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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 02/20/2014

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UPD: 20/02/2014 Panic begins in Kiev: people buy everything they see

В Киеве началась паника: люди скупают все что видят

Kievans massively began to buy food, withdraw money from ATMs, and queues at gas stations do not decrease, eyewitnesses in different districts of Kiev report this.

"Having come to a huge supermarket, in which there is always a large assortment, and the shelves" bend "from the goods, saw a shortage of some products. To be honest, I could not believe my eyes. Kievans, first of all, massively "rake" bread, dairy and meat products, and then everything that they see on the shelves, "the store's attendee said on Thursday, February 20, in's commentary.

In addition, in the phone mode, eyewitnesses report that at some gas stations in Kiev they say that the gasoline stocks are already running out.

People massively withdraw money from accounts. So, for example, in many ATMs cash has already run out, and where there are - huge queues have formed.

UPD: 20/02/2014 Need your blood! Donors! Delivery of blood!

Нужна ваша кровь! Доноры! Сдача крови!

We need your blood! Donors! Delivery of blood!

Blood collection points working now:

  • KIEV CITY CENTER OF BLOOD (ul.Berlinsky M. 12, Kiev)
  • Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital (1, Baggovutovskaya str., Kyiv)
  • NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CANCER (Michaila Lomonosova st., 33/43, Kiev)

UPD: 20/02/2014 Ukrainka turns to the world with a request for help: all of us can be killed

This entry is distributed in social networks at the speed of light. Thousands of people, not indifferent to the events in Ukraine, share the appeal of a bold Ukrainian woman to the world.

"I am Ukrainian, was born in Kiev. Now I'm on Maidan, in the central part of my city. I want you to know why thousands of people in my whole country took to the streets. There is only one reason - we want to be free from dictatorship, free from politicians who work only for themselves. Those who are ready to shoot, beat, mutilate people only in order to save their money, their home, their strength "

UPD: 20/02/2014 Armored vehicles are being pulled into the center of Kiev. VIDEO

Several BTRs appeared in the center of Kiev. This is reported by League.NET

UPD: 20/02/2014 Sailors and submachine gunners are working behind the meter of the Maidan. People are shaken like a hunt!

Behind the meter of the Maidan are snipers and submachine gunners. People are shaken like a hunt! Behind the meter of the Maidan are snipers and submachine gunners. People are shaken like a hunt!

Behind the meter of the Maidan are snipers and submachine gunners. People are shaken like a hunt!

On Maydan, activists are shooting submachine gunners. Eyewitnesses reported this in the air of Gromadsky TV.

"Servicemen, whole hands of copper bullets, packages of white, blue and orange plastic cartridges were working against people, people were riddled, and the sniper was at the Ukraine hotel." Activists say they have nothing to go on with them! "

About 11 Euromaidan activists were shot to the head. Andrey Sychuk wrote about this on his Facebook page.

In particular, the activist counted 10 gunmen shot to the head of protesters near the hotel "Kozatsky": "The sniper is working! People do not want to give the bodies of those killed in the" fast ".

UPD: 20/02/2014 Dozens of people killed by police snipers: shoot at the head and neck. PHOTO

Dozens of people killed by police snipers shoot at the head and neck. PHOTO Dozens of people killed by police snipers shoot at the head and neck. PHOTO

On Independence Square 16 people have already died. About this on his Facebook page blogger Alexey Perkin wrote.

"He descended - On the Maidan, 8 corpses near the Mac were taken to the square, and another 8 on the front lie, Fast hundreds," the blogger wrote.

"Ukrainska Pravda" that "out of 7 killed 6 killed in the neck," and representatives of "Self-defense" say that snipers aim at the head.

UPD: 20/02/2014 The Maidan is online. Activists went on the offensive and "won" part of the Maidan

Майдан онлайн. Активисты пошли в наступление и отвоевали часть Майдана

Parties to the confrontation in Kiev took a "breather" and are negotiating, however, permanent confrontations continue. However, the Right Sector refused to reconcile with the authorities. The activists have won part of the Maidan and are "moving" up the Institute.

On February 18, the opposition began storming the government block. There were dead and wounded on both sides of the confrontation. In the evening of the same day, the authorities put an ultimatum on surrender and, without receiving an answer, began the assault on the Maidan, which continues to this day. conducts an online broadcast of events.

UPD: 20/02/2014 Right Sector refused to reconcile with the authorities

Правый Сектор отказался от перемирия с властью

The Right Sector members deny the truce between the authorities and the activists and are ready to continue the offensive. About this on his page on Facebook, the leader of the movement, Dmitry Yarosh, wrote.

"Someone there wants to stop the popular uprising by proclaiming a false armistice." I officially declare: "The right sector" did not sign any agreements, did not agree with anyone about anything, so the offensive of the insurgent people must continue, "Yarosh wrote.

He also added that in connection with the antiterrorist operation announced by the Security Service, the Right sector is announcing the "action of compelling security guards for peace".

UPD: 20/02/2014 Protesters seize Ukrainian house and build barricades on Grushevsky and Vladimirsky descent

Митингующие захватили Украинский дом и строят баррикады на Грушевского и Владимирском спуске

The protesters again seized the Ukrainian house and rebuilt the barricades near the central entrance to it.

Part of the protesters pursues law enforcement officers who ran out of the Ukrainian house.

Activists, who this morning went on the offensive and drove out law enforcers on Grushevsky Street, are setting up a barricade on Vladimirsky Descent.

They block traffic on the Vladimirsky slope, near the Philharmonic.

