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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 13/12/2013

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UPD: 13/12/2013 Yanukovych: Three people were involved in the dispersal of the Maidan on November 30 - UP

Янукович: К разгону Майдана 30 ноября причастны три человека - УП

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that three people have direct attitude to the decision to disperse the demonstrators on the night of November 30 on the Independence Square. This is reported by the Ukrainian truth.

"There is an investigation, and today I was interested and invited the Prosecutor General to the round table ... There is new information that can not be made public yet, but in the near future, once it is clarified, there will be confidence as to how it was and not will prohibit the law and the secret of the investigation - it will be made public, "Viktor Yanukovych said during the roundtable, commenting on the dispersal of Maidan on the night of November 30.

"I just want to say that the three people who were next to Maidan that night are directly involved in the adoption of the decision that was adopted, I believe that they should be responsible for what happened there," Yanukovych added.

According to the opposition, on the central streets on December 8 went to the rally from 500 thousand to 1 million people. According to official data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, 100 thousand people took part in protest actions.

UPD: 13/12/2013 The millionth march. The most impressive PHOTOS and VIDEO

The March of the million, which took place on December 8 in Kiev, became the most numerous action in the history of the country.

The Maidan, which accommodates 300,000 people, was filled to capacity, and this without taking into account other central streets of the capital.

A lot of people were on the streets adjacent to Maidan - Khreshchatyk on either side of Independence Square, on the street. Gorodetsky and Institutskaya.

Марш миллиона. Самые впечатляющие ФОТО

According to the opposition, on the central streets on December 8 went to the rally from 500 thousand to 1 million people. According to official data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, 100 thousand people took part in protest actions.

UPD: 13/12/2013 Round table of power and opposition

Круглый стол власти и оппозиции

On Friday, December 13, Viktor Yanukovych takes part in a national roundtable. Leaders of the opposition also promised to attend the event.

Round table We unite Ukraine takes place in the Ukrainian house. Previously, such a meeting was proposed by the president.

