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UPD: 20/01/2014 "Dictatorial laws" are being prepared for publication. This is a breakdown of negotiations, - Pavlovsky

Диктаторские законы готовятся к публикации. Это срыв переговоров, - Павловский

The laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on January 16 are being prepared for publication.

As reported by Tsenzor.NET announced this from the Batkivshchyna deputy Andrei Pavlovsky in his Facebook.

"Despite the fact that Yanukovych promised not to print these laws, and said that this would be a prerequisite for the start of negotiations, journalists from the Voice of Ukraine say that ... these laws are put to press." This is a breakdown of the talks, "Pavlovsky said.

UPD: 20/01/2014 Clashes on Grushevsky continue: new people approach

Столкновения на Грушевского: подходят новые люди

Of the 42 hospitalized who were injured in the clashes on Grushevsky Street in the center of Kiev tonight, four are in serious condition. Three victims were removed eyeballs, and one more amputated hand brush.

He explained that eye removal operations were necessary because the doctors detected a contusion of the eyes in the victims, and an amputation of the arm was necessary, since the bone was completely fragmented. The victims are in the Alexandrovskaya Clinical Hospital (about 16 people), in the ambulance hospital (4 people), in the Clinical Hospital No. 9 (5 people), in the hospital No. 17 polytrauma (3 people), in the Children's Clinical Hospital No. 7 (1 young person from the number of protesters, who is 17 years old), in the regional clinical hospital of the Kiev region (2 people) and in the clinical hospital No. 3. According to Moharev, this situation is at 9.00, and he has not received any new information yet. Among the victims there are two journalists - from the newspaper Izvestia and Radio Liberty. According to the head of the department, they were hospitalized in the Alexander Clinical Hospital. The age of the victims is from 17 to 59 years. Mostly, this is the people of Kiev, but there are people from the regions, both from the eastern and the western regions. Moharev said that 15 ambulance teams worked at night. They worked in a tense mode, but they fulfilled the task of providing medical assistance.

On the street Grushevsky continue to pull together more and more participants.

UPD: 20/01/2014 "Berkut" does not have a chance to see himself: a special grenade (video)

Беркут нівечить сам себе виданою зброю: в руці у спецпризначенця розірвалася граната (відео)

People in uniform fasted the mayge a hundred injured pratsivnikіv vnutrishnyh organіv reported: Stilki zalichuyutsya travmovanih meitinguvalnikiv, dev'yatyah zatrimali zvinuvachennyam in Masovi zavorushennyah - protyostoyanya on the vulgar Hrushevsky u tsentri Kyueva triva.

Radically napashshtovany people do not go to deeds in the school.

Proti pravochorontcіv zastosovyat kamіnnya, піротехніку, dancers із sunning sumіshyu. Ті відповідають світлошумовими гранатами зі слоозогінним gas, water cannons and гумовими кулями. 4 buses and 2 bathrooms are sleeping.

Sjogodnі zranku protostoyanja ponovolosya, before the manners of the people in epaulettes підтягується тисячі мітингувальників.

Warto vizdnachiti, silo siloviki vyyavilisya not duzhe in the right biytsy i kalichat sami vidanoyu zbroєyu. Yak can be seen on the video Faktyv, in the rutsi at the pravtsiproddilu "Berkut" rasrivayetsya svitlo-noise grenade.

Such a pomegranate itself rose up in the rutsi in the active, if that namagasya її vidkinuti back, to people in uniform. Todi vistiristu vіdіrvalo hand, scho became the z "Berkutivtsev" pislya syogodnishnyogo vibuchu, at the same time unseen.

Continuation and video >>>

UPD: 20/01/2014 Snipers recorded on Hrushevsky Street

На улице Грушевского зафиксированы снайперы

Snipers watch the confrontation of the demonstrators and the "Golden Eagle" on Grushevsky Street.

According to Censor.NET, with reference to Espreso.TV, snipers are located on the roofs and attics of adjacent houses.

UPD: 20/01/2014 Morning dew. The air still smells of gas.

Утренняя роса. В воздухе до сих пор витает запах газа.

