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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 24/09/2014

UPD: 24/09/2014 The dollar fell sharply on the interbank market

На межбанке резко упал доллар

Today, on the interbank currency market of Ukraine, trading on the US dollar opened with the following quotes 14.6000 / 14.9500, by 12:00, prices fell 13.8000 / 14.4000. By the close of trading, the price levels reached the following values ​​of 12.9000 / 13.4000.

The ruble market opened with quotations of 0.3811 / 0.3902, by 12:00 prices fell 0.3595 / 0.3755. By the close of trading, prices were set at 0.3377 / 0.3331. In Russia, the dollar-ruble rate fell, and the fixing of SELT on the results of trading amounted to 38.2180 (-0.3520).

On the international currency market, the prices for the euro-dollar currency pair varied within the range of 1.2830 / 1.2860. The euro-hryvnia market was opened by the following indicative quotes - 18.7625 / 19.2155, by 12:00 prices, after the dollar, went down 17.7280 / 18.5030. By the close of trading price indicators for EUR / UAH reached a minimum of 16.6195 / 16.6235.

UPD: 24/09/2014 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are fired from the army in hindsight and without allowances. DOCUMENT

Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are fired from the army in hindsight and without allowances. DOCUMENT Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are fired from the army in hindsight and without allowances. DOCUMENT
Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are fired from the army in hindsight and without allowances. DOCUMENT Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are fired from the army in hindsight and without allowances. DOCUMENT

The Ministry of Defense of Russia fired back soldiers killed in Ukraine, depriving their family of benefits and social guarantees.

As the "Ukrainian truth" informs, this was reported by the Russian activist Elena Vasilieva, who collects information about the victims of the undeclared war.

She refers to documents received from the military, in which soldiers who died in Ukraine on September 17 "fired" retroactively - on September 4.

Vasilieva reported that from the city of Totsky-4 near Orenburg "for the training for Rostov" was sent "a combined group of 21 separate motorized rifle brigade at / h 12128."

Employees of this group were shot on September 17 near the Ukrainian city of Debaltsevo, which resulted in the death of "more than 20 people from among servicemen, and about forty wounded."

Vasilieva said that the families of the ensigns were paid 4 salaries each, the sergeants' families - two salaries, and the families of the rank and file - nothing.

At the same time, payments are issued as a benefit for dismissal, which is recorded backdated - September 4.

The activist also published already known names of the victims:

  • guards junior sergeant Viktor Karpukhin born in 1989, driver;
  • Guards private Nikita Surkov born 1987, driver;
  • guards senior sergeant Glushchenko Vitaly, born in 1985, driver;
  • Art. Ensign Sergey Dymov, senior car;
  • Art. ensign Nikolai Mylnikov, senior car;
  • ensign Alexander Nikulin, senior machine;
  • Private Gamov Vladislav, tank driver;
  • Private Gamov Sergey, tanker;
  • Senior Lieutenant Sorokin Eugene, commander of 2 tank platoon 4 tank company;
  • scout, Dmitry Abramov.

UPD: 24/09/2014 Approved the light outage in Kiev

Утвержден график отключения света в Киеве

Today at 12:00 on the command of the dispatcher of the SE NEC Ukrenergo to ensure reliable operation of the united energy system of Ukraine (ECO) in the conditions of imbalance between electricity consumption and production, emergency outages in Kiev are applied.

This was reported at the enterprise, informs LIGABusinessInform

PJSC "Kyivenergo", providing dispatch discipline, executes the commands of the chief dispatcher and accordingly introduces these schedules of emergency outages of industrial enterprises and organizations that do not belong to the sphere of life support, social and housing stock in Kiev. Total capacity limitations in Kiev are 52.6 MW (which is 3.8% of the total electricity consumption in the city).

The main reason for the introduction of graphs is that the central and northern energy systems of NEC Ukrenergo are energy-deficient due to a shortage of coal in the warehouses of thermal power plants. The duration and amount of power outages are regulated by the dispatcher of the SE NEC Ukrenergo. For its part, JSC "Kyivenergo" guarantees that the disconnection from the electricity consumers will occur for no more than two hours.

Schedules of emergency outages are coordinated with local authorities.

Earlier, Kyivenergo reported that it was not planned to disconnect residents of Kiev from electricity. However, in the event of unforeseen situations in the operation of the United Energy System of Ukraine, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Energy and Ukrenergo NEC, it is possible to implement measures aimed at limiting electricity supply.

UPD: 24/09/2014 UK threatens to sue FIFA for giving Russia and Qatar the right to World Cup

В Великобритании грозят подать в суд на FIFA за предоставление РФ и Катару права на ЧМ

The FIFA decision to grant Russia and Qatar the right to host the World Cup caused a resonance in the world community. In particular, British parliamentarians suspect the main football organization of corruption.

