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UPD: 20/12/2013 Oppositionists speak from Maidan's scene for 10 years in prison - Bondarenko

Оппозиционеры наговорили со сцены Майдана на 10 лет тюрьмы - Бондаренко

Party of Regions deputy Yelena Bondarenko believes that representatives of the opposition who spoke at rallies that have been going on in Ukraine for more than a month have been saying "years to 10" in prison.

She stated this on the air of "Freedom of Speech" on ICTV, Ukrainian Truth reports.

"Even the statements, according to our Criminal Code, which violate the law, can drag on for 10 years. Even if we take into account what the oppositionists have said on all the maidans at once, I'll tell you, they've talked about 10 years (prisons)," Bondarenko said.

"Article 109 - calls for violent overthrow of power - up to 5 years (prison) Article 279 - blockade of transport communications, 293 - group violation of public order, 294 - riots, 295 - calls for actions threatening public order, and 341 - seizure of public buildings, "- she listed.

"This is all, I stress, these are all articles of the Criminal Code, not even the Administrative Code, for which there is punishment in a normal democratic country," Bondarenko said.

"Do not confuse peaceful meetings with peaceful seizures of buildings, peaceful fights, peaceful vandalism ... This was all, it's all there, and for every fact, the case was opened by law enforcement agencies," added the Rygyonalka.

UPD: 20/12/2013 Saakashvili (36 people in all) is prohibited from entering Ukraine at the request of the People's Deputy Tsarev

Саакашвили (всего 36 лиц) запрещен въезд в Украину по требованию нардепа Царева

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine satisfied the request of the People's Deputy of the Party of Regions Oleg Tsarev to ban the entry to Ukraine of 36 people, including former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, citizens of the United States and EU countries, writes Kommersant-Ukraine.

The corresponding request to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Alexander Yakimenko and Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara, was submitted by the regional party on 8 December. According to the parliamentarian, "the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, street activity and the seizure of buildings are planned", and "the organization of such campaigns requires the participation of specialists of the appropriate profile." "It is quite reasonable to fear the frequent visits of foreign political technologists and experts in protest activity, whose activities are becoming a threat to national security," Tsarev said.

It is noteworthy that Rosa Tsarev called "the best specialist in the world in organizing revolutions through social networks." The former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and 29 Georgian citizens also appear on the list of non grata persons. "Saakashvili has nothing to do at all, let him go to Georgia and meet with the Georgian people! He came here with his team that organized the" Rose Revolution. "They all settled in Ukraine and were moderators of the revolution that the opposition tried to organize," Kommersant said. -Ukraine Tsarev.

Together with the document, a list was sent of "persons who, within the framework of the opposition's consultative work," have the opportunity to realize "the political interests of other countries." This list includes the research associate of the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the Johns Hopkins University, Taras Kuzio, the famous German political scientist Andreas Umland, as well as Fink Brian, Vasilik Miron, Alexander Ros (all of the USA).

According to the parliamentarian, a Serbian citizen, Marco Ivkovic, also listed on the list, "organized a revolution against Slobodan Milosevic with the Serb team," and promoted such a scenario in Ukraine. "There are 36 people in my request, I have not yet received a reply from the Security Service, but, according to my information, they are all declared persona non grata," the regional governor said.

It is noteworthy that, according to the Financial Times, as early as December 21, one of the defendants of the list - businessman Georgy Kikvadze - was unable to cross the state border of Ukraine. "Probably, now I am a dangerous revolutionary who is trying to get the government resigned," commented Kikvadze.

Georgian Ambassador to Ukraine Georgy Zakarashvili said that three people were not able to enter Ukraine in the request of Oleg Tsarev. "I confirm the fact with Georgy Kikvadze - he returned to Georgia.There were two more such cases - the journalist of Rustavi-2 David Kakulia and one other person were not able to get in. We are now working with the Foreign Ministry and are trying to find out how the Tsarev's list corresponds to reality and how much people who are on this list meet the criteria, "the ambassador said.

Asked about what response steps can be followed by Georgia, the diplomat replied that at present the mission is working on clarifying the information. "I hope that we will resolve all issues in a constructive manner," Zakarashvili summed up.

German political scientist Andreas Umland, who is a member of the expert council of the parliamentary committee on European integration, said that he had not yet attempted to enter Ukraine. "I was surprised that I was on this list - I do not do political work, but I work at the university, where I write and edit academic articles." I wrote the most critical articles to the Freedom party, "he said.

