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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicles 01/23/2014

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UPD: 23/01/2014 The fifth day of confrontation on Grushevsky. Photo-video reports on January 23

Пятый день противостояния на Грушевского. Фото- и видерепортажи 23 января

The riots on Hrushevsky Street last for the fifth day in a row. At night, the protesters supported a large fire of tires all the time, preventing the siloviki from extinguishing it from water cannons, firing militia cordons with fireworks, and periodically throwing stones and Molotov cocktails with them. As it was - see in the photo shoot and the video shot at the epicenter of the confrontation.

UPD: 23/01/2014 Shakhtar's "Ultras" defends the Euro-Majdan

"Ultras" of the Miner defends Evroimaydan

DONETSK wakes up !!!!! Proud!

UPD: 01/23/2014 Polish journalist conquered YouTube with his video reports from Grushevsky

Польский журналист покорил YouTube своими видеорепортажами с Грушевского

The journalist of the Polish television channel Republika Bartholomew Maslyankevich became the YouTube star in the context of the coverage of the confrontation between the militia and the Euro-Majdans on Hrushevsky Street in Kiev.

In the morning on Wednesday, January 22, Maslyankevich, along with his operator, managed to record a unique video report from the European square - during the time when the Golden Eagle and the soldiers-soldiers "cleared" Hrushevsky's street and, after catching up, beat up the protesters. In addition to the fact that the operator managed to capture this episode from the beginning to the end, Maslyankevich commented on what was happening in the microphone all the time, and at the end of the story he fearlessly approached dozens of siloviki and started asking them: "What are you doing?!?" You're Ukrainians! ". As a result, the Pole video report in less than a day typed nearly 140,000 views on YouTube.

Also, a lot of positive feedback was received by Maslyankevich's video report, filmed on the same day in Mariinsky Park - after the protesters "won" their previous positions on Grushevsky and lit dozens of tires in front of the entrance to the Dynamo Stadium. The journalist managed to get free behind the cordons of shields - beyond the black smoke of the veil - and walk along the slopes of the park among the numerous militia detachments, thus showing how much the number of siloviki was pulled to the epicenter of the confrontation on Grushevsky.

UPD: 23/01/2014 Attack on the autowdans. VIDEO surveillance cameras

In the network appeared a video of the attack on avtoydanovtsev last night on the street Shchors in Kiev.

As reported by Censor.NE, the record shows how several people dressed in black surround one of the cars and do something in the salon.

UPD: 23/01/2014 Zakharchenko disowned the murder of two demonstrators: There are no such ammunition in the arsenal of the militia

У Захарченко открестились от убийства двоих демонстрантов: Таких боеприпасов на вооружении милиции нет

The cause of death of both men in the street Grushevsky were gunshot wounds. Ammunition, which caused these injuries, is not in the arsenal of the militia. This was reported by the first deputy head of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaly Sakal, informs Censor NO referring to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The report notes that investigators among others consider the version of the murder in order to provoke an escalation of the conflict and justify the use of weapons by the protesters.

According to him, 2 facts of deaths are confirmed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which were reported to law enforcement agencies from participants in mass riots on the street. Grushevsky in the city of Kiev. In the first case, the dead is a 20-year-old resident of the Dnipropetrovsk region Sergei Nigoyan, in the second case, a 25-year-old citizen of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Zhiznevsky. The experts found that both young people were killed as a result of gunshot wounds.

Sergei Nigoyan found bodily injuries from two penetrating blind shotgun wounds of the chest with damage to the lungs and heart, as well as a non-penetrating wound in the temporal region of the head. The death of Mikhail Zhiznevsky came from a through gunshot wound to the chest with damage to the aorta in the heart.

In the first case, the wound was caused by grape shot on the basis of a lead alloy, in the second - by a hunting bullet.

"Ammunition, which inflicts bodily harm on both victims, is not in the arsenal of the department's departments and is not used by the militia.In addition, police officers and servicemen of the internal troops who serve in the protection of public order are without firearms," ​​stressed Vitaly Sakal.

Thus, taking into account the received data, the investigators among others consider the version of committing murders in order to provoke escalation of the conflict and justify the use of weapons by the protesters. Confirmations of the right to exist this version are numerous video materials from open sources, where people with firearms are fixed.

Law enforcers are interested in clarifying all the circumstances of the commission of these crimes, since it has already been established that the bodies of the deceased were moved, witnesses of the incident are absent. In addition, the protesters interfered with the work of the investigative and operational group of police, tried to seize the video camera, which was filming, etc.

