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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 01/18/2014

UPD: 18/01/2014 The Ukrainian official seized the DAI backbone for help with friends in the lazne

Українець офіційно зажадав супроводу ДАІ для поїздки з друзями в лазню

Cholovik povdiviv, scho in the colony zberyatsya bolshe 5 cars, and zibrani in the lazne 10 druziv to become a "masovy zahid", scho need to take care of the order.

Meshkanets Khmelnitsky Oblast zvernnutsya to zakonochontciv z vimogoyu zabezpechiti dotrymannya novih khaktiv na praktitsi. Cholovik wrote to the application before the ministry, in which, after informing about the council, they were summoned by friends at the lazi and asking the MVS to be insolent in order to protect themselves with a huge order.

Povіdomlenia is addressed to the head of the Netishinsky Mіskoj vіddіlku МВС підполполковнику Roman Gavrilyuk. Copies are transferred to the office of the Security Service of Ukraine.

"Shanovnyi Pani pіdpolnkovniku, schop'yatnіі about 17:15 I, Рижук Сергій Олексійович, зі its friends I take balneological procedures in the village of Kolom'є (Slavutsky district). Until the day, I have been granted an autonomous colonial autonomy on більш ніж 5 (п 'yachi) vlasnih avtomobilyah.U konkosti prijnytih 16 sіchnya 2014 rock Verhovnoyu Rado Ukrayiny low law, vvazhayu for neobhіdne ask you to secure the superev of our auto colonies with special signals with special signals ", - to be seen in the document.

"In zv'yazku zim, scho in balneologichnih procedures pobachatsya fate bishe 10 osib, scho automatically pidpadae pіd klassifikatsiyu" masovy zahіd ", ask to secure a huge order," - ask the author of the statement.

Rizhuk takozh letter designating, but for zruchnosty pravochorontciv zabezpechat vizd avtokoloni vid mіskogo vіddіlu mіlіtsії.

"In the office dovgo vshutivalsya zmist, alle all zarestruvali. Spodіvaєmos well hocha b on the platoon avtomatnikiv.Druziv spravdiv, abi not vitalisya" Glory of Ukraina! ", Do not extort the extemism," - proekomentivav ініціативу її author.

At his own site on Facebook, Rizhuk, after reviewing the reaction of the law enforcement bodies, turned the boule negatively.

"After 20-30 hvilin calling me on the mobile protector of the head of the ministry." Spotting up, sending us for the pipeline to the lumina of the small helicopter with the crocheting lobes, having come down to the pier, trying to hold it, pardon it, try to hold it, it's pathetic, pochetch. "

If you have an appointment, the participants of the car colony have been beaten by the ministry, they have visibly imparted money to the subordinates.

"Chergoiw buv in shotsi, na sho ya yogo zapevniv, scho head mіlіtsії v kursi, bom mi vdeni have brought up.Viklikali chief DAI.Over all the ice did not lusnuli vid smihu, al chergoviy і head of DAI did not see.In the office head DAI explained, scho about the law of the Chuv, ali Іnstruktіі schodo yogo vikonannya not just otrimav.To mi miemo vіlno їhаti ", - after describing Rizhuk.

UPD: 18/01/2014 Rybak violated two norms of the regulations, signing laws passed on Thursday - media

Рыбак нарушил две нормы регламента, подписав принятые в четверг законы - СМИ

The laws adopted by the parliament without discussion the same evening were signed and handed over to the president

Speaker Rada Rybak violated the two norms of the rules, signing on Thursday, January 16, passed laws without discussion of the laws, according to the Ukrainian Truth, referring to the text of the law on the Verkhovna Rada regulations.

"Thus Article 130, paragraph 2 provides that" The Head of the Verkhovna Rada shall sign the law submitted for signature not earlier than two and not later than five days from the date of its submission, except in cases provided for by this regulation, "the document says.

Рыбак нарушил две нормы регламента, подписав принятые в четверг законы - СМИ

In addition, according to the publication of the publication, another rule, specified in paragraph 3 of article 130 of the regulations, has been violated.

According to this rule, a people's deputy can appeal to the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in a two-day period with a justified proposal on introducing clarifications to the adopted law.

"In this case, the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine does not sign the law without considering the proposals by the Verkhovna Rada in the manner provided by this regulation (article 48)," the document says.

Fisherman's violation of the two norms of the legislative act was confirmed by the Ukrainian MP from the Fatherland Pavel Petrenko.

"Yes, the speaker violated two norms of the regulation: on the one hand, about two days before the expiry of which he had no right to sign the law, and the second rule concerns the fact that we immediately submitted applications and draft resolutions on each of the laws," Petrenko said.

UPD: 18/01/2014 Ukraine announced a general mobilization

В Украине объявили всеобщую мобилизацию

More than a hundred public organizations announce full mobilization on the Independence Square in Kiev and urge Ukrainians not to recognize the "laws" of Yanukovych.

The impetus for this statement was the situation in the country and the adoption on January 16 of antisocial laws that "impose a dictatorship."

"Only mass and immediate resistance of the people can stop criminals and protect people from mass repressions. It's time for everyone to defend their freedom, their families, their country," the appeal says.

The authors of the appeal support the decision to hold a national assembly on Sunday, January 19. "With this Veche we will begin the restoration of the constitutional system." The dictatorship will be put to rest, these days are decisive. "

"Wherever you live, go to Kiev, call everyone with you and stay." Kievers! Raise your neighbors, colleagues and relatives, and go to the Maidan, "the authors write.

Residents of Kiev are asked to help compatriots from other cities with an overnight stay and food. "Wherever you work, do not follow the illegal instructions of the authorities, do not accept the" laws "of Yanukovich and join the all-Ukrainian resistance to dictatorship."

Under the statement, more than 100 public and civic organizations have already signed. As reported, the opposition is calling a new veche on January 19 and is preparing for a strike.