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#EuroMajdan # єvromaydan Chronicle 04/14/2014

UPD: 04/14/2014 Invasion of Ukraine: recent events in the Southeast and Crimea

Вторжение в Украину: последние события на Юго-востоке и в Крыму

After the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the separatist crisis spread to the east of the country. In Kharkov, Lugansk and Donetsk, pro-Russian militants and sabotage groups beat supporters of the unity of Ukraine, periodically seize regional administrations and local law enforcement agencies.

According to various sources, up to 40 thousand Russian soldiers and officers are ready for the invasion on the north-eastern border.

Russian invasion of Ukraine - Chronicle of events, video-photo-report

UPD: 04/14/2014 The National Bank lowered the official hryvnia exchange rate - 12.97

Нацбанк понизил официальный курс гривни - 12,97

The National Bank lowered the official hryvnia exchange rate to 1297,709 hryvnias for 100 dollars.

It is also noted that the hryvnia to the euro was set at 1800.1819 hryvnia for 100 euros.

As reported, on April 14, on the interbank currency market of Ukraine, dollar trading opened with a decline in quotations - 12.7-13.4.

As you know, on March 31, the NBU adopted Resolution No. 180, which changed the procedure for calculating the official hryvnia exchange rate on April 4.

According to the new procedure, the official rate will be calculated as the average weighted average that has developed on the interbank market during the working day.

NBU plans to establish and publish the official hryvnia exchange rate every working day after 12:00.

UPD: 04/14/2014 I would like to dispel some myths about Stepan Bandera

Хочется развеять немного мифов о Степане Бандере

I would like to dispel some myths about Stepan Bandera, which were invented both in the scoop and were supplemented with new unimaginable pearls during the revolution on the Maidan.

The terrible story of how Bandera killed children and tied them to a tree with barbed wire is just a juggling of facts.

A photograph of these atrocities was posted by Polish psychiatrist Vitold Luniewski in his article "Psycho-szalowo posepnicza in forensic psychiatric casuistry" in the "Yearbook of Psychiatry".

This crime was committed by the cyan woman Marianna Dolinskaya amid insanity in connection with the arrest of her husband, poverty and hunger in 1923.

And already Alexander Korman and Jerzy Vegerski created a fake of this photo with barbed wire much later in order to hyperbolize the UPA crimes.

More in our article ...

UPD: 04/14/2014 Automatic in the face. Cobra Inspectors Threatened Weapons to Road Control Journalist

Автомат в лицо. Инспекторы Кобры угрожали оружием журналисту Дорожного контроля

According to the Traffic Control, on April 8, journalists arrived at the Zhytomyr traffic police post in Kiev to make a report on how the workers of Cobra, according to the newspaper, cause cars to stop unreasonably. After some time, two traffic cops noticed a parked car of journalists of the Palace of Culture and approached the car. Further, as the publication notes, they demanded that the driver show the rights and the registration certificate, without naming the grounds for verification. Journalist Vladimir Maralov opened the glove compartment to get a purse. There he also had a Fort traumatic pistol, for which the journalist had official permission. As soon as they noticed the gun, the Kobrovtsy immediately sent their firearms to the driver’s head.

One of the law enforcers, having jerked the shutter and drove the cartridge into the chamber, started yelling at the driver using profanity and demanding to get out of the car. Maralov suggested that the inspectors calm down, since there is permission for the gun, but traffic cops continued to send weapons to the head, while trying to force open the car ...

As a result, special forces, other policemen and traffic cops, as well as activists of the Right Sector arrived at the scene. How it all ended - look at the video later in the article!

UPD: 04/14/2014 Video of pro-Russian activists beating their opponents in an underground passage in Kharkov

Видео избиения пророссийскими активистами своих оппонентов в подземном переходе в Харькове

A video appeared on the Web, which captured the brutal beating by pro-Russian activists of their pro-Ukrainian opponents in the underpass near the exit of the Universitet metro station in Kharkov.

