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UPD: 17/04/2014 "Molotov cocktails, broken cars and other post-apocalypse" - Mariupol Naturgia after the assault. PHOTO reportage

Molotov cocktails, broken cars and other post-apocalypse - Mariupol Naturgia after the assault. PHOTO reportage Molotov cocktails, broken cars and other post-apocalypse - Mariupol Naturgia after the assault. PHOTO reportage
Molotov cocktails, broken cars and other post-apocalypse - Mariupol Naturgia after the assault. PHOTO reportage Molotov cocktails, broken cars and other post-apocalypse - Mariupol Naturgia after the assault. PHOTO reportage

Journalists were briefly allowed to enter the territory of the military unit of the National Guard attacked in Mariupol. On this in Facebook wrote a local activist Sergeant Nechiporenko.

"Provincial Mariupol became the world capital of the news overnight, and by noon there were representatives of at least a dozen European TV channels and other writing fraternity ... The cordon was removed." Under the plea of ​​the reporters, the guards let in a few minutes everyone who wanted to go in. The press received fat pictures - Molotov , broken glass, skeletons of machines and other post-apocalypse, "he noted.

Recall, on the night of Thursday an armed group of 300 people attacked the military unit of the National Guard in Mariupol. During the special operation conducted by the Interior Ministry units, most of the gang was disarmed and disarmed. Currently, the search for other attackers is ongoing.

UPD: 17/04/2014 The meeting on Ukraine in Geneva lasts for the seventh hour. PHOTO reportage

The meeting in Ukraine in Geneva lasts for the seventh hour. PHOTO reportage The meeting in Ukraine in Geneva lasts for the seventh hour. PHOTO reportage
The meeting in Ukraine in Geneva lasts for the seventh hour. PHOTO reportage The meeting in Ukraine in Geneva lasts for the seventh hour. PHOTO reportage
The meeting in Ukraine in Geneva lasts for the seventh hour. PHOTO reportage The meeting in Ukraine in Geneva lasts for the seventh hour. PHOTO reportage

The heads of the foreign policy departments of Ukraine, Russia, the United States and the European Union behind closed doors are discussing ways out of the crisis. Negotiations last for the seventh hour instead of the planned two.

As of 5:30 pm Kyiv time, the meeting in Geneva of US Secretary of State John Kerry, the head of EU diplomacy Catherine Ashton and the leaders of the Ukrainian and Russian Foreign Ministries of Ukraine Andrey Deshchitsa and Sergey Lavrov has not yet ended.

Consultations in the format of foreign ministers began at 12:00 pm Kyiv time. Initially, it was planned that the discussion of the crisis in Ukraine would last about two hours, after which it would switch to the working lunch regime.

No information has yet been received about any results of the talks.

UPD: 17/04/2014 A 92-year veteran of the Great Patriotic War came to the headquarters of the National Defense to enroll in new recruits. Photo of the day

92-летний ветеран Великой Отечественной войны пришел в штаб Национальной защиты записаться в новобранцы. ФОТО дня

At the points of recording volunteers in the ranks of special units for the protection of public order, even veterans who are already over 90 years old have come.

"The 92-year veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Nikolai Ostashevsky, came to the headquarters of the National Defense of the Dnipropetrovsk region to enroll in recruits, Dnepropetrovsk, April 17, 2014," the agency said and published a photo of a volunteer ready to defend his homeland again.

UPD: 17/04/2014 At the "time of tension", the control for the entry of men from the Russian Federation and Crimeans to Ukraine has been strengthened, - the State Border Service

На время напряжения усилен контроль для въезда в Украину мужчин из РФ и крымчан, - Госпогранслужба

The State Border Service strengthened control at its borders. This "Ukrainian Truth" was reported by the Head of the Department for Interaction with the Media, providing access to public information and working with citizens' appeals Oleg Slobodchany.

"We were forced to significantly strengthen the border control in connection with the available information about possible provocations on the state border up to the terrorist threat," he said.

According to Slobodyan, the control was strengthened on Thursday and introduced "for the time of stress."

He confirmed that the restrictions apply to men with Russian passports from 16 to 60 years old, men with Ukrainian citizenship and a place of registration in the Crimea and Sevastopol.

