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#UkraineRussiaWar 17/09/2015

UPD: 17/09/2015 The professional Russian army in Ukraine. Research and infographics

Профессиональная российская армия в Украине. Исследование и инфографика

When the French engineers and inventors Paul de Casteljo and Pierre Etienne Bezier in the middle of the last century invented Bezier curves, they hardly thought about the fact that in the 21st century, at the time of ideal curves, electric cars and digital jazz, on the same continent as the their native France, one European nation will start a war against its peaceful neighbor, with which it is associated with centuries-old cultural, economic and family contacts.

For more than a year, the InformNapalm team has been systematically collecting evidence that the instruments of this war are not a group of marginals, but, unfortunately, the regular servicemen of the Russian army. The strangest thing about all this is that, mainly, on our pages the testimonies are not given by experts or investigators, but by the Russian military themselves.

The psychic of a healthy person is arranged so that he seeks an explanation for his actions, even if he is as terrible as killing himself. This may be the most likely explanation for the extreme activity shown by the Russian military in social networks in Ukraine. Seeing and realizing the whole abyss of Kremlin propaganda from within, these people publish photos of themselves, their weapons and colleagues, and local residents in the hope of acquitting themselves and finding support from online friends.

All that remained for us was a painstaking work to find, document, sort, identify and geolocate images, and deliver this truth to the whole world in the language of those countries where the truth about the war in Ukraine is not known at all or they know very little. We did this not only to attest to the real participation of Putin's regime in the war in the Donbass, but also to help Russian society understand itself when it comes to enlightenment. If, however, insight never comes, let it be a chronicle of the death of a great and senseless empire.

The starting point of each curve is the point of permanent deployment of the military unit on the territory of the Russian Federation (the "Subdivisions" tab of our database). The end point is the place of the incident involving servicemen of this part in the territory of Ukraine (the "Incidents" tab). Now we invite you to see with your own eyes the Beziers curves of this war, and then to get acquainted with our database and think about finding ways to win. The victory of reason over power.

*** Separate gratitude for the creation of infographics based on the InformNapalm database to Yaroslav Dobrianskiy, volunteer, who made every effort to visualize the array of facts in a single graphic block.