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UPD: 23/04/2014 The Ministry of Justice completed the assessment of the losses from the annexation of the Crimea: "We have begun to calculate the value of the state property of the Russian Federation in Ukraine for compensation"

Минюст завершил оценку убытков от аннексии Крыма

The Ministry of Justice is waiting for the signing of the law on the occupied territory, which specifies the mechanism for filing claims to the courts to receive compensation from the Russian Federation for actions in the Crimea.

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has conducted an assessment of Ukraine’s losses from the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the results will be announced next week, Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko reported, reports

"We have completed the assessment. The law on the occupied territory provides for a mechanism for filing claims, the law will be signed before the end of this week. Next week, together with the claims, we will announce figures," he told reporters on Wednesday in Kiev.

As previously reported, Ukraine intends in the near future to file claims in international and domestic courts to receive compensation from the Russian Federation for actions in the Crimea.

In addition, at the end of March, Petrenko announced that Ukraine had begun an inventory of the property of the Russian Federation, which is located on the territory of the state to compensate for losses associated with the military invasion and annexation of the Crimea.

"We began calculating the value of state property of the Russian Federation, which is located on the territory of Ukraine. According to international law and Ukrainian legislation, this property can be subject to compensation for damages on possible decisions that will be made by Ukrainian or international courts. The relevant calculations are carried out by law enforcement agencies and our diplomatic structures, "- said the Minister.

UPD: 04/23/2014 In Crimea, depositors line up in thousands of queues: "I will be in 5 or 6 thousand." VIDEO

From today in the Crimea began accepting applications for compensation payments to depositors of Ukrainian banks, which the Central Bank of Russia officially banned activities on the territory of the annexed peninsula.

According to "Krym.Realii", in the morning people lined up in multi-meter lines at bank branches. The biggest excitement at the office of "PrivatBank" in Simferopol. Some even had to call an ambulance.

Depositors blame the owners of Ukrainian banks for such a situation. However, the decision to terminate the activities of financial institutions was initiated by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The corresponding decision was made on April 21, 2014. In the list of prohibited subdivisions of PJSC CB PrivatBank, JSC IMEXBANK, PJSC Bank Kievan Rus and PJSC VAB Bank.

UPD: 04/23/2014 Militants in Slavyansk are identified: Russians, Crimeans and Oplota fighters. Photo report

Опознаны боевики в Славянске: россияне, крымчане и бойцы Оплота. ФОТОрепортаж

The separatists who are operating in Slavyansk turned out to be Russians - representatives of the Terek Cossacks, a resident of Irkutsk, Crimeans and residents of mainland Ukraine.

According to the publication Ukrainian Policy identified several militants.

UPD: 04/23/2014 Journalist Yevgeny Gapich disappeared in Gorlovka. A PHOTO

В Горловке исчез журналист Евгений Гапич. ФОТО

More than a day there is no contact with the journalist Yevgeny Gapich, who disappeared during his stay in a business trip in Gorlovka.

The freelance journalist "Vikon" Evgeny Gapich on Monday and Tuesday was in the Donbas, from where he called and sent reports. The last time he called was on Tuesday, April 22, at about 10 o'clock and relayed the news from Artyomovsk. He promised to provide photos soon, reported Censor. NO with reference to Vikna.

The journalist went on a trip to the east of Ukraine, having won a grants competition for journalists from the state organization Telekritika. In his blog, Yevgeny Gapich reported that cars from the west of Ukraine should not be sent to Donetsk.

Alexander Gritsenko, the Grant Manager of the Telekritika State Association, confirmed to the Telekritika the disappearance of a journalist. According to him, yesterday, April 22, in the evening the wife of Yevgeny Gapich called him and said that he had no connection with her husband for a day, reports the publication.

I guess that Yevgeny Gapich was on a business trip with his brother from Summ. And the brother, before the connection with him was broken, said the code word to his relatives, which meant danger. The last city from which Gapich and his brother got in touch is Gorlovka. According to Gapich’s relatives, there were several unsuccessful attempts to withdraw money from his brother’s bank card.

Gapich won a grant on business trips to Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lugansk regions and went on a trip to April 17. He had several letters of support from different editions, which guaranteed the publication of his future materials. A letter of support for a business trip was provided to him by the editorial board of the Ivano-Frankivsk newspaper Reporter.

“He carried out the assignment of his editorial staff, and GO Telekritika only covered the expenses of business trips on a grant from the Renaissance Foundation,” said Alexander Gritsenko.

