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UPD: Collisions After 18.00 a new assault on Maidan will begin. Armed "titles", disguised as self-defense, will shoot the traffic police posts, - Medunitsa

МАКСИМАЛЬНЫЙ РЕПОСТ! После 18.00 начнется новый штурм Майдана. Вооруженные титушки, переодетые под Самооборону, расстреляют посты ГАИ

Today, after 6 pm, a second attempt is possible to force the Maidan. This was written on his page on the social network Facebook Facebook Oleg Medunitsa, informs Censor NO.

At the same time he focuses on the fact that at this time a group of "titles", disguised as fighters of Self-Defense, will provoke the situation.

"The information is as follows: The group of" fighters ", dressed as Maidan's self-defense, will now" work "in the area of ​​Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Vladimirskaya, some will be armed with Kalash and pistols, moving on Volkswagen T5 white and black colors, and also on Mercedes Sprinters. the beginning of the assault that is planned for tonight, cut off the Maidan, everything will be presented as the self-defense violence against those who did not want to defend themselves against the "Golden Eagle" on the Maidan.The time of the beginning of the assault is unknown, but it will happen exactly after 18.00 "

At the same time, they, according to Medunitsa, will also shoot the traffic police posts for the purpose of provocation.

"Yesterday's assassination of journalist" Vesti "is their business, and for the start they will shoot several posts of the traffic police, one at the corner of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy and Vladimirskaya.This is not" titles ", these are real hired assassins.I ask you to spread the information.

UPD: 19/02/2014 This city is on fire. Night and morning on the Maidan on February 19

Этот город в огне. Ночь и утро на Майдане 19 февраля

The storming of the tent camp of protesters in the center of Kiev has been going on for about 17 hours. In the new gallery there are reportage photos of international photo shoots from the Independence Square on the night and on the morning of February 19.

UPD: 19/02/2014 As in the war. Photo chronicles of events in Kiev on February 18

Как на войне. Фотохроники событий в Киеве 18 февраля

Photos of key events in the center of Kiev - from the morning procession of the participants of the Euro-protests to the building of the Verkhovna Rada, before the onset of the siloviki offensive to the tent camp of the protesters on Maidan Nezavisimosti and Khreshchatyk.

The blocking of work is pleased with the opposition and the attack of Farion on the regional.

The first collisions and arson of trucks on the Shelkovichnaya.

In the course went sticks, stones and Molotov cocktails.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Fighting in the center of Kiev. The main video of the events in Kiev on February 18

Бои в центре Киева. Главные видео

UPDATED. Yesterday, on February 18, the capital was covered by a wave of violence - the fighters of the Right sector and the opposition went to storm the Verkhovna Rada

Law enforcers blocked the street Hrushevsky at the House of Officers transport, to prevent the protesters from going through. However, the protesters managed to overcome the obstacle.

And Grushevsky was again lit tires.

The first clashes occurred at the Institute.

For fighting with the police at the intersection of Sadovaya and Institutskaya people began to disassemble the paving stones. Also, two KAMAZ trucks were set on fire, which blocked the roadway.

The siloviks, in turn, threw from the roofs at the demonstrators the light-silenced grenades ... and fired from the rifles. However, the protesters managed to get on the roof of the 5-storey building, and the law enforcers were forced to leave it.

Participants in protest actions stormed the office of the Party of Regions on Lipskaya Street. A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the building, after which a fire began. However, after some time, the Berkut fighters began to push the protesters away from Lipskaya.

And in the Mariinsky Park, the anti-Maidans help Berkut to repel the attack of the protesters. The supporters of the authorities armed themselves with paving stones and shields from the doors of the biotoilets.

Meanwhile, on the streets of Shelkovichnaya, the protesters pushed back the fighters of the internal troops. Blockaded in one of the courtyards siloviki shoot out from protesters with pump guns.

The police began storming the upper barricade on the Maidan. Got in Kiev and supporters of the government from Kharkov.

In the evening in the direction of the center of the capital armored vehicles left. During the storming of the Maidan siloviki, one of the armored personnel carriers was burned.

The confrontation lasted all night. The situation did not stabilize in the morning.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Russian journalist sincerely rejoices at the success of the activists during the night storming of the Maidan: "They drove! Drove the Berkut!" VIDEO

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko spent yesterday night at the front of Maidan in Kiev. As informs Цензор.НЕТ, actions of active workers of the Maidan brought the Russian special emotions.