Morning dew. The air still smells of gas. Now Hrushevsky reigns surrealism. Dead cars stand like ghosts frozen beyond time. People create the most unpleasant noise, which, in addition to horror, does not cause any associations. On the site of cops, I would have long ago surrendered. This picture produces an infernal impression! Where is more powerful than the flaming technique. If you take on the scale of Dante, it is a collective image of all the circles of the "Divine Comedy."

Morning dew. The air still smells of gas. Now Hrushevsky reigns surrealism. Dead cars stand like ghosts frozen beyond time. People create the most unpleasant noise, which, in addition to horror, does not cause any associations. On the site of cops, I would have long ago surrendered. This picture produces an infernal impression! Where is more powerful than the flaming technique. If you take on the scale of Dante, it is a collective image of all the circles of the "Divine Comedy."

UPD: 20/01/2014 General of the Security Service of Ukraine: "The police violated the law and provoked clashes on Grushevsky"

Генерал СБУ: Милиция нарушила закон и спровоцировала столкновения на Грушевского

The actions of law enforcement officers on Grushevsky Street in Kiev, near Euromaydan, are inadmissible and violate the Constitution of Ukraine.

Such an opinion was expressed by the ex-deputy head of the Security Service, Lieutenant-General Alexander Skipalsky, reports Censor. NO referring to Radio Liberty.

According to him, special means of siloviki in the form of noise grenades, rubber bullets and water cannons are used against terrorists and criminals, and not against the protesters.

"If the law enforcers did not interfere with the peaceful will of the people, but guarded the same house of the government or the Verkhovna Rada that they would like to capture, I would say that they fulfilled the tasks of preventing and protecting administrative buildings, since they blocked the street when people were picketing peacefully , law enforcers violated the fifth article of the Constitution.Only for this it is necessary to remove the leadership of law enforcement agencies that do not modify and allow provocateurs to create such provocations, "Skipalsky said.

Recall that in Kiev continues the confrontation in the street Grushevsky, where the day before the staff of the Internal Troops and special forces "Berkut" blocked the road, not letting activists in the direction of the Rada. Demonstrators in response began to throw siloviki "Molotov cocktails" and stones, and law enforcement officers began to use special means.

UPD: 20/01/2014 Clashes on Grushevsky last more than 15 hours

Столкновения на Грушевского продолжаются более 15 часов

For more than 15 hours, clashes of demonstrators with soldiers of internal troops and special forces "Berkut" in the center of Kiev on Hrushevsky street continue.

Last night there was no storm of protesters from the side of the siloviki, reports Censor. No referring to the League. We must give them their due.

On the street Hrushevsky, the number of demonstrators has now decreased significantly, and here are about two thousand protesters. The exact number of siloviki is difficult to assess - they stand with several cordons up the street Grushevsky, and many are in the Mariinsky park.

Last night, demonstrators burned six siloviki vehicles - four buses and two ZIL trucks. Also burned one car VAZ-2110. The siloviki for their part water the remains of cars with water from fire hoses, and all this has turned into one ice barricade.

The protesters erected a barricade on the Petrovskaya alley leading to the Park road in order to defend themselves in the event of an attack by the "Golden Eagle". They prepare pieces of paving slabs and periodically prepare forays, throwing siloviki with pieces of tile. Those in turn respond with a flash of light grenades.

It was also found that the siloviki used rubber bullets at night, with most of the victims affected by them - the press.

UPD: 20/01/2014 On the eve of the next information attack of the Party of Regions

В преддверии очередной информационной атаки Партии Регионов
Sergey Dibrov on his blog
Just now I accidentally happened to analyze the origin and distribution of the Myslevirus "in Europe, they put them for slander and masks at rallies." Now I'm predicting another information exhaust: "they have blacks in America, too, lynch foreign agents," he said. A new "law", adopted "manually" on Thursday, provides serious problems for the organizations that receive foreign funding. Undoubtedly, this innovation will hurt a lot of innocent people (more precisely - their faults are that they do not need their state). So, the Odessa charitable foundation "Bright Home", which for many years had housed a shelter for homeless children, and now helps young people in distress situations, will have to be called a "foreign agent" and pay a tax on "profit" - only because part of it financing comes from the twin city of Regensburg. The same fate awaits the organization that deals with sick children, using HIV-positive or support of talented students and students. Also, the activities of a number of religious confessions, in particular Protestant ones, will become more complicated.

