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UPD: 17/03/2014 Mezhyhiria found the stolen works of Aivazovsky, Picasso and Shishkin: "Some paintings cost $ 6 million." VIDEO

All the best that Yanukovych left behind in the former residence, next week will be shown in the National Art Museum.

According TSN, most likely, this is, of course, a small - and not the most valuable part of the home collection of Yanukovych. Although experts say that even in it there is a picture worth $ 6 million.

UPD: 17/03/2014 Ukraine withdraws ambassador from Russia, - Foreign Ministry

Украина отзывает посла из России

In connection with the situation around the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the need to discuss some of its international aspects, Ukraine recalls Ambassador Vladimir Yelchenko from Russia for consultations. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

"In connection with the situation around the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the need to discuss some of its international aspects, the Ukrainian side withdraws for consultations the Ukrainian ambassador to the Russian Federation, Vladimir Yelchenko," the report said.

UPD: 17/03/2014 Russia has put forward to Ukraine a number of conditions: a new federal constitution and a branch of the Crimea

Россия выдвинула Украине ряд условий: новая федеративная конституция и отделение Крыма

Russia directly demanded the preparation of a new federal constitution in Ukraine. This is stated in a statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In Moscow they say that they prepared and sent Russian partners a week ago to the partners in the US, Europe and other regions how Ukraine should get out of the crisis. "To this end, we proposed to form a compact support group for Ukraine in a composition acceptable to all Ukrainian political forces," it was reported.

The RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that the objectives of the support group would be to encourage Ukrainians to implement the following priority actions:

1. "Immediately implement the obligations contained in the agreement on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine on February 21, 2014, on the seizure of illegal weapons, the release of illegally occupied buildings, streets and squares, as well as to organize an objective investigation of acts of violence in December 2013 - February 2014 of the year.
2. Without delay, convene, on the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, a constitutional meeting with equal representation of all Ukrainian regions for the preparation of a new federal constitution, in accordance with which:

- the principles of the rule of law, the protection of human rights and all national minorities, freedom of speech and the activities of political parties and the media, as well as other principles ensuring Ukraine's political system as a democratic federal state with sovereignty and neutral military-political status will be enshrined;

- the Russian language along with the Ukrainian will be granted the status of the second state language, and the remaining languages ​​- the status in accordance with the European Convention on Regional and Minority Languages;

- regions will independently elect by direct vote the bodies of their legislative and executive power and have broad powers reflecting the cultural and historical specifics of each of them in matters of economy and finance, social sphere, language, education, external interregional relations, while ensuring the protection of the rights of national minorities , residing in each subject of the federation;

- it will be forbidden and punishable to interfere in the affairs of the church and in interfaith relations.

3. Immediately after the approval of the new constitution, the holding of a nationwide election of the highest bodies of state power of Ukraine with broad and objective international observation, with simultaneous elections of legislative and executive bodies in each constituent entity of the federation, should be scheduled.
4. The right of the Crimea to determine its fate in accordance with the results of the free expression of its people's will during the referendum held on March 16, 2014 is recognized and respected.
5. Established on the basis of the set of goals and principles set forth above, Ukraine's political system, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and neutral military and political status are guaranteed by Russia, the European Union and the United States, with a resolution of the UN Security Council. "

"Russia is ready together with our partners to proceed without delay to the formation of a multilateral mechanism to facilitate the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis in accordance with these proposals," the Foreign Ministry stressed.

UPD: 17/03/2014 The United States has arrested the assets of Russian and Ukrainian politicians. In the list - Yanukovych, Medvedchuk, Aksenov, Matvienko, Surkov

США арестовали активы российских и украинских политиков. В списке - Янукович, Медведчук, Аксенов, Матвиенко, Сурков

US President Barack Obama signed a decree on the arrest of assets of a number of Russian officials. This is reported by Reuters.

It is noted that under the decree falls Valentina Matvienko, Dmitry Rogozin, Vladislav Surkov, Elena Mizulina.

In addition, the sanctions were imposed against the self-proclaimed prime minister of Crimea Sergei Aksenov and the self-proclaimed speaker of the Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov, "Ukrainian Truth" reports.

Also, the sanctions did not pass by the detached former president Viktor Yanukovych and the leader of the "Ukrainian Choice", the kuma of Russian President Vladimir Putin - Viktor Medvedchuk.

UPD: 17/03/2014 Guide to guerrilla warfare

Руководство по ведению партизанской войны

Interest in the book appeared after the amazing story of one Tallinn about the military doctrine of Estonia and the way NATO troops teach them to lead in the forests of this country with a probable adversary.

UPD: 17/03/2014 123% of Crimeans voted for membership in Russia

За вхождение в состав России проголосовало 123% крымчан

Sometimes emotions will prevail over common sense, but even for emotions one can trace the illegitimacy of the referendum. Euphoria, Russian anthem, seamen, 93% ...

At least someone tried to analyze the results of the referendum in absolute terms? Such a feeling that just brought the figure to 93% and then all the do not care. It is clear that no country in the world recognizes the referendum, but yesterday's poll in this blog showed that half of the voters (including bots) consider the referendum to be fair. If you drop the bots, then probably there are people who sincerely believe that the referendum passed by the rules.

