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UPD: 16/10/2014 Despite yet another attempted assault, Ukrainian soldiers keep the airport in Donetsk, the headquarters of the ATU

Несмотря на очередные попытки штурма, украинские воины удерживают аэропорт в Донецке

The night passed in most areas where an anti-terrorist operation is being conducted.

According to the headquarters, at 22.30, the position of the ATU forces in the region of the Tretkhizbenka was bombarded with the use of the ML-21 Grad GRRS.

"Yesterday afternoon, uncontrolled terrorist armed groups fired upon our positions in the areas of Debaltsevo, Chernukhino, Redkodub, Avdeevka, Granitnoye several times, firing at houses in Nikishino," it was reported.

In addition, it is noted that the situation in the vicinity of the village of Smelyoy remains dynamic, the forces of the ATU are carrying out activities aimed at ensuring the safety of personnel serving at roadblocks in the specified area.

"Despite another attempt to assault, Donetsk airport under our control, the night before militants fired our positions from Donetsk, there are no losses among Ukrainian servicemen," the press center added.

At the same time, according to the headquarters, the situation in the south of the ATU zone is constantly being monitored, planned activities are being conducted aimed at creating safe conditions for civilians in Mariupol and participants in the anti-terrorist operation.

UPD: 16/10/2014 Rapid fall of the ruble continues: In 2 minutes of trading, the dollar jumped by 21 kopecks, the euro - by 33 kopecks

Стремительное падение рубля продолжается: За 2 минуты торгов доллар подскочил на 21 копейку, евро - на 33 копейки

The dollar and the euro rose at the Moscow Stock Exchange on the opening of trading on Thursday, October 16, and the ruble declined against the bi-currency basket after the upward correction of the previous day.

As the "Interfax-Ukraine" informs, the drop in the ruble was facilitated by falling oil, experts believe.

Trades on the US dollar began on the UTS transactions within 40.64-40.7 rubles / $ 1, on average for two minutes the rate was 40.665 rubles. / $ 1, which is 21 kopecks higher than the level of the previous closing. Euro at the same time was in the region of 52.1 rubles / EUR1, adding 33 kopecks. The value of the currency basket ($ 0.55 and EUR0.45) was 45.815 rubles, adding 27 kopecks.

Experts note that a significant decrease in the ruble against the dollar and euro at the opening is a consequence of a significant correction of the ruble, observed the day before. On Thursday morning, the ruble returned to a zone close to the upper border of the bi-currency basket corridor (increased by 35 kopeks, up to 45.95 rubles the previous day). Pressure on the ruble continues to provide falling oil prices: index futures for Brent crude on the London stock exchange ICE Futures fell below $ 83 per barrel, updating the 4-year lows.

UPD: 16/10/2014 EU warns Russians about difficulties with obtaining Schengen visas: "This is a Russian decision, it's not a problem of the EU"

Евросоюз предупредил россиян о трудностях с получением шенгенских виз: Это российское решение. Это не проблемы ЕС

The Russian law on personal data can create problems when issuing Schengen visas.

This is written by Interfax with reference to the European diplomat.

He explained that the servers that store data on European visas for Russian citizens are in Europe.

"If Russian lawmakers want to make it impossible for citizens (to get a Schengen visa - Ed.), Then this is a Russian solution." This is not the EU problem, "the source said.

"If you look at how this law affects the real life of ordinary Russian citizens, this, of course, raises questions," he said.

The interlocutor of the agency expressed the opinion that the law adopted in Russia has no connection with the reality of the XXI century, whose residents buy goods in online stores.

At the same time, the source stressed that the European Union does not plan to discuss this law with the Russian side and its impact on the Schengen data system, although the EU knows that the document will come into force on January 1, 2015.

The bill on the protection of personal data of Russians was adopted by the State Duma in the summer of 2014. The document provides that personal data of Russians processed through the Internet can be stored only in the territory of Russia.

Initially, it was assumed that the law will come into force on September 1, 2016, but the deputies postponed this deadline on January 1, 2015.

