" , "boatswain", "brain", etc. The militants are aware of the inevitability of reckoning and their doom, "he said.

"In Ukraine, they will be destroyed by ATU forces, and they will not escape to Russia, since they are waiting for shooting by Russian border guard detachments, this is Putin's direct order." Moreover, the Kremlin's order to destroy the leaders of terrorists is confirmed. the "liquidation brigade" of the GRU-FSB will leave for execution of the verdict, "Shkiryak said.

"This caused many ordinary militants to think and save their skin, some of them find the opportunity and try to hide themselves among the civilian population." Others surrender to the ATU forces and actively give testimony to their Russian "patrons." A terrorist Boroday and a bloody Girkin escaped from Donetsk. Now, the latter squeals like an uncut pig and requires Putin to help, threatening to surrender Anthracite and run away, but he realizes that he is doomed, therefore, he drinks drastically, which is confirmed not only by eyewitnesses, but defectors from his gang, " adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"Today, ATU units continued to build forces, squeeze the ring and surround militants.In the battles of Red Ray, Ilovaysky, Donetsk, Anthracite, etc., several hundreds of terrorists and a significant amount of heavy equipment of the enemy were destroyed. The blackened scum continue to kill civilians, constantly bombarding residential quarters, markets, even columns of refugees from the occupied cities, there are casualties and wounded among civilians, the exact number is being specified, "Shkiryak wrote.

Over the past 24 hours, several settlements have been liberated from militants. Escaping from the battlefield, terrorists throw the corpses of their mercenaries. The advanced detachments of the National Guard and the Supreme Armed Forces, blocked and effectively cut off communications of militants between Donetsk and Lugansk regions. This is very important and will give an additional impetus to the committed success. However, it should be noted that the terrorists go to fortified areas in prepared fortifications, "he said.

"They have tanks, heavy artillery and BM-21" Grad "systems, which are managed by the RF Armed Forces personnel officers, which are present in the Donbas in a significant number." Russian special forces, paratroopers, snipers are fighting in the ranks of terrorists against Ukraine, trying to keep the situation under control "However, every day, they manage to less and less." The militants are demoralized, "the adviser to the head of the Interior Ministry said.

Now the positional confrontation continues. The units of the ATO are building up their forces and are preparing for the next active phase of the offensive against the positions of Russian terrorists, "he concluded.

UPD: 11/08/2014 World gymnastics champion Natalia Godunko has sold a gold medal for the needs of the Ukrainian army

Чемпионка мира по гимнастике Наталья Годунко продала золотую медаль для нужд украинской армии

The gold medal of the World Championship, which for a charity auction in support of the Ukrainian army was provided by gymnast Natalia Godunko, was sold tonight.

Bidding for the award won by the Ukrainian in the world championship of 2001 in Madrid, ended at a price of 100 100 hryvnia. Now the lucky winner of the medal must transfer the money and take the reward. A few days ago the Ukrainian put up her medal for bidding, deciding that in this way she could help the Ukrainian army. The money earned for the medal will go to purchase food and ammunition for Ukrainian fighters.

UPD: 11/08/2014 Microsoft joins sanctions against Russia

Microsoft присоединяется к санкциям против России

Bank "Russia", against which sanctions are imposed, is already waiting for the disconnection of some of the foreign software.

This is reported by Gordonua.

Soon, Russian banks and companies can be disconnected from foreign software. Microsoft, along with companies such as Oracle, Symantec and Hewlett-Packard, are joining the US sanctions, the National Anti-Corruption Portal reports.

Hewlett-Packard has already ceased to supply the Russian partners with the necessary equipment and components. And representatives of Microsoft and Oracle companies met on this occasion with representatives of one of the banks that came under sanctions. At the moment, Microsoft has not disconnected the bank from its products, but the Russian side is already looking for an alternative.

July 29, the United States imposed new sanctions against three Russian banks and one corporation. In response, on August 6, Vladimir Putin imposed a ban on the importation to Russia of products from countries that imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation.

UPD: 11/08/2014 How Russian gunners, not aiming, shoot Ukrainian cities: "Nadymane, hello!". VIDEO

A video of the shelling of Ukrainian villages by Russian artillerymen, which the Russian servicemen themselves withdrew.

Russian gunners do not hide that they are shelling the territory of Ukraine.

Let's also note that one of the Russian artillerymen, judging by the video, from Nadym - the administrative center of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of the Russian Federation.

UPD: 11/08/2014 "DNR" "clarifies" the passport data of Donetsk residents for the resettlement of terrorists and arriving Russian militants. A PHOTO

ДНР уточняет паспортные данные жителей Донецка для расселения террористов и прибывающих российских боевиков. ФОТО

In Donetsk on the streets appeared ads in which terrorists appeal to those who voted on the pseudo-referendum on May 11 for DNR with an appeal to call the number and "clarify the passport data (residence permit) and receive special items for resettlement in bomb shelters."

This is reported by the News of Donbass.

According to the announcement signed by the "Ministry of the Interior of the People's Republic of France", these actions are carried out with the aim of "the apartment settlement of the patriots of the wounded fighters and arriving Russian militiamen".

Recall that in June, residents of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk (then under the control of terrorists) and several other cities were forced to host the terrorists of the "army of the People's Republic of Hungary."