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UPD: 16/01/2014 Everything for the sake of the budget. PhotoReporting from the rally of supporters of the Party of Regions under the Rada

Все ради бюджета. ФотоРепортаж с митинга сторонников Партии регионов под Радой

While in the hall of the Verkhovna Rada, the people's deputies "accepted the first blood" to the 2014 State Budget, a many-thousand rally of the Party of Regions took place under the walls of the parliament and the Mariinsky Park, in which Prime Minister Mykola Azarov took part.

UPD: 16/01/2014 Ukrainian mobile operators have reacted to the initiative of the Rada to sell SIM-cards on the passport

Украинские операторы мобильной связи отреагировали на инициативу Рады продавать SIM-карты по паспорту

Mobile operators Kyivstar and MTS were skeptical about the initiative of the Rada, which passed a law obliging Ukrainians to buy SIM-cards on their passports.

By the will of deputies to buy a SIM-card, Ukrainians will have to enter into an appropriate agreement with the operator. This is stated in the Law on Telecommunications, which was introduced by People's Deputy Vadim Kolesnichenko (Party of Regions) and was adopted in the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday.

So, the company Kyivstar called on President Viktor Yanukovych to veto the law, said Andrei Osadchuk, director of regulatory and legal support, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

The new law, which, among other things, implies the introduction of amendments to the Law on Telecommunications, requires discussion with all market participants and finalization. The introduction of additional licensing in the telecommunications market - Internet access services - introduces new organizational and financial burdens, contradicts the declared for the liberalization and deregulation of the economy declared by the president and the government of Ukraine. We also do not understand the mechanism for implementing the prohibition of access to certain Internet resources through an expert decision. It should be noted that the institution of relevant experts is not described by Ukrainian legislation. We believe that any ban can be imposed solely by a court decision!

Regarding the issue of introducing a rule on the sale of SIM-cards by passports, he said that all operators had previously provided services on the basis of contracts, which, in particular, are also a public offer contract.

Both in the current and in the newly voted bill, the subscriber has a choice of the way of his identification when concluding a contract with the operator, including through the provision of passport data. In general, voluntary subscriber identification can positively influence the market, for example, reducing the level of fraud, and serve as additional protection for the subscriber from unauthorized actions of third parties!

The company said that to date, the vast majority of subscribers (about 90%) are prepaid subscribers, accordingly, they do not conclude contracts with operators.

Our entire system of sales and customer service is organized taking into account this demand structure. While we did not have time to analyze the content of the bill in detail, there are already many questions. In particular, how to serve the population of villages and small settlements where there are no operator shops? Mandatory sale of start packages on passports limits the availability of services, for which, for example, villagers will have to travel to the city. And even in the city, the starting package will not be as easy to buy as it is now. Operators will have to completely rebuild the sales system that has been developing in the market for years. It will take time and additional costs!

In addition, according to the company, even the introduction of this rule does not exclude the possibility for those wishing to purchase the package anonymously, bypassing this condition.

As the experience of foreign countries shows, wherever such a system is used, there is a black market where it is easy to buy a starter pack on forged documents or someone else's name. Just it is more expensive!

UPD: 16/01/2014 Yanukovych signed five resonant laws passed by the parliament on Thursday - media

Янукович подписал пять резонансных законов, принятых Радой в четверг - СМИ

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych signed all five laws passed by the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, January 16, and submitted to the administration of the Head of State on the same day, Zerkalo Nedeli writes. Ukraine.

So, we are talking about:

Президент Украины Виктор Янукович подписал все пять законов

We add that on the official website of the president this information has not yet appeared.

Earlier it was reported that, among other things, MPs banned participation in meetings, rallies, demonstrations and other mass events in a mask, helmet or using other methods of camouflage that interfere with the identification of a person .

As you know, the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and the Commission on Journalistic Ethics appealed to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych with a demand to veto the changes to the law on the judicial system and the status of judges and procedural laws on additional measures to protect the security of citizens.

