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UPD: Столкновения После 18.00 начнется новый штурм Майдана. Вооруженные "титушки", переодетые под Самооборону, расстреляют посты ГАИ, - Медуница

МАКСИМАЛЬНЫЙ РЕПОСТ! После 18.00 начнется новый штурм Майдана. Вооруженные титушки, переодетые под Самооборону, расстреляют посты ГАИ

Сегодня после 18.00 возможна повторная попытка силового штурма Майдана. Об этом написал на своей странице в социальной сети Фейсбук нардеп Олег Медуница, информирует Цензор НЕТ.

При этом он акцентирует внимание на том, что в этом время группа "титушек", переодетых под бойцов Самообороны, будут провоцировать ситуацию.

"Информация следующая. Группа "бойцов", одетая как самооборона Майдана, сегодня будет "работать" в районе Богдана Хмельницкого и Владимирской. Некоторые будут вооружены калашами и пистолетами. Передвигаются на фольксвагенах т5 белого и черного цвета, а также на Мерседесах Спринтерах. Задание после начала штурма, который планируется сегодня вечером, отрезать Майдан. Все будет представлено как расправа Самообороны с теми, кто не захотел защищаться от "Беркута" на Майдане. Время начала штурма неизвестно, но это произойдет точно после 18.00"

При этом они, по данным Медуницы, также будут расстреливать посты ГАИ с целью провокации.

"Вчерашнее убийство журналиста "Вестей" их дело. А еще для начала расстреляют несколько постов ГАИ. Один точно на углу Богдана Хмельницкого и Владимирской. Это не "титушки", это настоящие наемные убийцы. Прошу распространить информацию. Сейчас готовит реакцию"

UPD: 02/19/2014 This city is on fire. Night and morning on the Maidan February 19

Этот город в огне. Ночь и утро на Майдане 19 февраля

The storming of the camp of the rally in the center of Kiev has been going on for about 17 hours. In the new gallery - reportage shots of international photo reporters from Independence Square during the night and morning of February 19th.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Как на войне. Фотохроники событий в Киеве 18 февраля

Как на войне. Фотохроники событий в Киеве 18 февраля

Фотоподборку ключевых событий в центре Киева - от утреннего шествия участников европротестов к зданию Верховной Рады, до начала наступления силовиков на палаточный лагерь митингующих на Майдане Незадвисимости и Крещатике.

Блокирование работы Рады оппозицией и нападение Фарион на регионала.

Первые столкновения и поджог грузовиков на Шелковичной.

В ход пошли палки, камни и коктейли Молотова.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Бои в центре Киева. Главные видео событий в Киеве 18 февраля

Бои в центре Киева. Главные видео

ОБНОВЛЯЕТСЯ. Вчера, 18 февраля, столицу накрыла волна насилия - боевики Правого сектора и оппозиции пошли на штурм Верховной Рады

Правоохранители заблокировали улицу Грушевского у Дома офицеров транспортом, чтобы помешать пройти митингующим. Однако протестующие все же сумели преодолеть препятствие.

А на Грушевского снова зажгли шины.

Первые столкновения произошли на Институтской.

Для боев с милицией на пересечении Садовой и Институтской люди начали разбирать брусчатку. Также были подожжены два грузовых автомобиля КамАЗ, которые блокировали проезжую часть.

Силовики, в свою очередь, бросали с крыш на митингующих светошумовые гранаты...и стреляли из ружей. Однако, протестующим удалось забраться на крышу 5-этажного дома, и правоохранители были вынуждены ее покинуть.

Участники акций протеста штурмовали офис Партии регионов на улице Липской. В здание кинули коктейль молотова, после чего начался пожар. Однако, спустя какое-то время бойцы Беркута начали оттеснять протестующих с Липской.

А в Мариинском парке антимайдановцы помогают Беркуту отбивать атаку митингующих. Сторонники власти вооружились брусчаткой и щитами из дверей биотуалетов.

Тем временем на улице Шелковичной митингующие оттеснили бойцов внутренних войск. Заблокированные в одном из дворов силовики отстреливаются от протестующих помповыми ружьями.

Милиция начала штурм верхней баррикады на Майдане. Досталось в Киеве и сторонникам правительства из Харькова.

А вечером в напралении центра столицы выехали бронетранспортеры. Во время штурма силовиками Майдана один из БТРов сожгли.

Противостояние продолжалось всю ночь. Не стабилизировалась ситуация и утром.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Российский журналист искренне радуется успеху активистов при ночном штурме Майдана: "Погнали! Погнали "Беркут!" ВИДЕО

Российский журналист Аркадий Бабченко провел вчерашнюю ночь на передовой Майдана в Киеве. Как сообщает Цензор.НЕТ, действия активистов Майдана приносили россиянину особенные эмоции.

