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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 01/14/2014

UPD: 14/01/2014 The organizer of the car of Sergey Koba declared about the arrest of his property

Организатор Автомайдана Сергей Коба заявил об аресте его имущества

Koba believes that the arrest is imposed because of his active anti-government activities, in particular, picketing the residence of Yanukovych

According to him, he was informed about the arrest this morning. "The traffic police were on duty near my car this morning, they said that my car, as well as all movable property, was arrested," Koba said.

He believes that the arrest is imposed because of his active anti-government activities, in particular, picketing on January 12 the residence of President Viktor Yanukovych.

The activist added that he can only get acquainted with the case materials on January 15.

Despite this, according to the activist, the number of participants in Avtomaydan is increasing and on January 12, about 3 thousand people on 600 cars visited the presidential residence.

UPD: 14/01/2014 Pressing of the DPI of Kiev against activists of AutoMaidan (Koba Sergey)

Despite the order of the head of the DGAI, the persecution of activists of AvtoMaidan continues! This time they unlawfully for no reason stopped the motorcade of the future president of Ukraine and detained him for 50 minutes, trying to get to at least something! :)

UPD: 14/01/2014 Published video of beating Lutsenko by the soldiers of the Golden Eagle

Gromadske TV unveiled an exclusive video, which indicates that Yuriya Lyutsenko in the time of collisions under the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky paionnyi cydo on the road. Pobedy beat the boys of the specialization of Burkut.

On the published footage, one can clearly see how Lycenka was dressed by one of the fighters Berekta in the midst of a brawl near the police bus.

Recall, on the night of January 10 to January 11, in the midst of a clash between militia and activists of AvtoMaidan, the Kiev-Svyatoshynskiy paionnogo cydah was fired by the Ex-Minister of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Yuriy Lyutsenko. Lycenko had been diagnosed with constriction of the hypothalamus, the pana of the right voice, and the soft tissue of the right hand and left frontal lobes. This is the opinion of the doctor in the clinic, when the former minister mined after the beating.

It is worth noting that the miner of the interior of the internal affairs of the country has been pictured. Patty Petyushnyak, on the contrary, with his incomprehensible diplomas, stated that on the 10th of January, he was not beaten by the co-operatives of Berekty. In the message of the Ministry of Internal Affairs it was said that there were no records showing that Lutsenko had suffered at the hands of Berkut.



This guy in camouflage is also scary. It's scary to get under the tribunal - having freed yourself from the "Golden Eagle", having removed the helmet on emotions, without having fulfilled some order. Moreover, he is convinced that there are already vacant places of "guilty". "There was an excess of authority ... It was ... But are they going to look for those who did this, those who went for it? Why should I answer? These are repressions, on your part those who are simply seized are already being blown away."

"Feeling so faceless lost under the surface ..." - stands on his call. This is Linkin Park, Numb. He is about thirty years old. Himself from Kiev region. He hates the president, but does not go to the Maidan. He says that he does not have time - he sleeps at best four hours a day. Such a job. In the "Golden Eagle".

«Call? At once? - nervously smіється. - You can not just take it and write. Seriozno ... I mean, scho taka tribunal? "

I know. A bit cold. We are standing by the fire in the forest. Behind our backs, behind the field and a scattering of modest rural houses-the auto-Saleunov cars, opposition deputies, loud speeches, blocked roads and kamazes and buses, rain-bound flags and thousands of voices, chant "The Third Walker." People. We. Ahead, behind the trees - it seems, a stone's throw - Mezhgorye and its inhabitants. Siloviki, as always, somewhere in the middle.

The New Petrovtsi. In the middle of a village street there are hundreds of cars of Automeidan, thousands of people. Dozens of buses and police cars. Shields, shields, shields. Behind the shields are policemen, militiamen are special masked fighters and attentive guys with video cameras that record each step of the protesters. This wall does not go round. But it can be circumvented.

"For three boudinki - to the right, and there, a vulitsey, potim up to the yar, potim through yar ...", indicates the way to the president of a local woman.

At every step of this path - its boundaries. Not tight, not obvious at first glance. But existing. The first of them - a bunch of conscripts, very young guys. They, confused young men, led by an experienced officer, do not touch anyone. Just watch - who went into the field? Where did he go? Trying clumsily "follow", moving just beyond you open unlimited space. The main one always calls somewhere. He shows the documents, but not the camera. On the question will the detachment further pursue us after acquaintance, waving his hand in the back of the President's house: "Yaksho vih tudi pidete, then ni." In the case of a walk in the opposite direction, escort is promised. However, the guys quickly get tired and lag behind somewhere in the field.