UPD: 04/23/2014 Lavrov continues to threaten Ukraine with the Russian army

Лавров продолжает угрожать Украине российской армией

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia had never denied that it had sent additional troops to the Russian-Ukrainian border. This Lavrov said in an interview with RT, reports Ukrainska Pravda.

At the same time, he said that the Russian troops participate in regular exercises.

“The Ukrainian authorities did the same, transferring a part of the troops to the south-eastern regions of the country. Our troops are on Russian territory,” the minister said.

According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made military exercises regular. "This is normal, because the army must feel prepared," the minister explained.

At the same time, he made it clear that Russia is ready for military action.

“If the interests of Russian citizens are directly violated, I see no other way out than to respond in accordance with the norms of international law,” Lavrov said.

The minister is convinced that "Russian troops are on their territory."

Recall, during a straight line on April 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time publicly acknowledged that the “green men” in the Crimea are the Russian military. Previously, he categorically denied this information in the same way as the presence of the Russian military in the eastern regions of Ukraine now denies.

UPD: 04/23/2014 Prices in the Crimea have doubled: "Everything has become more and more expensive. Today, milk has become even more expensive." VIDEO

Цены в Крыму выросли в два раза: Страшно все подорожало. Сегодня молоко стало еще дороже. ВИДЕО

In Crimea, the prices of food and essential goods over the past two weeks have increased a half to two times. As stated in the plot TSN.

As noted, so far only the price of bread has been holding, but since yesterday it has also risen in price. Against the background of a rise in price, people still did not wait for an increase in pensions and salaries, and this promise was for many the driving force during the so-called "?? referendum" for the disengagement of the Crimea.

“Potatoes are now 8-11 rubles, and consider that a week ago it was 6 rubles each,” say Crimeans.

Pork tenderloin on the market a few weeks ago cost 65 hryvnia per kg, and now 90 and even 100 UAH. On the reasons for the rapid rise in price sellers do not want to talk to the camera. But in a private conversation, sellers complain about disruptions in supplies from mainland Ukraine and expensive fuel.

Meanwhile, prices are rising not only in the bazaars, but also in pharmacies.

“Two days ago I noticed drugs. I always bought my mother at the same price, but now she has risen in price by almost UAH 18,” complains a Crimean woman.

The price in Crimea didn’t change except for public transport. Through Russian fuel supplies at gas stations, prices began to fall.

The liter of the 95th is now poured in at 13 hryvnia. At the Ukrainian gas stations gasoline costs 16 UAH, so there is empty.

More and more Crimeans burden small metal money - the Ukrainian penny sellers refuse to accept. The majority of Ukrainian and international banks have already closed on the peninsula.

Therefore, endless queues are lining up under Russian banks and the Crimean post offices, because only here people can receive social benefits, pay utility bills and make money transfers.

UPD: 04/23/2014 Yatsenyuk instructed to check the validity of the rise in prices for medicines: "That it was not so - to whom the war, and to whom the mother is"

Яценюк поручил проверить обоснованность роста цен на лекарства: Чтоб не было так - кому война, а кому мать родна

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk instructed the Ministry of Health to check the validity of the increase in drug prices.

He stated this during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

"I appeal to everyone who sells medicines, who sells medicines, who sells medicines, so that it does not happen: who is war and who is mother. If the rate has increased by 20%, that means 20, not 120 ... The Ministry of Health, you are under control, the Ministry of Economy through the State Price Inspectorate - monitoring the implementation of the decision on state regulation of prices for medical preparations, ”Yatsenyuk said.

At the same time, the prime minister ordered a detailed review of the pharmacies at hospitals. In particular, find out who the owners of such pharmacies are and what prices they have for drugs.

Yatsenyuk also said that Ukrainians spend about 50 billion hryvnas annually on the purchase of medicines. According to him, the market volume of medicines and medicines in Ukraine is 4.3 billion dollars.

UPD: 04/23/2014 Pentagon: We did not see anything from Moscow to de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine

Пентагон: Мы ничего не увидели со стороны Москвы для деэскалации конфликта в Украине

The US defense department noted that Russia did not withdraw troops from the borders of Ukraine and did not contribute to the de-escalation of tension. This was announced on Tuesday by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, the official website of the agency reports.

According to Kirby, the situation along the eastern border of Ukraine remains tense:

"We did not see anything from Moscow, from Russia or their armed forces, which would contribute to the de-escalation of the conflict (or) stabilization of the situation in Ukraine and on the European continent. It would be very useful if they took their troops out of this border and took concrete measures to respect the sovereignty of Ukraine "

The Pentagon spokesperson noted that "Russia's aggression against Ukraine has renewed our determination to strengthen NATO’s defense capabilities in order to demonstrate the continued support of our NATO allies in Central and Eastern Europe."