"Все атаки отбиты. Отбиты вот на каком-то уже совсем последнем пределе, когда казалось, что уже все, край, люди побежали - и люди и вправду побежали - но оставалась какая-то ниточка, какие-то десять-двадцать-тридцать человек, которые не побежали, начинали драться с "Беркутом" - и побежавшие, дрогнувшие, возвращались, и дрались, и "Беркут" отступал. Как эти люди способны выносить все это, я не понимаю"

UPD: 19/02/2014 Активисты Евромайдана соорудили воздушную пушку. Photo report

Активисты Евромайдана соорудили воздушную пушку. ФОТОрепортаж Активисты Евромайдана соорудили воздушную пушку. ФОТОрепортаж

Активисты Евромайдана в Киеве сделали воздушную пушку для стрельбы по силовикам. Об этом сообщает РБК-Украина.

Пушка представляет собой 1,5-метровое орудие для навесной стрельбы, установленное на сошках и подключенное к газовому баллону.

В баллоне заключен сжатый газ, который поступает в камеру, приваренную к стволу пушки. После того, как в ней нагнетается достаточное давление, открывается клапан между камерой и стволом. Сжатый газ из камеры поступает в ствол и выталкивает заряженный снаряд к цели.

UPD: 19/02/2014 Власть объявила о начале "антитеррористической операции по всей стране": будут задействованы СБУ, МВД, армия, пограничники

Власть объявила о начале антитеррористической операции по всей стране: будут задействованы СБУ, МВД, армия, пограничники

The head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Alexander Yakimenko, announces the beginning of the antiterrorist operation in Ukraine.

“Today, the Security Service and the Antiterrorist Center of Ukraine decided to start an anti-terrorist operation on the territory of Ukraine,” said Alexander Yakimenko *, RBC-Ukraine reports and the press service of the SBU reports.

According to him, this decision was made due to the fact that the radical and extremist groups by their actions are a real threat to the lives of millions of Ukrainians.

"I want to note that the level of public danger that exists in Ukraine requires the involvement of all entities directly involved in the fight against terrorism," Yakimenko said.

According to the law of Ukraine "On Combating Terrorism", this work involves: the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Border Guard Service of Ukraine, central and local authorities.

“Given this decision, measures are being introduced in the state to enhance security and protect public order and the state border. I appeal to all citizens of Ukraine to remain calm and observe legislative requirements in their actions,” said the head of the SBU.

Yakimenko also added that he had already informed President Viktor Yanukovych about the decision to conduct an antiterrorist operation.

UPD: 19/02/2014 "There was no direct control over the actions of the units," Zakharchenko admitted that he did not control the "Berkut". DOCUMENT

Непосредственное руководство действиями подразделений не осуществлялось, - Захарченко признал, что не контролирует Беркут. ДОКУМЕНТ

Neither the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, nor the heads of the public security department instructed and managed the actions of the Berkut during the crackdown on Maidan, Bankova and Grushevsky.

This is stated in the official response to. about. Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko * at the request of the deputy Gennady Moskal, said "Ukrainian Truth".

V. o. the minister said that he had to call "Berkut" from the regions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "to participate in urgent measures to ensure law and order, to curb group violations of public order."

At the same time, Zakharchenko argues that neither his deputies nor the heads of the public security department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs led the actions of the Berkut during the bloody events of November 30, December 1 and 11, and January 10 and 19.

“The briefing of the“ Berkut ”during the events ... was not held by the deputy ministers or the leadership of the Department of Public Security, direct control over the actions of the units was not carried out,” said and. about. the minister

UPD: 02/19/2014 From the building of the SBU in Khmelnitsky opened automatic fire on protesters. VIDEO

In Khmelnitsky during the assault, a woman was shot dead by protesters of the SBU building.

As reported by Tsenzor. NO, judging by the sound, the shots were fired from a machine gun. Another person was injured.

UPD: 02/19/2014 Militia booed Klitschko, carrying out a wounded activist on stretchers

On Tuesday, February 18, during the clashes in Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, together with other deputies, carried out a wounded activist from the cordon of security forces. In response to these actions, the police began to "zapukivat" and booed policy.

Verbal insults flew in his direction.

“Rooster!”, Shouted one of the siloviki.

UPD: 02/19/2014 As a result of the riots in Kiev, 263 protesters and 342 police officers were hospitalized - Ministry of Health

В результате беспорядков в Киеве госпитализированы 263 митингующих и 342 милиционера – МОЗ

Mostly injured received gunshot wounds.

Acting Minister of Health Raisa Bogatyreva states that currently there are 263 participants of mass actions in the medical institutions of Kiev, as well as 342 police officers, mostly with gunshot wounds, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

"Of the 388 citizens who applied for medical assistance, 263 participants of mass actions were hospitalized, of which about 160 patients are in serious condition, moderate in severity and extremely in serious condition," she said at a briefing on Wednesday in Kiev.