"I invite representatives of all political forces, holy fathers, representatives of the public to the national dialogue. I am personally ready to participate in such a roundtable "
  • 16:35 Yanukovych ended his speech with appeals to unite. Kravchuk began to discuss the rules of further meetings of the round table participants. Today's meeting is over.
  • 16:32 "Where we are sure, let's punish the guilty, I asked the investigators and asked them to start releasing people if the procedure allows, but provocateurs must be found." This is my principled position, "the president said.
  • 16:29 Yanukovych: We will establish a moratorium on the use of violence. But you can not rock the boat any more.
  • 16:28 The President proposes to gather another round table where to give the floor to representatives of the sectors that are the most vulnerable to the EU - agriculture and engineering.
  • 16:26 Yanukovych: in this form, as prepared agreement on the Association, it can not be signed. There are more minuses than pluses.
  • 16:25 "Putting things in order in the economy without restoring normal relations with Russia, if we lose more turnover, the situation will become very serious," he said.
  • 16:23 Yanukovych: "I am most worried about how we will end the year from an economic and social point of view, I know how poor people, pensioners live now, they do not go to the Maidan, they are waiting for us to decide their fate."
  • 16:21 The word again takes Viktor Yanukovych. He thanked the opposition leaders for coming to the round table.
  • 16:14 Representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Anthony proposed to hold the next round table on the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.
  • 16:08 Kravchuk: we have prepared a Memorandum of Understanding. At the next round table, you should try to accept it.
  • 16:03 Rybak said that the Prosecutor's Office has opened a criminal case against Maidan's dispersers. The same thing is against those servicemen of the Golden Eagle, who beat journalists.
  • 16:01 Kravchuk announced another speech by Yanukovych, when the rest of the speakers will be reprimanded. And while the floor was taken by the head of the Verkhovna Rada, Vladimir Rybak
  • 15:59 Mustafa Nayem, a journalist who is present at the round table, on his Twitter account: "There was a guy at the table who introduced himself on behalf of the civil maidan))) brave. Only this ... and who is he?!?!?"
  • 15:56 Filaret: "In order for Maidan to break up - it is necessary for Ukraine to enter Europe as an associate member".
  • 15:51 Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate Filaret speaks. "Why did we prepare the accession to the European Union for a whole year"?
  • 15:41 Representative of the Greek Catholic Church: "The society is divided by distrust: the more distrust and fear - the higher the barricades."
  • 15:38 Public activists and writers speak. Mustafa Nayem, who conducted a telephone broadcast, wrote to Twitter - I lost touch!
  • 15:30 "Yushchenko spoke longer than all three leaders of the opposition and spoke about some" acceptance "and" modern politics ", - writes in a tweet Tatiana Danilenko, a journalist.
  • 15:18 The word is again with Tyagnibok. Audibility is zero.
  • 15:14 Yatsenyuk: "The lion's share of the crisis is due to the fact that you, Nikolai Yanovich, are heading the government."
  • 15:11 Azarov asked representatives of the opposition to answer - why they are lobbying the "obviously unprofitable" agreement on the Association. Arseniy Yatsenyuk answers something to him. Audibility is still bad. No official media broadcasts the official video.
  • 15:09 Klitschko said that he knows about the preparation of the scenario for the Euro-Majdan
  • 15:04 The word again took Kravchuk. Behind him, apparently (the hearing is bad), Vitali Klitschko. He demands, like Tyagnibok, the release of prisoners, the punishment of the guilty for the dispersal of Euromaidan and the resignation of Azarov's government. But the main requirement is the early elections of the parliament and the president.
  • 15:01 Broadcast continues on the mobile phone Mustafa Nayem. It is heard badly, but, apparently, Oleg Tyahnibok stands. Demands to release all "political prisoners" and condemns "the brutal use of force" on the Maidan.
  • 14:52 The video broadcast was interrupted for technical reasons.
  • 14:50 Leader of the Round Table Leonid Kravchuk asked Azarov to finish the speech faster. "If this is not interesting to someone, then why are we here at all?" - replied the prime minister.
  • 14:46 Azarov lists industries that will suffer from an agreement with the EU, on the option of which the EU insists. The agriculture will suffer the most, the Prime Minister is sure, especially individual rural producers. They will not be able to raise cattle and poultry for sale.
  • 14:43 The first task of Ukraine before signing the SA with the EU is to lift the $ 15 billion of the negative trade balance with Russia, the prime minister said. Memorandums on cooperation in the nuclear, aviation, shipbuilding and transport sectors have already been prepared, Azarov asserts.
  • 14:40 If we signed an agreement with Europe, Ukraine would stop sectoral projects involving Russia - in aircraft construction, energy, Azarov said. At the same time, Europe was not going to make up for it. "This would be a deliberate default of the state," the prime minister said.
  • 14:37 Azarov talks about Ukraine's debts to the IMF and trade relations with Russia. Ukraine lost 18% of exports to the Russian Federation - tractors, wagons, aircraft
  • 14:35 Prime Minister Mykola Azarov's speech began. He talks about how the signing of the SA with Europe was conceived.
  • 14:30 "I appeal to the opposition - that we are fair and objective together," the president told the oppositionists sitting next to him.
  • 14:15 Yanukovych does not exclude that it is possible to dismiss employees responsible for the preparation of the Association Agreement with the European Union. "The workers who were involved in the preparation of this Agreement will be dismissed, and then, possibly, dismissed"
  • 14:12 Yanukovych started his speech
  • 14:00 At the roundtable, Viktor Yanukovych will propose the release of activists detained on EuroMeidan. About it
  • 13:46 The leader of the faction Fatherland Father Arseniy Yatsenyuk says that after the opposition passes the terms of the Euromaydan to the president, the opposition leaders will return to the participants of the protest and report to them.

UPD: 13/12/2013 The Party of Regions has applied to hold an unlimited rally for 200 thousand people in the center of Kiev

Партия регионов подала заявку на проведение бессрочного митинга на 200 тысяч человек в центре Киева
Партия регионов подала заявку на проведение бессрочного митинга на 200 тысяч человек в центре Киева

The Party of Regions has filed an application to hold an unlimited action in the center of Kiev, to which 200,000 people plan to participate. The name of the action in the application is not specified.

As reported in the KSCA, the event will be held on the European Square and at the Mariinsky Park starting from December 14.

PR indicated in the application that from 7:00 to 12:00 there will be a walking procession of participants along the streets: Vladimirsky Descent, Kutuzov, Moscow, Suvorov, Mazepa and Grushevsky to the European Square, where the main event - a rally-concert will take place.

At the same time, the organizers notified of the installation of tents (agitational), a scene with the appropriate equipment.

... Poor people.

Earlier, the secretary of the Donetsk City Council, Sergei Bogachev, said that a train departs from Donetsk to Kiev with those wishing to support the course of the President of Ukraine. "Today at 15.20 from Donetsk to Kiev train departs with those wishing to support the course of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Only from the city of Donetsk such for today - 500 people. These are students, workers of enterprises, miners, pensioners. Among them is my younger son Alexei with friends, "Bogachev wrote on his Facebook page.