There are installation of two barricades from wooden pallets, iron plates, barrels, sticks and other devices.

The ambulance continues to run along the descent.

The protesters returned to Grushevsky Street and rebuilt the barricades. There are about 1,500 of them. The police lined up near the Dynamo stadium.

Previously, Grushevsky's internal troops installed a reinforced concrete structure.

UPD: 20/02/2014 Dozens of BB fighters from Grushevsky surrender to self-defense of EuroMaidan

Десятки бойцов ВВ с Грушевского сдались в плен самообороне Евромайдана

Dozens of fighters of the internal troops from Hrushevsky Street surrendered to self-defense of Euromaidan.

They surrender under security guarantees. This is reported by RBC-Ukraine.

They surrender under security guarantees. Self defense Maidan gives them a corridor through the crowd and tries to ensure that they are not beaten. The men go from Hrushevsky through the European square to the Maidan.

In total, as of 10:00, several dozen WW fighters surrendered.

On the Institutskaya Street there are intense fighting between self defense of the Maidan and the Berkut.

UPD: 20/02/2014 Sniper fires activists: five corpses are near the hotel "Kozatsky". VIDEO

Confrontation on the Maidan is gaining new strength. This is reported by the correspondent of Censor.

At the moment, there are a large number of wounded on the Maidan. "Fast" is not enough. Kievans help to take people out on their own cars.

Near the hotel "Kozatsky" already lies five corpses.

According to preliminary data, people shoot a sniper, who sits on the street. Institute. The main injuries in the abdomen and legs.

UPD: 20/02/2014 Protesters completely pushed back Berkut from Maidan and occupied the October Palace. Siloviki use grenades and tear gas (updated)

 Митингующие полностью оттеснили Беркут с Майдана и заняли Октябрьский дворец. Силовики используют гранаты и слезоточивый газ (обновлено)

In Kiev, the protesters occupied the October Palace. They managed to push him back to the Maydan of Independence, the Berkut went to Olginskaya Street and continues to use grenades with tear gas, UNIAN informs.

However, the protesters continue the offensive.

The protesters on the Institutskaya Street are about 3 thousand.

Now some of the demonstrators actively reinforce the barricades with the help of tires, iron fence elements, sticks, barrels and other devices.

According to the updated information, the protesters are pushing the internal troops away from the House of Trade Unions towards the European Square. The demonstrators are actively throwing stones and Molotov cocktails. Now the whole Maidan Nezalezhnosti is enveloped in a black shroud of smoke from burning tires. Therefore, it is impossible to consider where the protesters drove the Berkut back.

UPD: 20/02/2014 Dozens of bandits from the militia and "titles" kill the fighters of Self-Defense in the Mariinsky Park to death. VIDEO (updated)

In the network appeared another video evidence of unreasonable cruelty by the siloviki in Kiev. The action takes place in the Mariinsky Park.

As reported by Censor.NET, the video shows that the "titles" and the police use firearms.

Jackals! The creatures are disgraceful! Bastards! Nonhumans!

UPD: 20/02/2014 The crew of the burnt APC survived: "I will not shoot any more people, they are unworthy of our blood." VIDEO

The crew of the burnt armored personnel carrier is in the hospital. As TSN reports, the BTR, which rammed the barricade and scattered the picketers, was set on fire by Molotov cocktails.

UPD: 20/02/2014 Activists of Poltava region caught on the road three buses armed with sticks "titles" from Donetsk. PHOTO reportage

Активисты Полтавщины поймали на дороге три автобуса вооруженных палками титушек из Донецка Активисты Полтавщины поймали на дороге три автобуса вооруженных палками титушек из Донецка Активисты Полтавщины поймали на дороге три автобуса вооруженных палками титушек из Донецка
Активисты Полтавщины поймали на дороге три автобуса вооруженных палками титушек из Донецка

In Lubny, Poltava region, activists stopped three buses armed with sticks "titshek." The journalist Olga Gerasimyuk writes about this on her Facebook page.

"Lubny, my neighbors in Piryatin, went out today to a rally - and then went to the roadblock that is on the road to Kiev." They caught three buses with "titles," our friend Gena said. I will not say, which, as only the broken bones on it from the first beating have healed. Non-Donetsk. The windows are curtained. They sit there with sticks. What to do with them? All the pick, the wheels went down "

"My fellow countrymen know their business," the author added.

UPD: 20/02/2014 Opponents of Maidan set up their National Guard

All-Ukrainian public union "Ukrainian Front" announced a general mobilization in the ranks of the national guard. The corresponding statement they made public on Facebook.

"VOS" Ukrainian Front "announces a general mobilization in the ranks of the national guard to protect the constitutional order and order in the country," the statement said.

The movement notes that they will stand for the protection of the constitutional rights of ordinary citizens and for the protection of the constitutional order in everything.

On February 1, in Kharkiv, a decision was made to create the Union "Ukrainian Front". The symbol of the social union "Ukrainian Front" was chosen by the St. George ribbon. The leaders of the movement are the leaders of the Kharkiv region Mikhail Dobkin and Gennady Kernes.

Противники Майдана создали свою Национальную гвардию

"After 70 years, a new" Ukrainian Front "begins to operate in Ukraine, whose participants will follow our fathers 'and grandfathers' example as in the distant 40s of the last century," said the chairman of the HOGA Mikhail Dobkin.

Also, the chairman of the HOGA proposed to support the people's initiative to hold a referendum, at which the question of the final abolition of the immunity of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and the numerical reduction of the parliament will be resolved.