The clash occurred after participants in a pro-Russian procession broke through a police cordon at the intersection of Sovnarkomovskaya St. and Sumskaya St. They caught up with supporters of the integrity of Ukraine, who dispersed after their rally, and attacked them, shouting insults.

Having broken the city benches into batons, people with St. George ribbons went down to the underpass and started beating people with Ukrainian symbols who got in their way.

UPD: 04/14/2014 Mariupol regional police department protect women from assault

Мариупольский райотдел милиции от штурма защищают женщины

Near the building of the local police department, officers and wives of law enforcement officers gathered.

About 40 women gathered at the entrance to the Mariupol State Police Department to prevent activists from seizing the building, local newspaper 0629 reported on Monday, April 14.

According to eyewitnesses, all women are in civilian clothes, among them there are law enforcement officers and relatives of local police officers.

Near the building of the Mariupol State Police Department, two garbage trucks and two trucks blocked the roadway. Access to the Zhovtnevy District Department of Internal Affairs is also limited.

UPD: 04/14/2014 Video from the scene of the shooting of a car in Slavyansk

Another video appeared on the web from the scene of the shooting by an unknown car in Slavyansk.

Then, during the shooting, two people who were inside the car were killed. In addition, a 21-year-old guy was brought to the hospital, who fell under the automatic burst by accident.

According to eyewitnesses, another car drove up to the shot car, after which 3 masked men got out and dispersed the people. The militants searched the damaged car, taking out a camouflage net, optics, body armor and a fire extinguisher. Hearing the sound of sirens (it was an ambulance), they disappeared.

Recall that the NSDC decided to conduct a large-scale anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine with the involvement of the Armed Forces.

"A large-scale anti-terrorist operation in the Donetsk region with the serious involvement of the military ... first of all, where the armed groups of the neighboring country appeared and are most dangerous. These are the most dangerous points that we will neutralize with all our forces and destroy them if they open fire. In this there is no doubt, "said SBU head Valentin Nalyvaichenko.

UPD: 04/14/2014 Help was sent to pro-Russian fighters in Slavyansk: Russian terrorists are armed with machine guns and grenade launchers. PHOTO

Help was sent to pro-Russian fighters in Slavyansk: Russian terrorists are armed with machine guns and grenade launchers. PHOTO Help was sent to pro-Russian fighters in Slavyansk: Russian terrorists are armed with machine guns and grenade launchers. PHOTO

Russia is unequivocally trying to play the "Crimean version" in the east of Ukraine. To help pro-Russian militants, "green men" armed to the teeth have already arrived in Slavyansk. About this on his Facebook page reports journalist Artem Shevchenko.

“Reinforcement came into the building of the Slavic City Council: a group of“ green men ”on KAMAZ without numbers, armed with machine guns, grenade launchers and automatic rifle scopes. At 14:00 a press conference seems to be being prepared. The Crimean version is one-on-one,” the journalist noted.

UPD: 04/14/2014 In Slavyansk, a civilian journalist who broadcast the actions of terrorists was kidnapped from home. PHOTO

В Славянске из дома похитили гражданского журналиста, который вел трансляцию действий террористов. ФОТО

Last night in Slavyansk (Donetsk region), Artem Deynega, a civilian journalist who broadcast on the Internet near the SBU building seized by separatists, was taken from his own apartment.

Events Artem Deynega shot from the balcony of the apartment, which is located in the house, reports HP.

Around 19:00 a man came to Artyom Deynegi’s apartment, asking to go with him. Deynega and his mother, who was at home at that time, were opposed, but the journalist was nevertheless taken away. Since then there is no connection with him.

UPD: 04/14/2014 Tax reveals Kurchenko's 1 billion shadow schemes

Налоговая раскрыла теневые схемы Курченко на 1 миллиард

Employees of the Financial Investigation Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine in Kiev uncovered a number of shadow schemes and seized property and funds associated with the infamous businessman Sergey Kurchenko, in the total amount of about 1 billion UAH. This was reported in the press service of the department.

