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UPD: 21/01/2014 Clashes on Grushevsky continue

Столкновения на Грушевского продолжаюся Столкновения на Грушевского продолжаюся
Столкновения на Грушевского продолжаюся Столкновения на Грушевского продолжаюся

UPD: 21/01/2014 Titus asked for forgiveness from the people of Kiev: video

Titushek, who at night in the center of Kiev detained activists of the people's self defense Maidan, disarmed. They asked forgiveness from the people of Kiev, after which they were released.

Today throughout the night, activists have identified groups of titles that began to appear in the center of the capital. About 10 unknown people walking in the center of Kiev with sticks and hammers were captured by Maidan's self-defense and taken to the opposition headquarters. They were interrogated in the presence of journalists in the Trade Unions' House on Independence Square, where the headquarters of the Maidan was located.

UPD: 21/01/2014 Journalist on the air showed the middle finger to the regional deputy

Журналист в прямом эфире показал средний палец депутату-регионалу

Journalist Gromadskogo TV Roman Skrypin during an interview with MP from the Party of Regions Vladimir Oliynyk showed him the middle finger.

During the conversation, Skrypin asked Oliynyk, who is in the studio of Gromadsky TV, why the Verkhovna Rada unconstitutionally adopted laws that restrict the rights of people. To this Oliynyk advised the journalist to go to court if he believes that there are any violations.

To the remark of Skrypin that he has no right to challenge the laws, since he is not a people's deputy, Oliynyk replied that there is a right to sue, and the court will already decide. In turn, Skrypin compared this answer so that he would show Oliynyk the middle finger.

"Are you sending me to court? It's like I'll show that I have such a finger," the journalist said, and then showed an indecent gesture to the camera.

UPD: 21/01/2014 Місце на якому вночі стояв Berkut, всіяне гільзами від патронів Терен-12

Місце на якому вночі стояв Беркут, всіяне гільзами від патронів Терен-12

Koli Berkut, in view of the spolen special equipment and buses, it became clear that all land on the local base of special services was allotted for traumatic patrons "Teren 12". Якщо навіть незначний відсоток випущених куль досяг цілі - ми маємо сотні поранених.

In the technical characteristics of the patrons "Teren-12" it is indicated, that the stink of vodnisyatsya to the patrons of the shock-traumatic dії, що їх застосування authorize тимчасово пригнічувати психоволеву стійкість атаника.

Забороняється стрільба: ......- In the head, shiu, statevі organ, molochinі zalozi u zhenok; Існуючі methods of shipbuilding and ballistics expertise to allow viznachiti vidhilennya vіd permissibles rules zastosuvannya travmatichnoї zbroї і patronіv to ynogo, yakі mozhut sprichiniti za kormіnalnu vіdpovdalistі pіlka.

Perekonaniy, scho plylyayuchi in мітингувальників, Беркутівці не переймалися тим куди вони mozut pozіliti.

UPD: 21/01/2014 About 1,400 people were injured in clashes on Hrushevsky Street over the past day.

В столкновениях на улице Грушевского за последние сутки пострадали около 1400 человек.

In the clashes on the street Grushevsky for the past day, affected about 1400 people. This was stated at a press conference at the headquarters of the opposition by the coordinator of the medical service of the Maidan, Oleg Musiy.

According to Musiy, six medical posts are now deployed on the Maidan, but most of the appeals go to the point opened near the barricade on the street. Grushevsky. "Over the past day, 1,400 people have turned to the medical service and to mobile brigades, which are also directly beside the barricades." A typical pattern of appeals: bullet wounds and shrapnel wounds to the face, legs - this accounts for about 80% of all applications, "he said.

In addition, Musi added, there is now a very negative trend of cooperation between the medical service of the Maidan and state medicine. According to him, almost all victims refuse to go to public health facilities, although previously such an agreement was.

"Because we know not single instances of interference by law enforcement agencies in the activities of medical institutions that occur during the transfer of a patient from ambulance directly to hospitals." In fact, according to all international norms, interference of law enforcement bodies is strictly prohibited. "In Ukraine we see a terrible picture , when unknown persons, as a rule, disguised law enforcers, directly in the reception offices take people ... There are cases when people are caught and sent to offices This is unacceptable, "he said. Musi believes that these facts should immediately respond to the Ministry of Health and the international medical community.

UPD: 21/01/2014 The scandalous laws of "black Thursday" are published in the official press. List

Скандальные законы черного четверга опубликованы в официальной прессе. Список

The 10 laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada last Thursday, which, in particular, provide for the introduction of criminal responsibility for libel and increased responsibility for extremism, are published in the official press.

In today's issues of "Voice of Ukraine" and "Uryadovy Courier" were published:

  • №721-VІІ "About the introduction of changes to the Law of Ukraine" On the judiciary and the status of the judiciary ", that procedural law of the shodo dodatkovyh zahodіv zahistu bezpeki gromadyan";
  • №722-VІІ "About the introduction of the law to the active legislative acts of Ukraine, in the course of time, for the administration of administrative rights, the hour of the football match";
  • №723-VІІ "About the amendment to the legislative acts of Ukraine in the sphere of law enforcement in the sphere of security of the roadless road, insurance in automatic mode";
  • №724-VІІ "About the introduction of changes to the Regulations of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine";
  • №725-VІІ "About the introduction of changes to the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine in the form of absentia criminality provagency";
  • №726-VІІ "About the entry of the law before the Law of Ukraine" About the law without legal aid "šódo vіdtermіnuvannya typing in order by items 6 point of the VI" Prikintsevti ta perehіdnі poslozhnya ";
  • №727-VІІ "About the amendment to the statute 197 Subcommittee of Ukraine on the payment of dodo to the customs of the operation of natural gas for importation of Ukraine's natural gas";
  • №728-VІІ "About the introduction of the crime to the year 297 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for the violation of the law, the struggle for peace, quietly fighting against Nazism in the rocks of the Other, підпільників, victims of the Nazi revolts, and takozh vaїnіv-інтернаціоналістів та миротворців ";
  • №729-VІІ "About the introduction of the Criminal Code to the Criminal Code of Ukraine for the violation of the law on the violation of the law on evil of fascism";
  • №731-VІІ "About the introduction of changes to the Law of Ukraine" About the aggravation of the negative nalldikivs and the inadmissibility of rescheduling, that pokarannya osib in the drive of the sub, yaki mali mіsce під hour of spending peaceful zibran. "

Almost all of the most repressive norms come into force from the day following the day of publication, that is, from zero hours on January 22, 2014. In particular, the law on simplification of deprivation of deputy immunity and correspondence trial.