In addition, the control over women aged 20-35 years, which are registered on the territory of the Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, is toughened.

UPD: 17/04/2014 Russia is inclined to deport Crimean Tatars from the peninsula, - Dzhemilev

Россия склоняется к депортации крымских татар из полуострова, - Джемилев

People's deputy, member of the faction "Fatherland" Mustafa Dzhemilev said that according to his information, in the ruling circles of Russia, the opinion prevails about the deportation of Crimean Tatars from the peninsula.

He said this today on the sidelines of the parliament, reports UNN.

"I have information that in the power of Russia, in the circles of the FSB, the majority vote for deporting the Crimean Tatars," he said.

"But most likely it will not be like in 1944, when they came with automatic weapons, but simply survive." This is such a soft option that was immediately after the Crimea joined Russia in 1783. Then they did not take out the cars, but took the land, mocked sacred feelings, destroyed the intelligentsia, and the rest were forced to migrate.Today, there are ten times more Crimean Tatars in Turkey than in the Crimea, "the People's Deputy noted.

UPD: 17/04/2014 About that. as Russia was preparing for war. Infographics

О том. как Россия готовилась к войне. Инфографика

In the near 2012, Zbigniew Brzezinski in his work "Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of World Power" suggested that Russia would swallow Ukraine through imperial ambitions.

The American political scientist warned about the Kremlin's political and economic diversions and about the military invasion.

Two years later, incredible assumptions came true in real life. Moscow occupied the Crimea.

A major role in the annexation of 27 thousand square kilometers of Ukraine's sovereign territory was played by a large-scale and bold propaganda. However, no less than the role of a well-armed Russian army, notoriously known as "green men".

It is impossible not to condemn the military conflicts in Chechnya and Abkhazia, as well as the support of the Russians for the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. These are frank acts of state aggression, can not cope with the system, if it is internal problems.

UPD: 17/04/2014 The largest military exercises in the Mykolayiv region in ten years. PHOTO reportage

В Николаевской области прошли самые масштабные военные учения за десять лет. ФОТОрепортаж

The tactical exercises of the N-th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were held at the "Wide Lan" training ground.

Along with officers and contract servicemen, combat missions were carried out by mobilized reservists, the press service of the Defense Ministry said.

UPD: 17/04/2014 A doctor who was kicking down a beaten Euromidan was arrested, - Avakov

Активисты опознали женщину, добивавшую избитых людей в Харькове. ВИДЕО+ФОТО

A resident of the town of Chugueva (Kharkov region), who inflicted bodily injuries on the participants of the peaceful rally in support of the united Ukraine in Kharkov last Sunday at the exit from the metro, was taken to the police station, investigative actions are being conducted with her, reports Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

"The same .... The doctor!" From Chuguev, the one who kicked the beaten Euromidan from the feet. "From the operative report: on April 13, 2014 during a rally near Shevchenko Park in Kharkov, and at the exit from the metro station" University ", in the square Freedom there was a conflict situation in which pro-Russian citizens were beaten by activists of EuroMaidan, as a result of which they were injured, "the head of the ministry wrote on his Facebook page on Facebook.

A. Avakov said that on this fact on April 13 criminal proceedings were opened on the grounds of part 4 of article 296 of the Criminal Code (malicious hooliganism with the use of objects for inflicting bodily injuries).

"In the course of investigative and operational activities, a citizen of A.V. born in 1961, a resident of the city of Chuguyev of the Kharkov region, was established, according to the collected evidence, that she took an active part in beating Euramaidan activists and inflicting bodily harm on them," the minister said.

According to A. Avakov, at 10.30 on Thursday the woman was brought to the investigative department of the Kharkov city police department of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kharkov region. Investigative actions are conducted with her. The issue of reporting her suspicion and choosing a preventive measure is being decided.

UPD: 17/04/2014 Four-sided talks on Ukraine kick off in Geneva

В Женеве стартовали четырехсторонние переговоры по Украине

A four-sided meeting (the United States, the EU, Ukraine and Russia) on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine began on Thursday in Geneva.

