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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 15/04/2014

UPD: 15/04/2014 Unknown people attempted to capture airfield in Slavyansk

В Славянске неизвестные попытались захватить аэродром

The army with the help of armored vehicles also completely blocks the approaches to the city.

According to the operative data of the Information Resistance group, the unknown attempted to capture an airfield near Slavyansk. The security of the airfield was provided with armed resistance. At her request, two combat aircraft arrived in the area of ​​the airfield, using weapons not to defeat, said the head of the Center for Military and Political Research Dmitry Tymchuk on his Facebook page.

"The extremists hastily disappeared," he wrote.

According to him, the active phase of the anti-terrorist operation has not been launched at the moment. The preparatory stage is coming to an end.

The column of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine entered Slavyansk, in particular, 500 military men, 20 armored personnel carriers, 2 helicopters, several buses entered the city, Alla Lazareva, a correspondent of the BBC, said on her Twitter page on Tuesday, April 15.

"Only a column of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has entered Slavyansk: from 500 military men, 20 armored personnel carriers, 2 helicopters, several buses. The antiterrorist operation will be "- she wrote in the social network.

The Ukrainian military also completely blocks the approaches to Slavyansk with the help of armored vehicles: the entrances and exits to the city are completely blocked.

Information is also confirmed by local journalists.

UPD: 15/04/2014 "Song of Tsoi" We are waiting for changes "wrote to the CIA", - State Duma deputy from United Russia. VIDEO

State Duma deputy from the party "United Russia" Yevgeny Fedorov said that the lyrics for the famous rock singer Viktor Tsoi were written "by professional authors in Hollywood commissioned by the CIA."

As reported by Censor.NET, referring to Channel 9, Fedorov is chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship. Since 2011, he coordinates the activities of the National Liberation Movement in Russia, and since 2013 he heads the inter-factional group "For Sovereignty". Among other deputies of the State Duma, he proposed that Mikhail Gorbachev be tried for "the collapse of the USSR."

UPD: 15/04/2014 Unidentified people have installed seven roadblocks in Slavyansk

В Славянске неизвестные установили семь блокпостов

The city police department and the SSU Slavyansk remain captured.

In Slavyansk, Donetsk Oblast, the buildings of the city police department and the SBU's city department continue to be occupied, the unidentified also installed 7 checkpoints, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said on Tuesday, April 15, the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported on Tuesday.

Speaking about the situation with the seizures of administrative buildings in the Donetsk region, the Interior Ministry noted that the building of the city police department remains in Gorlovka.

In Kramatorsk, the premises of the local militia were unlocked, normal operation was restored, but remains an occupied airfield. In addition, two checkpoints are installed in the city and blocking of the city council continues, the report says.

At the same time, information about the capture of Petrovsky and Maryinsky district police departments of Donetsk does not correspond to reality, the press service stressed.

"All other units of the region are working in regular mode, police officers are investigating allegations and reports of violations committed by citizens," the Interior Ministry said.

UPD: 15/04/2014 Hryvnia ceased to fly "down" - National Bank raised the rate

Курс нацвалюты относительно доллара установлен на уровне 12,385 грн.

The rate of the national currency against the dollar is set at 12,385 UAH.

The National Bank raised the official exchange rate of the hryvnia against the dollar to UAH 12,385.

The rate of the hryvnia to the euro is set at 1,712.5515 UAH for 100 euros, and relative to the Russian ruble - 3.4415 for 10 rubles.

Recall that for the first time the NBU lowered the hryvnia rate below 11 hryvnia on April 1. Yesterday the hryvnia fell to a record value of 12.97 UAH.

Note that in Ukraine, began to calculate the exchange rate of the hryvnia against the dollar in a new way. The National Bank sets the rate of the national currency to the dollar as a weighted average rate on the interbank market. Correction of the official exchange rate relative to the market situation corresponds to one of the key requirements of the IMF.

UPD: 15/04/2014 "Hutin Pui": a tombstone with a portrait of Putin was made in the Chernigov region

in the Chernigov region a tombstone with a portrait of Putin was made

Photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin "decorates" a tombstone in the Chernigov region. The corresponding picture was published on the page of the group "We are together" user "Facebook" Ivanka Belyaeva, reports HP.

The inscription under the photo shows that this is a funeral service advertisement in the town of Priluki.

On the monument under the portrait there is an inscription "Hutin Pui". Also years of life are indicated - 1952-2014. As you know, Vladimir Putin was also born in 1952. In October he will turn 62 years old.

Next to the monument lies a wreath with an inscription on the ribbon: "Sdoh bitch !!! Glory to Ukraine !!!".

photo of the tombstones of the runaway President Viktor Yanukovich and former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov

Note that earlier in social networks there were photos of gravestones, which Ukrainians manufactured for the runaway president Viktor Yanukovych and former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

UPD: 15/04/2014 Arsenal of "trunks" in Tsarev's car and stolen Dnepropetrovsk numbers. A PHOTO

Arsenal of trunks in Tsarev's car and stolen Dnepropetrovsk numbers

In a car owned by a deputy of the Party of Regions, presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev, weapons were found. About this, the correspondent of Delo.UA reported.

According to one of the police, in the Mercedes Vito deputy found three hunting "trunk". All weapons have documents. "The weapons were covered, and there are documents on it," said one of the representatives of the Goloseyevsky ROVD. In the car there was a driver and two passengers.