And about. the minister stressed that mainly injuries are gunshot wounds.

Bogatyreva also said that 371 law enforcement officers asked for medical assistance (from the beginning of yesterday’s events and till 12.00 am Wednesday), “342 people were hospitalized, ten people were killed as of 14.00, including two traffic policemen”.

According to the Acting Minister, injured law enforcement officers are in hospitals of Kiev and the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, of which 74 - with gunshot wounds, 82 - in a state of moderate severity and in serious condition.

UPD: 02/19/2014 The siloviki are armed with firearms. VIDEO FACT

Armed security forces were seen at the intersection of Kostelnaya and Trekhsvyatitelskaya streets in Kiev.

As reported Tsenzor.NET, people in uniform and with a firearm got into the review of the camera of the car DVR.

UPD: 02/19/2014 The traffic police inspector threatens the activist with an automatic machine: "Immediately follow our legal requirements." VIDEO

On February 18, 2014, at about 17-20, at the entrance to Kiev, near the traffic police post Berezan, two traffic policemen made an armed attack on the traffic control journalist Ivan Dovby.

According Tsenzor.NET with reference to Road Control, According to a published video, the inspector of the traffic police I. Yu. Volkovsky without a reason, he stopped the car of Dovbiya and began to demand documents, without clearly naming the reason for the stop and the essence of the committed offense. The inspector briefly showed the certificate without giving him the opportunity to consider his rank and position.

At that moment, a second man, dressed in a uniform of a traffic police inspector, ran up to Ivan Dovbiy’s car and shrugged the Kalashnikov’s rifle with shouts of “get out of the car”, sending a muzzle to the head of the Road Control journalist.

UPD: 02/19/2014 The policeman almost beat the “titushka”: “This is ours!”. VIDEO

February 18 during the clashes on the street. A silk police officer nearly beat a supporter of the Party of Regions.

As reported by Tsenzor. NO, when the wounded policeman was carried, the guy, apparently having mixed him up with the activist, began to shout at him and swung at him.

After that, one of the policemen pounced on the "titushka". He was stopped only by cries: "This is ours."

UPD: 02/19/2014 Interior Minister Zakharchenko resigned - media

Глава МВД Захарченко подал в отставку, – СМИ

Acting Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko on Wednesday, February 19, wrote a letter of resignation.

This is reported by the portal, citing its own sources.

UPD: 02/19/2014 The Hague Tribunal has requested lists of "Golden Eagle"

This was announced by the head of the American news company from the Maidan scene, reports Espresso.TV.

“Fighters of the Golden Eagle I ask for your attention, I am the head of the American news company that an hour ago received an inquiry from the international criminal court, we were asked to provide lists of the Golden Eagle for the Hague Tribunal. Golden Eagle, each of your step is fixed by the mini-measures of our colleagues. You will very quickly go to jail Not in 10-15 years, but very soon, "he said.

UPD: 02/19/2014 Protesters in Kiev truck ram the security forces

February 18, the journalist went to work after a long hospital. A month ago, on January 20th, during the assault on Hrushevsky, Vyacheslav Veremiy injured his eye - then he partially lost his sight.

The deceased left a spouse and young son.

UPD: 02/19/2014 Assault on a military unit, prosecutor's office and the Security Service of Ukraine in Lviv. Video plot

In Lviv, Molotov cocktails were thrown at a military unit where internal troops are stationed. The checkpoint and barracks caught fire. Inside, the fire was extinguished by fire hydrants, and outside - by fire engines.

At this time, in Lviv, the police headquarters, the Security Service, the Ministry of Revenue and Duties, the prosecutor's office and the Galitsky regional police department were captured.

It all started with the seizure of the building of the regional administration. Several guys broke in there. But then the head of the regional council persuaded the activists to leave the premises. Those moved to the regional police department. Breaking the glass and breaking the door, they got inside. Then they captured the Lviv Prosecutor’s Office, the Security Service of Ukraine and one of the regional police departments. Militiamen did not render resistance.

UPD: 02/19/2014 The bloody night on Maidan turned into a bloody morning: the security forces continue the offensive

Кровавая ночь на Майдане перешла в кровавое утро: силовики продолжают наступление

On the Independence Square, grenades continuously explode and bullets whistle is heard. Activists still manage to restrain the onslaught of security officials.

The night before, the Euromaidans were called terrorists, and the cleansing of people was an anti-terrorist action.

The fire engulfed almost the entire perimeter of Euromaidan - the tents and the field temple burnt down. Golden Eagle reached Stella. All night long prayers, revolutionary songs and appeals in support of morale are heard from the stage. Alexander Turchinov was just on the scene when he was injured. A splinter cut his face.