According to the expert, the ban on entry is not related to his criticism of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych or the government. "I asked the European Union to impose sanctions against Russia if Ukraine signs the SA, and Russia imposes sanctions against Ukraine," Umland said, adding that if he confirms the ban, he intends to challenge this decision by the Ukrainian authorities in court.

The opposition believes that the ban on the entry of 36 foreign nationals can lead to "serious international consequences." The first deputy head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, People's Deputy of the Sudan, Valentin Nalyvaychenko, stated that there are three reasons why entry into the territory of Ukraine can be closed. "This is a threat to national security, involvement in criminal offenses or terrorist activities.If the Security Service satisfied the request of Oleg Tsarev, the special service operates for political reasons of the Party of Regions." The diplomacy operates a basic principle of reciprocity. "Any country will require diplomatic explanations, and if these reasons were unreasonable the response will not be long in coming, "- said Nalyvaichenko.

According to the deputy head of the faction Fatherland Sergei Sobolev, such actions may entail serious international consequences. "If these countries - the US, the EU and Georgia - forbid Yanukovych, Azarov and their children to travel to themselves, then Yanukovych will be able to go except to North Korea," the People's Deputy believes.

UPD: 20/12/2013 On the Maidan see yourself and show yourself. Photo of Western politicians at rallies in Kiev

На Майдан посмотреть и себя показать. Фотоподборка западных политиков на митингах в Киеве

Since the beginning of massive Euro-protests in Ukraine has been almost a month. During this time, many well-known Western politicians expressed their support for the European integration aspirations of Ukrainians. At the same time, many of them decided not only to confine themselves to statements and to come to Kiev to talk with Ukrainian officials, to personally assess the massiveness of the country's main Euromaidana, and at the same time with their presence and word to encourage the protesters. has created a photo-selection of participation in the Kiev EuroMaidan by ten high-ranking foreigners. They are American senators John McCain and Chris Murphy, US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Payette, Speaker of the Lithuanian Seim Loret Graužinienė, EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton, Canadian and German foreign ministers John Byrd and Guido Westerwelle, former Prime Minister of Poland Jaroslaw Kaczynski, as well as former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.

UPD: 20/12/2013 The President of the European Parliament does not see the possibility of further cooperation with Ukraine

The Ukrainian theme became one of the main ones at the two-day summit of the European Union, which started yesterday, December 19, in Brussels.

The meeting is attended by leaders of all EU member states and heads of organizations that are part of the structure or work closely with the European Union.

In particular, the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz said that he does not see the possibility of further cooperation with Ukraine. "How can you cooperate with the authorities, which instead of signing an association agreement with the European Union, took a huge loan from Russia, and agreed on an opaque gas price," Schultz said.

UPD: 20/12/2013 EU appreciates Ukraine's refusal to integrate into $ 26 billion

ЕС оценил отказ Украины от интеграции в $26 млрд

Ukraine could receive at least 19 billion euros ($ 26 billion) from the European Union of loans and grants in the next seven years if, in accordance with expectations, it signed a trade and cooperation agreement with the bloc, EU internal data show.

In November, Ukraine at the last moment refused to sign an agreement on trade with Brussels to maintain good relations with Russia. This provoked the most massive street protests in a 46-million-strong country nine years after the Orange Revolution.

Desperately in need of money to cover a huge deficit of external financing, Ukraine appealed to Russia, whose president Vladimir Putin, for the first time in the years of negotiations, agreed to reduce by one-third the cost of gas. He also promised to invest $ 15 billion in the sovereign-bearing sovereign bonds of the "fraternal" Ukraine, which are covered by the economic crisis and political actions that Putin called "pogroms" and linked with Western interference.

The EU avoided making promises with Russia for Ukraine, and the only exact amount, which was publicly stated, is a loan of 610 million euros, which the European Union was ready to offer to Kiev if it agrees to the terms of the creditor, the IMF: unpopular economic reforms. However, estimates of the EU available for internal use show that the total volume of loans and grants to Ukraine between 2014 and 2020 would have been at least 19 billion euros, provided Kyiv signed a trade agreement with the EU and reached an agreement with the IMF. A source in the European Union said that this is a conservative estimate, which was never voiced during negotiations with Ukrainian officials. "We will never do something to show off or compete in giving more money, because the essence of our offer is not in money," the source said.

