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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 04/24/2014

UPD: 04/24/2014 Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that because of the situation in the southeast of Ukraine, the exercises began

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that because of the situation in the southeast of Ukraine, exercises began.

"The forces are clearly unequal," the defense minister said before the meeting of the collegium of the military department.

"If there is no stopping this military machine today, this will lead to a large number of dead and wounded, and the NATO military exercises on the territory of Poland and the Baltic states are not conducive to normalizing the situation around Ukraine," he said. - the minister said.

"We are forced to react to this development of the situation," Shoigu added.

"From today," he said, "in the border areas with Ukraine, the exercises of battalion tactical groups of combined-arms formations of the South and West military districts began. The troops are working out the issues of marching their own course and deploying to carry out tasks for their intended purpose," Shoigu said.

UPD: 24/04/2014 State budget-2014: where does the country spend money?

State Budget 2014: Where does the country spend money?

The state budget reflects not only the list of state revenues and expenditures, but also the economic and even political situation in Ukraine as a whole.

This is shown in the infographics of the independent Ukrainian company Baker Tilly.

"In our infographic, we moved away from the standard reflection of spending exclusively on the ministries, we formed certain blocks, where the state structures were grouped according to their functions." Thus, we managed to more clearly show what the government really gives priority to, "the report said.

According to the infographic, if you compare the funds that the state spends on supporting the activities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (11 7 billion hryvnia) and the amount of expenses to support unprofitable state mines (12.16 billion hryvnia), it turns out that the mines, like the previous years , is spent more than on the army.

In addition, the cost of leadership and management of the veterinary service is greater than the management of the army.

Also, according to the infographic, the extremely small share is made up of income from taxes of individuals in the budget of Ukraine - only 2.2%.

In Europe, this share in the budget ranges from 20% to 40%. At the same time, the share of tax revenues from business is more than half of all income of Ukraine.

UPD: 04/24/2014 Flyers with instructions on survival in the territories where Russian terrorists operate scattered over Kramatorsk and Slavianski

Over Kramatorsk and Slavic scattered leaflets with instructions for survival in the territories where Russian terrorists operate

Helicopters flew over Kramatorsk and Slavyansk and dropped leaflets.

This is reported by Euromaidan.

UPD: 24/04/2014 Assault of Slavyansk: 5 terrorists destroyed, demolished checkpoints. PHOTO report + VIDEO

Штурм Славянска: 5 террористов уничтожено, снесены блок-посты. ФОТОрепортаж+ВИДЕО

During the anti-terrorist operation, the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense deblocked and destroyed three checkpoints of illegal armed formations in the north-eastern part of the city of Slavyansk, Donetsk region.

During the fighting, up to 5 terrorists were destroyed. On the part of the ATU participants, one soldier was wounded.

UPD: 04/24/2014 Self-proclaimed mayor of Slavyansk threatens civilians with executions

Самопровозглашенный мэр Славянска угрожает мирному населению расстрелами

The siloviki call not to succumb to provocations and not to carry out criminal orders of representatives of self-proclaimed illegal power. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In the course of the antiterrorist operation in the city of Slavyansk, Donetsk region, leaflets were circulated, in which the population was called upon to observe peace of mind, to not leave their homes whenever possible, to not let the children go unattended to the streets of the city, not to succumb to provocations and not to carry out the criminal orders of the representatives of the self-proclaimed illegal authorities.

According to sources in the ATU, the self-proclaimed Mayor of Slavyansk Ponomarev announced the "shooting on the spot of everyone who will have this leaflet."

UPD: 24/04/2014 The SBU received evidence of the murder of a deputy from Gorlovka by Russian saboteurs: "There Rybak buaragozit .Opress it." AUDIO

The SBU received information about the involvement of members of the sabotage group of the GRU GSH of the RF Armed Forces in the disappearance and murder of the deputy of Gorlovka City Council Vladimir Rybak.

Radio interception, which indicates the organization of kidnapping and murder, the SBU published on its channel in youtube.