Where the forest begins, there are people in masks. This is the Golden Eagle. At the post, which is responsible for approximately half a kilometer perimeter of the edge - "two hundred meters to the left, two hundred meters to the right" - five soldiers are on duty. The fire is on.

Their task is not to let people into the forest. "What is my name? My name is Comrade Senior Sergeant, "one of them appears.

"I do not have full information. I, you might say, are the "youngest link" in this entire system, "says the comrade. But the available information is enough for him to assure: in the forest "you can not walk around right now". "There is an increase in public security in the city of Vyshgorod," he explains the official position. "The new Petrovtsi belong to the city of Vyshgorod." Such a situation, he said, is not the first day. Personally, the senior sergeant learned about this on the eve of the New Year. What will happen to those who still want to go further, it is difficult for him to say. "We can not detain you. But we need to limit this zone, "the soldier patiently explains."

- That is, we can go ...
- Wait!
- And why ? You can not detain us.
- I can not detain you and deliver you to the district department ... But there are different concepts: to detain the offender, to detain him on the spot ...
- At the place of what?
- Developments .
"What event?"

There are no incidents, he is built. And he says honestly: "There goes more reinforced more outfit. Even if you go there - you will still be detained there, and there will indeed be detained and delivered ... We can say, the first post, a warning. "

Journalists, the man transmits the words of the leadership, about the passage can "apply to the press service of the GU MVD of the Kiev region."

"To go through the forest?"

- You see, I did not invent ...

On the other post of the "Golden Eagle" on the edge of the forest, too, a fire is burning, also the guys in masks are on duty. It's already getting dark.

"Turn off the camera," one of them finally tiredly says. We'll talk normally. And if I know the answer, I will answer. "

I turn off the camera. A bit cold. We are standing by the fire. "... Feeling so faceless lost under the surface ...", - his phone sings. He does not take a pipe.

He did not participate in the dispersal of the Maidan, nor was he at the Svyatoshinsky court and on the Victory Avenue, nor were there "his" guys. But they were at Bankova. The fighter insists that it is virtually impossible to distinguish an aggressive person from a peaceful protester during fights. Hinder to navigate and helmets and gas masks, and banal emotions. From time to time he says frank stupidity - when asked why the AP beat journalists, he answers: "The guys saw how the provocateur in the mask threw stones, then took off the mask and took out the camera" ... The words of his colleague, a colleague of the senior sergeant: "We too were told a lot about you by the bad."

"Each of its tower looks," - in the end sighs Berkut. "If I stand with a shield and in a helmet - it does not mean that I'm in a tank. I got a pavement on the helmet ... "" To be honest, I do not know how to get out of this situation from the point of view of a purely human one ... This has been brewed, "says the uncomfortable silence.

This guy in camouflage is also scary. It's scary to get under the tribunal - having freed yourself from the "Golden Eagle", having removed the helmet on emotions, without having fulfilled some order. Moreover, he is convinced that there are already vacant places of "guilty". "There was an excess of authority. It was ... But are they going to look for those who did it, those who did it? Why should I answer? This is repression. From your side, those who are simply seized have already been blown away. And we still in the army said: "We'll figure out how to hit and punish someone." On our part, they order whoever does not mind. Or who should. "

One says confidently - there will not be a shot. "I do not know how to be generally frost-bitten ... No one will fulfill this order. Because it's ... That's all. " He knows how not to take his eyes off. Eyes blue and very tired. Almost in a whisper he says that he does not like the president. Suddenly assumes that Yanukovich may not know what is happening here in Mezhyhiria. Because he has his own world. We have another. Strangely enough, the general.

The soldier of the "Golden Eagle" assumes that he would go to the Maydan in his spare time. Of course, without form. But there is no time. Four hours of sleep for him is a luxury in today's circumstances.

"I understand that your business is good, it's right," the guy says goodbye. "I want everything to be all right, too." His smile is sincere and a little guilty. Because he defends the forest further. At least because he does not see the point - after all, beyond the horizon, there are still other borders of the same guys.

UPD: 14/01/2014 OL sentenced the Rada to its "titishkolend": they pay 200 hryvnia per day. PHOTO report + VIDEO

Near the metro station "Arsenalnaya" people gather under the flags of the Party of Regions.

