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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 01/22/2014

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UPD: 22/01/2014 During the attacks, Berkut brutally beats everyone. A foreign journalist got under the hot hand. VIDEO

As reported by Censor.NET, during one of the attacks, despite all the attributes of the press, Pavel Bobolovich, a Polish journalist, received several blows with a club. He posted the video of the incident on the network.

During attacks, members of the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs severely beat all those who are involved in protest actions.

17 minutes of video from the event center.

UPD: 01/22/2014 Grushivsky Street continues the confrontation between activists and the police

На улице Грушевского продолжается противостояние между активистами и милицией

Collision on the street Grushevsky in Kiev, near the stadium "Dynamo" named after Lobanovsky, between police and protesters continues from Sunday, January 19. A group of participants of the Maidan numbering several hundred people tried to pass through the MVD's block-post to the Verkhovna Rada building in order to then demand that the parliament abolish a number of laws it adopted on January 16 that significantly restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens. There was a conflict, the police began to throw with sticks, stones, firecrackers. Several thousand participants of the anti-government protest rally came to the scene of the clash. Law enforcers responded with protesting lightshadow grenades, grenades with tear gas, shots with rubber bullets and water cannons. The number of victims on both sides exceeded 200 people. Several police buses and trucks were burnt.

UPD: 22/01/2014 What militia fights against the people of Ukraine: what does a simple person need to know?

Чем милиция воюет с народом Украины: что нужно знать простому человеку

The physical impact, the so-called special means and firearms - such is the "set of measures" available to the police. On January 19 and 20, people in the form "answered" the demonstrators in Kiev with the first two. On "special means" and how they are used against the rebels.

During the clashes in Kiev on January 19, "the militiamen did not act as harshly as the law allows them in this situation," Oleg Matveitsov, head of the Department of Public and Sport Events of the Department of Public Security, said a day later through the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And added that in the case of a group attack on police officers, Article 12 of the Law "On the Militia" permits the use of firearms.

Let's skip helmets, shields, handcuffs, batons and electric shockers and go to the means of "long-range" combat.

"Manual gas grenades, as well as cartridges with gas grenades" Cheryomuha - 1 "," Cheryomukha - 4 "," Cheryomukha - 5 "," Cheryomukha - 6 "," Cheryomukha - 7 "," Cheryomukha - 10 "," Cheryomukha - 12 "," Lilac - 1 "," Lilac - 2 "," Lilac - 3 ".

"Cans, cartridges, pomegranates and other special means with tear and irritant drugs based on natural capsaicinoids, pelargonic acid morpholide (IPC), orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS) and algogen substance."

UPD: 22/01/2014 The golden eagle was trying to capture the October Palace. A PHOTO

Беркут пытался захватить Октябрьский Дворец. ФОТО
Беркут пытался захватить Октябрьский Дворец. ФОТО
Беркут пытался захватить Октябрьский Дворец. ФОТО

The soldiers of the special unit "Berkut" tried to seize the Oktyabrsky Palace at the Institutskaya street, 1. The People's Deputy from the "Fatherland" Andrei Parubiy told about this on his Facebook page.

UPD: 22/01/2014 Azarov allowed "Berkut" to use new special means to disperse protests

Now the law enforcers can also use the Dreyf-2 aerosol grenades, the flame-M, Fakel-S and Zarya-2 aerosol grenades, as well as the Lilac-3 hand smoke grenades, for the "protection of public order".

The Cabinet of Ministers expanded the number of special means permitted for use by law enforcement. As reported by the UE, this is stated in Decrees No. 13 and No. 14, adopted on January 22.

In addition, Order No. 13 defines the procedure for the use of water cannons to "prevent mass riots and group violations of public order, repel attacks on buildings, premises, structures and vehicles, regardless of their belonging, protect citizens and self-defense from attack and other actions that endanger their life, health, housing or property. "

Беркуту платят 5000 в день

UPD: 22/01/2014 Employees of GosRadio are asked to leave the premises: Maidan is being cleared, - Euromaidan-SOS

Работников Госрадио просят покинуть помещение: Готовится зачистка Майдана, - Евромайдан-SOS

The authorities are preparing the power breakdown of the EuroMaidan. EuroMaidan-SOS "reported that employees of the State Radio, which is located on Khreshchatyk, were ordered to leave the premises, since in the evening there will be" mopping up the Maidan ", Censor says NO referring to the community message on the Facebook social network.