UPD: 16/10/2014 Oil prices continue to fall: Brent dropped below $ 83 per barrel

Цены на нефть продолжают падать: Brent опустилась ниже 83$ за баррель

December futures for Brent crude on the London Stock Exchange are now trading below $ 83 per barrel.

The barrel of oil at the auctions in New York has fallen in price almost by dollar - to 80 dollars 83 cents.

As experts say, prices are falling in anticipation of information on energy stocks in the US. Such data is expected to be published today by the US Department of Energy.

UPD: 16/10/2014 Terrorists "LNR" introduced a new system of recruiting fighters and announced a hunt for cyclists, - Tymchuk

Террористы ЛНР ввели новую систему набора боевиков и объявили охоту на велосипедистов, - Тымчук

In "ЛНР" there is a sharp shortage of personnel.

On his Facebook page, Dmitry Tymchuk wrote, referring to the operational data of the IP group.

According to him, in the "LNR" introduced a system of one-time attraction of volunteers from among the local population to participate in the assault positions of Ukrainian troops: "For participation in the armed action, a payment of UAH 200 is promised." The most popular are "posts" in mortar calculations, the least number of those wishing to " earn additionally "in the role of grenade launchers."

"In the territories controlled by the" ЛНР ", the militants declared a hunt for bicyclists, there are numerous cases of people being detained on bicycles under the pretext of checking (it is assumed that the Ukrainian artillery patrolmen are moving on bicycles). mode of transport, "Tymchuk wrote.

UPD: 16/10/2014 Several countries join the sanctions against Russia

К санкциям против России присоединился ряд стран

The countries applying for membership in the European Union - Montenegro, Iceland, Albania, as well as Liechtenstein, Norway, members of the European Economic Area and Ukraine - have joined the latest package of EU sanctions against Russia.

As informs НР2, about it it is spoken in the statement of Council of EU.

In mid-September, the European Union published a list of Russian enterprises that fell under new restrictions.

The sanctions affected, in particular, the oil sector (Rosneft, Transneft and Gazprom Neft) and defense (Uralvagonzavod, Oboronprom and United Aircraft Corporation). The black list also included five Russian banks - Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Vnesheconombank and Rosselkhozbank. EU residents will not be able to provide them with loans, as well as conduct transactions with new issues of bonds and other securities with maturities of more than 30 days.

UPD: 16/10/2014 "Attempts to tell that nationalism flourishes in Ukraine, to put it mildly, is not true," - another embarrassment with direct inclusion on Russian TV. VIDEO

Former RBC channel host Maria Stroeva told her colleague not what he expected her to hear.

As reported, during the direct inclusion on the RBC channel with his former leading Maria Stroyeva, now the Ukrainian journalist began to speak quite differently from the provocative questions posed by the news anchor Yuri Tamantsev.

UPD: 16/10/2014 Weekdays "DNR": pensions and salaries - "not our competence". A PHOTO

Будни ДНР: пенсии и зарплаты - не наша компетенция. ФОТО

The head of the Donetsk administration has been appointed by the decree of the "Chairman of the Council of Ministers" of the DNR, who will also act as mayor of the city.

This is reported by blogger StivyG. "Head of the City" appointed a certain Igor Y. Martynov (on KDPV), before being appointed to such a responsible post, he directed the city park of culture and recreation. According to Martynov, his top priorities are to prepare the city for winter and restore the destroyed houses. When asked how the payments of pensions, benefits, salaries will be decided, he said that this does not fall within the competence of the self-proclaimed republic.

"This is not our competence, but we will not stand aside and will also participate in ordering Kiev to give people what belongs to them," he asserts. Martynov also said that the young "republic" is counting on UN assistance.

Here somehow so it turns out. There is no money for retirement, salaries and benefits for the "young republic", and it is not foreseen - they, you see, will "oblige Kiev" to pay pensions and salaries. Who he obliges to transfer million subsidies to the housing and communal services, without which the housing and communal services will not work - the "mayor" did not specify. Each new "people's governor" and "people's mayor" in the Donbass is more gifted than the previous one. Earlier, the terrorists of the "DNR" appointed their mayor of Donetsk: Lukyanchenko does not answer calls.