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#UkraineRussiaWar 14/01/2015

UPD: 14/01/2015 The General Staff: During the mobilization, the specialties of the land forces will be in demand

Генштаб: Во время мобилизации будут востребованы специальности сухопутных войск

During the next wave of mobilization, the specialties of the ground forces will be in demand. This was stated at the press conference by the First Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate for Defense and Mobilization Planning of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (MU), Major General Vladimir Talalai.

According to him, the need for the fourth wave of mobilization is conditioned by the actions of the Russian Federation. "Russia will try to translate the situation in the Donbass in the format of the" frozen "conflict. Therefore, we are obliged to maintain the fighting capacity of the armed forces, "Talalay said. Therefore, according to him, there was a need to rotate fighters involved in conducting an anti-terrorist operation (ATO).

Another reason for the mobilization of the major-general called the expiration of the period of the social guarantees for the military of the ATU, which extend until March. The third factor that determines the need for mobilization is the creation of a combat-ready reserve of APU.

According to Mr. Talalai, within the framework of the mobilization the same specialists as in the previous year will be in demand. "The most demanded in the ATU zone now are gunners, gunners, mechanics-drivers, tankmen, communication specialists, intelligence, qualified air defense specialists," he said.

According to him, the need to hold the fifth and the sixth stage of mobilization will be conditioned by the military-political situation around Ukraine.

The Major-General also recalled the criminal responsibility for evading military duty. According to him, if a person openly declares his unwillingness to serve, he can be held criminally responsible for a term of 2 to 5 years of imprisonment. At the same time, Mr. Talalai stressed that the mobilized person must personally receive the agenda and sign in it. If the agenda is thrown into the mailbox and the person does not receive it, then this will not be considered as evasion of military duty.

UPD: 14/01/2015 The next mobilization will be 210 days, - the General Staff

Срок следующей мобилизации составит 210 дней, - Генштаб

The General Staff is promised that the next wave of mobilization will spread evenly to all regions of Ukraine, depending on the number of combat-ready population.

This was announced at a briefing on Tuesday in Kiev by the deputy head of the mobilization planning department of the General Staff Vladimir Talalai

According to him, the Verkhovna Rada should approve the president's decree on the next wave of partial mobilization, which means that the exact terms for the beginning of mobilization are unknown at the moment: "The agenda will be only after the decision of the Rada, mobilizing only 50,000 people," he said.

At the same time, he said, previously mobilized citizens will be released from military service in the ATU zone from March to May this year.

"A new wave of mobilization will affect only those who have a military specialty.In the next stage, almost the same categories as in the previous year will be called: these are citizens who, for health reasons, are qualified for military service, who have a military specialty, that is, military training.Also during the mobilization will be observed the principle of a uniform load on the regions of the state, so that there are no social exacerbations in this or that locality, including because of the seizure of able-bodied citizens "Citizens from the occupied territories will be called - without restrictions," Talalay said.

Conscripts (under 25 years old) will not be mobilized, only at will and under contract, - Talalai specified.

According to him, the mobilization period will be 210 days, 26 of which are allocated for general training and 15 for combat coordination.

Also, Talalay does not confirm the 5 and 6 wave of mobilization this year.

UPD: 14/01/2015 The General Staff explained which summons can be considered void

В Генштабе объяснили, какие повестки можно считать недействительными

The summons of persons liable for military service, which are not handed personally to the recruit, are not considered valid and for failure to appear on the agenda, which will be thrown into the mailbox or transferred to third parties, the conscript does not bear responsibility.

This was announced at the press conference by Major-General, First Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of Defense and Mobilization Planning of the General Staff of the All-Union Armed Forces Vladimir Talalai.

According to him, the estimated number of citizens to be mobilized during the fourth wave, will be about 50 thousand people, the exact number is not called.

Answering the question whether there will be preferences to any regions of Ukraine, Talalay noted that about 2.5% of the population from each region is to be mobilized. Citizens of Ukraine living in the Crimea, as well as in the parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, occupied by terrorists, will be able to serve if they wish, if they leave the territories controlled by terrorists and appear in the military commissariats. As you know, the Donetsk regional military enlistment office was withdrawn to Mariupol, and Lugansk - to Severodonetsk.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian servicemen, called up during the first stage of mobilization in March last year, will be dismissed in the reserve in the period March-May 2015.