“Investigators immediately opened 7 criminal investigations against officials of a number of enterprises associated with Sergey Kurchenko,” the investigation department noted. “In particular, three facts of tax evasion in especially large amounts worth more than UAH 182 million are investigated, the fact of theft and further legalization of funds in the amount of UAH 800 million, and two criminal investigations into the facts of fictitious entrepreneurship were opened, in the framework of which the activities of about 50 firms are investigated. "

In addition, the investigation department emphasized that in order to compensate the state for the losses incurred, the bank accounts and property of firms associated with Kurchenko were seized. “The funds that are in bank accounts in the amount of about 700 million UAH have been seized. In addition, the oil and gas complex in Kherson with a total value of about 200 million UAH was recognized and also arrested as material evidence, ”the department emphasized.

At the moment, the press service said, investigative steps are underway to investigate and eliminate other schemes for the illegal formation of a tax credit for value added tax. According to investigators, the losses incurred by the state under these schemes amount to about 2 billion UAH.

Earlier, in March, the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine began checking commercial firms that are somehow close to the Ukrainian businessman Sergey Kurchenko for obtaining and legalizing state funds in an illegal way.

Also, Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs had uncovered a criminal scheme of importing into Ukraine and selling petroleum products by the East European Fuel and Energy Company (VETEK) group of companies owned by Kurchenko.

According to the First Deputy Minister of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine Igor Bilous, the fight against the shadow sector of the economy is the main means of replenishing the budget.

UPD: 04/14/2014 During the boycott, Ukrainians learned the capabilities of their manufacturers

During the boycott, Ukrainians learned the capabilities of their producers: "We breed sturgeons, make black caviar and quality cosmetics."

Demand for Russian-made goods fell in Ukraine by no less than 40 percent.

According to Channel 5, Ukrainians have a good grasp of product labeling and can even distinguish between “disguised” Russian goods. Programmers even developed a special program for smartphones, which helps to recognize Russian goods.

UPD: 04/14/2014 Ukrainian troops go to Mariupol - separatist agents in shock. VIDEO

The column of Ukrainian troops was very impressed with the separatist agents in the Donetsk region. Attention! Profanity!

The movement of ZSU equipment was seen on the road to Mariupol.

UPD: 04/14/2014 Map of the rebellious East of Ukraine: separatists seized the administration building from Kharkov to Mariupol

Among the latest reports - the mayor's office of Kharkov and the Khartsyzsk City Council were captured.

Over the past week, the situation in the East of Ukraine has worsened. The riots that began last Sunday, April 6, in Donetsk, grew into a seizure of the administrative buildings of a number of Ukrainian cities and continue to this day, according to the story of TSN.Tizhnya.

Among the latest reports - the mayor's office of Kharkov was captured. Also on the evening of April 13, Interfax-Ukraine, citing an eyewitness, said that the building of the Khartsyzsk City Council was seized by people who called themselves representatives of the Donbass People’s Militia.

Now in the Donetsk region, the separatists control about a dozen administrative buildings. In Makeyevka a few hours ago, they captured the city council. In the morning after the rally in Mariupol, the so-called "people's militia" captured the local city hall and set the flag of the Donetsk Republic over it. The same flag hangs over the local administration of the SBU, but there is no data on its capture.

In Kramatorsk since yesterday, the city council and the city police department have been captured.

UPD: 04/14/2014 Fugitives Zakharchenko and Pshonka “surfaced” in Russia at a press conference of Yanukovych

At a regular press conference of former President Viktor Yanukovych, his associates involved in the bloody dispersal of the Maidan were also present.

So, on the evening of Sunday, April 14, in the Russian Rostov-on-Don, the ex-guarantor went to journalists in the company of former Prosecutor General Viktor Poshnky and Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko.