He noted that "the only message for Moscow right now is that the United States perceives its obligations with respect to the European continent very serozno".

UPD: 23/04/2014 The active phase of the anti-terrorist operation continued. Security forces are working to eliminate the gangs, - Yarema

Активная фаза антитеррористической операции продолжена. Силовики работают над ликвидацией бандформирований, - Ярема

The active phase of the antiterrorist operation in eastern Ukraine is continued. This was stated to journalists by First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema, informs RBC-Ukraine.

"The antiterrorist operation continues. Today, the active phase continues, and law enforcement agencies are working to eliminate the gangs in Kramatorsk and Slavyansk and other cities," he said.

At the same time, Yarema noted that the operation was suspended at Easter, force measures were not taken.

Recall in the evening of April 22 and. President Oleksandr Turchynov demanded that the active phase of the antiterrorist operation in the east of Ukraine be resumed in connection with the killing of a member of the Gorlovka city council from Batkivshchyna there.

UPD: 04/23/2014 Russian security officials were forbidden to rest abroad: "Welcome to the Crimea"

Российским силовикам запретили отдыхать за границей: Добро пожаловать в Крым

The police, employees of the Federal Migration Service (FMS), the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), the Interior Ministry and the Russian Ministry of Defense may find it harder to choose a place to leave.

Russian media reported that employees of these departments were banned from traveling to some foreign countries, reports

The information comes contradictory: according to some data, the departure was restricted for all, according to others - only for employees who have access to documents classified as “secret”.

In the "black list", according to various information, from 150 to 200 foreign countries, including the most popular tourist destinations - Turkey and Egypt.

LifeNews, citing its sources, reports that employees of Russian law enforcement agencies will no longer be able to enter 150 countries. The USA, Turkey, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Egypt, Spain, the Czech Republic, Cuba and some others are on the black list.

This information of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" was confirmed by the Chairman of the Coordination Council of the trade union of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Mikhail Pashkin. A source in the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North Administrative Administrative Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Moscow announced that it had become known the ban on leaving the ordinary personnel the day before.

Interfax, also citing an anonymous source, noted that the ban applies only to those police officers who have a high degree of access to state and official secrets.

Departure for official travel in such cases will be agreed with the management.

According to the agency interlocutor, at the end of March, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia received a letter of recommendation on strengthening the regime for protecting state and official secrets, in which it was proposed to limit the departure of employees who have access to work with state secrets.

According to the source, in the "black list" there are about 200 states.

At the same time, the ban did not affect employees with the third form of admission - that is, police officers who do not have access to documents classified as “secret”.

The source stressed that this decision fully complies with the law on state secrets, since employees with the second form of admission sign a document stating that they may at any time be prohibited from traveling abroad and receive a corresponding monetary allowance "for secrecy".

According to LifeNews, all operatives and investigators are banned from leaving until further notice. The validity of the order is unknown.

We note that earlier for the police, trips abroad were possible after coordination with the management: in order to take a vacation outside Russia, it was enough to inform the authorities.

In the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, meanwhile, reported that from the personnel department "there was no such order." The Trade Union of the Moscow police reported that the order exists, the details are being investigated.

The Federal Migration Service (FMS) and the Russian Ministry of Defense declined to comment on the information for Moskovsky Komsomolets. ITAR-TASS in the Fedleral Penitentiary Service (FMS) said that there are no prohibitions or restrictions in this regard. However, a source at the Federal Migration Service reported that the ban on leaving the staff there was explained by the fact that "abroad, civil servants can be attacked."

As noted by the portal LifeNews, in the Federal Service for the Control of Drug Trafficking (FSKN) such an order is being prepared. Egypt has already been banned, but after the approval of the order being prepared, this list of countries will significantly expand, sources said.

At the same time, the press service of the Federal Drug Control Service told Interfax that employees were simply advised not to travel to countries that have an extradition agreement with the United States. “This is a recommendation, not an order,” the department stressed. Russia Today also wrote that law enforcement officials were not forbidden to travel abroad, but simply recommended temporarily refrain from traveling.

Where and who can go, is not yet known. According to LifeNews, civilians working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Drug Control Service may be allowed to leave in Turkey. In addition, it is expected that in the next month a list of "allowed" countries will appear.

Users of social networks immediately responded to media information. “My father wasn’t released to Bulgaria in the Soviet era,” one of the panelists wrote at a popular forum. “That's right. A week ago I heard it from a relative who works in the bodies. They were warned in advance ... welcome to Crimea,” said another Russian Internet user. Another forumchanin suggested that this decree is aimed at "high leaders."