Янукович подписал пять резонансных законов, принятых Радой в четверг - СМИ

UPD: 16/01/2014 From now on Ukrainians will be able to purchase SIM-cards only on the passport

Отныне украинцы смогут приобрести SIM-карты только по паспорту

To buy a SIM card, Ukrainians will have to enter into an appropriate agreement with the operator.

This is stated in the Law on Telecommunications, which was introduced by People's Deputy Vadim Kolesnichenko (Party of Regions) and was adopted at today's voting in the Verkhovna Rada.

It is reported that the text of the document introduced the concept of an identification telecommunication card - a means used to identify the final equipment of the subscriber in the network (SIM-card, USIM-card, etc.). Provision of telecommunications services using such a card is carried out on the basis of an agreement between the telecommunications operator and the consumer.

Recall that the government service of special communication and information protection in September 2012 initiated the adoption of such a bill on the instructions of the government in the interests of law enforcement. Then the head of the State Service Gennady Reznikov stated that the introduction of such a rule does not violate human rights and will help in the work of law enforcement.

UPD: 16/01/2014 Trauma Malyshev has received the People's Deputy from Fatherland Wozniuk - Party of Regions

Травму Малышеву нанес нардеп от Батькивщины Вознюк – Партия Регионов

Injury MP MP from the Party of Regions Vladimir Malyshev inflicted a deputy from the Fatherland Yuri Voznyuk, said in a statement distributed by the press service of the Party of Regions.

In its statement, the press service of the PR refers to the eyewitnesses of the incident. In addition, the Party of Regions calls the opposition impotent, and its actions - "openly bandit".

"The actions of representatives of opposition factions in the parliament today have once again demonstrated the impotence of the opposition, which is incapable of anything, except provocations and outright bandit actions," the text reads. For Voznyuk OL requires criminal punishment and the removal of parliamentary immunity.

Also in the statement of the PR it is said that "there are cases when members of the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions were torn out voting cards." "Andrei Vasiliev got a card from Andrey Pavlovsky, Anna Herman had Arsen Avakov, and Nikolai Demyanko was also stolen by an opposition MP whose identity will be established. In addition, People's Deputy of Liberty Yuriy Mikhalchishin came to parliament in ... body armor, which not without pleasure demonstrated to colleagues in the hall "- said in a statement.

UPD: 16/01/2014 A coup d'état took place in the parliament - the opposition

В парламенте произошел государственный переворот - оппозиция

The opposition called what is happening in the parliament the overthrow of the constitutional order in the country and the coup d'état. All the laws passed by deputies, the oppositionists call illegitimate and are going to cancel them.

After the events in the Verkhovna Rada, the opposition forecasts a second wave of protests in the country.

Recall that the Ukrainian parliament approved in the first reading and immediately as a whole the draft state budget for 2014 despite the opposition blocked by the rostrum.

The project was supported by 249 parliamentarians at a required minimum of 226 votes. Voting took place by raising hands in the hall.

UPD: 16/01/2014 Former security chief Akhmetov broke his forehead in the Rada hall

Бывшему шефу безопасности Ахметова разбили лоб в зале Рады

The oppositionist from the faction of the Fatherland Alexander Briginets in his Twitter reported that during the fight they broke the forehead of MP Malyshev. Moreover, according to Brigints, this was done by Malyshev's colleague in the faction of the PR.

"The regionals, trying to beat our deputies, hit each other." Deputy MP Malyshev was beaten by a deputy who is sitting behind him, "Briginets said.

As already reported, the Rada approved the draft state budget for 2014, despite the opposition's blocked tribune and without any discussion in the hall. At the same time, parliamentarians adopted the budget in the first reading and immediately as a whole.

"We will add that the investigative bodies carry out the relevant work, and that the deputy immunity be removed from this deputy (who caused the mutilation - ed.) And he was brought to trial," Efremov later said at a briefing.

According to the leader of the faction of the regionals, he has not yet found out the name of the deputy, who smashed his forehead to Malyshev. At the same time, Yefremov stressed that the deputies of the party of power do not support fights in the parliament and have long since abandoned such practice.