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UPD: 05/20/2014 An armed crowd of militants crosses the road in the Luhansk region. VIDEO

An armed crowd of militants crosses the road in the Luhansk region.

The movement of the militant group was recorded yesterday. When crossing the road, armed terrorists stopped the movement. To intimidate one of the drivers, several automatic shots were fired.

UPD: 05/20/2014 Residents of Kramatorsk - to terrorists: "Get out of our city! Do not hide behind us!". VIDEO

In Kramatorsk, several women chase a minibus, in which there are several armed men in balaclava.

As reported by Censor. There is no video posted on youtube video hosting. Judging by the recording of the incident occurred near one of the terrorist bases in Kramatorsk.

UPD: 05/20/2014 Medvedev considers the price of gas for Ukraine "rather big, but fair"

Медведев считает цену на газ для Украины немаленькой, но справедливой

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev does not consider the price of Russian gas for Ukraine, which is significantly higher than for Europe, rather big, but fair.

He said this in an interview with Bloomberg, UNIAN.

In particular, answering the question, does it not seem like it is “a little hard” to increase the price unilaterally from 268 dollars per 1 thousand cubic meters to 485 dollars, Medvedev * said: “No, this is not hard”. Medvedev also does not mind that more than this amount is paid only by Macedonia.

“We have already spoken about the price formula. This is the price that was laid in the contract signed in 2009, and this formula calculates everything that is subject to delivery. This price plus or minus is comparable to other formulas that are used to supply the European market. Somewhere more, somewhere smaller, but in general they are in trend. But the price is 268.5 - it is absolutely preferential, so when we are told “we are ready to pay at a preferential price”, - excuse me, why? Why do other countries pay, why do all EU countries pay a different price? ”, Said Medvedev.

At the same time, Medvedev did not agree with the journalist, who noted that the European Union does not pay an average of 485 dollars per thousand cubic meters, but only about 385 dollars, thus Russia wants to supply gas to Ukraine at a price higher than from all of Western Europe.

“No, we need to look at how much each country pays. There are countries that pay almost on a par with this one ... This is really a rather big price, I don’t argue, but nevertheless there are countries that practically pay for this price, there are countries that pay a little less. But, I emphasize once again, this is an absolutely fair price, which was reached during the 2009 negotiations. We did not enslave anyone, they themselves signed the corresponding schedule and signed the contract. By the way, I’ll remind him that I’m the current applicant for the presidential post, Yulia Tymoshenko, ”Medvedev said.

As reported, since April, Gazprom has decided to cancel all benefits for gas supplies to Ukraine, explaining that the Ukrainian partner does not fulfill the agreements reached regarding the repayment of debts for gas supplies. As a result, the price of Russian gas from April 2014 increased to 485 dollars per thousand cubic meters from 268.5 dollars in the first quarter of this year.

Ukraine recognizes the existence of a debt of 2.2 billion dollars for gas supplies made before April 1, 2014, and is ready to pay it in a 10-day period only after Gazprom reduces the gas price to 268.5 dollars per thousand cubic meters. .

On May 13, Gazprom sent official notification to Naftogaz of Ukraine about the transition to prepayment and issued a preliminary bill for June in the amount of $ 1.66 billion, based on the contractual volume of deliveries of 114 million cubic meters per day.

UPD: 05/20/2014 'Medvedev did not guarantee the territorial integrity of Ukraine: We did not undertake such obligations'

Медведев не дал гарантии территориальной целостности Украины: Мы не брали на себя таких обязательств

Russia has never assumed obligations for the preservation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and accordingly cannot and does not intend to give any guarantees.

This was stated by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Bloomberg TV channel, reports "Glavkom"

“We don’t have to guarantee anything to anyone, because we have never assumed any obligations on this topic, but we assume that the most important task is to calm the situation on the territory of Ukraine, not to guarantee something to someone, but to calm this situation, ”said Medvedev, quoted by the press service of the Russian government.

“Let our dialogue partners, including the European Union and the United States of America, guarantee us something - that they will not interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine, let them guarantee them, our partners in the West, that they will not drag Ukraine into in the North Atlantic Alliance, that those people who live in the east will not lose the opportunity to speak Russian, that some crazy Right Sector will not come, will not start cutting them. Let our partners guarantee us something on this topic, ”he added.