Mercedes at the same time had only one transit number. Under the seat of the passenger near the driver were the standard rooms of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

Arsenal of trunks in Tsarev's car and stolen Dnepropetrovsk numbers

In another car detained by Avtomaydan activists - Porsche Cayenne with Kiev numbers - there was a driver and one passenger. The passenger had a "walkie-talkie" in his ear, also with him he had a large amount of hryvnia. In addition, near the seat was a machine of foreign manufacture - according to eyewitnesses, Austrian - with an inserted horn. As reported by one of the passengers of Mercedes Vito, this is his weapon and he "allegedly" has documents on him.

"Avtomaydanovtsy" demanded from the police to handcuff the person who had discovered the machine gun. The police refused.

Now there is an inspection of the trunk of the Porsche Cayenne, supposedly there is also a gun in the trunks. In the Mercedes Vito was found about 4-5 horns for the machine.

In the trunk of Porsche they found a flak jacket and a traumatic gun.

UPD: 15/04/2014 10 "green men" were shot by unknown people at a checkpoint in the Donetsk region - Orobets

10 зеленых человечков расстреляны неизвестными на блок-посту в Донецкой области

"For these days, it really came to me, how easy it was to fight in my native Kiev." About this in his blog writes visiting East of Ukraine Lesya Orobets

"LUHANSK: better than good ..."

50% of the ministry wrote a report, 50% of the Ukrainians were busy. All zbroya, boerepripasi rozdanny miolicitors, zbriny kimnati empty (light dissonance with Krimom and Donetsk). The whole secret is superficially shrouded. All roads of Lugansk region are closed by block posts of proukraynskoy militia. Із negatives. Duzhe virosla maliciousness (by 300%), all the illiteracy of the RUVS aboit at block-posts. Okrіm addition, різко виросло безробіття, що і змовило ріст розбоїв. Місцевий СБУ поплювали сокіл, беркут та афганці, що качали ситуацію, shoob отримати ті ж привілеї, що їхні "brothers in the rose" in Krim.

DONETSK: situation in the edge of fucking ...

Місцева міліція it is practical in a folding warehouse zaradila Ukraine. All (by May of May) block posts are controlled by Colorado. Vidbulos povnotsinne invasion. The rozvduvalno-diversivnyh grup GRU GSH VS RF yak mіnimum kilka, zagalnoyu force before the battalion. Yakshcho situatsiyu not perelamati stretch pro, ukraїнські прикордонники і армія не зможть відбити frontal attack of the Russians військ on the cordon (ім on daytime відрізали всі комунікації). We went to walk around the apartments of people with pro-Ukrainian glances (given from the gliobin region of fragmentary).
The Ukrainian paratroopers are on the verge of the Dnieper in the Slavyanska district, the commander of the battle already does not show confidence in the activities, but all are more wikis of the criminals. Із positive. Є rozrizneni grupi people, scho not ready to go "pіd hand" підіна і чини опір, в том чисіі збройний. Minimum 10 colorings of bullets are syogodnі znischeni. At pidstverdzhenomuyu triokh dzherel vypadku, nevіdomі troє priehhali pіd block-post, killed allі koloradosіv s avtomatіv i vidbuly. Volunteer ruff in Donetsk.
About інші знаки АТО on teritorії oblastі моім співбесінникам not vіdomo. 17 квітня в Донецьку планують great pro-Ukrainian dating. Dehto prophet is more incidental, and chtos bachit ts'omu pivnyy chance.

On the Rights of VISNOVKIV ...

  • 1. Місцеві feudals namagayutsya sell its services more expensive than the capital, yaka прогарантує їм поне безроздільне княжіння і дотації. On the censorship of kadirіvskoї Chechny.
  • 2. In the areas of the coastal areas, self-restraint on the subject of its "іnshostі" від Донецька. Віра в те, що грушники не моуть штурмувати їхні РУВС і не знайдеться 300 відморозків, to whom stinks to distribute zbryu, перш ніж зникнути. Especially neplavno in Kharkov.
  • 3. For tsiu dobu to mee in the best way, it was easy to fight in the remote Kyiv. "- writes the politician.

UPD: 15/04/2014 "Tsarev was captured", the police found weapons in his car

The candidate for the presidency of Ukraine was beaten and taken to the GPU.

The activists of the Maidan, gathered under the ICTV television channel, struck the wheels in the cars with which the candidate for the presidency of Ukraine, MP Oleg Tsarev and his guards arrived.

People surrounded the security cars of Oleg Tsarev and began to demand that the police start a search for weapons. Law enforcers checked the documents and started inspection of the salon. After some time in the car was found a firearm and cold steel, as well as several horns, similar to the clips to the Kalashnikov rifle.

It is also reported that the police found a rifle M16.

After Oleg Tsarev left the studio, a crowd flew into him, who subjected him to obstruction and pelted with eggs.

The deputy was "taken prisoner" and taken to the building of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine. Activists demand to bring a criminal case against him for separatism.

At the same time, the press service of the politician reports that he is brutally beaten and is in serious condition.

While in the GPU, Oleg Tsarev commented on what had happened.

UPD: 15/04/2014 Candidate for President Mikhail Dobkin of Ukraine poured greens and sprinkled with flour

Кандидата в президенты Михаила Добкина Украины облили зеленкой и обсыпали мукой

Responsibility for the attack on Dobkin under the ICTV was taken by the Black Committee

On Monday evening, under the ICTV studio in Kyiv, the Black Committee activists together with other Maidan activists attacked the presidential candidate of Ukraine from the Party of Regions Mikhail Dobkin.

Politics and his guards were pelted with greenery, eggs and flour.