The Ukrainian side is represented by and. about. Foreign Minister Andrei Deshchitsa, US Secretary of State John Kerry, EU Head of European Diplomacy Catherine Ashton, RF Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

UPD: 17/04/2014 Assault of a military unit in Mariupol: militants wounded casual passers-by. PHOTO report + VIDEO

Штурм воинской части в Мариуполе: боевики ранили случайных прохожих. ФОТОрепортаж+ВИДЕО

Tonight about 400 unknown people attacked the military unit of the National Guard in Mariupol.

The attackers threw incendiary land mines and Molotov cocktails and opened fire on guardsmen,

On alarm, all police units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Mariupol were raised. By joint efforts of the armed militia and the National Guard - after a short battle, the attacking gang was dispersed, mostly localized and disarmed.

According to preliminary data, among the attackers were three killed, 13 wounded, 63 detainees. Among the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs there is no loss.

The attackers, retreating, wounded two random passers-by, burned a minibus and set fire to one of the buildings next to the military unit.

UPD: 17/04/2014 Gasoline ends in the occupied Crimea. Fuel prices skyrocketed

В оккупированном Крыму заканчивается бензин. Цены на топливо резко взлетели

Fuel reserves in the Crimea are running out. There are no supplies by rail now, transportation of gasoline from the mainland by cars will cost too much, which will affect the cost of fuel.

The way out of the situation is the sale of Russian gasoline. However, how to bring it to the peninsula, suppliers do not know.

"We have no form of payments with the Russian Federation, no ruble accounts, no logistics, which is new for us, not only for operators but also for our Russian partners," said Lenur Settarov, director of the fuel and energy company, informs Censor NO with reference to the League.

Pay with dollars in the territory of one country can not, do not accept the hryvnia, there are still no rubles. The property can not be left as a pledge - notaries do not know how to work in the new conditions. Oil traders hope that the authorities of the Crimea within a week will be able to resolve these issues with Moscow, otherwise the fuel crisis can not be avoided.

The First Deputy Chairman of the Crimean Republican Committee on Fuel, Energy and Innovation Policy reported that fuel remained on the peninsula for less than ten days. Therefore, the cost of gasoline in the Simferopol refueling is growing. If only recently, the 92nd cost 12 UAH., Today - more than 13 UAH., And the cost of the 95th is gradually approaching UAH 15. per liter, is spoken in the plot of the television channel ATR.

UPD: 17/04/2014 25-separate airborne brigade will be disbanded for cowardice and surrender of weapons, Turchynov. VIDEO

The 25-unit airborne brigade will be disbanded for cowardice and surrender of weapons.

This was stated by Parliament Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov.

"25 separate airborne brigade, whose servicemen showed cowardice and surrendered their weapons, will be disbanded, and servicemen guilty of this will be answerable to the court," Turchinov said.

He gave corresponding instructions to the Ministry of Defense and the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine.

In addition, the head of parliament said that the National Guard tonight was repulsed by an attempted assault by terrorists of the military unit "with a view to seizing weapons and armored vehicles."

According to him, during the assault criminals used "automatic weapons, grenades and bottles with a combustible mixture."

"Due to the operation of the National Guard, three criminals died, thirteen were wounded, and sixty-three were captured. Others fled and are now being pursued by the police, "Turchinov said.

UPD: 17/04/2014 South Stream dies: Bulgaria dismantles the pipes

Южный поток умирает: Болгария разбирает трубы

Pipes, lighting and even the flags of the facility South Stream with the first welded seam is sorted out to better times in Bulgaria.

This happened after the European Parliament decided that the project should not be implemented, Tsenzor reports. There is no reference to the League.

Recall that the European Union is close to freezing the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline on the bottom of the Black Sea, the total value of which is 30 billion euros ($ 50 billion). According to analysts, this is the EU's first serious response to the annexation of the Crimea by Russia. This became known after the meeting of the President of the European Commission (EC) Jose Manuel Barroso with Bulgarian politicians. According to reports, at this meeting Barroso asked Bulgaria not to interfere with the "new tough EU policy" regarding the project or the EU's intention to react to the situation in Ukraine. "Be very careful," Barroso asked.

