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UPD: 25/02/2014 "Оппо - в *опу". Активисты Майдана настойчиво требуют люстрации власти

Оппо - в *опу. Активисты Майдана настойчиво требуют люстрации власти

Участники протестных акций в центре Киева продолжают требовать от лидеров новой власти, которые еще несколько дней назад были в оппозиции, назначения синхронных с перевыборами президента перевыборов парламента.

Главная задача участников очередной акции в центре Киева, недовольных отдельными действиями «оппозиционеров» - добиться прихода к власти в Украине абсолютно новых руководителей. Десятки людей пришли 24 февраля в правительственный квартал со следующими плакатами:«Оппо - в *опу! Новая власть! Перевыборы!», «Не допустимо повторення 2004 року», «Комуняки, геть з України!», «Чергова зрада!», «Дії, а не слова!», «Ні - старим кадрам!», «Ми за нових політиків», «Люстрація! Уряд професіоналів, а не політиків!».

UPD: 25/02/2014 Одна палка, два струна, я хозяин вся страна. Российское издание собрало 10 самых ярких цитат Януковича

Одна палка, два струна, я хозяин вся страна. Российское издание собрало 10 самых ярких цитат Януковича

Российское издание Euromag выбрало самые яркие, по их мнению, казусные высказывания Виктора Януковича за четыре года его президенства.

«Я вам скажу, это не балалайка: одна палка, два струна, я хозяин вся страна»

Именно этой фразой еще до выборов рассмешил избирателей Янукович во время эфира программы «Реальный кандидат» канала ICTV. Правда вопрос, на который в стихах ответил Янукович, был совсем не смешной - о терроризме и МАГАТЭ.

«Здесь собрались лучшие геноциды страны!»

Во время своей избирательной компании в 2010 году, выступая во Львове, Янукович ошибся и назвал избирателей «геноцидами». После подсказки помощников Янукович не растерялся и поправил себя. «Да, и генофонд тоже».

«Почему до сих пор существуют сетевые магазины по распространению наркотических средств? Почему они до сих пор работают? Почему свободно нарушается украинское законодательство и международные обязательства? Кто несет за это ответственность, кто отравляет людей и молодежь?»

В июле 2010 года на совещании с правоохранительными органами Янукович возмущался тем, что наркотики можно купить по интернету.

«это бандитизм с офисным лицом»

Главная ФРАЗА, которая запомнилась многим, стала метафора президента.

«Для того, чтобы «увікнути» Украину, достаточно посмотреть на нее собственными глазами, когда начнут цвести каштаны в Киеве. И в городах украинских начнут раздеваться женщины. Увидеть эту красоту — это чудесно»

В январе 2011 года с Януковичем произошел конфуз на выступлении в швейцарском Давосе. Он не смог выговорить лозунг промо-кампании Украины - «Включи Украину» («Увімкни Україну»). Одна из европейских журналисток была возмущена и посчитала высказывание Януковича неполиткорректным.

«Кого поймают, тот будет сидеть»

Высказываясь о коррупции на Украине, Янукович заверил, что к ответственности за нарушения будут привлекаться все без исключения, несмотря на должности.

«Я знаю, что есть взгляды скептические, я даже вижу по лицам сейчас, у меня, знаете, зрение на 360%. Вы улыбаетесь, сидите, а я скажу так – вышибать будем, вышибать. Вот кто только попадется под кулак – только брызги полетят. Никакой пощады не будет. No. Попал? Стоишь на пути развития экономики? Собираешь коррупционный налог? Только попадись. Попалась рука – с головой оторвем».

Продолжая тему коррупции, в ходе украино-армянского бизнес-форума, Янукович снова выделился «громкой» речью.

«Нельзя идти в будущее боком, или, как говорят, задом».

В декабре 2011, когда президент подводил итоги уходящего года на пресс-конференции, была произнесена также довольно запоминающаяся фраза.

«Не нужно искать повода, который мешает плохим танцорам».

В январе 2013 года на заседании Комитета по экономическим реформам президент подчеркнул, что правительство, а также должностные лица должны способствовать улучшению качества жизни людей.

«Никто, как говорят, никому пальцы в двери не вставляет и не заставляет брать на себя обязательства»
«Я говорю вам спасибо, что вы критикуете и хотя бы не бьете».