"We were informed that the State Radio called from the State Radio, which is located on Khreshchatyk near the cafe" Shokoladnitsa. "The radio workers were told that they should leave the premises before 4 pm, as there will be a mop-up of the whole Maidan," the message says.

"Attention, mobilization of all forces, do not panic, remain calm." Our panic is their trump card, "the activists note.

UPD: 22/01/2014 Snipers on the street. Grushevsky is shot at people with metal bullets. A PHOTO

Снайперы на ул. Грушевского стреляют в людей металлическими пулями. ФОТО Снайперы на ул. Грушевского стреляют в людей металлическими пулями. ФОТО

From one of the high-rise buildings along Hrushevsky Street, which is located next to the position of the "Golden Eagle", snipers are firing.

The position that the sniper occupies is on the second and fourth floors from the top.

One of the bullets produced by the sniper hit the wall of the house at Khreshchatyk 1/2. The bullet miraculously passed the helmet on the head of one of the "self-defensists".

According to the representatives of the Maidan's self-defense, the bullet that had already been delivered to the headquarters was made of gold material (apparently, copper - Ed.).

In addition, the snipers were driven from the roof of the photographer's house, which was there.

UPD: 22/01/2014 Special forces received a clear order to physically destroy media representatives on Grushevsky, - journalists

Беркутовец умышленно разбивает камеру оператору дубинкой. ВИДЕО

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and the Independent Media Trade Union affirm in their appeal to the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that "the special forces have a clear order for the physical destruction of journalists on Grushevsky."

This has documentary evidence. - video and photography, as the "Eagles" aimed to shoot rubber bullets in the media, throwing light-shot grenades at their feet, reports the case.

For three days, more than 35 journalists suffered from the use of force by the Berkut on Grushevsky. The force is applied to journalists, video and photographers purposefully - they are easily identified in the crowd, since most of them with professional equipment, many - in the protective jackets "Press".

The film crew of Radio Liberty recorded how the policeman aims and shoots directly at them, after which the journalists were beaten and detained. Operator threw gas grenade under his feet. It was recorded how the security forces fired closely from a traumatic weapon into a journalist with a camera. The Polish journalist Pavel Bobolovich received blows with police batons. And this list can be continued.

The NCLU and the NMWP demanded that the leadership of the law enforcement agencies develop and bring to the attention of all law enforcement and law enforcement officers the behavior in relation to media representatives who fulfill their professional duty in the clashes and provide this document for information to journalists.

UPD: 22/01/2014 The very moment in the video when a man lost his hand from a shock grenade

Тот самый момент на видео когда человек потерял руку от шоковой гранаты

Attention! Children and impressionable not to look! Blood and horror in the frame!

UPD: 22/01/2014 Berkutovets deliberately smashes the camera with the baton operator. VIDEO

Беркутовец умышленно разбивает камеру оператору дубинкой. ВИДЕО Беркутовец умышленно разбивает камеру оператору дубинкой. ВИДЕО
Беркутовец умышленно разбивает камеру оператору дубинкой. ВИДЕО Беркутовец умышленно разбивает камеру оператору дубинкой. ВИДЕО

As reported by Inter, it happened during the morning attack of the "Golden Eagle" on Grushevsky. One of the special forces passing by the operator hit a camera with a club and smashed it.

Next video of the incident, the incident itself at approximately ~ 3: 10 minutes.

UPD: 22/01/2014 US Department of State abolished visas for officials involved in forceful dispersal of EuroMaidan

Госдеп США отменил визы для чиновников, причастных к силовому разгону Евромайдана

The US State Department abolished US visas for Ukrainian citizens involved in the power dispersal of Euromidan in November and December 2013. This was reported by the press service of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

"In response to the actions against the protesters on the Maidan in November and December last year, the US Embassy canceled the visa of several Ukrainian citizens related to the use of force, since visa matters under US law are confidential, we can not comment on individual cases .We want to emphasize that the State Department has extensive powers to abolish visas on the basis of available information, points to the inability to admit the recipient of a visa to the territory of the United States, and we are considering further steps against those who bear an ot for the current violence, "the statement said.