After that, they are sent to the side of the Mariinsky Park for a rally in support of the Party of Regions under the walls of BP.

As reported to the correspondent of Censor.NO one of the protesters, people are paid 200 hryvnia per day.

The Mariinsky Park is also divided by a metal fence from the monument to Vatutin to the Ministry of Health. Before the Verkhovna Rada is about 25 buses and cars with the police. Supporters of the PR under the parliament are demanding a budget.

UPD: 14/01/2014 Brawls with the Golden Eagle, People's Veche and a trip to Mezhygorie-2. Photo of key events of EuroMaidan 10-12 January

Потасовки с Беркутом, Народное вече и поездка в Межигорье-2. Фото ключевых событий Евромайдана 10-12 января

We present a selection of the best pictures of scandalous events with the participation of Europrotest supporters over the past few days: brawls with law enforcers under the building of the Kiev Svyatoshinsky District Court, where the case of "Vasilkov terrorists" was heard, and the subsequent clashes near the Svyatoshinsky district police department in which former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko was injured, as well as another People's Veche with the participation of opposition leaders in the center of Kiev and a new attempt by the protesters to reach Mezhigorye residence where Yanukovych lives.

UPD: 14/01/2014 US starts blocking accounts of Ukrainian banks

США приступили к блокаде счетов банков Украины

Foreign banks began to block international payments of Ukrainian financial institutions, forcing them to identify the senders of money.

In particular, the Americans force Ukrainian banks to additionally check their clients for the presence of international economic sanctions against them. Against Ukrainian officials, individual US sanctions have not yet been applied, but preparations for their introduction seem to be in full swing / There are almost no doubts that some US top officials involved in the bloody dispersals of peaceful demonstrators in Euromaydan will be imposed economic sanctions by the US.

There is information that the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko may be the first, but not the least in the list of international outcasts. It is not ruled out that Viktor Yanukovych and his "family" will be recorded there as well. Officials and politicians who violate democratic rights and freedoms of citizens, and not only in connection with the events in EuroMaidan, risk falling into the black list of the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury - The Office of Foreign Assets Control, abbreviated OFAC. Persons listed on this list, as well as their family members and related companies, will not be able to make international payments in US dollars. All transactions in this currency must pass through US banks. They, in turn, carefully check whether there are no persons among the senders and payees of payments against whom sanctions are imposed. Among other things, OFAC monitors and blocks financial flows of terrorists, as well as transactions of individuals sanctioned by the UN or the US. In the list of OFAC there are several tens of thousands of non grata persons, among which only four companies with Ukrainian shareholders.

When it is precisely with respect to Ukrainian Politically Exposed Persons - influential political persons - sanctions will be imposed, it is not known exactly. However, foreign banks have already begun to massively block and detain international payments of Ukrainian customers at the request of OFAC. The letter of the state Ukreximbank dated January 3, 2014 "Regarding the extended procedure for customer identification" came at the disposal of the EP. In this message, the state bank warns its Ukrainian counterparts that lately cases of suspension by foreign banks of payments for the purpose of additional identification and compliance with international sanctions regimes have become more frequent. "We draw your attention to the strengthening by foreign correspondent banks of monitoring of international transactions," the letter says.

UPD: 14/01/2014 Euromidan approves US Senate sanctions appeal

Евромайдан утвердил обращение о санкциях в Сенат США

The Council of the Majdan People's Association approved the application to the US Senate for a meeting of the International Affairs Committee on January 15.

Former Foreign Minister of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk will take to Washington the text of the appeal, which also contains a list of officials for sanctions, told the People's Deputy from the Fatherland Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page.

"The Council of the Maidan People's Association has just decided to implement the decision of yesterday's Viche and approved the text of the appeal to the US Senate to the meeting of the International Affairs Committee on January 15. Borys Tarasyuk will take the text of the appeal to Washington, the names of the officials for sanctions. officially, I'll just mention that Kernes and Dobkin are included in the sanctions list besides Kyiv officials, "Avakov wrote.

Recall, hearings on Ukraine in the US Senate are scheduled for January 15. The hearings were initiated by the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Robert Menendez.

Representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora met with influential Democratic senator Robert Menendez. During the meeting they insisted that the US government take a strong position regarding Moscow's pressure on Ukraine, as a result of which the President of Ukraine was forced to refuse signing an association agreement with the EU. On January 7, the Senate passed a resolution on Ukraine.