"All the attacks have been repulsed, they were beaten off at some very narrow limit, when it seemed that everyone, the region, people had fled - and people really ran - but there was some thread, some ten or twenty or thirty people who did not run, started to fight with the "Golden Eagle" - and the runaways, the trembling, returned, and fought, and the "Golden Eagle" retreated.How these people are able to endure all this, I do not understand "

UPD: 19/02/2014 Activists of EuroMaidan have built an air cannon. PHOTO reportage

Активисты Евромайдана соорудили воздушную пушку. ФОТОрепортаж Активисты Евромайдана соорудили воздушную пушку. ФОТОрепортаж

The activists of EuroMaidan in Kiev made an air cannon for shooting at security forces. This is reported by RBC-Ukraine.

The gun is a 1,5-meter cannon for hanging firing, mounted on bipods and connected to a gas cylinder.

A compressed gas is enclosed in the cylinder, which enters the chamber welded to the gun barrel. After enough pressure is injected into it, a valve opens between the chamber and the barrel. Compressed gas from the chamber enters the barrel and pushes the charged projectile to the target.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Authorities announced the beginning of an "anti-terrorist operation throughout the country": the SBU, the Interior Ministry, the army, border guards will be involved

Власть объявила о начале антитеррористической операции по всей стране: будут задействованы СБУ, МВД, армия, пограничники

The head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Alexander Yakimenko, announced the launch of an anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine.

"The Security Service and the Antiterrorist Center of Ukraine today decided to start an anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine," said Alexander Yakimenko *, notes RBC-Ukraine and a press release from the SBU.

According to him, this decision was made because radical and extremist groups by their actions carry a real threat to millions of Ukrainians.

"I want to note that the level of public danger that exists in Ukraine requires the involvement of all actors directly carrying out the fight against terrorism," Yakimenko said.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Combating Terrorism", the following are involved in this work: the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Border Guard Service of Ukraine, central and local authorities.

"Taking into account this decision in the country, measures are being taken to strengthen security and protect public order and the state border, I appeal to all citizens of Ukraine to remain calm and comply with legislative requirements in their actions," the head of the Security Service said.

Yakimenko also added that he had already informed President Viktor Yanukovych of the decision to conduct an anti-terrorist operation.

UPD: 19/02/2014 "The direct management of the units was not carried out," Zakharchenko admitted that he did not control the Berkut. DOCUMENT

Непосредственное руководство действиями подразделений не осуществлялось, - Захарченко признал, что не контролирует Беркут. ДОКУМЕНТ

Neither the leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs nor the leaders of the public security department instructed or controlled the actions of the Berkut during the dispersal on Maidan, on Bankova and on Grushevsky.

This is stated in the official response to. about. Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko * to the request of deputy Gennady Moskal, notes "Ukrainian Truth".

V. about. Minister said that to call Berkut from the regions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had the right "to participate in urgent measures to ensure law and order, to prevent group violations of public order."

At the same time, Zakharchenko asserts that neither his deputies nor the leaders of the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs guided the actions of the Berkut during the bloody events on November 30, December 1 and 11, on January 10 and 19.

"Instruction" Berkut "during the events ... Deputy Ministers or the leadership of the Department of Public Security was not conducted, direct management of the actions of the units was not carried out," - said and. about. minister.

UPD: 19/02/2014 From the building of the Security Service in Khmelnytsky opened automatic fire at the protesters. VIDEO

In Khmelnitskiy during the assault, the building of the SBU shot dead a woman.

According to the Censor. NO, judging by the sound, the shots were fired from the machine gun. Another person was injured.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Militia booed Klitschko, who carries a wounded activist on a stretcher

On Tuesday, February 18, during the clashes in Kiev, Vitali Klitschko along with other deputies handed down a wounded activist from the cordons of the siloviki. In response to these actions, the police began to "zafukivat" and booed politics.

We flew in his direction and verbal abuse.

"A rooster!" Shouted one of the siloviki.

UPD: 19/02/2014 263 protesters and 342 policemen hospitalized as a result of riots in Kiev

В результате беспорядков в Киеве госпитализированы 263 митингующих и 342 милиционера – МОЗ

Most of the victims received gunshot wounds.

Acting Minister of Health Raisa Bogatyreva says that currently there are 263 participants of mass actions in the medical institutions of Kyiv, as well as 342 police officers, mostly with gunshot wounds, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"Of the 388 citizens who applied for medical assistance, 263 participants in mass actions were hospitalized, of which about 160 patients are in serious condition, of medium severity and extremely serious condition," she said at a briefing on Wednesday in Kiev.