В августе президент затронул вопрос улучшения украинских дорог, которые до сих пор разбиты и пребывают в состоянии упадка. Янукович поблагодарил украинцев за критику, сообщив телеканалам.

«Не надо нас унижать. Мы не маленькие дети, на сладкие конфеты мы не идем»

В ноябре прошлого года во время интервью Янукович прокомментировал свое недовольство условиями ЕС.

UPD: 25/02/2014 На Институтской снайперы стреляли из британских винтовок - оружейный эксперт

На Институтской снайперы стреляли из британских винтовок - оружейный эксперт

Снайперы, которые стреляли в протестующих 20 февраля на улице Институтской в центре Киева, работали из здания Кабмина, гостиницы Украина и других. У людей, экипированных касками, бронежилетами и щитами, не было ни единого шанса защититься от снайперских выстрелов.

Журналисты программы Гроші спросили мнение оружейных экспертов относительно винтовок, которыми были вооружены снайперы в правительственном квартале.

"Это дорогая снайперская винтовка высокого класса. Внешне очень похожа на серию английских снайперских винтовок АV, АЕ, АVL. Это одна из наиболее точных и дорогих на сегодня снайперских винтовок"

Народный депутат от партии Батьківщина Геннадий Москаль считает, что кроме спецотряда Альфа, был еще один, название которого ??Тень. Он был создан специально для обеспечения порядка при проведении чемпионата по футболу Евро 2012.

"It was called the special operations unit," Moskal said.

It was for this unit that special sniper rifles were purchased for budget funds. So, for the internal troops purchased special equipment for 106 million UAH. Among the body armor and sights of 80 British rifles AV $ 10 thousand each. Such rifles were seen near the fighters near the Presidential Administration on February 20.

According to Moskal, an experienced colonel Sergei Asavalyuk, who previously served as a sniper in the special division of the SBU Alpha, led the special operation. Moskal is convinced that most likely Asavalyuk had an order not just to kill, but to escalate a civil war. "There should have been killed protesters, but there should also have been killed by law enforcement agencies. This is the script," the people's deputy added.

In particular, it was Asavalyuk who was probably seen near the October Palace in Kiev. He lay on the ground and fired a sniper rifle.

“He can be identified - everyone was wearing helmets, and he was without a helmet. He never wore a helmet,” the MP said.

Recall, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal proceeding regarding the massacre of people in the center of Kiev.

Dozens of officials are suspected of involvement in this crime.

UPD: 02/25/2014 "Everything is scattered with a sniper - trees, a pedestal. It is clear how he killed them" - the place where activists killed a sniper. VIDEO

At the site of the murder of several activists on Institutskaya Street, traces of the sniper’s work are clearly visible. Following the traces of the bullets left on the bktonnoy thumbs and the tree can be installed and the place from which the sniper shot.

According Tsenzor.NET, the author of the video Arkady Babchenko said that for a sniper - this is a very convenient place. The whole movement on Institutskaya is completely looked up from it.

“The sniper is all there. Trees, stand. We see how he killed them. You can see how he killed, how they hid behind this stand, how he picked this stand, and how he got there, how they dragged the painkiller, then they dragged them behind the wall as they pulled them to the rear, "he writes in a comment to the video.

UPD: 02/25/2014 Kiselev misled tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians about the events on Euromaidan - Russian Public Board

Киселев вводил в заблуждение десятки миллионов россиян и украинцев о событиях на Евромайдане, - Российская Общественная коллегия

The Russian Public Collegium on Press Complaints acknowledged as misinformation a number of plots of the notorious journalist Dmitry Kiselev about events in Ukraine that aired last December in the program “News of the Week” on the state Russia-1 TV channel.

Experts convicted the odious TV presenter of bias, tendentiousness and violation of journalistic ethics. In their opinion, the stories about Ukraine prepared by Kiselev * "have clear signs of propaganda carried out through a program that goes on Sunday prime time on the state television channel," notes Tsenzor.NET with reference to "New Region".

The Ukrainian colleagues, Vladimir Mostovoi, the chairman of the Commission on Journalistic Ethics, appealed to the Public Collegium on Press Complaints about the News of the Week program and its presenter Dmitry Kiselev. The occasion was the airing of the plot "Ukrainian veche".