UPD: 04/24/2014 Prosecutor General's Office inspects Yanukovych's 33 associates involved in money laundering of "family"

Генпрокуратура проверяет 33 соратника Януковича, причастных к отмыванию денег

A special investigative group of the Prosecutor General's Office is checking 50 enterprises, banks and 33 people from the closest associates of Yanukovych in order to find stolen state money.

This was stated by the first deputy of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Nikolai Golomsha, speaking at the conference "Return of Ukrainian assets of corrupt politicians", "Ukrainian Truth" reports.

He said that the Prosecutor General's Office is now quite actively investigating large-scale economic and political crimes.

"The whole state machine worked solely to help individual officials and managers manipulate state programs and launder budgetary money.The officials, having access to state property, stole them, and the whole system of law enforcement agencies did not notice these manipulations and crimes"

He admits that until the end of the day, no one imagined the extent of corruption that had been last four years.

"Together with the National Bank, we have now identified 14 washing banks that laundered UAH 140 billion, and we noticed that all these crimes had their origin in the country's top leadership, and a network was created whose goal is to enrich the family of former President Yanukovych," explained the First Deputy General prosecutor.

The Prosecutor General's Office has already opened 264 criminal cases against Ukrainian officials and people who are suspected of corruption and money laundering. In general, in Ukraine, there are already more than 1,000 such cases.

Property and accounts in Ukraine of Yanukovych and his eldest son, Klyuev and Prisyazhnyuk were arrested for 1 billion hryvnia and more than 1 billion hryvnia in securities. Also on their Ukrainian accounts frozen $ 9 million.

"Their partners are also being checked, under the control of more than 50 enterprises, several banks and 33 individuals who could be involved in money laundering" of the family, "said Golomsha.

The First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine spoke about the difficulties faced by the investigators.

"We were faced with a problem when in all key posts everywhere there were people from 3 regions of the country close to the family of Yanukovich and his entourage," said Golomsha.

According to him, these people acted even at the average administrative level in all regions of Ukraine, and they enabled all suspected of corruption and crimes to leave the country.

Moreover, as reported by Golomsha, they transferred special equipment of special services from Kiev to the Crimea and even certain types of weapons, allowed to take out many documents and evidence on many criminal cases to the Crimea.

"We did not understand why these cases were transferred to the Crimea, for example, in the case of the so-called" Boyko towers, "Golomsha said.

Now the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine is negotiating with Russia on the return of these documents and technology.

"But the investigators managed to keep copies of the documents, and we continue the investigation," the first deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine said. "A representation will be created on the basis of those structures of the prosecutor's office and special services that worked in the Crimea to protect the interests of Ukrainian citizens in the Crimea and protect the interests of Ukraine."

As for the information that the corporation of Alexander Yanukovych IACS continues to work without any obstacles, Nikolai Golomsha said that this information concerns last year's data.

"At the beginning of the year and even now some schemes that were in effect continue to operate, we are blocking accounts, now in Donetsk there is a court where the question of blocking accounts of the firm of Alexander Yanukovych is being considered," Golomsha said.

UPD: 04/04/2014 Slave insurgents have taken hostage already 10 people

Славянские боевики взяли в заложники уже 10 человек

Terrorists in the Security Service of the city of Slavyansk want to exchange the stolen American journalist Simon Ostrovsky for their arrested leader Pavel Gubarev. This was stated by terrorist leader Vyacheslav Ponomarev, Ukrainian Truth reports with reference to RIA Novosti.

Ponomarev, said that all the militiamen now have ten prisoners, including a deputy of the local city council Vadim Sukhonos.

According to Ponomarev, now there is a verification of the authenticity of Ostrovsky's documents and the purpose of his arrival in Slavyansk.

"Until we find out, we'll have it, then we'll either let them work in Slavyansk next, or exchange for someone from ours, in particular Pavel Gubarev." They treat Ostrovsky well, they feed him "

As you know, the journalist of the site Vice News Ostrovsky was kidnapped on Monday, April 21.

On Wednesday, the leader of local terrorists, Ponomarev, admitted that they had Ostrovsky, and he was suspected of collaborating with the "Right Sector", because he had American and Israeli passports.