But how can this be believed? Let's analyze.

Official message on 00-00 from the Crimea:

Turnout in the Crimea at 20.00 (22.00 Moscow time) was 81.36%, said the chairman of the Crimean Supreme Council on organizing and holding a referendum, Mikhail Malyshev.

"For 20 hours in the Crimea voted 1 million 250 thousand 426 people. This is the result without Sebastopol, "he said. "Taking into account Sevastopol, 1 million 724 thousand 563 people voted," the head of the commission added.

If you count: 1 724 563-1 250 426 = 474 137 people from Sevastopol voted in a referendum.

We go to the statistics site of Sevastopol and read:

At the end of last year, the population of Sevastopol was 385 462 people. This is in the light of children who did not have the right to vote.

474 137 - 385 462 = 88675 people accidentally appeared in Sevastopol during a referendum.

474 137/385 462 * 100 = 123% of Sevastopol voted for the entrance to Russia ...

That is, all came, both infants and school children, and I suspect that they are dead.

P.S. I do not rule out that by the morning all the figures will be erased.

UPD: 17/03/2014 123% of Sevastopol voted for the entry of Crimea into Russia. A PHOTO

За вхождение Крыма в Россию проголосовало 123% севастопольцев. ФОТО

123% of Sevastopol voted for the entry of the Crimea into the Russian Federation. This follows from the comparison of turnout data and statistical data for 2013, which the blogger teh-nomad drew attention to in LiveJournal, "Ukrayinska Pravda" reports.

Thus, the head of the commission of the Supreme Council of Crimea on the organization and holding of the referendum, Mikhail Malyshev, said that as of 8 pm on March 16 voter turnout in Crimea was 81.36%.

"At 1 pm in Crimea voted 1 million 250 thousand 426 people.This is the result without Sebastopol.In view of Sevastopol, 1 million 724 thousand 563 people voted," Malyshev said.

That is, according to the Crimean "authorities", 474,137 people from Sevastopol voted in a "referendum" .1

However, as of November 1, 2013, according to the statistics office in Sevastopol, all the city's permanent population - 383 499 people, and present at that time - 385 462 people.1

"At the end of last year, the population of Sevastopol was 385 462 people, including children who did not have the right to vote." 474 137 - 385 462 = 88675 people accidentally appeared in Sevastopol during a referendum 474 137/385 462 * 100 = 123% of Sevastopol voted for the entrance to Russia ... That is, all came-both infants and schoolchildren, and I suspect that they are dead, "teh-nomad notes.

It is likely that the same "error" can be extended to the whole Crimea.

UPD: 17/03/2014 Turchinov signed a decree on partial mobilization throughout Ukraine

Турчинов подписал указ о частичной мобилизации по всей Украине

In Ukraine, they announced partial mobilization in the army throughout the country. This was reported i.o. President of Ukraine and Speaker of the Council Alexander Turchinov, TSN reports.

Partial mobilization is carried out on the territory of all regions of Ukraine, as well as in Kiev.

On the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol, mobilization is carried out from among citizens who voluntarily volunteered to go to military service, including by arriving at military commissariats and military units.

"The decree creates conditions for the transfer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, other military formations of Ukraine, the operational and rescue civil protection service to the organization and wartime states," the agenda says.

The corresponding decree has already been signed. President. Turchynov explained that he signed this decree "considering the continuation of the aggression in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which Russia is trying to cover up with a big farce called" referendum, "which will never be recognized by either Ukraine or the whole world."

"Given all this danger, I signed a decree on partial mobilization," Turchinov said. Now the Rada must approve the decree.

Recall that the Ukrainian army is grouped on the eastern and southern borders to counterbalance the Russians. The army organized regroupings.

UPD: 17/03/2014 Ukraine gave NATO a list of necessary material and technical means for armament (updated)

Украина передала НАТО список необходимых материально-технических средств для вооружения (обновлено)

Ukraine does not ask for military support for NATO because of the situation in the Crimea, and appealed to the Alliance only for military-technical assistance.

This was in Brussels stated. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andrei Deschitsa after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen at NATO Headquarters, UNIAN reports.

Andrei Deschitsa stressed that such military-technical cooperation does not imply direct military assistance from the Alliance or any particular state.

"More technical equipment is needed for Ukraine ... The presence of NATO in this conflict is becoming more and more tangible ... Ukraine's cooperation with NATO will be valuable ... Military-technical cooperation is carried out within the existing framework ... We have a list of equipment and it will be transferred to the headquarters- It is necessary that this be done as soon as possible, "the minister said.

"As for military assistance, we did not ask for it, we are concerned about the number of Russian troops on the eastern borders and political tourists from Russia in the eastern regions of Ukraine and the provocations that are taking place in the east of Ukraine." This is the same scenario that took place in Georgia in 2008, when provocations led to a military escalation, we use all diplomatic means to solve this conflict peacefully, "said Dyshchitsa.