The law on the state budget for this year is considered effective from January 1.

The Law on Judicial System shall enter into force on the day following the day of its publication, except for subparagraph 5 of paragraph 18 of Section I, which shall enter into force on May 1, 2014.

The law on the automatic fixing of violations of traffic rules comes into force one month after the day of its publication.

Responsibility for offenses during football matches will come after six months from the date of publication of the relevant law.

By adopted laws, the Verkhovna Rada, in particular, tightened restrictions on holding mass actions. Participation in mass actions in a mask, helmet or using other means or methods of disguise, according to the changes in Article 185 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses, entails the imposition of a fine from 250 to 300 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens or administrative arrest up to 15 days. The same punishment entails the establishment of small architectural forms (tents) without the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

UPD: 21/01/2014 A golden eagle worker throws stones at protesters and shows indecent gestures. VIDEO

Работник беркута бросает в митингующих камни и показывает неприличные жесты. ВИДЕО

During the riots on Grushevskogo Street, one of the "Berkutians" for a long time teased the protesters with obscene gestures and threw stones at them.

UPD: 21/01/2014 The Golden Eagle continues to torture detained activists and uses metal bullets. A PHOTO

Беркут продолжает пытать задержанных активистов и использует металлические пули. ФОТО

The activists of EuroMaidan continue to publish information about the atrocities committed by law enforcers.

"Vadim was struck by a light-and-noise grenade.After he lost consciousness, he was dragged to his" Berkut. "They beat him in turn.As soon as he got bored, they handed him over to the officers with the words" he threw grenades at you "(although this was not - confirms Vadim.) There, too, there were people who wanted to beat the guy, then stripped it, doused with water and drove to the barricade, "it was reported.

Let's note, on Grushevskogo opposition of protesters and siloviki continues. None of the parties conduct an active offensive. Eyewitnesses report that the number of protesters here is constantly increasing, people continue to arrive at Grushevsky.

"They just fired at us. Rubber bullets in power are over, citizens, "wrote Maxim Prasolov.

Беркут продолжает пытать задержанных активистов и использует металлические пули. ФОТО

UPD: 21/01/2014 Caught the Titus were given a public interrogation. Chief - countryman Yanukovych and a fan of Russian nationalists: How cool I am !. VIDEO

Eleven detainees on Podol "titles" were interrogated in the presence of journalists.

According to Tsenzor.NET with reference to Espresso TV, one of the detainees - Valery Kiva, born in 1990 from Yenakiyevo, found a notebook with a list of "titles" and the sums opposite the names. He himself claims to be a security guard.

Others found batons, a hammer, bits and drugs. As one of the detainees told, the hammer was given to him by the organizers. Also, one of the "titles" found a thing that looked like an explosive.

There are minors among the detainees. They say that they were promised 200 hryvnia each.

On the page of Kiva in the social network "VKontakte" friends are the people's deputy from the Party of Regions "regional" Oleg Tsarev.

Пойманным Титушкам устроили публичный допрос. Главный - земляк Януковича и поклонник российских националистов: Как же я крут!. ВИДЕО

"How cool I am !!!" - signed this photo of Kiva.

The page indicates that Kiva loves the music of Richard Wagner, the German Ramstein group and Russian nationalist groups. There are images of stylized swastikas on the page.

UPD: 21/01/2014 The Interior Ministry showed the flaming special forces. VIDEO

119 police officers have already applied for medical assistance. 80 of them are hospitalized.

This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The victims were diagnosed with closed craniocerebral injuries, fractures, burns, stab wounds and poisoning with unknown substances.

UPD: 21/01/2014 Near the Aleksandrovskaya hospital in the center of Kiev the bandit activist Evromaydan Igor Lutsenko

Возле Александровской больницы в центре Киева похищен бандитами активист Евромайдана Игорь Луценко

Igor Lutsenko disappeared near the Alexander Hospital in the center of Kiev. The new details of the activist's disappearance were posted on his Facebook page on the Facebook social network, informs Censor NO.

According to the testimony of the doctor of the Alexander Hospital, where the wounded Yuri Verbitsky and Igor Lutsenko were kidnapped, people in civilian clothes burst into the hospital's premises, 5 people in black hats and black coats. How many more people were on the street - it is not known. Igor Lutsenko was seized in front of the hospital first. Both activists were taken away in an unknown direction.

This same information is confirmed by the representative in Ukraine of the international organization "Reporters without Borders", the executive director of the Institute of Mass Information Oksana Romanyuk.

"Unknown people in black coats and black hats, about 5 people, broke into the premises of the Alexander Hospital, where Igor went to take his wounded colleague, and seized both." They were taken to an unknown direction. Igor was fine, he was not injured, "she wrote on her Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Evromaydan reports that in the Pechersk district department, activists were informed that there is no information about the detention of Igor Lutsenko by the police.

Возле Александровской больницы в центре Киева похищен бандитами активист Евромайдана Игорь Луценко