At a special forum of police officers, the police are discussing whether those who have already purchased tickets will be able to recover abroad. Law enforcers say that they are not going to cancel trips, and, according to their data, there are no documents yet (this, however, contradicts the information of LifeNews, which published a photo of a certain document).

At the same time, employees from the Khabarovsk Territory report that travel has been banned by everyone, including those who have an order for leave and travel vouchers. Even those with the third form of secrecy are denied (there is no access to state secrets).

“Once in my life I decided to go abroad with my family — I took out a loan, somehow signed a vacation, issued a visa — and that, now everything? Better to quit,” one of the policemen is outraged. "If nothing is resolved before May, then I will go write a report on the dismissal. Zadolbali already," writes another. “If you have a couple of years left until retirement, you have to hold on and endure ... And if you are 8-10 years old, then you need to look for yourself in life, and not tolerate this filth,” the FSKN employee advised. "I do not want and I will not rest with us. I know the difference in comfort and in money," writes another law enforcement officer

Meanwhile, RIA “Novosti” published a material entitled “Visiting is good, but at home is better”, where it asserts that security officials can have a good rest in Russia, and restrictive measures will have a beneficial effect on the development of domestic tourism.

In Russia, there are more than 4 million Russians in power structures. The total number of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is about 1.3 million. According to the latest data, there are 10 police officers per 1000 people in Russia (the global level is about 3 police officers per thousand citizens).

More than two million people work in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 325.5 thousand in the FSIN, and 40 thousand in the Federal Drug Control Service. It is difficult to calculate the exact number of employees of the Federal Security Service, the FSB and military intelligence because of the secrecy of the data - but the approximate figure is about 250 thousand.

UPD: 04/23/2014 Turkey tightened entry rules for Russians

Турция ужесточила правила въезда для россиян

The Turkish authorities have tightened the rules for entry into the country of Russian tourists.

As reported on the website of the Turkish Embassy in Moscow, from now on, in order to cross the Turkish border as part of a visa-free regime, a tourist must have a passport, which has at least four months to expire. Previously, it was enough for three months. Reports Tsenzor.NET with reference to the Commander-in-Chief.

A sharp change in the rules threatens the plans of Russians who gathered to rest in Turkey during the upcoming May holidays and who bought tickets and trips in advance. "There was a situation when Russians are forced to cancel paid trips to Turkey for the May holidays, because the validity of their passports does not meet the new requirements. Due to the fact that new requirements for foreign passports were not announced in advance, we ask for assistance in resolving the suspension issue of these requirements until May 12, 2014 inclusively. This will allow Russian tourists not to cancel their trips now, quietly spend the May holidays in the resorts of Turkey, and after returning to do the registration of a new passport in ", - stated in the appeal sent by the Russian Union of Travel Industry, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and the Turkish Ambassador to the Russian Federation.

UPD: 23/04/2014 Crimean Tatars will not allow the creation of a gambling zone in the Crimea, - Dzhemilev

Крымские татары не допустят создания игорной зоны в Крыму, - Джемилев

The gambling business in Crimea is at odds with the national convictions of the Crimean Tatars. Putin will meet with serious resistance from the indigenous population in this matter.

Mustafa Dzhemilev said this on Shuster Live on Tuesday *, Censor reports. NO with reference to Ukrinform.

“The idea of ​​Las Vegas in the Ukrainian territories was still in the time of Matvienko. And even then we spoke out against it. This contradicts our national traditions. Now this Putin initiative will be one of the sources of opposition to the Crimean Tatars,” said Dzhemilev.

He also expressed doubts about the possibility of implementing the plan under the current circumstances: when only Russian aircraft fly to Crimea. Also, the leader of the Crimean Tatar people noted that the world community is unlikely to close its eyes to the occupation and start traveling to the Crimea in search of entertainment: "Do they really think that the world will reconcile with this occupation and, as if nothing happened, will go to the Crimea to have fun .. . "

UPD: 04/23/2014 "A deputy from Gorlovka was monstrously tortured. What other victims are needed for the SBU to start killing terrorists?", - journalist

Glavred Tsenzor. NO. Yury Butusov shared information that because of the murders of the deputy of the Gorlovka City Council Vladimir Rybak and another person an emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers will take place.