UPD: 05/20/2014 Medvedev voiced the position of the Kremlin: Russia is unlikely to recognize the results of elections in Ukraine

Медведев озвучил позицию Кремля: Россия вряд ли признает результаты выборов в Украине

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that the situation in Ukraine does not provide confidence that the presidential elections will be held at the proper level.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, he delimited the concepts of “recognition of the results” of the elections and “respect for the will”, Interfax.

“But I can say that as a result of the elections, which will be in May, some people in Ukraine will vote for this or that candidate. Of course, one can respect this position with respect. Is this an act of recognition? No, it is not”, - said Medvedev *.

According to him, an act of recognition by a foreign state is possible only if the election results unequivocally indicate the will of the overwhelming majority of citizens.

“The Russian Federation is a lot of where and when it participates in monitoring the elections, but, unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine at the moment is not such that we are sure that these elections will be held properly,” the Russian prime minister said.

According to him, "if you think legally, legally," you need to understand that these elections are the result of an "unconstitutional change of power."

Medvedev recalled the Russian position: no one withdrew Viktor Yanukovich from power, there was no impeachment, he did not write a letter of resignation, he is alive and, therefore, he is the president of Ukraine. Therefore, Moscow does not recognize the legitimacy of the government in Kiev and the acting president.

“But we understand that there is a parliament that is elected legitimately, so the elections are a direct consequence of these events,” Medvedev said.

On the other hand, according to him, the elections are a certain outcome of the situation that has developed.

Medvedev suggested that the election of a candidate who could enjoy the support of all regions of Ukraine would be a positive step.

"But what is the other problem besides the low legitimacy of these elections? The problem is that some regions simply do not want to participate in them. And in this case a situation will arise that will be very difficult when, most likely, some regions will take part in elections, and some regions simply will not accept or very few people will come to them, ”said the politician.

“And then the value, the legitimacy of these elections will indeed be questioned,” Medvedev stressed.

UPD: 05/20/2014 A big boobed glamorous girl headed the Ministry of Culture of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic". A PHOTO

Пышногрудая гламурная девица возглавила министерство культуры самопровозглашенной Донецкой народной республики. ФОТО

Another frame in the "power" of the self-proclaimed separatist "Donetsk People's Republic" - this time a ministerial post, and at the same time the owner of the boutique and the participant of the fashion shows in Donetsk went over for culture.

The leaders of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" last week announced the creation of their own government bodies. The structure of the executive bodies included the main extremists of the region, headed by a citizen of Russia, Alexander Boroday, said TSN.

In addition to them, designer Natalia Voronina was in "power". She was assigned a culture of the DPR. She is better known as a participant in the fashion shows "Donetsk Fashion Days" and the owner of the boutique.

Voronina loves to demonstrate new models of the studio on himself.

UPD: 05/20/2014 "Minister" of the Foreign Affairs of the LNR in all its glory: communicates the "position" of the Luhansk people to the world. PHOTO + VIDEO

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LNR in all its glory: communicates the position of Luhansk citizens to the world. PHOTO + VIDEO The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LNR in all its glory: communicates the position of Luhansk citizens to the world. PHOTO + VIDEO
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LNR in all its glory: communicates the position of Luhansk citizens to the world. PHOTO + VIDEO

In the Luhansk region, the separatist leader of the self-proclaimed LNR, Irina Filatova, who is also called the local foreign minister in social networks, shamelessly takes pictures naked in the city center and publishes her photos on the Internet.

In the social network "Vkontakte" found the page of one of the leaders of the separatists of the city of Rovenka, Irina Filatova, reports TSN.

She is an active participant in the separatist rallies in the Luhansk region, and in social networks she is called the "Minister of Foreign Affairs" of the so-called Lugansk Republic.

The separatist reported at meetings of the City Council and campaigned to go to a pseudo-referendum.

On his page, Filatov publishes indecent photographs topless and in a bathing suit. The separatist chose a very unfortunate location for shooting - she stands in indecent postures on one of the central streets of the city, holding a bottle of champagne in her hands.

