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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 07/14/2014

UPD: 14/07/2014 In Kiev, an unknown person reported a bomb in the Metrograd shopping center

В Киеве неизвестный сообщил о бомбе в ТЦ Метроград

The police are looking for a bomb in the shopping center on Lev Tolstoy Square.

In Kiev, the police checks information about the mining of the Metrograd shopping center on Lev Tolstoy Square. This, according to RBC-Ukraine, said the head of the press service of the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Olga Bilyk.

"Metropolitan Metropolitan Trade Center was mined in connection with previously mined shopping and entertainment centers, they carried out an inspection, did not reveal anything, and another one still employs specialists," Bilyk said.

UPD: 14/07/2014 Kiev is looking for explosives in two large shopping centers

В Киеве ищут взрывчатку сразу в двух крупных торговых центрах

The unidentified reported about the mining of two shopping centers - at the Lybidska metro station and in the Teremki microdistrict.

Police in Kiev are looking for explosives in the capital's shopping centers Ocean Plaza near the Lybidskaya metro station and Epicenter in the Goloseevsky district of the capital. On this on Monday, July 14, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kiev.

In particular, the unknown for an hour - from 12.00 to 13.00 - reported that in two metropolitan shopping centers Ocean Plaza and Epicenter, explosives are laid.

Now explosives are working at the scene. The facts of the reports are included in the single record, investigative actions are being carried out to establish the identity of the "miner".

"Relevant services and law enforcers ensure the safety of citizens in places where mines have been reported," the police said.

UPD: 14/07/2014 Russian customs officer declassified the transfer of Russian technology to Ukraine (Photo)

Российский таможенник рассекретил переброску техники РФ в Украину (Фото)

Hmm ... That's certainly an unexpected turn! As everyone already knows from the official confirmation of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, a new convoy of armored vehicles tried to break through the Russian-Ukrainian border in the area of ​​the Izvarino checkpoint tonight, which broke a record in terms of quantity, namely, about 100 units! The APU opened artillery fire along the column and used aviation. As a result, according to the speaker of the National Security and Defense Council, a large part of the interrupted tanks, APCs and Grad installations were destroyed. The rest partially returned to Russia, partially broke into Lugansk. But, not really about this ...

Российский таможенник рассекретил переброску техники РФ в Украину (Фото)

The fact is that on the eve of the breakthrough, Russian border guard Artem published in the Instagram photo, which depicts BTRs flying the flag of Russia, passing through the inspection zone of the Russian checkpoint "Donetsk" towards Ukraine.

By the way, to one of the "Selfie" Temchik demonstrated that Russian border guards are equipped with "on combat", and in the comments said that when leaving the building outside the personnel of the checkpoint it is ordered to wear a helmet. Excellent secrecy - handsome!

Customs officer Artem removes not only "officially not existing" armored vehicles, but also himself

UPD: 14/07/2014 Statistics of protests that changed the Country

THE PRESENT PERSON OF Maidan: STATISTICS of the protests that changed the COUNTRY

On July 9, at a press conference in the UNIAN news agency, the sociologists of the Center for the Study of Society presented the results of monitoring protests, repression and concessions during the Maidan, supported by the International Renaissance Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy.

During the entire Maidan sociologists of the Center for the Study of Society recorded all the protest events that took place on the territory of all of Ukraine, along with the repression of Yanukovych's power. A unique database of all protests and repressions has been created in all areas, anti-Maydan and behind them now it is possible to accurately answer many topical questions about the participants of the Maidan, its national distribution and the role of violence, which continue sharp discussions, continue manipulation by politicians, picture in the media.

The main results of the study are provided in our review.

UPD: 14/07/2014 Another lies of the Kremlin media: a miner who allegedly rushed under a tank with a grenade, was already three years dead. A PHOTO

Очередная ложь кремлевских СМИ: шахтер, якобы бросившийся под танк с гранатой, оказался уже три года как мертв. ФОТО

Once again, the Russian media caught in the dissemination of "fake" news. This time the Russian media told the story of how the alleged miner rushed with grenades under the tank. As it turned out, this miner is already dead for three years.

This is reported by

Очередная ложь кремлевских СМИ: шахтер, якобы бросившийся под танк с гранатой, оказался уже три года как мертв. ФОТО

"When the country is ordered by a hero, we have a dead hero." Just then, on the politician, tears were shedding tears over the miner's exploit that threw himself under a tank with a grenade, and all the world's Russian-language media admired the heroic deed, I also wept and drank not, already three years as he died, "- wrote the blogger.

UPD: 14/07/2014 Exposing the lies of the "First Channel" of Russia about the "crucified boy". VIDEO + PHOTOS

Разоблачение лжи Первого канала России про распятого мальчика. ВИДЕО+ФОТО

Residents of Slavyansk have denied the lies of the Russian media.

Novaya Gazeta journalist Yevgeny Feldman asked the residents of Slavyansk whether the Russian First Channel reported the truth (the journalists of the national broadcaster of the Russian Federation showed the evidence of a woman who posed as a refugee from Ukraine and told about the excesses of the Ukrainian army in Slavyansk, as it turned out later , this woman is the wife of one of the DRN militants).

"The great power of the Internet:" The refugee from Slavyansk "Galina Pyshnyak, who tells about the crucifixion of the child in the plot of the 1st channel, the wife of the militant: In which she is a pretty woman: https: // ", - wrote the activist Oksana Khripun.

The report of the TV channel Rain: Where did the story about the crucifixion of the 3-year-old boy on the air of the first channel

UPD: 14/07/2014 Confrontations on Sunday in the ATU zone: the largest fights are in 13 points of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. MAP

Противостояния в воскресенье в зоне АТО: наибольшие бои идут в 13 пунктах Донецкой и Луганской областей. КАРТА

During the past day of the anti-terrorist operation, the terrorists carried out 12 shellings, resulting in the death of seven Ukrainian soldiers and 30 wounded.

As of July 13, the largest fights in the ATU zone are continuing in 13 points of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, reports LigaBusinessInform.

Ukrainian siloviks are fighting against terrorists in: Lisichansk, Kalinovo, Holmivsky, Savur-Mogila, Marinovka, Torez, Rovenky, Krasnodon, Izvarino, Lugansk, Zemlyan, Shishkovo and Aleksandrovka.