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UPD: 24/01/2014 Dissatisfaction with the opposition, the seizure of buildings and prayer for the dead. Photo of the main events in Kiev on January 24

Недовольство оппозицией, захват зданий и молитва по убитым. Фото главных событий в Киеве 24 января

In the new gallery - pictures of the main events of Friday in Kiev in the context of the ongoing confrontation between the protesting Euro-Ladies and the fighters of the special forces of the police. This is a photo report on the fact that on the night of January 24, the activists met both as Grushevsky opposition leaders and resented the outcome of their talks with Yanukovych, as on Khreshchatyk the protesters seized the administrative building of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and how they prayed for the repose of the five killed members of EuroMaidan.

UPD: 24/01/2014 On the barricades - a break-through

На барикадах - перемир'я

On the barricades - peremir'ya

UPD: 24/01/2014 It's possible to watch and watch ...

UPD: 24/01/2014 Maidan online: Text broadcast from the center of Kiev on January 20-24

Майдан онлайн: Текстовая трансляция из центра Киева 20-24 января

The sixth day in Kiev the clashes are not abating, the responsibility for which was assumed by the organization of the Right Sector. We offer video and text translation of events.

Recall, on January 19, the epicenter of the confrontation between the Euromaidans and the authorities moved from Maidan Nezalezhnosti to Grushevsky street to the Dynamo stadium. It was from here that the protesters went to storm the government block.

The police claims that more than 100 law enforcement officers were injured in the clashes. Both sides use everything except firearms: cobblestones, Molotov cocktails, slingshots and pneumatics from the opposition; gas and light-and-noise grenades, as well as rubber bullets and, according to eyewitnesses, buckshot - from the Interior Ministry.

Moreover, the Prosecutor General's Office confirmed the death of two people on Grushevsky - as a result of gunshot wounds. The media are talking about four dead.

UPD: 24/01/2014 In seven regions of Ukraine, a popular uprising is raging: activists are storming the OGA and erecting barricades. PHOTO report + VIDEO

People go to rallies, strike and put forward demands to the authorities and law enforcement agencies, and also storm or take the siege of the OGA.

Thursday, January 23, was a new stage in the confrontation between the people of Ukraine and its current government. And the main events unfolded not in Kiev, where a truce was declared, but in the regions. As expected, the first word said Western Ukraine. In Lviv, Rivne and Ternopil, thousands of people came to the streets. They held a veche in the central square, after which they occupied the buildings of the regional state administrations. This process was very quick and with minimal resistance from local law enforcement agencies. The police either did not interfere at all, or limited themselves to closing the doors to administrative buildings that were quickly dislodged, reports

Now in the rebellious western regions hundreds of self-defense are being formed and barricades are being built near the buildings of the OGA. Here, the field kitchens are equipped.

Mourning, warning strikes, pickets of siloviki and journalistic protests. In the Ukrainian regions, differently respond to the capital's events, the TSN story says.

More than half a thousand people gathered under the walls of the regional state administration in Ivano-Frankivsk for a preventive strike. They paid tribute to the memory of those who died in Kiev "Euro-Maidan". The policemen, who were guarded by a tight ring at the entrance to the administration, were forced to take off their headdresses. At the request of the protesters, the governor came out. But neither to write a letter of resignation, nor to withdraw from the Party of Regions, as people called it, did not agree. The strike lasted more than 2 hours. After that, the protesters marched through the streets of the city.

In Ternopil, the Arts Square was renamed the Heroes Square of EuroMaidan. So the city deputies decided. They also appealed to the president demanding that the laws passed on January 16 be abolished. And the townspeople meanwhile picket the regional police for the fourth day in a row. Today, to find out on whose side the Ternopil siloviki came, poets and artists came. There was a small scuffle when angry protesters saw that a policeman in civilian clothes fixed everything to the camera.

The leading newspapers of Melitopol and Chernivtsi came out with white stripes. Thus, journalists protest against new laws passed by the Verkhovna Rada and signed by the president. On the site of the traditional editorials, only advertising blocks from Zaporozhye were kept. And Bukovinian - slogans "Dictatorship - NO! We do not recognize unconstitutional laws!". "This is not our last action, we are planning a series of events that we can do, which together with other media will continue until these laws are abolished," Bogdan Zagaysky, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Molodaya Bukovina, promised.

White cloths, smeared with red paint, national flags with mourning ribbons and photos of those who died on the Hrushevsky multi-hundred column demonstrators carried through the streets of Lutsk . The demonstrators walked along the sidewalks, trying not to obstruct the traffic, made short stops in crowded places, near the buildings of the Security Service, the prosecutor's office and the police. The youth called the action a march not indifferent.