At the same time, the press service of the Donetsk regional organization of the Party of Regions reported that people who wanted to go to Kiev to hold the President, will be provided with food rations. Also noted that all comers will go to Kiev on a specially ordered train, which was paid by the regional organization of the PR. According to the railway workers, this special train will include 19 reserved seats and compartment cars.

As the leader of the Batkivshchyna faction Arseniy Yatsenyuk said, the authorities are taking people to Kiev to start a civil conflict, "to introduce a state of emergency, to introduce troops, to introduce the Golden Eagle, to disperse the Maidan."

As UNIAN reported, on this night the public utilities, in the presence of law enforcement officers, unexpectedly began to harvest snow on the European square. In the morning on the square were brought metal structures for mounting the stage. Now the European area is fenced off from all sides by a metal fence. Near the Ukrainian house is a large number of fighters special forces.

UPD: 13/12/2013 Party of Regions meeting in Kiev on the European Square

В Киеве на Европейской площади проходит митинг Партии регионов

Today, December 13, in Kiev on the European Square is a rally of supporters of the Party of Regions.

On the official website of the Party of Regions, an online broadcast of events is organized from the so-called Anti-Maimdan rally in support of the current government, which is located near the camp of supporters of European integration, on the European Square opposite the Ukrainian House.

Earlier, the Party of Regions announced the mobilization of supporters of the current government and intends to gather in Kiev up to 200 thousand people in the coming weekend. This was announced on Thursday by the parliament deputy from this political force, Andrei Pinchuk.

Recall, from December 3 in the Mariinsky Park on the square near the Verkhovna Rada Party of Regions holds a protest in support of the current government. Every day a few hundred people gather there. The rally, which takes place in the cordon of law enforcement bodies, brings people from different regions of Ukraine, mainly from the eastern and southern regions.

... Poor people. Viewing a rally ...

UPD: 13/12/2013 Akhmetov supports EuroMeidan and urged the parties to the conflict to sit down at the negotiating table

Ахметов поддержал Евромайдан и призвал стороны конфликта сесть за стол переговоров

Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov on Friday, November 13 made a statement on the situation in the country.

"SCM in the first days of aggravation of the situation in Kiev gave its position, and I, as a shareholder of SCM, completely share it.

These days many people want to know my personal attitude to what is happening. My position is this: Ukraine and the President traveled on the European road for three and a half years. And during this time, a lot has been done. In Vilnius, the agreement was not signed. And everyone had a question - what happened? Ukraine took a break? Has Ukraine stopped? Or did Ukraine go the other way? Everyone wants to have clarity. People began to search for answers to these questions and went to the Maidan.

The fact that peaceful people came out on peaceful rallies says that Ukraine is a free democratic country. And from this road Ukraine will not turn. And it's very cool. But the fact that people have suffered these days is unacceptable. I am convinced that now, at a difficult time for our country, it is very important to have cold heads and a balanced approach. In short, common sense must prevail. I am for a strong, independent and integral Ukraine. We are one country, and it is not necessary to divide it. I am at the negotiating table. So that politicians, authorities, opposition, moral leaders of the country sit down at the negotiating table and make the decision that we will be proud of. I repeat, be proud, not ashamed. That decision, from which Ukraine and every Ukrainian will win both in the short, medium and long term. This table I would call the table of peace, compromise and the future of our country. And let politicians lose their ratings at this table. But the most important thing is that the rating of Ukraine goes up "

Earlier, on Dec. 2, in an official press release of the SCM group, which includes hundreds of city-forming enterprises that provide jobs to 300,000 employees, made an official position on the situation in the country.

The official statement of the company says that the SCM group is built on basic European values, where the rule of law, respect for private property rights, freedom of speech, personal freedom, and freedom of peaceful assembly are priorities.

"We are categorically against any violence and believe that today it is necessary to make maximum efforts to find mutually acceptable solutions, from which the whole country and every Ukrainian will benefit," SCM said in a statement.

UPD: 13/12/2013 Watermelons with Fule. Photo report from the meeting in Brussels

Арбузов с Фюле. Фоторепортаж со встречи в Брюсселе

Photos of the meeting of First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Sergei Arbuzov with the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule in Brussels on December 12

UPD: 13/12/2013 Ukraine will sign an agreement with the EU in the near future - Arbuzov

First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Sergey Arbuzov held talks in Brussels with European Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule, after which he said that the country will follow the policy of rapprochement with the European Union.

In turn, on Thursday, Fule promised that if Ukraine signs an association agreement, the European Union will not only provide the country financial assistance, but also help coordinate the loan from the International Monetary Fund.

At the same time, the Ukrainian opposition called the bluff of the government a statement that an association agreement with the EU would be signed in the near future.