And about. the Minister stressed that mainly injuries are gunshot wounds.

Bogatyryova also reported that 371 law-enforcers applied for medical assistance (from the beginning of yesterday's events and 12.00 Wednesday), "342 people were hospitalized, ten people, including two officers of the traffic police, were killed as of 14.00."

According to the Acting. minister, the injured law enforcers are in hospitals in Kiev and the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 74 of them with gunshot wounds, 82 - in a state of moderate severity and in serious condition.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Siloviki armed with firearms. VIDEOFACT

Armed security forces were seen at the intersection of Kostelnaya and Trehsvyatitelskaya streets in Kiev.

As reported by Censor.NET, in the review of the camera of the car DVR people got in shape and with firearms.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Inspector of traffic police threatens activist with automatic weapon: "Immediately follow our legal requirements". VIDEO

On February 18, 2014, at about 17-20, at the entrance to Kiev, near the post of the State Inspectorate of Berezan, two GAI officers committed an armed attack on the journalist of "Road Control" Ivan Dovbiya.

As reported by Censor.NET with reference to the Road Control, According to the published video, the Inspector of the GAI Volkovsky I.Yu. without cause, stopped the car Dovbiya and began to demand documents, clearly not giving the reason for the stop and the essence of the committed offense. Inspector glimpsed the certificate without giving the opportunity to review his rank and position.

At that moment, a second man ran into the car of Ivan Dovbiy, dressed in the uniform of the inspector of the traffic police and shouted "get out of the car" and jerked the bolt of the Kalashnikov assault rifle with a gun in the head of the journalist of the "Road Control".

UPD: 19/02/2014 The militiaman almost beat the "title": "This is ours!". VIDEO

February 18 during clashes on the street. The silk policeman nearly beat the supporters of the Party of Regions.

As reported by the Censor. NET, when they were carrying a wounded policeman, the guy, apparently confusing him with the activist, started shouting something at him and swung at him.

After that, one of the policemen attacked the "title." He was stopped only by shouts: "This is ours."

UPD: 19/02/2014 Interior Minister Zakharchenko has resigned, - the media

Глава МВД Захарченко подал в отставку, – СМИ

Acting Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko on Wednesday, February 19, wrote a letter of resignation.

This is reported by the portal, citing its own sources.

UPD: 19/02/2014 The Hague Tribunal has requested lists of "Golden Eagle"

This was reported by the head of the American news company from the Maidan scene, reports Espreso.TV.

"The fighters of Berkut ask you for your attention, I am the head of the American news company, which received an inquiry from the international criminal court an hour ago, we were asked to provide lists of the" Golden Eagle "for the Hague Tribunal." Berkut, every step you take is recorded by the minicamers of our colleagues. "Not for 10-15 years, but very soon," he said.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Protesters in Kiev ramming ranks of siloviki

On February 18, the journalist went to work after a lengthy hospital stay. A month ago, on January 20, during the assault on Grushevsky Vyacheslav, Veremy got an eye injury - then he partially lost his sight.

The deceased had a spouse and a young son.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Storming of the military unit, the prosecutor's office and the Security Service in Lviv. Video

In Lviv Molotov cocktails threw a military unit, where internal troops were stationed. The checkpoint and the barracks were lit up. From the inside, fire was extinguished by fire hydrants, and outside - by fire engines.

At the moment, the chief of the police, the management of the Security Service, the Ministry of Revenue and Dues, the prosecutor's office and the Galitsky district police department have been captured in Lviv.

It all began with the seizure of the building of the regional administration. Several guys burst into it. But then the head of the regional council persuaded the activists to leave the premises. Those moved to the regional police department. Having smashed the windows and broke the doors, they got inside. Then they seized the Lvov Prosecutor's Office, the Security Service and one of the district police departments. Resistance law enforcement did not provide.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Bloody night on the Maidan passed into a bloody morning: the siloviki continue the offensive

Кровавая ночь на Майдане перешла в кровавое утро: силовики продолжают наступление

On the Independence Square, grenades are exploding and whistles of bullets can be heard. The activists still manage to restrain the onslaught of the siloviki.

On the eve of the evening, the Euro-Maidans were called terrorists, and the cleansing of people was called an anti-terrorist action.

The fire enveloped almost the entire perimeter of EuroMaidan - tents and a field church were burnt. The golden eagle reached Stella. All night from the stage, prayers, revolutionary songs and appeals in support of fighting spirit. Alexander Turchinov was on the scene when he was injured. Splinter cut his face.

