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#UkraineRussiaWar 04/17/2015

UPD: 17/04/2015 "E # it in his mouth! Run away from here all!" - At the exercises of the Russian army, the missile after the unsuccessful launch fell back to the position. VIDEO

A video of a fragment of the training and unsuccessful launch of the missile by Russian army servicemen appeared on the network. Attention! Profanity!

As reported by Censor.NE, the video shows how after launching the rocket rises to a height of about one hundred meters, freezes for a moment in the air and falls back to the starting position. The date of the exercise is not known.

UPD: 17/04/2015 The Russian national hockey team went to a match against Finland in the form of the USSR ... and lost with a score of 3: 0. PHOTO reportage

The Russian hockey team went to a match against Finland in the form of the USSR ... and lost with a score of 3: 0. PHOTO reportage The Russian hockey team went to a match against Finland in the form of the USSR ... and lost with a score of 3: 0. PHOTO reportage

The Russian national hockey team decided to hold Eurotour's match against the Finnish team in the form of the USSR. However, in addition to the formidable form of the USSR times, the Russian team could no longer oppose the Finnish national team, as a result, lost with a score of 3: 0.

Going out for the first period in the retroform with the inscription "USSR" on the chest, the Russian national hockey team could not counter anything against the Finns in Tampere in the Eurotour match, losing 0: 3 (0: 0, 1: 0, 2: 0). The goals were scored by Tommi Huhtal (26th minute), Sami Lepisto (59) and Petri Kontiola (60, at the empty net). Finland squad scored 13 points and caught up in the overall standings in second place the Russian team, which suffered a third defeat in a row.

The match was held in the arena of "Hakamets", which was opened 50 years ago. Note that the first game on its ice passed between the national teams of the USSR and Finland.

In honor of this event, the first period of the team played in a retroform. Russian athletes took to the ice in sweaters with the inscription of the USSR on their chests. The other two periods have passed in the usual way. In the Russian Hockey Federation commented on the national team's exit in the Soviet format as follows: "Our guys went to the match in retro uniforms - red jersey with the inscription of the USSR." It looks very cool, do not you agree? "

UPD: 17/04/2015 Putin changed rhetoric against Ukraine and criticized Yanukovych for the first time, - Rzeczpospolita

Путин изменил риторику в отношении Украины и впервые раскритиковал Януковича, - Rzeczpospolita

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin answered for four hours in a row on questions concerning the Russian economy, although he managed to make several significant confessions and statements. In particular, he criticized the government of Viktor Yanukovich for the first time.

As the League informs, the Polish edition of Rzeczpospolita writes about this, analyzing the statements of the Russian president.

The observer notes that Putin criticized the Ukrainian ex-president, loyal to Russia, without naming his name directly, when he listed the reasons why, in his opinion, the Maydan occurred in Kiev. "People in Ukraine have suffered enough from poverty, theft, rudeness, unlimited greed of the authorities and their representatives, oligarchs who came to power and took positions in power structures," Putin said, hinting at the team of the former Ukrainian president, who, with his support, twice became the head of Ukraine and twice was dismissed during the revolution.

Now Yanukovych lives in the vicinity of Moscow in a luxury residence and does not conduct any political activity, while in the east of Ukraine the shaky truce in the war continues.

Earlier it was reported that Putin during the press conference said that Russia will seek to restore relations with Ukraine. He listed his conditions for "reconciliation with Ukraine." In particular, he wants to create committees that will engage in political reform, as well as economic and border issues.

UPD: 17/04/2015 British fishermen announced a collision of their trawler with a Russian submarine

Британские рыбаки заявили о столкновении их траулера с российской подлодкой

British fishermen reported a possible collision of a British trawler with a Russian submarine in the Irish Sea.

This is reported by the Russian Air Force.

The crew of the fishing vessel reported that on Wednesday an unknown underwater object caught the trawl and dragged the ship towards the Isle of Man.

According to the head of the Association of Fishermen of Northern Ireland, Dick James, it may be a Russian submarine that followed the naval exercises of NATO off the coast of Scotland.

The British Ministry of Defense declined to comment on these allegations.

According to James, fishing vessels often snag their submarines. If it was a British submarine, it would have to stop and surf to the surface to make sure the safety of the fishermen.

"Skipper Paul Murphy says that he waited for 10 minutes that the submarine will surface," added Dick James.

According to the skipper, the crew was busy catching shrimp in the area of ​​the Isle of Man on Wednesday afternoon, when the incident occurred. The fishermen thought that the ship would certainly turn over, and believe that they were lucky. Trawler for ten minutes moved stern forward, carried away by a captured submarine trawl. As the skipper says, this unusual trajectory of the vessel's movement is fixed by three on-board global positioning systems. Trawler "Karen" received serious damage to the hull, and its repair can cost 10 thousand pounds.

The British authorities do not comment on this incident, but Tim Ripley, who works with the well-known military journal Jane's Defense, believes that the assumptions about involvement in the Russian Navy incident are justified. "The Royal Navy seems to be saying that the submarine is not theirs." He also speaks on behalf of NATO, as he coordinates the movement of all the Allied submarine vessels in British territorial waters, "Ripley said.

"If it's not the British or the Americans, it's worth looking east." In these waters, maneuvers are taking place in recent days, and the Russians are known for enjoying watching such exercises, and therefore there is a high probability that they sent one of their submarines in the area of ​​maneuvers, "he concludes.

UPD: 17/04/2015 Bondarenko claims that she is also threatened: "Work for the SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs ... I am writing an application and will send it to the registered person!". A PHOTO

Бондаренко заявляет, что ей тоже угрожают: Работка для СБУ и МВД... Пишу заявление и отправлю заказным!. ФОТО

Ex-MP of the Party of Regions, Elena Bondarenko, said about threats to her address.

She wrote about this in Facebook. "That's the job for the SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, threats to me, writing a statement and sending it to the registered one, and our facebook Arsen Avakov and Facebook will be enough." "Catch, investigate." Until you were sent in disgrace, "Bondarenko said, -Shock messages with threats.

Bondarenko for a long time was one of the key speakers of the Party of Regions, spoke sharply against Evromaydan and supported the infamous "laws of January 16".