The South Stream is Gazprom's infrastructure project for the construction of a gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine with a capacity of 63 billion cubic meters. m through the Black Sea to the countries of Southern and Central Europe.

UPD: 17/04/2014 Ukrainian troops took under strong protection the military airfield in Kramatorsk

Украинские войска взяли под усиленную охрану военный аэродром в Краматорске

On April 16, Ukrainian servicemen strengthened the protection of the military airfield in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

"One of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived in the territory of the airfield during the antiterrorist measures, servicemen carried out a complex of measures to counteract possible attacks by subversive and terrorist groups and attempts to seize a military facility," the Defense Ministry noted.

According to the announcement, at present the situation around the military airfield is controlled, the facility operates in the regular mode. The personnel is provided with all necessary and is ready to perform tasks for the purpose.

UPD: 17/04/2014 10 outposts installed at Vinnitsa outskirts

На выездах из Винницы установили 10 блокпостов

10 checkpoints installed on the outskirts from Vinnitsa.

This is reported by the portal April 16 Vinnitsa Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs introduced the plan "Sirena" for the next day. To prevent provocation in the city on alert raised personnel and organized 10 checkpoints on the outings from the city. Militiamen check transport in search of unregistered weapons.

Recall, in Ukraine, announced the launch of a large-scale anti-terrorist operation with the participation of the Armed Forces.

UPD: 17/04/2014 Avakov: Three militants were killed in Mariupol when attacking a military unit, 13 wounded and 63 detained

Аваков: В Мариуполе при атаке на воинскую часть убиты 3 боевика, 13 ранены и 63 задержаны

At night, in response to an attack on the military unit of the National Guard in Mariupol, MVD units conducted an operation to localize a gang of attackers numbering about 300 people. This was reported by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page.

"After the military attacked the attackers with incendiary land mines and Molotov cocktails and opened fire on the guards - the Nationalguards opened a warning fire, then, after warning, in accordance with the regulations - in case of a repeated attack - fire to defeat," - wrote the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs .

According to Avakov, all police units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Mariupol were raised in alarm. By joint efforts of the armed militia and the National Guard - after a short battle, the attacking gang was dispersed, mostly localized and disarmed.

"Taking into account the aggressive attack on the military unit, the MVD group, according to our decision, is backed up by Omega special forces, helicopters have been transferred, and the SBU, together with the police, are documenting the facts." The special subdivision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues the persecution of one of the armed groups, , - said the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In addition, Avakov notes that there are no casualties among the Interior Ministry employees: "According to preliminary data, among the attackers of the militants there were 3 dead, 13 wounded, 63 detainees, weapons, communications and telephone numbers of Russian operators, and identification of detained assailants."

UPD: 17/04/2014 Regional Kolesnikov Denies Availability of Military Personnel from the Russian Federation in Ukraine

Регионал Колесников отрицает наличие в Украине военных из РФ

People's deputy from the Party of Regions, Boris Kolesnikov, claims that there are no Russian saboteurs in the Donbas.

He said this at an extraordinary congress of MPs in the Donetsk region, reports UNIAN.

Kolesnikov * reported that he has no official confirmation that among the separatists, who are seizing administrative buildings in the north of the Donetsk region, there are Russian military men. Asked where the separatists had modern Russian-made weapons, many of which are not officially sold in Ukraine, he replied: "There are 100 million Kalashnikov assault rifles sold in the world and you know best about it."

Kolesnikov also stressed that in order to solve the problem of separatists' speeches in the region, Ukraine has power structures that should negotiate with them. "The Minister of Internal Affairs and the head of the SBU should enter into negotiations ... not the head of the village council .... There is no municipal police, therefore local councils are defenseless," said the MP.

Recall, yesterday the Party of Regions adopted a resolution of the extraordinary congress of deputies of all levels of the Donetsk region. In the text of the resolution, the regionalists demand immediately the following changes to the Constitution of Ukraine: to grant the Russian language the status of the second state language in Ukraine; approve direct elections of heads of regional state administrations (governors); grant the right to regions to independently pursue a humanitarian policy in their territories, to provide local universities with autonomy.