Despite the bloody scenario on the Maidan, the number of activists is not decreasing - support is constantly coming from the regions.

UPD: 19/02/2014 "Titushki" smashed 30 ambulances under cover of militiamen, - Labunskaya

Титушки под прикрытием милиционеров разгромили 30 машин скорой помощи

At night, about 50 "titles" under the guise of 20 policemen defeated almost 30 ambulances. About this on its Facebook page, wrote an out-factional deputy Angelica Labunskaya.

"Urgent! Kiev, a communal enterprise" KIEVMEDSPETSTRANS "Avenue of Pravda 85! By ambulances yesterday and tonight, wounded men were brought to the city hospitals! At night, about 50" titles "under the guise of 20 policemen routed almost all ambulances, the wheels were cut, the doors were broken , fast ones are NOT suitable for further use! "

In addition, Labunskaya added that there is a video recording clearly fixing the crime: "The leadership of Kievmedspertz" was dismissed in the morning for rendering assistance to the victims, now the SBU is working there to hide the crime of power! ".

"I ask journalists to come to the specified address!", - the deputy added.

Also, Labunskaya added that about 30 "fast" have been destroyed.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Traffic police blocked Zhitomir and Odessa routes

ГАИ заблокировала Житомирскую и Одесскую трассы

The traffic police blocked off the wagons and roadblocks with entrances to Kiev on the Zhitomir and Odessa routes.

According to eyewitnesses, law enforcers exposed KAMAZ trucks on the roadway and thus prevent the entry of trucks into Kiev, Interfax-Ukraine reports,

At the same time, in social networks there was information about the first skirmishes on Zhitomirskaya between the traffic police officers and people who were traveling to Independence Square in Kiev.

As reported, on Tuesday evening, the Department of Information and Communications of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reported that in connection with the riots and in order to prevent the escalation of the conflict, the traffic to Kiev will be limited from 00.00 on February 19.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Ivano-Frankivsk "VVshniki" refused to fight with the people: "We will not execute criminal orders." VIDEO

Last night Lieutenant Colonel Ivano-Frankivsk military unit 1241 Peter Shulyak made an official statement from the leadership of the military unit, in which he undertakes not to give explicitly criminal orders and assured that the personnel will not perform clearly criminal orders.

As reported by the Franco-Times, in addition, the personnel of the unit will not oppose peaceful protests.

UPD: 19/02/2014 How to get to Kiev: open and closed roads

Как проехать в Киев: открытые и закрытые дороги

Within a radius of 2 kilometers around the Maidan are traffic police posts, most of which have three or more cars.

According to the report, the roads have not yet been blocked. "But even in small streets, traffic cops are on duty with automatic weapons, inspect salons and trunks for weapons.The most traffic police - 7 cars - on Lvivska Square, stand also on the Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples, on the bridge from Moscow Square towards Lesya Ukrainka, there is a car on Gonchar, Lesya Ukrainka, near the CEC, at the intersection of Vladimirskaya and Taras Shevchenko, "it was informed. according to Facebook user Oleg Khavruk, the situation on the streets in the center of Kiev is this (as of 09.00).

As for the entrances to Kiev, the Borispol route is closed at once in two places - one lane is open. From Brovary to Kiev - pass also only through 1 lane of four, the rest are occupied by lorries with sand. This CP can be bypassed by turning to the right before the CP (through refueling with gas, or through Puhovka and Zazimye).

Warsaw route on the road from Gostomel to Kiev side is covered with sand. Revealed only a narrow passage for driving one car. A similar situation at the entrance to Kiev at the checkpoint - there are roadblocks with sand. Everywhere reinforced posts GAI. Machines are intensively tested, report activists.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Titus use a firearm. We found a cartridge case from the Kalashnikov assault rifles and a TT pistol. VIDEO

Shot out shells from firearms found activists of the Maidan at night. As the Channel 5 reports, fire from firearms was conducted by unknown people who gathered at the intersection of Vladimirskaya and Bolshoi Zhitomirskaya Streets.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Local detachment of "Berkut" disarmed in Rivne. VIDEO

In Rivne, activists of the "Right Sector" stormed the local base "Berkut" and forced about fifty police officers to leave it. This is reported by Censor.NET with reference to Radio Liberty.

Thus, the "Right Sector", surrounded by local residents, carried about half a hundred "Berkut" fighters through a living corridor without protective weapons.

Now in the "Right Sector" there are helmets and bullet-proof jackets "Berkut". Activists say they are ready to use them in the event of a possible attack by the siloviki.