This is written by the BBC.

The British MP from the Conservative Party Damian Collins said that he intends to seek the publication of a report on the investigation of the circumstances of getting Russia and Qatar the right to host the 2018 and 2022 World Championships.

"FIFA seems to believe that it is a self-governing body that operates outside the jurisdiction of international and national law enforcement agencies," Collins wrote.

After repeated statements in the media that Russia and Qatar got the right to the world championships thanks to the corruption scheme. American lawyer Michael Garcia initiated an investigation, which was completed in early September.

In turn, the FIFA management stated that the results of the investigation will not be published until the spring of 2015, when the organization will sign new sponsorship contracts for the 2018 World Cup and World Championship-2022.

Previously, to take away from Russia the right to hold the championship was demanded by representatives of the majority in the German parliament.

Supporters of such a step argue that it could become "more effective than sanctions." With an appeal to boycott the tournament was made and the ex-coach of the Netherlands team John van't Schip.

Meanwhile, the International Football Federation has rejected the idea of ​​boycotting the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

UPD: 24/09/2014 Chinese banks have begun to refuse Russians to service offshore accounts

Китайские банки начали отказывать россиянам в обслуживании офшорных счетов

Chinese commercial banks began to deny Russian clients the transfer of funds through offshore accounts.

As ITAR-TASS informs referring to the letter from the bank available to the agency. Russian businessmen and experts believe that the refusals are caused by the fear of deteriorating relations with the US due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

According to Alexander Zainigabdinov, the head of the Beijing office of the Window to China consulting group, in the last two weeks, letters to clients of the group have come to inform about the closure of accounts, as the company located in China cooperates with Russia.

"We regret to inform you that you must come to us in order to close your bank account. As your company has something to do with Russia, we can not service you anymore, "says a letter from the" offshore accounts department "of the Chinese commercial bank Ping An, addressed to the commercial company. There it is also proposed to transfer all funds to another bank account.

On the websites of a number of companies specializing in the opening of offshore accounts in China, there are announcements that the provision of the service is temporarily discontinued.

According to Zainigabdinov, a significant amount of profit of Chinese banks comes from operations with the United States.

"Therefore, the Chinese began to exercise excessive caution in working with Russia not to be accused of financing Russian companies by terrorists in Ukraine," the expert believes.

Companies registered in Hong Kong or offshore may open accounts in a number of Chinese banks that are withdrawn from the currency controls of Chinese regulators. These accounts are a popular settlement mechanism for trading with China. After payment, the company that received the goods delivers it to its Russian partners.

Most of the intermediary companies involved in this trade scheme between Russia and China are controlled by Russian owners. Hong Kong is part of China, but has a wide autonomy and its own currency. A group of Chinese banks, working in this way with Russian clients, includes Ping An, China Merchants and Bank of Communications.

In the light of sanctions from the US and EU, due to the events in Ukraine, representatives of Russian authorities and businessmen have announced plans to expand trade and economic cooperation with China and other Asian countries.

UPD: 24/09/2014 Russian "Cossacks" - participants of the monetary protest in Luhansk region: "Once again, we will meet - shoot fuck". A PHOTO

Российские казаки - участникам денежного протеста на Луганщине: Еще раз соберетесь – расстреляем нахрен

September 22 in the city of Antratsite (Lugansk region) in the square near the city hall was a rally of local residents. As one of the participants said, the main issue that interests people is when the promised salaries, pensions and social benefits are promised.

However, the Russian "Cossacks" who seized power in the city, did not give people answers to their questions, the Informer informs.

"Said, once again going to - shoot fuck. So it did not start ... And yet they said our Anthracite - "Anthracite's stanitsa", "forget what salaries are for miners and pensions for pensioners, not to mention social benefits", "according to Antele (local TV channel - ed.) Nothing was said for the rally ... But immediately began to give humanitarian aid .... Bribed people ... "Here's a can of canned food, a couple of cakes and not more, sit silently," the residents of Anthracite commented on this event in the social network. Earlier it was reported that the mine "Komsomolskaya" was closed in Antratsit. Leaders of the terrorist republic told the miners that now they will receive a total salary of 1200 hryvnia (which is much less than what they received earlier). As a sign of protest, the miners in full force did not come to work.

And in Rovenky at a meeting of local residents with the leadership of terrorists it was stated that people should not hope in the near future for wages and social benefits. The Rivne residents were told that they "will have to suffer". How long it will be necessary to "tolerate" did not specify. According to the present, at the meeting of special enthusiasm among the townspeople this message did not cause.