UPD: 05/20/2014 Another lie Putin-TV: video from the North Caucasus was given for shooting the "victims" of the National Guard. VIDEO

The TV channel "Russia 1" in the story about the battles of Slavyansk to demonstrate the cruelty of the Ukrainian military used the video in 2012 from Kabardino-Balkaria.

The forgery was noticed by the portal

In the release of the program "Vesti" in the plot "Oath under the trunks" the correspondent says (from 3:20 on the video):

“Civilians continue to die every day. Today, the National Guard under shot a man near Slavyansk. They pointedly left a weapon around their bodies, indicating that they had killed the enemy. But the militia headquarters already said that the dead man was not part of the self-defense forces.”

As it turned out, the footage of the dead man was taken from the Vesti issue, shown on November 18, 2012. Then this video was accompanied by the news about the introduction of KTO in the Baksan district of Kabardino-Balkaria. NAC materials, shot one and a half years ago after the special operation in Baksanenok village, are available on YouTube.

UPD: 05/20/2014 Russian folk tales from NTV: businessmen in vain bestow Ukrainian separatists with yachts and airplanes. VIDEO

The Russian NTV channel showed its viewers the story of how allegedly Ukrainian businessmen donate expensive yachts and airplanes to the separatists to fight the National Guard.

Reports Tsenzor.NET with reference to "News 2 + 2". As it turned out, the 15-meter snow-white yacht, on which militants pose, actually stands at the pier in Odessa. Anyone can rent it by paying $ 450 per hour of walk. The plane, in turn, turned out to be the property of a sports club, which no one was going to give to terrorists. Alexander Nechekhov, who was shown in the plot of the Russian channel, really works as an instructor in a sports club, where they learn to jump with a parachute.

The instructor said that the TV crews came and asked to talk about small aircraft. After the interview, men in camouflage and bullet-proof vests came to the airfield - they asked to fly, but they were not allowed to. “Everyone twisted and told such a fairy tale. No one even thought at all how they all would tell. It was not true. This outraged me the most,” the sports club's instructor-examiner says. Previously published a list of Russian journalists - agents of the Kremlin. They were awarded for subversive actions against Ukraine.

UPD: 05/20/2014 Security Service of Ukraine: Kurchenko has bought FC Metalist FC, UMH group, Odessa Refinery and a network of petrol stations in Germany by crime

СБУ: Курченко преступным путем купил ФК Металлист, UMH group, Одесский НПЗ и сеть АЗС в Германии

Sergey Kurchenko illegally acquired UMH group, FC Metalist, Odessa Refinery and a network of gas stations in Germany.

This is stated in the press service of the Security Service of Ukraine.

“The SBU exposed the facts of Sergey Kurchenko's direct involvement in the implementation of criminal mechanisms for the acquisition in favor of FIG” VETEK ”of the media resource“ UMH group ”(Ukrainian Media Holding LLC), the Metallist football club, Odesa Refinery and network of gas stations "SparschweinGmbH & Co" in Germany (170 sites), "- said in a statement.

It is noted that in order to protect the property interests of the state, the heat and power plant (CHP) property is being arrested, which is part of the integral property complex of the Odessa Oil Refinery (Refinery).

We will note, today the SBU confirmed the damage caused by Kurchenko-controlled companies in the oil and gas and banking sectors to 4 billion UAH.

UPD: 05/20/2014 Separatists announced the nationalization of Akhmetov’s enterprises

Сепаратисты объявили о национализации предприятий Ахметова

The head of the presidium of the so-called Supreme Council of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" Denis Pushilin announced the beginning of nationalization in the region.

"In connection with the reluctance of regional oligarchs to pay taxes to the budget of the DPR, it was decided to begin the process of nationalization," Interfax-Ukraine cites Pushilina.

He condemned the position of the influential businessman Rinat Akhmetov *, who initiated a preventive protest in the Donbass against the activities of the “DPR” representatives.

“Akhmetov made his choice. Unfortunately, this choice is against the people of Donbass. Paying taxes to Kiev means financing terror in Donbas,” said Pushilin.