According to the position of the applicant, Kiselev’s stories in the “News of the Week” about events in Ukraine, including the above-mentioned and “Ukrainian Maidan”, “are distinguished by tendentiously selected video series, synchronies that, when taken out of context, distort the meaning of what was said, and are the authors’s attempts to create "evidence base" supporting their judgment. "

The Ukrainian Commission on Journalistic Ethics indicated that in the story broadcast on December 8, when describing events in Ukraine on November 30 and December 1, Kiselev had "deliberately violated the chronological order of events: forceful dispersal of a peaceful protest on Independence Square, which occurred on November 30, presented as a result of the actions of the provocateurs during the protest action near the presidential administration, which actually took place on December 1. "

In addition, the applicant considered the fragment of the video recorded by the leader of the Freedom party Oleg Pyagnibok as defamatory and “fitted” to the conclusions of Kiselev, “the video shot by a hidden camera cannot be attributed to the events on Independence Square that occur now in Ukraine, because it was first demonstrated on the Internet on October 15, 2012. "

And finally, according to Vladimir Mostovoy, the contested plot contains “hate speech”: Russian federal TV channels, primarily the Russia TV channel, covering events in Ukraine tendentiously and biased, incite intolerance, mistrust and hostility between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, between Russia and the West.

Following the consideration of the complaint from Kiev, the Board made a decision, which states that the accusation of Dmitry Kiselev, the author and presenter of the News of the Week program, was substantiated in a deliberate violation of the chronological order of events November 30 - December 1, 2013 in the center of the Ukrainian capital. According to the text of the decision, "the forceful dispersal of a peaceful protest rally on Independence Square, which took place on November 30," in the program of December 8 was "presented as a result of actions by provocateurs during a protest action near the presidential administration, which, in fact, took place on December 1" .

The college finds a replica of Kiselev in the program of December 15th related to this “confusion”, but addressed to a Ukrainian TV viewer (“I sincerely want to express my gratitude to the viewers of the“ News of the Week ”program in Ukraine who paid attention to our pardons last Sunday. Well, they hurt, which, by the way, does not in any way cancel the logic of the Kiev riots ")" with a ploy intended not to understand the meaning of what most Russian TV viewers said. " Having missed the "mistakes" and "blunders", the viewers missed the subject of "confusion" as well. With this in mind, this story can be viewed not as a journalistic, but as a propaganda one, the Board believes.

The collegium considers it indicative that neither a clear notification of a perfect substitution of fact by fiction, nor a fair assessment of the “error”, nor, moreover, an apology for misleading tens of millions of people, did not wait for Russian and Ukrainian television viewers.

The college also confirms the validity of the applicant's conclusion that the coverage of events in the subject plot is one-sided. Speaking of injured law enforcement officers, Kiselev does not speak about protesters and journalists who suffered the day before during the violent dispersal of Euromaidan.

According to the conclusions of the College, the plot "Ukrainian veche", constructed in the logic of fitting life to a propaganda "block", "is distinguished by an insultingly low quality, based on promiscuity, undemanding, omnivorous information-dependent part of Russian society, as well as distribution and consolidation in Russian society in general, it is precisely these principles. "

The college finds a situation of expanding and strengthening the presence of propaganda in the Russian media "definitely abnormal" and considers it necessary to draw the attention of the journalistic community to this situation.

Recall that in early December, Kiselev was appointed director of the Russia Today news agency on the basis of the news agency RIA Novosti, which, according to officials, will become an instrument of propaganda for the ideology of the current government of the Russian Federation. After his appointment to the post, the presenter was disgraced, speaking on December 8 on the TV channel "Russia" with his point of view on what is happening in Kiev on Euromaidan. He spoke about the "horrors" of the protests and the allegedly sad prospects of joining the European Union for Ukraine. Kiselev used controversial metaphors, for example, he called the actions of the protesters during clashes with the "Berkut" the "ancient African military order"; Oppositionists who occupied Kiev city administration called Kiselev “stormtroopers”, etc. Ether Kiseleva outraged both Russians and Ukrainians. Ukrainian journalists even handed Kiselyov an Oscar "for lies and nonsense." During the live broadcast of "Russia" from Kiev, Kiev journalist Vitaly Sedyuk approached the correspondent of the Russian TV channel and said: "Pass the Oscar to the TV channel" Russia "and Dmitry Kiselev for lying and the nonsense about Euromaidan."

