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UPD: 23/02/2014 Photo of the legendary toilet bowl appeared on the Internet (PHOTO)

A photo of the legendary toilet bowl appeared on the Internet (PHOTOFEIK)
The toilet is allegedly used by the head of state himself ...
A photo of the legendary toilet bowl appeared on the Internet (PHOTOFEIK)
And here are the golden cranes ...

In the Internet there was a photo of a gold toilet bowl. As the correspondent of the portal "Zaporozhye. Comments ", the authors of the photo claim that it is installed in the residence of President Viktor Yanukovych in Mezhyhiria.

As a proof of the "authenticity" of the toilet, the authors also show an image of the faucets that are installed in the restroom of the head of state, which in style and color fit the interior of the presidential toilet that was captured in this photograph.

At the same time, experts do not exclude that these photos - just a joke of Internet users.

Earlier it was reported that in the toilet of President Yanukovych a golden toilet bowl was installed, the cost of which is 350 thousand euros.

UPD: 23/02/2014 "Partії Regіonіv" - Yanukovych betrayed us, Alexander Efremov - no comments

"Partії Regіonіv" - Yanukovych betrayed us, Alexander Efremov - no comments

UPD: 23/02/2014 Communal workers on Monday will begin the analysis of barricades in Kiev - Makeyenko

Коммунальщики в понедельник начнут разбор баррикад в Киеве - Макеенко

Street cleaning is planned to be coordinated with the protesters. Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Vladimir Makeenko plans on Monday, February 24 to begin dismantling of barricades in the center of Kiev, said on Sunday, February 23, the news agency UNN.

"We will start cleaning Kiev from the next day, remove various barricades, but of course it should be in accordance with the agreements with the citizens who built them." Step by step we will move, because it's time to collect the stones, "said Makeenko to journalists on the sidelines of the Rada .

According to him, for today in Kiev there are no failures in the transport sphere, or in the communal services, or in the provision of food for the citizens.

UPD: 23/02/2014 Fisherman refutes Yanukovych's words about his beating

Rybak called Yanukovych's words about attacking him with absurdity.

Ex-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Rybak denied information that his car was fired by unknown persons, video recording with the corresponding application of Rybak is posted on the network.

On Saturday, February 22, Viktor Yanukovych, who was dismissed from the duties of the president, said in an interview with one of the TV channels that the car in which Rybak was traveling was fired by unknown persons.

"Yesterday I came to Donetsk, when I was in the hospital, I received information that there was some attempt on me, somebody attacked me, someone shot me in the car." This is absurd, it's fiction, I do not remember for my life, that someone raised my hand to me, this is absurd "

UPD: 23/02/2014 Yanukovych flies from Mezhyhirya - video

The fifth channel published a video from the surveillance cameras of the day when Viktor Yanukovich left Mezhyhirya.

On the video there is a fuss near the estate of trucks and minibuses and unknown people who are loading something into cars. Also in the frame came a helipad: in particular, the way in the helicopters loaded suitcases.

The car arrives at the site. From one of them comes a woman with a dog, and they also get into the helicopter.

UPD: 23/02/2014 When voting for the resignation of Kozhara and Tabachnyk, facts of "push-button"

При голосовании за отставку Кожары и Табачника были замечены факты кнопкодавства

Correspondent of the Air Force Ukraine from the Verkhovna Rada recorded on the video the fact that the dismissal of Tabachnik and Kozhara from posts occurred with the application of the so-called "button-down".

Recall that today at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the people's deputies supported the draft resolutions on the dismissal of Leonid Kozhara, Dmitry Tabachnik and Raisa Bogatyreva.

236, 237 and 238 people's deputies voted for these resolutions, respectively.

In addition, Oleg Lyashko made a proposal to introduce a moratorium on the closure of hospitals.

UPD: 23/02/2014 A kilometer-long traffic jam has formed on the road to Mezhyhir. People drop transport and go to the residence on foot

На дороге к Межигорью образовалась километровая пробка. Люди бросают транспорт и идут в резиденцию пешком

On the way to the residence of Viktor Yanukovych in Mezhyhiria, a huge traffic jam was formed from cars wishing to visit the residence. This is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

The cork stretches for several kilometers, some cars get stuck in cuvettes when they try to go round it. The road to Mezhyhiria is only two lanes towards the residence, back one strip. Cars periodically leave on the counter, thus blocking the journey to Kiev.

In this traffic jam, people leave the vehicles massively and go to Mezhyhiria on foot, some turn back to Kiev.

According to eyewitnesses, thousands of those wishing to enter the territory gathered at the residence. As reported, on Saturday, the residence of Viktor Yanukovych opened for visitors.

UPD: 02/23/2014 In Mezhyhiria, documents were found about millions of embezzlements and bribes. One of the "sponsors" gave $ 12 million. PHOTO report + VIDEO

В Межигорье нашли документы о миллионных растратах и взятках. Один из спонсоров дал $12 млн. ФОТОрепортаж+ВИДЕОВ Межигорье нашли документы о миллионных растратах и взятках. Один из спонсоров дал $12 млн. ФОТОрепортаж+ВИДЕО

On February 22, at the residence of Viktor Yanukovych Mezhyhirye, documents were found that showed violations of the law, bribery of judges, evasion of taxes, bribes and unheard-of luxury.

On Saturday, at the residence of Viktor Yanukovych - Mezhygorie, self-defense representatives and journalists found documents that testify to the violation of legislation, the bribery of judges, evasion of taxes, Tsenzor reports. There are no references to the Ukrainian truth.

Documents were found in the water at the pier. Some documents tried to burn, and when they realized that they did not have time to burn, the documents were simply thrown into the water by the hangar with yachts.

This happened shortly before the arrival of journalists and self-defense, because some documents did not have time to get wet completely.

Thanks to the efforts of self-defenders, the documents managed to be lifted from the water. All of them concerned the activities of the co-owners Mezhyhirya of Tantalit, which now belongs to Klyuev, and the charitable foundation "Revival of Ukraine."