The scandal will be big, there will be problems. I'm afraid that someone (for example, children with cystic fibrosis), this law can cost lives. To justify cruelty and short-sightedness, authorities will launch counter-thinking mind-viruses - good, Russian templates for this have long been ready. Namely: we will be told that the American FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) also provides special conditions for organizations with foreign financing.

I'm skeptical about such excuses, I remember the classic: "And if everyone jumps in the roof - will you jump too?". But in this case I would like to pay special attention to one point.

The FARA website has a section called "Law Information", where you can read the corresponding American law . If you read it (and not selective Russian retelling), then it's easy to see paragraph 613 "Exemptions", which determines who this law does not apply to. Besides consuls, diplomats and sales representatives, this is:

Private and nonpolitical activities; solicitation of funds
(private and non-political activities, fund-raising)
Anyone engaging or agreeing to engage only (1) in private and nonpolitical activities in furtherance of the bona fide trade or commerce of such foreign principal; or (2) in other activities not serving predominantly a foreign interest; or (3) in the United States to be used for medical assistance and assistance, or for food and clothing to relieve human suffering ...


Religious, scholastic, or scientific pursuits
(Religious, scholastic or scientific activity)
Anyone engaging or agreeing to engage in activities in the field of bona fide religious, scholastic, academic, or scientific pursuits or of the fine arts ...

And this means that neither the "Bright House" nor the associations of people with HIV-AIDS, religious communities, or organizations supporting families with children with cystic fibrosis - none of them are affected by FARA in the US. Yes, and such "foreign agents" as the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, which controls the execution by Ukrainian deputies of Ukrainian laws, or human rights organizations that provide legal assistance to Ukrainian citizens in Ukraine - too.

UPD: 20/01/2014 Berkutovtsy was stripped of two guys, poured water and allowed to run in the frost. PHOTO + VIDEO

Беркутовцы раздели двоих парней, облили водой и пустили бежать по морозу. ФОТО + ВИДЕОБеркутовцы раздели двоих парней, облили водой и пустили бежать по морозу. ФОТО + ВИДЕО

"Berkutovtsy" mocked the two protesters.

This is reported by the journalist of Channel 5, reports Censor.NET with reference to the page of EuroMaidan in Facebook.

"Berkut" caught two guys on Grushevsky. They were stripped, beaten, poured with water, and then allowed to run naked through barricades to # euromaidan. Now they have been put on and treated in the premises of the Ukrainian language institute, "the message says.

UPD: 01/20/2014 Medical staff to sew wounds on Maidan needed materials

Медикам для зашивания ран на Майдане необходимы материалы

The medical service needs materials for sewing wounds.

NOW for sewing RAS medical services NEED in the maximum amount: - Respirators (!) - Hemostatic sponges - Lidocaine in ampoules of 2 and 5 ml. - 2% - Suture material (threads) with needle - needle holders - Surgical clips - scissors - Surgical forceps - Gauze sterile napkins for dressings - Medical masks (preferably gauze) - Panthenol spray - Alcohol wipes - Thermal water in a spray - Elastic bandages - Adhesive plaster in the reels.

Please bring the trade unions to the house, 3rd floor, room 320 at any time. Phone of medical service +38 (063) 1970303

UPD: 20/01/2014 Molimos all for Ukraine !!! with God it is possible !!!

Молімось всі за Україну!!! з Богом переможемо!!!

UPD: 20/01/2014 It's done. The US imposed sanctions against Zakharchenko!

Сделано. США ввели санкции против Захарченко!

Washington imposed sanctions against Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko. This was reported by MP Vladimir Yavorivsky in the megaphone during the clashes that are taking place in the center of Kiev on the way to the government block.

Protesters met this news with cheers. The journalist Miroslava Gongadze actually confirmed this information. She wrote in her Facebook that the US allegedly imposed sanctions against the Ukrainian authorities.

"It became known from reliable sources that the US State Department is in the process of preparing sanctions for a group of people close to the current leadership of Ukraine and the Party of the Regions," she said. Tells