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#EuroMajdan # вромайдан Chronicle 05/14/2014

UPD: 05/14/2014 Video of the consequences of the battle near Kramatorsk appeared in the network

As a result of the attack on the ATO soldiers, seven Ukrainian soldiers and one militia were killed.

The network distributed video from the battlefield attacks on the Ukrainian military near Kramatorsk on Tuesday, May 13.

In particular, the video shows how the reserve group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine proceeded to the area of ​​Kramatorsk-Slavyansk.

Also shown is the evacuation of the wounded after an attack by armed militants and a video from the stripping of a burned-down armored personnel carrier.

Earlier it was reported that, on May 13, on the outskirts of the village of Oktyabrskoye, Slavyansk district, 20 km from Kramatorsk, during the movement, a convoy of one of the military units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was fired from an ambush. An armored personnel carrier and a GAZ vehicle were shot down.

As a result of the ambush, seven Ukrainian soldiers were killed, eight were injured. Also, the Defense Ministry said that as a result of the battle, one militia was killed, four more were seriously wounded.

UPD: 05/14/2014 Klitschko and Orobets have a falling out in the Rada

People's deputies on heightened tones discussed the removal of Lesia Orobets from the election of the mayor of the capital.

“Your representatives from UDAR decided to illegally remove me on the last day, when it can be done! Why are you doing this? We stood on Maidan together for the sake of it?” Said Orobets.

In turn, Vitaly Klitschko replied that the information that Lesia Orobets should be removed from the elections, the candidate for mayor of the capital, received 3 weeks ago.

"I appealed to the people and said, please, this should not be done ... I was told that three weeks ago Orobets was warned that this was a violation of the law, and lawyers were also warned. We have no relation to this," Klitschko said.

After that, Lesia Orobets accused the leader of "BLOW" of fighting against a woman.

“Have you decided to end your political career in this way?” Said Orobets to Vitali Klitschko.

Recall, the election commission withdrew the candidature of Orobets from the race due to its violation of the law. The law does not allow to go to the party list in the city council, and at the same time - as an independent candidate for the post of mayor. It turned out the day before the end of the consideration of documents.

UPD: 05/14/2014 Video with Dobkin's brother at the meeting Rada "blew up" the Internet

Journalists shot a video with Dmitry Dobkin during a meeting of parliament.

Popularity in the network is gaining video with a people's deputy from the Party of Regions of Ukraine faction Dmitry Dobkin, brother of presidential candidate Mikhail Dobkin. The corresponding video was made public on social network 5 channel.

On it the people's deputy during sitting of the Verkhovna Rada cannot sit at the workplace. He with expressive mimicry looks around, touches the microphone for performances, checks the phone.

Dobkinu good bad, addict? Upright detutat. That's how they sign the video ...

UPD: 05/14/2014 The price of documents will decrease by 40%, - MIA. VIDEO

The amount of fees for duties, fees and other payments for paperwork will decrease by 40 percent.

According Tsenzor.NET, said Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Sergey Chebotar. According to him, the changes in price will affect driver's certificates, technical certificates for vehicles, as well as domestic and foreign passports of citizens of Ukraine.

UPD: 05/14/2014 What does the Donetsk separatists boast about in social networks? PHOTO report

Чем хвалятся в соцсетях донецкие сепаратисты. ФОТОрепортаж

Very often, the Russian media talk about peaceful protesters in the Donbas who oppose punitive from Kiev. Representatives of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine will repeat the same legend.

Reports about it "Glavkom".

Who actually opposes the unity of the country in the homeland of Yanukovych, you can look at the photo. They are published in social networks by the separatists themselves.

UPD: 05/14/2014 In Odessa, "PrivatBank" threw explosives, filled with nuts. A PHOTO

In Odessa PrivatBank threw explosives, filled with nuts. A PHOTO In Odessa PrivatBank threw explosives, filled with nuts. A PHOTO

In Odessa, on Krasnova Street, unknown persons tried to destroy the next branch of PrivatBank.

As a result of the explosion and the fire that followed it, the ATM and the entrance doors of the department suffered, Dumskaya writes, Tsenzor reports.

According to eyewitnesses, the attack occurred around four in the morning. In addition, bank employees claim that it was not ordinary incendiary bottles that were used in the arson, but an explosive device filled with nuts. After the explosion, according to employees of the financial institution, the entrance and even the room itself was littered with these nuts.

For the time being, the press service of the regional department of the State Emergencies Service was able to confirm only the fact of a fire of 3 square meters, which was liquidated before the rescuers arrived. No injuries.

UPD: 05/14/2014 A map of Donbass terrorists checkpoints has been created online: everyone is asked to share coordinates and information

В сети создана карта блокпостов террористов Донбасса: всех желающих просят делиться координатами и информацией<

The network has created an online map, which is asked to put data on roadblocks and terrorist bases.

As reported on his Facebook page journalist Roman Burco.

"Dear friends, in the current situation, when criminals and drug addicts of the terrorist organizations of the DPR and LPR occupy, on the orders of their Kremlin masters, Ukrainian territories, build roadblocks on the roads and create tension and an increased criminogenic situation in the Southeast region, they should coordinate their actions as much as possible. The land should burning under the feet of enemies, they should not feel safe.

We can’t hope for the army, as practice has shown in its ranks, there are still too many saboteurs and traitors, the people of Ukraine should understand that this is another Liberation War for the right of Ukraine’s existence, for preserving all that our ancestors left us.

The request of everyone who can help in identifying terrorist objects - throw off the coordinates, photos, video posts, the number of militants and, if possible, the type of weapons. Any information that will help anti-terror groups neutralize the militants and occupiers, "the journalist wrote.