The investigators also sent inquiries to the editorial offices of the TV channels with a request to provide video recordings of the events filmed on the street. Hrushevsky at the time when the alleged death of the victims. This will help to conduct pre-trial investigation as fully and as objectively as possible.

UPD: 23/01/2014 "We do not leave our own" - a strong video from the assault on the "Berkut" on January 22

Events take place during the storming of the Golden Eagle. January 22, 2014 th.

It's not a golden eagle that throws its own ...

UPD: 01/23/2014 How the Golden Eagle mocks people in captivity and makes a photo for memory. SHOCKING VIDEO

As a golden eagle mocks people in captivity and make a photo for memory. SHOCKING VIDEO

UPD: 23/01/2014 AT THE TROPORY OF WAR: Incredible photos from the battlefield in Kiev

НА ТРОПЕ ВОЙНЫ: Невероятные фотографии с поля битвы в г.Киев

ON THE WAR TROPE: Incredible photos from the battlefield in Kiev

UPD: 01/23/2014 Poluvannya at Avtomaydan: people in the epaulettes of wine rustle?

Полювання на Автомайдан: люди в погонах виносять трупи?

Continuation and video >>>

Information about the corpses on the street. The greenhouse was not confirmed - Orobets

UPD: 23.01.14 16:55 People's deputy of Ukraine Lesya Orobets did not confirm the information about several corpses, which, allegedly, were discovered in the morgue on the street. Greenhouse.

Orobets * noted: "At the moment, information about the telecommunication of the bodies on Orangereynaya Street has not been confirmed, the phone from which the information was allegedly received has not been assigned to any subscriber, and the journalists who were at the scene of the events and all our sources refute the information provided to us by unknown persons We keep the situation in check.

"Most likely this is another disinformation aimed at intimidating and inciting additional aggression.My friends, I beg you - do not spread panic.In such a hard time it is important to very clearly check everything that you are told.The security of the information field in modern conditions is the basis of the foundations of security in whole, "she wrote.

UPD: 01/23/2014 A list of victims and kidnapped activists of Avtomaydan was published

Обнародован список пострадавших и похищенных ночью активистов Автомайдана

The activists of Avtomaydan detained at night in Kiev were taken to the Dniprovsky District Department of Internal Affairs, which is located on the left bank of the capital. This was announced from the Maidan scene, reports the Left Bank.

In addition, the community of "Automaid SOS" published on its page in "Facebook" a list of the victims and kidnapped activists of Avtomaydan and other activists at night. Here is the list (next to the names written car data).

In the Fortress Lane (Officers' House):

  1. Shevchenko Alexander Leonidovich CA6903AR DACIA LOGAN gray
  2. Kravtsov Alexander Andreevich, Zelinsky Sergey AA1790EN DAEWOO LANOS blue
  3. Julia Volkova АА0963КН NISSAN X-TRAIL red
  4. Bus Volkswagen (blown up with a grenade) - yellow, the numbers are supposedly 0331KS - Yaroslav Puzhak, the names of the rest of the victims are unknown, up to 7 people
  5. Auromyan Rudolph - Dacia Logan АА2205ЕВ blue

At the Institute:

  1. Two unknowns kidnapped

On the street Shchorsa (17 hospital):

  1. Andrey Shmuts, Igor Kobzar, Denis Rubtsov, Nikita Gorsky 4URM977 jeep Cherokee and AA 1313 KA Tuareg Volkswagen
  2. V 3030 AT subaru - the names of the victims are unknown
  3. 6037 Lachetti - the names of the victims are unknown

Location unknown:

  1. Andrei Kiselev (journalist Lenta.Ru) - kidnapped.

A total of at least 9 cars and at least 15 people are broken up.

Recall, about 4:00 "Berkutov" detained activists of Avtomaydan, who patrolled 17 hospitals in Kiev. In addition, in the center of Kiev on the Fortress Lane, the soldiers of the Berkut detained people and smashed cars.

UPD: 23/01/2014 Avtomaydana cars crashed: footage appeared, as the Golden Eagle thundered cars. VIDEO

This night, "Berkut" announced a hunt for activists of Avtomaydan. It was recorded at least 4 attacks on activists in Kiev: st. Shchorsa, 17th hospital, Rusanovka and the most brutal on the street. Institute near the Fortress Lane.