Representatives of the former government in Ukraine openly supported the separatists, who operate in the south-east of the country, calling their claims legal.

Note that Zakharchenko spoke immediately after the words of Yanukovych. In particular, he said that provocations are planned in eastern Ukraine.

UPD: 04/14/2014 In Kharkov, a rabid separatist was kicking a bloodied activist with her feet

In Kharkov, participants in pro-Russian moves, armed with bats and knives, beat dozens of activists who marched for a rally for the integrity of Ukraine, according to the story of TSN.Tizhden.

On Sunday, April 14, at 12:00, several hundred people with separatist sentiments gathered at the monument to Lenin. Their opponents - the townspeople who consider Kharkov a Ukrainian city - held a meeting at the Shevchenko monument.

After the pro-Russian convoy moved around the city, part of the aggressively-minded anti-Maidan activists went to the Shevchenko monument from the rear and began to oust Kharkov pro-Ukrainian activists and self-defenders. People with Ukrainian flags began to depart, but smoke bombs suddenly flew, and local skirmishes began on the central square and adjacent streets.

"Most of the people ran into the subway. Glasses were broken in the subway, guys with Colorado ribbons dropped into it, beat people. Everything stank of tear gas ... They were splashing eyes," the activists said.

It is noteworthy that not only guys with bats behaved aggressively, but also women of respectable age, one of whom attacked a bloodied man sitting on the steps and began to kick him.

Note that over time in the social networks, the separatists promised to arrange a car patrol by the city and to catch the Maidan people already alone.

At the first hour of the day, about a thousand pro-Russian extremists from St. George's ribbons, bats and balaclavs blocked the building of the Kharkov City Council. Then part of the separatists went into the courtyard and, according to witnesses, broke the windows on the ground floor. In the end, this group called itself the deputies of the territorial community and immediately called for the start of the session.

Then the aggressors disagreed on whether to take the administrative building by storm or not. At this moment, the separatists had a new leader who urged them to go into the courtyard of the City Council. It is noteworthy that the same man with glasses, journalists noticed today with the deputy Oleg Tsarev, who came to a pro-Russian rally on Sunday. As a result, the separatists seized the city hall.

UPD: 04/14/2014 President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko opposed the federalization of Ukraine

Президент Белоруссии Александр Лукашенко выступил против федерализации Украины

“If you want to keep Ukraine as a single state, and I want Ukraine to be an integral, monolithic, single state, then there is no need to carry out federalization. This is tomorrow’s split of Ukraine, it will destroy the state, ”he stressed.

Meanwhile, Lukashenko noted that he does not exclude such a development of a situation in which NATO troops will be sent to Ukraine.

Earlier, Lukashenko also said that he considers legitimate the appointment of Alexander Turchinov to the post of acting President of Ukraine.

UPD: 04/14/2014 Defender of Lugansk Rovenki from “Bandera” works as a barber (homosexual) in Kiev

Защитник луганских Ровеньков от «бандеровцев» работает цирюльником (гомиком) в Киеве.
Defender of Lugansk Rovenkov from "Bandera" works as a barber (homosexual) in Kiev Defender of Lugansk Rovenkov from "Bandera" works as a barber (homosexual) in Kiev
Defender of Lugansk Rovenkov from "Bandera" works as a barber (homosexual) in Kiev Defender of Lugansk Rovenkov from "Bandera" works as a barber (homosexual) in Kiev
Defender of Lugansk Rovenkov from "Bandera" works as a barber (homosexual) in Kiev Defender of Lugansk Rovenkov from "Bandera" works as a barber (homosexual) in Kiev

"And stupidly we are burning, we are burning, we are burning, fucking!".

Yevgeny Varlamov, a defender of Lugansk Rovenkov from Bandera, works as a barber (oh, I'm sorry, a hairdresser in Kiev.

Photo from Varlamov’s page on VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social network.

Hugs and kisses of Yevgeny Varlamov with the boys in white pants pleased :)