"An emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers in the case of the abduction and murder in Slavyansk of two Ukrainians from the Donetsk region, the rally participants For a united Ukraine! In Gorlovka. The source of Censor. in conflict with the gangsters who tried to tear down the flag of Ukraine, and another Ukrainian, whose body has not yet been identified. They tried to monstrously. It’s better not to see these photos. It’s not people but animals that did it. They burned them with fire and cut them with knives .... Exper you show a purely Caucasian handwriting. The Caucasus in the Donetsk region. There are two witnesses who saw these people being tortured in a building controlled by green men, that they were guarding the torture room. Now an American journalist and several other citizens of Ukraine disappeared in Slavyansk All the givers will be made public at a briefing at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will begin in the next few minutes, I don’t know what other victims are needed to force the Security Service of Ukraine to execute the direct order of the Supreme Commander about the destruction of terrorist groups and in the east of Ukraine. Otherwise, why do we need the antiterrorist center of the SBU? Otherwise, the leadership of the SBU should hand over the authority and open the arsenals to the people who openly destroy the two entries of the enemy saboteurs. If the generals from the antiterrorist forces are still so defiantly passive and tomorrow, then the question arises - from whose budget do they receive a salary? Then they are also accomplices of war crimes? "

Today, the body of one of the two dead, found in the Torets River near the urban-type settlement of the Raygorodok, Donetsk region, was identified. He is the deputy of the Gorlovsky city council from the Batkivshchyna party Vladimir Rybak.

This was reported to the Interior Ministry during a briefing Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Stanislav Rechinsky and First Deputy Chief of the CDD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Redka.

"The cause of death of both victims was a combined injury of the body as a result of torture, with the subsequent drowning of still unconscious living victims. The statement about the abduction of the deputy was registered on April 17, 2014 by the investigative department of the city department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the city of URDR on grounds of a criminal offense , provided for by part 2 of article 146 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “unlawful deprivation of liberty or abduction of a person,” it was informed.

According to the witness who submitted the application, on April 17 of this year, unknown persons abducted a deputy of the Gorlovka city council around 6 pm on Victory Avenue in the town of Gorlovka, Donetsk Region. An eyewitness said that the deputy was forced into a car by force and taken away in an unknown direction by four men in camouflage uniforms and in black balaclava masks. Since the abduction of the deputy’s mobile phone has been inactive.

It was established that on April 17, 2014 at 14-00, Vladimir Rybak took an active part in the rally "For United Ukraine" in front of the Gorlovka city council building. At the end of the rally, the deputy went to the city council building for a meeting in the mayor of the city. Supporters of the “Donetsk Republic” prevented him from entering the building, with whom he had a verbal skirmish.

During the search activities on the Internet, video recording of the events that took place on April 17, 2014 in front of the Gorlovka city council building prior to its abduction was discovered. This video confirms the testimony of the witness. On April 19, 2014, the bodies of two men with traces of torture were found in the Slavic region. According to the investigators, the representatives of the separatist group that seized the SBU building in the city of Slavyansk were involved in the torture and murder of these people.

UPD: 04/23/2014 The American edition confirmed the information about the abduction of a journalist in Slavyansk

Американское издание подтвердило информацию о похищении журналиста в Славянске

The American edition of Vice confirmed the information about the seizure of its journalist Simon Ostrovsky in Slavyansk. Reports Tsenzor.NET with reference to Ukrinform.

"We are aware of the situation with Ostrovsky and we are making every effort to free our friend and colleague," - written on the Twitter publication Vice. Earlier, the so-called "people's mayor" of the city of Slavyansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev during a press conference in the House of Culture of Slavyansk announced that the militia had taken an American journalist hostage. According to Ponomarev, Simon Ostrovsky has dual citizenship - the United States and Israel.

UPD: 04/23/2014 Dzhemilev: The FSB monitors the Crimean Tatars, even in mosques. All this is repression, not otherwise. VIDEO

MP, who was the head of the Mejlis in the Crimea, Mustafa Dzhemilev declared repression against the Crimean Tatars. He told about it on air of the 5th channel, writes the Ukrainian truth.

"For example, the fact that the mosques are almost officially, openly, there are employees of the FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia), make notes - who has a longer beard there, they determine to what extent he is religious - and accordingly, apparently, (these people) fall under the category of Islamic radicals, "said Dzhemilev.

"And rude, boorish actions, yesterday, when they (the so-called" self-defense of the Crimea ") shot the Ukrainian flag from the building of the Mejlis, they twisted the arms of women, beat one young man. All this is repression, not the other way," he added.

Earlier, Dzhemilev reported that the Crimean Tatars, who live in the Autonomous Republic and refuse Russian citizenship, are being fired from their jobs.