Despite the bloody scenario on the Maidan, the number of activists is not decreasing - support is constantly coming from the regions.

UPD: 02/19/2014 "Titushki" under the guise of police officers defeated 30 ambulances - Labunskaya

Титушки под прикрытием милиционеров разгромили 30 машин скорой помощи

At night, about 50 "titushki" under the guise of 20 police officers defeated almost 30 ambulances. About it on the page in Facebook the out-of-fraction deputy Angelica Labunskaya wrote.

"URGENT! Kyiv, municipal enterprise" KYIVMEDSPETSTRANS "85 Pravdy Avenue! Ambulance cars yesterday and today brought the wounded to city hospitals! At night, about 50" titushki "under the guise of 20 policemen crushed almost all ambulances, wheels were cut, doors were broken , soon NOT suitable for further use! "

In addition, Labunska added that there is a video recording clearly recording the crime: “The management of Kyivmedspetztrans” was fired in the morning for rendering assistance to the victims, now the Security Service of Ukraine works there to hide the crime of power! ”.

“I ask journalists to drive up to the address indicated!”, The deputy added.

Labunskaya also added that about 30 ambulances were destroyed.

UPD: 02/19/2014 Traffic police blocked the Zhytomyr and Odessa routes

ГАИ заблокировала Житомирскую и Одесскую трассы

The traffic police blocked the vans and roadblocks with entrances to Kiev on the Zhytomyr and Odessa highways.

According to eyewitnesses, law enforcement officers put "KAMAZ" on the roadway and thus prevent motor vehicles from entering Kiev, Interfax-Ukraine reports,

At the same time, in social networks there was information about the first clashes on Zhytomyr between the traffic police and people who went to Independence Square in Kiev.

As reported, on Tuesday evening in the Department of Information and Communication with the public of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reported that due to riots and in order to prevent the escalation of the conflict, traffic to Kiev will be limited from 00.00 February 19.

UPD: 02/19/2014 Ivano-Frankivsk "VVshniki" refused to fight with the people: "We will not execute criminal orders." VIDEO

Tonight, Lieutenant Colonel of the Ivano-Frankivsk military unit 1241 Pyotr Shulyak made an official statement from the leadership of the military unit, in which he undertakes not to give clearly criminal orders and assured that the personnel will not carry out clearly criminal orders.

As reported by Franco-Times, in addition, the personnel of the unit will not oppose the peaceful protests.

UPD: 02/19/2014 How to get to Kiev: open and closed roads

Как проехать в Киев: открытые и закрытые дороги

Within a radius of 2 kilometers around the Maidan, there are traffic police posts, mostly with three or more cars.

According to the message, the roads are not blocked yet. “But even on small streets, traffic cops with automatic weapons are on duty, inspect salons and trunk racks for weapons. Most of the traffic police are 7 cars in Lviv Square, they are also on Druzhby Narodiv Boulevard, on the bridge from Moscow Square towards Lesia Ukrainka, there is a car on Gonchar, Lesia Ukrainka, near the CEC, at the intersection of Vladimirskaya and Taras Shevchenko, ”it was reported. According to the information of Facebook user Oleg Khavruk, the situation on the streets in the center of Kiev is (as of 09.00).

As for the entrances to Kiev, the Boryspil highway is blocked in two places at once - one lane is open. From Brovary to Kiev - they also pass through only one lane of four, the rest are occupied by trucks with sand. This gearbox can be driven around by turning to the right in front of the gearbox (through a gas station with gas, or through Puhov and Zazimye).

The Warsaw highway on the outskirts of Gostomel towards Kiev is covered with sand. Open only a narrow passage for movement on one car. A similar situation at the entrance to Kiev at the checkpoint - there are overlapped with sand and sand. Everywhere reinforced posts GAI. Machines are heavily checked, activists reported.

UPD: 02/19/2014 Tits use firearms. Found a sleeve from the Kalashnikov assault rifles and the TT pistol. VIDEO

The shotgun shells from firearms were found at night by Maidan activists. According to Channel 5, fire from a firearm was conducted by unknown people who gathered at the intersection of Vladimirskaya and Bolshaya Zhytomyrskaya streets.

UPD: 02/19/2014 The local Berkut detachment was disarmed in Rivny. VIDEO

In Rivne, activists of the “Right Sector” stormed the local base of the “Berkut” and forced about 50 law enforcement officers to leave it. Reports Tsenzor.NET with reference to Radio Liberty.

For example, the Right Sector surrounded by locals led through a live corridor to about fifty Berkut fighters without protective weapons.

Now in the "Right Sector" there are helmets and body armor "Berkut". Activists say they are ready to use them in the event of a possible attack by security officials.