UPD: 22/01/2014 Criminals and terrorists are standing on Grushevsky. They must answer for their actions, - Azarov. VIDEO

Azarov demands criminal responsibility for the demonstrators who confront law enforcement officers on Grushevsky.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov * believes that the participants in the confrontations on Grushevsky and in the center of Kiev can not be called peaceful demonstrators, as they are criminals and terrorists. He stated this at a government meeting today, the UE informs.

According to him, starting the clash on Grushevsky, part of the Maidan, who had long been balancing on the verge of peaceful protests, crossed the line.

"Organized far-right fighters of the radical part of the participants of the Maidan staged mass clashes in the center of Kiev, attacks on law enforcement officers," Azarov said.

He accused the protesters of the arson of cars, looting, terror, seizure of people and the organization of lynching. "The cynicism and immorality of terrorists have reached the point that they throw" Molotov cocktails "into living people, and young guys, also our children, are catching fire," the premier was indignant.

He also said that he has information that the participants of the Maidan allegedly seized some hotels. "At night, terrorists from the Maidan broke into hotels, seized dozens of citizens whom they consider their opponents, and brutally beat them," he said.

"Participants in these clashes can not be called peaceful protesters and protesters, they are criminals who must answer for their actions," Azarov said.

UPD: 22/01/2014 The second demonstrator was shot dead by a direct hit in the heart, "Radio Liberty." VIDEO (updated)

Второй демонстрант застрелен прямым попаданием в сердце

The cause of the death of the second demonstrator on Grushevsky Street in Kiev was a direct hit in the heart. Source:

This was told by an eyewitness of the incident, informs Censor NO referring to Radio Liberty.

According to him, a doctor who tried to provide first aid, examined the wound and ascertained death. Its cause was a direct hit in the heart.

As the Ukrainian doctor told "Ukrainian Truth" on duty doctor Nikolai Sivak, a young man in the form of 20-25 years. He entered the medical department around 8 o'clock in the morning without a pulse. The body of the deceased is in the medical unit on Grushevsky Street, which was deployed in one of the buildings. Now the police are working there, identification continues.

UPD: 22/01/2014 22-year-old activist of EuroMaidan, Sergei Nigoyan, resident of Dnepropetrovsk region, died in hospital

22-летний активист Евромайдана, Сергей Нигоян, житель Днепропетровской области, умер в больнице
22-летний активист Евромайдана, Сергей Нигоян, житель Днепропетровской области, умер в больнице 22-летний активист Евромайдана, Сергей Нигоян, житель Днепропетровской области, умер в больнице

It became known the name of the deceased during the clashes with the Berkut in Kiev, Oleg Pazen wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"Sergei Nigoyan is a resident of the village of Bereznanovka (Solonyansky district of the Dnepropetrovsk region)," he said.

The activist, who fell from the 13-meter colonnade of the Dynamo stadium during the confrontation between the protesters and the siloviki on Grushevsky Street, died January 21 in the capital's hospital.

It is reported that the young man, participated in shelling siloviki fireworks and "Molotov cocktails." When the soldiers of the "Golden Eagle" climbed the colonnade, he did not manage to escape and fell to the ground from a height of 13 meters.

UPD: 22/01/2014 The scale of the expansion of "titles" to Kiev is impressive. Only yesterday "caught" more than two hundred "gopnik" - Shkiryak. A PHOTO

Масштабы экспансии титушек на Киев впечатляют. Только вчера отловили более двухсот гопников

Yesterday, activists of EuroMaidan "caught" more than two hundred "titles". Zorian Shkiryak wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"Patriots continue to protect the capital from the criminal occupation: the next batch of Yanukovich's" titles ", hired for committing crimes, looting, banditry and provocations against the inhabitants of Kiev, today they have been captured more than 200. The scale of their expansion into Kiev is impressive. Poltava region ", - wrote the politician.