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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Хроника 15/12/2013

UPD: 15/12/2013 Pornstar Sasha Gray reacted to the situation in Kiev
Порнозвезда Саша Грей отреагировала на ситуацию в Киеве

The famous porn actress expressed her opinion about what is happening in the Ukrainian capital.

"Kiev, stay strong!" - wrote Gray in his Twitter and Facebook.

Порнозвезда Саша Грей отреагировала на ситуацию в Киеве

Only in Facebook, more than 900 people "joked" the message. Also, more than 100 people left a comment under the recording of Sasha Gray. Ukrainians thanked the porn star for their support.

UPD: 15/12/2013 New protocols of interrogation about the dispersal of Euromaidan
Опубликованы новые протоколы допросов про разгон Евромайдана

At the disposal of the Ukrainian Truth, new documents appeared in the case on the investigation of the power dispersal of Euromidan on November 30. As the newspaper reports, these are the protocols of interrogation of the first secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Vladimir Sivkovych and the chairman of the KSCA Alexander Popov.

During interrogation in the Prosecutor General's Office, Sivkovych said that on the eve of the power breakdown he was at about 22:00 sitting in his office along with another regional member Andrei Derkach, when a member of the Motherland of Batkivshchyna and his longtime "agent" Nikolai Knyazhitsky phoned him. He, according to Sivkovych, asked to help with the omission of cars for the rally for the rally on Sunday, December 1, reports Ukrayinska Pravda.

Subsequently, with a similar request, one of the leaders of the Batkivschyna Party Nikolay Martynenko addressed him, but Sivkovych said he could not help. After that, Sivkovich and Derkach went to the head of the KCSA Popov, and then they went to the head of the Kiev police Koryaku, in whose office they looked at the monitor for dispersing the rally.

"Sivkovych said he did not give instructions to bring equipment for the New Year tree, emphasizing that it can only be done after the protesters have vacated the place." But, according to him, Popov himself told him about the Christmas tree that night. "In other words, Sivkovitch stepped back from the bloody dispersal ", the newspaper reports.

In the evening of November 29, Klyuev called again Popov and asked if the equipment was ready to call at the Maidan. After the affirmative response of the head of the city administration, Klyuev said that the team will be stopped by the technician Sivkovych. Around 3:00 am, Sivkovitch came to Popov and said that the equipment should call at Maidan at 3:45.

In this case, as noted by Popov, Sivkovitch informed him about the presence on the Maidan of "some militants" who would arrange "provocations". After that, Sivkovich recruited the head of the Kiev police Koryak and informed him that the equipment would arrive at the square at 3:45 am, and then along with Popov went to the head of the city administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the office of Koryak, Sivkovitch got in touch with someone, and then the power mop-up of Maidan began. About the injured Popov did not know, and therefore, seeing the vacated area, went to work, and Sivkovych stayed with Koryak.

Speaking about the reasons for the power confrontation, Popov actually pointed to Klyuyev, who instructed him to put the Christmas tree on that night: "I believe that the importation of the Christmas tree components was premature, which provoked the conflict on Independence Independence on November 30, which was used by certain forces as a push to further riots and disorder. "

During the confrontation, Popov again said that he was instructed by Klyuev to follow the instructions of Sivkovich. The police chief of Kiev Koryak added that the command to listen to Sivkovich was given to him by Interior Minister Zakharchenko.

Also, Koryak added that he tried to convince Sivkovich not to bring a Christmas tree, because even at 3 am on Maidan there were many people. "To this he began to insistently say that it is necessary to immediately bring in the accessories for the Christmas tree," the policeman said at the confrontation.

UPD: 15/12/2013 Minutes of the interrogation of the perpetrators and the protocol of the head of the Moscow MVD hit the Internet
Протоколы допроса Попова и начальника столичного МВД попали в Сеть

Scans of documents preliminarily confirm the version voiced in some media - the mayor of Kiev pointed to the NSDC secretary Andrei Klyuev, who initiated the cleaning of Independence Square on November 30.

On Saturday, December 14, two major officials were removed from their posts: the head of the KCSA Alexander Popov and the deputy head of the National Security and Defense Council Vladimir Sivkovych. Both were suspended by presidential decree Viktor Yanukovych for the time of the investigation into the case of the dispersal of Euromidan on November 30. On the same day, the media reported that the former mayor of Kiev had already begun to testify in the Prosecutor General's Office. In particular, he pointed out that the instruction "to establish a Christmas tree" was received from the NSDC secretary Andrei Klyuyev. Similar information was issued at the investigation by the former head of the capital's head, Valery Koryak. He said that he received instructions from the deputy head of the NSDC Sivkovych.

Later on the Web appeared copies of alleged protocols of interrogation of Alexander Popov, Vladimir Sivkovych and Valery Koryak.