Earlier it was reported that in six regions, the protesters took control of local regional governments. In Lviv, Zhytomyr, Rovno and Khmelnytsky, the premises were seized.

Lviv: activists storm OGA and erect barricades. PHOTO report + VIDEO Lviv: activists storm OGA and erect barricades. PHOTO report + VIDEO
Lviv: activists storm OGA and erect barricades. PHOTO report + VIDEO Lviv: activists storm OGA and erect barricades. PHOTO report + VIDEO

In Zhytomyr, local protesters went to storm the regional state administration after the deputies did not support the proposal to include the issue of the socio-political situation in Ukraine on the agenda of the January 23 session. After the storm, the deputies changed their minds and included an urgent issue on the agenda: 76 votes in favor.

In Rivne, the storming of the OGA took place after the People's Veche, though without vandalism there could not have been done - the protesters knocked out the door. They demanded the acting governor of the region, Anatoly Yukhimenko, to contact President Viktor Yanukovych in telephone mode to remove the Berkut fighters and internal troops from the capital. Also, activists demanded that the deputies of the regional council hold an extraordinary session today, and the authorities handed over to the People's Rada.

Exactly: activists storm OGA and erect barricades. PHOTO report + VIDEO Exactly: activists storm OGA and erect barricades. PHOTO report + VIDEO
Exactly: activists storm OGA and erect barricades. PHOTO report + VIDEO Exactly: activists storm OGA and erect barricades. PHOTO report + VIDEO

In Khmelnytsky, the protesters also seized the building of the regional state administration and barricaded the entrance to the premises. Activists formed a living corridor through which officials are going to let in and release. Another 20 activists blocked the entrances to the building. In addition, an unlimited action is announced in the city center.

Outraged protesters tried to storm the Poltava Regional State Administration , but their determination could be stopped by the local police chief Vitaly Yemets. He took off his hat to honor a minute of silence of the killed activists in Kiev, and the National Anthem of Ukraine sang along with all. After this, the protesters managed to dissuade from further escalation of the conflict.

In Cherkassy, protesters broke into the building of the OGA after a brief assault and aggressive defense. After the break through the door, a shot could be heard, the media reported. Also in the building are people in full ammunition. Meanwhile, activists continued to pour water at minus temperature.

Cherkassy: activists storm OGA and erect barricades. PHOTO report + VIDEO

The protesters in Ternopil seized the building of the State Administration. Several thousand people stormed the premises for over an hour. Outside, the entrance doors were blocked by policemen, and from inside the entrance was blocked by the Berkut. People first pulled the militiamen one by one, tore off their shoulder straps and passed them on to the crowd, and then broke the doors and broke through. "Golden eagle" rushed to the last.

UPD: 24/01/2014 Ukrainians go to death for Europe, - the first pages of the world media. PHOTO reportage

Украинцы идут на смерть ради Европы, - первые полосы мировых СМИ. ФОТОрепортажУкраинцы идут на смерть ради Европы, - первые полосы мировых СМИ. ФОТОрепортажУкраинцы идут на смерть ради Европы, - первые полосы мировых СМИ. ФОТОрепортажУкраинцы идут на смерть ради Европы, - первые полосы мировых СМИ. ФОТОрепортажУкраинцы идут на смерть ради Европы, - первые полосы мировых СМИ. ФОТОрепортажУкраинцы идут на смерть ради Европы, - первые полосы мировых СМИ. ФОТОрепортаж

Bloody clashes on Grushevsky on the night of 22 to 23 January flew all the world's publications. America, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, China and others - just 41 editions - posted articles on Ukrainian protests on the front pages, reports Censor. NO referring to Gordon.

UPD: 24/01/2014 Oliynyk and Bondarenko are officially banned from entering the United States. Klyuyev is in doubt, - Gongadze

Олийныку и Бондаренко официально запрещен въезд в США. Клюев под вопросом, - Гонгадзе

People's deputies-regionalists Vladimir Oliynyk and Elena Bondarenko are prohibited from entering the United States. This was reported on my Facebook page by Miroslava Gongadze *, reports Censor. NO referring to the "Ukrainian Truth".

"So dear, now it's officially - Oliynyk and Bondarenko banned entry to the United States," she said. "Klyuyev in question," - added in the message.

As is known, earlier the US Embassy revoked visas for several citizens of Ukraine who were involved in the use of force in response to the actions taken against the demonstrators on Maidan in November and December last year.

According to the agency, "visa records are confidential in accordance with US law, so they can not comment on individual cases."