In the network appeared video of the attack "Berkut" on the activists of Avtomaydan on the street of Inttsitutskaya in the center of Kiev, said the community Euromaidan in Facebook.

The video is clearly visible. that a convoy of 3 cars stopped the patrol "Berkut" and began to attack, literally, roaring cars and beating drivers and passengers, while not even sparing women. As a result, 4 people were abducted, the fifth victim in the hospital. Source:

At the same time, the video not only records the fact of the robbery of the "Berkutovites", as well as the cruelty with which the special unit soldiers commit these atrocities. On the video, the man screams that the soldiers did not touch the woman, his wife, but then her cries and groans are heard. Also, at the end of the recording "Berkutovtsy" come to check if there is a DVR, but they could not find it.

UPD: 23/01/2014 "Take a photo, as I shoot people", - "Berkut" proudly pose on the barricades on Grushevsky. PHOTO reportage

беркутовцы гордо позируют на баррикадах на Грушевского

In the social network began to get photos of employees of the "Golden Eagle", who either posed against the background of the barricades that they had temporarily seized, or at the moment when they asked their colleagues to photograph them for shooting or throwing grenades at the activists.

About this on his page in Facebook writes a famous singer and writer Irena Karpa

She posted a shot, which shows how the "Berkut" today are doing a group photo against the backdrop of captured barricades on the street. Grushevsky. The photo shows that the soldiers are very proud of the task, and, apparently, the issue of excessive cruelty and excessive use of force, because of which the demonstrators died, they do not care much.

"Well, I'm sorry for the tsikh," I'm sorry, I just hate my robot. "I'll pick up a list of people who have children in the house. I shive, podeykuyut, 5 snipers," sholok pratsyue "on Ovocha. . бані, і your children dive giknetsya, "- signed a photo of Karp.

Golden eagles proudly pose on the barricades on Grushevsky Golden eagles proudly pose on the barricades on Grushevsky

UPD: 23/01/2014 On Grushevsky constructed a two-meter slingshot

На Грушевского сконструировали двухметровую рогатку

Previously, the protesters built a catapult. Protesters on Hrushevsky Street in the center of Kiev constructed a two-meter hornet, UNIAN agency reported January 23 in Kiev.

It is reported that this invention consists of two sticks, which are fixed at the bottom by wooden pallets. It is also known that the slingshot is mobile. At the moment, it is ten meters from the burning tires. The protesters use a slingshot to throw stones at security forces.

UPD: 01/23/2014 Nearly 100,000 activists stayed on Maidan: shooting, explosions, new barricades and catapult-2.

На Майдане остались ночевать около 100 тысяч активистов: стрельба, взрывы, новые баррикады и катапульта-2.

About 100 thousand protesters stayed overnight in EuroMaidan.

The night rally is led by Ruslana, who returned from Brussels. Activists, priests, artists perform on the Independence Square. protesters from time to time perform the anthem of Ukraine.

At the same time, the approaches to the Maidan are strengthened with additional barricades. Activists are erecting a new barricade at the Vladimirsky descent of the European Square.

Thus, the central part of Kiev will be cut off from Podil. Until it is fully erected and cars can pass, but not more than one at a time - they are passed through in different directions in different directions, writes UP.

On the street Grushevskogo in Kiev at the confrontation of the protesters and law enforcement units without changes.

On the space that separates law enforcement officers and protesters, car tires are burning. The police are trying to extinguish them with water from their hoses, but so far it is not working.



On the capital's Khreschatyk, disguised security officials seized peaceful, unarmed demonstrators who had stepped out of the perimeter of the barricades and were taken away from the city where they were severely tortured and then abandoned to die in the forest. On Monday, January 20, two young children with severe injuries were taken to the Kyiv ambulance in the afternoon. This is written by Darius Gorskaya in the newspaper Fakty.

A 19-year-old Cyril Buntov from Zhytomyr had a fractured arm, numerous bruises and bruises, and the face of the guy in general turned into a bloody mash. 30-year-old Sergei Sikorsky from the Cherkassy region received a fracture of two left ribs, bruises of the back and hands. In both patients, the muscles of the shins and heels are beaten, they can not walk practically. Both are victims of the brutal massacre of the "Berkut people". At the same time, young people were far from the fighting on Hrushevsky Street - walking along Khreshchatyk, where now it's pretty quiet. Cyril and Sergei did not participate in fights and provocations, did not keep batons in their hands and did not do anything illegal. Therefore, when they were taken one by one by strong guys in civilian clothes and led to minibuses, they did not understand anything.