This figure is close to 20 billion euros of financial assistance, which was spoken about last week by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov: he saw this as a cost compensation from an agreement with the European Union. However, the block doubts the amount called for by Kiev, which is necessary to adapt the Ukrainian economy, which has plunged into recession, to the new terms of trade after the agreement with the EU and against the backdrop of the sanctions that Russia is threatening its neighbor. The EU was ready to advise Ukraine on reaching an agreement with the IMF if the country had signed the treaty.

If Ukraine complies with all IMF conditions, the EU would agree to an "accelerated payment" of the first batch of economic aid and would be ready to begin work on a second, the source said. The EU would also organize a conference with the participation of donor countries and representatives of the private sector to invest in the Ukrainian economy. The bloc emphasizes that the proposal for a trade agreement with Ukraine remains in force. Its first vice-premier, Sergei Arbuzov, said last week that Kiev is ready to sign the document, but EU officials do not expect any action in the near future. European Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule told Arbuzov last week that if Ukraine gives a clear commitment to signing the treaty, the EU will begin working with Kiev to prepare a road map for the implementation of the agreement. However, later Fuele wrote on his tweet on Sunday that the EU is stopping negotiations with Yanukovych on European integration, pointing out the divergence of the president's words and actions against the backdrop of the use of violence by protesters against protesters in the "Euro-Maidan".

UPD: 20/12/2013 Verkhovna Rada amnestied the participants of EuroMaidan

Верховная рада амнистировала участников Евромайдана

The law, for which 339 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from 404 voted, supposes the closing of all criminal cases against participants of protest actions in Ukraine, which began on November 21.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law providing for the release from criminal and administrative responsibility of all detained members of EuroMaidan. On Thursday, December 19, for it voted 339 people's deputies out of 404 registered in the session hall, the UNIAN agency reports.

Introducing the bill in the parliament of Ukraine, MP from the faction Fatherland Pavel Petrenko said that the law does not apply to law enforcement officers who beat protesters, since the opposition insisted on changing the wording "persons associated with participation in protest actions" to "protesters" ", the agency" Interfax "clarifies.

The law also presupposes that all criminal proceedings against protesters in Ukraine, opened on November 21, are subject to closure, and their defendants to release. In addition, they will be considered undocumented.

UPD: 20/12/2013 Most Kievites support EuroMeidan, but they condemn the demolition of the monument to Lenin - poll

Большинство киевлян поддерживают Евромайдан, однако осуждают снос памятника Ленину - опрос

Almost two thirds of Kiev's residents support EuroMeidan, according to the results of the December poll conducted by Research & Branding Group. At the same time, 69% of the residents of the capital reacted negatively to the demolition of the monument to Lenin in the center of Kiev.

According to the data of the social research, in December of this year EuroMaidan was supported by 64% of Kievites, 26% did not support this phenomenon.

It is noteworthy that the greatest supporters of protest actions in the center of the capital are Kyivites aged 40-49 (71% support, 23% - none) and young people under 30 (69% support, 21% - none). In turn, elderly people in Kiev older than 55 years are most critical towards Euromaydan (54% support and 36% do not). It is worth noting that 59% of Kiev expressed their readiness to put up with a number of inconveniences in the life of the capital that arose in connection with Euromaidan, while 34% are not ready for it. With the inconveniences associated with Euromaidan, women are more willing to tolerate (62%) than men (56%). Depending on the age, young people and middle-aged people (up to 50 years) are ready to put up with certain inconveniences (62-63% are ready, 29-32% are not ready). Older people (over 55) are less inclined to tolerate such inconveniences (47% are ready, 43% are not ready).

At the same time, the majority of Kyivans - 69% - negatively reacted to the demolition of the monument to Vladimir Lenin in the center of the capital. According to the results of the study, only 13% of Kiev residents appreciated the positive demolition of the monument to Lenin, and 15% remained indifferent to this. Negatively, the demolition of the monument was attributed to the majority of representatives of all age groups - from 66% among young people to 78% among Kyivans over 55. It is known that the majority (more than half to more than three quarters) of the Kiev supporters of all major political forces, as well as those of the supporters of EuroMaidan, have a negative attitude towards this event. 67% of Kyivans regard the demolition of the monument to Lenin as an act of vandalism, the opposite point of view is held by less than a third of city residents -29%. It is worth noting that 57% of the residents of the capital agree that the actions of those who demolished the monument repeat the similar practice of the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin. With this statement do not agree with this statement, a third of Kiev residents -35%. The study of public opinion of residents of the capital of Ukraine regarding their attitude towards EuroMaidan was conducted during December 10-14. The information was collected using the personal interview method in Kiev, and the sample size was 800 people.