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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 12/03/2014

UPD: 12/03/2014 Emergency briefcase or what to carry with you in case of war

Экстренный чемоданчик или что нужно иметь при себе на случай войны

Emergency (emergency) suitcase is a generalized definition of the basic set of things that every civilian needs to survive in any extreme situation.

The civil anxious suitcase, as a rule, is a complete backpack with a volume of 30 or more liters, containing the necessary individual minimum of clothing, hygiene items, medicines, tools, personal protective equipment and food.

UPD: 12/03/2014 Putin said that Ukraine is not quite legally independent

Путин заявил, что Украина не совсем законно стала независимой

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Mustafa Dzhemilev, ex-head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars, that Ukraine left the USSR is not entirely legal.

Jemilev told Ukrainian journalists about this after the telephone conversation with Putin in Moscow. The conversation was held with the assistance of the ex-president of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev and lasted about half an hour, UNIAN reports.

"I told Putin that the most important issue is the territorial integrity of our country, because its violation is a violation of the agreement signed by the guarantor countries - the United States, Britain and Russia in 1994 in exchange for our renunciation of nuclear weapons," said Dzhemilev .

"On this subject - the territorial integrity of Ukraine - Putin touched upon this issue, that the fact that the self-proclaiming of an independent Ukraine did not fully comply with the Soviet norms that provided for the procedure for secession from the USSR." Such is the position, "Dzhemilev stressed.

As previously reported, according to Dzhemilev, Putin will make a final decision on the Crimea after the referendum.

Yuriy Dolgoruky теж not having taken the permission of the father, Volodimir Monomakh, to the sleepy Moscow ... Not zovsim legally zasnovane misto!

UPD: 12/03/2014 Lukashenka Recognizes Legitimacy of Power in Ukraine

Лукашенко признал легитимность власти в Украине

Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko recognized the legitimacy of the authorities in Ukraine, Radio Ekho Moskvy reports with reference to the BBC.

Lukashenka stressed that the country supplies Ukraine with as much energy as it needs, and this position does not coordinate with Moscow.

Minsk is also ready to provide humanitarian support to the neighboring state.

Lukashenka added: "Nobody presses on me, no" Kremlin "and others have never crushed me"

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UPD: 12/03/2014 40,000 volunteers turned to mobilization points

40000 добровольцев обратились к мобилизационных пунктов, сообщил секретарь Совета нацбезопасности и обороны Украины Андрей Парубий

40,000 volunteers turned to mobilization points, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Andrey Parubiy

UPD: 12/03/2014 Odessa citizens threw the general consulate of Russia noodles: "Fed down!". PHOTO reportage

Odessa citizens threw the general consulate of Russia noodles: They were fed up with a throat !. PHOTO reportage Odessa citizens threw the general consulate of Russia noodles: They were fed up with a throat !. PHOTO reportage

Activists threw the General Consulate of Russia in Odessa noodles. This was reported by witnesses of the incident and participants in the protest organized under the walls of the consulate general, Ukrainian Pravda reports.

The action was called "Lunch at the Consul" and was organized in protest against Russian propaganda.

UPD: 12/03/2014 "We will not destroy Crimea, we protect you from Bandera!" - The Russian occupier explained his presence in the Crimea.


Russian soldiers in the Crimea explain their presence by wanting to protect the inhabitants of the Crimea from "Bandera".

As reported by STB, one of the military who takes part in the blocking of parts of the Ukrainian army told about this girl who tried to shoot the Russians on video.4

UPD: 12/03/2014 Providers of "Will" and "Intellect-S" continue anti-Ukrainian propaganda in Kiev

Провайдеры Воля и Интелеком-С продолжают антиукраинскую пропаганду в Киеве

Software service providers sabotage the decision of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting to stop the retransmission of Russian TV channels Russia 24, ORT (First Channel World Wide Web), RTR Planet and NTV - Mir.1

According to the audience, as of 8:00 in Kiev, one of the largest operators, Volia, continues relaying Russian channels. In the same way, smaller providers, such as Intertekom-S in the Svyatoshinsky district of the capital, also arrive.

Recall that the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting has demanded from the providers of the software service until 19:00 on March 11 to stop relaying the broadcasts of several Russian TV channels. "As of 12:00 on March 11, already in 50% of providers throughout Ukraine have turned off the broadcasting of these foreign channels, others are preparing to shutdown," - informed the National Council.1

The regulator recommended also to provide retransmission in networks of disconnected in Crimea TV channels ATR and Black Sea TRK.1

UPD: 12/03/2014 The hangover of Russia will be difficult ...

Похмелье России будет тяжелым... The hangover of Russia will be difficult ...

The hangover of Russia will be difficult ...

Yuri Pronkau, a Moscow-based franchisee in the FB, the author and host of the program "Yazhdnevnik" on Russian TV,

The economy of Russia is full of ... pa, but the country does not yet know this! All went to the "Crimean front" ...

Ex-Minister of Economy of Russia (my good friend and one of the best domestic economists) Andrey Nechaev:

"Since June 2013, the Central Bank has spent $ 60 billion on supporting the ruble (selling dollars), and $ 11 billion more over the past few days. Thus, about 2.3 trillion rubles were withdrawn from the economy for three quarters."
"Naturally, banks hit the liquidity crisis by cutting lending to the economy, and banks went to the Central Bank for money, the debts of commercial banks to the Central Bank rose sharply, and now the Central Bank raised the refinancing rate of banks - the key rate from 5.5% to 7% loans for non-market assets - from 7.25% to 8.75%. " "The increase in the cost of money will be immediately transferred to customers." "And this is in the conditions of economic stagnation, and you still want cheap loans and economic growth?"

The country is "foraging," but a tough hangover is just around the corner ... unfortunately!

Moscow considers the authorities in Kiev illegitimate, but do many in the Russian Federation consider the State Duma a legitimate body? Power (we ourselves) forgot about the protests on Bolotnoye, Sakharov? Forgot about prisoners who have received real verdicts?

How is it that the Russians are ready to "forgive" their power when the bureaucracy throws in the "right" themes? However, the riddle of the Russian soul ...

And further.

Expenses for the Olympics in Sochi: 214 billion rubles. (V.Putin), $ 50bn (A.Navalny), $ 60bn (D.Kerry).

The goal is to improve the image of the Russian Federation in the world. Is it achieved? Or all do not care? On the wave of "Crimean non-interference" Russians are ready to "forget" about the funds that "went to the sand"?

The power in Russia is very creative! If there had not been a Ukrainian crisis, it had to be invented.

The whole country has clashed on one (albeit important, but one) topic, having forgiven the ZhIVs all their sins and sins !?

The hangover will be heavy ...