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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 11/12/2013

UPD: 11/12/2013 Vladyka Pavel praised the militia for actions on the Maidan

Владыка Павел похвалил милицию за действия на Майдане

Metropolitan Vyshgorodsky of the Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate Pavel (Lebed), during the round table praised the police and asked how much they actually pay students who are currently in EuroMaidan.

He stated this at a round table, organized by former Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk on December 11.

"You blame the police, but why, when something happens to you, you immediately shout" where is the police? ".

The negative reaction of Vladyka Paul was also caused by the presence on the Independence Square of children and youth. He does not believe that you can stand for an idea and a dream without money.

"We constantly hear" the children on the Maidan, the children on the Maidan. "Why did the children go there? How much do these children pay?".

Journalists immediately rebelled: "Why is it not the police, but the illegal military formation in the form of the so-called Cossacks that protect Pavel's residence?"

According to Leonid Kuchma, on the eve the leaders of the opposition factions agreed to come to the round table, but after the night events, their seats remained free. Denis Shevchuk - who was supposed to represent Evroimaydan also left. The event, in addition to the presidents Kravchuk and Kuchma, was joined by representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, local authorities of Kiev, clergy, regionalists and communists. They talked about the inadmissibility of the use of force - both from law enforcement and protesters.

UPD: 11/12/2013 I take the Berkut myself. In Odessa, created an erotic calendar in support of Euromaidan

Беру Беркут на себя. В Одессе создали эротический календарь в поддержку Евромайдана

Odessa photo studio created an erotic calendar for opposition leaders in the style of the famous calendar created for Vladimir Putin by the students of Moscow State University.

The work of Odessa photographers was called EuroMeidan: so what, what not together ?. On the pages of the calendar, alongside the portraits of the girls, there are inscriptions like "I'm ready to change the power", "To me as much as in the country, and I'm as promising", "Lead me to Europe", "Left the guy that his name is Vitya "," I take the Berkut on myself ".

"He is full of politico-erotic revelations and passionate confessions about Arseny, Vitaly, Oleg, Yuri. Thus, beautiful girls want to express their civil position about the events taking place in the country and stress that their absence on the Maidan does not mean that they are on the sidelines, "the creators of the calendar noted.

But as it became known to the local newspaper, the girls, whose photos were used, did not know that they were being removed for political agitation. This was stated by the father of one of the models. According to him, the photo session was held for one of the shoe stores in Odessa. The photo agency of parents' permission to use the images has not yet received. "Given these circumstances, parents and a modeling agency are going to sue the photo agency," the man said. The mother of another girl wrote to the editor that the publication of the calendar is "a dirty provocation of power": "The girls were shot to advertise shoes, and the order for this survey was given to the modeling agency. And yet, the vulgar dirty phrases published in this calendar are a clear provocation against the leaders of Euromaidan. The authorities once again showed their true face, the bandits use bandit methods, "the letter says.

UPD: 11/12/2013 Kiev airports and stations resumed their work

Аэропорты и вокзалы Киева возобновили свою работу

The explosives completed the work on the territory of the Central and Southern Railway Stations, as well as Zhulyany Airport and the B Borispol Airport terminal. Explosives were not found.

This was reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. "Work there is fully renewed?" Only from railway stations more than 3500 people were evacuated, "it was informed. Law enforcers find out the identity of the man who called the police and reported on the mine. For such an offense, Article 259 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for criminal liability. The maximum sanction of this article is up to eight years of imprisonment.

UPD: 11/12/2013 Militia evacuates people from Boryspil and Zhulyany airports and railway stations due to reports of mining

Милиция эвакуирует людей из аэропортов Борисполь и Жуляны и ж/д вокзалов из-за сообщений о минировании

On Wednesday, December 11, the police began evacuating people from the airports of Kiev and Boryspil, as well as from the Central and Southern railway stations in connection with an anonymous report on mining.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at present, information about mining of objects is being checked. A call about the danger at airports and train stations in Kiev came from one person. Other details have not yet been reported.

UPD: 11/12/2013

Today at one o'clock in the morning Eurocorodok in Kiev from all sides began to surround the soldiers of the Golden Eagle, and the public utilities began to disassemble part of the tents and barricades.

In particular the reschitily territory near KSCA. Despite this, activists continue to stay in the Kyiv Council itself. In addition, they also managed to stay in the house of trade unions.

Also, several barricades around the Maidan were dismantled. Several people were injured during the night confrontation, an ambulance took them.

UPD: 11/12/2013 The beginning of the assault on EuroMeidan. Photoreport from the center of Kiev on the night of December 11

Начало штурма Евромайдана. Фоторепортаж из центра Киева в ночь на 11 декабря

On Wednesday night, December 11, around 1:00 am, the soldiers of the internal troops and the special unit Berkut launched a large-scale operation to clean the central streets of the capital from the barricades of protesters, carrying out the court's decision to prohibit the blocking of traffic. The strengthened forces of the siloviki began to push the participants of the Euro-protests to the Independence Square, moving to the central square from the European and Mikhailovskaya squares, as well as the Institutskaya Street.

Recall that by morning the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko made an official statement about the events that occur on the Independence Square. In particular, the minister noted that the actions of the authorities were caused "solely by the desire to ensure compliance with the legitimate rights of the inhabitants of Kiev," and also assured that the dispersal of the Maidan will not be.