In February 2014, "for the achievements of labor success, a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of Russia, achievements in the humanitarian sphere, strengthening the rule of law, protecting the rights and interests of citizens, many years of conscientious work" President Putin awarded Kiselev with the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" IV degree.

Reference: The Public Press Complaints Board is an independent structure of civil society that resolves moral and ethical conflicts related to the professional activities of journalists. Established in 2005.

UPD: 02/25/2014 Interior Ministry launched an investigation against security forces who killed activists

МВД начало расследование против силовиков, убивших активистов

Acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has appointed an internal investigation against the security forces for encroaching on the lives and health of the protesters. This is stated in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

As noted, Order No. 142 of February 24, 2014, appointed an official investigation into the facts of "committing disciplinary offenses, abuse of authority, abuse of official position by the heads of the Main Directorate and Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in a number of regions, which led to the obstruction of citizens of the right to peaceful assembly , encroachments on their life and health. "

An official investigation was entrusted to a commission consisting of 29 employees of the General Staff, the Departments of staffing, legal support, internal security, public security and the Central Investigation Department.

The execution of the order and the course of the investigation Avakov * took on personal control.

Earlier, the representative of the Verkhovna Rada over the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine dismissed the head of the Kiev police Valery Koryak, who is considered to be involved in the dispersal of Euromaidan on November 30, 2013. The head of the traffic police and the heads of regional police commanders in Cherkasy, Dnipropetrovsk and Transcarpathian regions lost their positions.

UPD: 02/25/2014 "Tea House" of Yanukovych in the Crimea opened the doors to the inhabitants of the peninsula. VIDEO

Another private residence of the Yanukovych family opened the gate to visitors. This time - on the southern coast of the Crimea, in the village of Otradnoe.

According to Channel 5, among the locals this estate is known as the "tea house". A small palace with access to the sea in the future could become a children's home - say local activists. The territory around, which has been privatized by the son of ex-President Alexander Yanukovich *, will be transferred to the local community.

On the territory of the “Yanukovych’s summer residence” there are several buildings for living: in fact, the villa itself, the cottage on the seashore, the “fisherman’s house” and the outbuildings.

The Tea House was built in Otradnoye on the site of the old ampelographic collection of the Magarach Institute, from which the presidium of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences voluntarily refused. In 2003, the Crimean government leased it for 49 years to the Interregional Industrial Union, close to the structures of Yanukovich. In 2008, the Crimean government granted an appeal to the IPU to terminate lease agreements for both plots with a total area of ​​2.05 hectares and transferred them to Family Pension. The founders of the LLC are structures close to Alexander Yanukovych. He himself denied any involvement in the Tea House, but in 2012, the Massandrovskiy Soviet decided to present the land plot to A. Yanukovych at the address that coincides with the Tea House to service the acquired property.

UPD: 02/25/2014 "We acted within the framework of the law and there is no blood on our hands", - the commander of the special unit "Alpha". VIDEO

The head of the special division of the SBU "Alpha" Oleg Prisyazhny initiates an official investigation.

According to Channel 5, with such a request, he has already appealed to the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko.

"The unit acted solely within the framework of the law and there is no blood on the hands of Alpha employees," the jury said.

UPD: 02/25/2014 Clashes near the October Palace on February 20. SWAT uses firearms. VIDEO

A new video of the clashes of special forces and activists near the October Palace in Kiev appeared in the network.

According to RT, the record shows how moving out of positions, special forces are fired from firearms.

UPD: 02/25/2014 Reloading Ukraine. Photo of the main events of February 22-24

Перезагрузка Украины. Фото главных событий 22-24 февраля

Mourning activists killed on bullets by snipers on Institutskaya street, returning to Kiev and speaking on Maidan Yulia Tymoshenko, Dobkin and Kernes at the scandalous congress of deputies of the Southeast of all levels in Kharkov, mass “excursions” to the open-to-public territory of Yanukovich’s residence Mezhigorye, demolition attempts of the Kiev Chexit Monument - these and other major events of February 22-24 - in the photo selection.

In memory of the Heavenly hundred. Maidan, Institutskaya and Grushevskogo February 22-23

The morning of February 24 in the center of Kiev. Catherine Ashton's visit

Speech Tymoshenko on the Maidan

Action against Tymoshenko’s return to politics

Dobkin and Kernes at the congress in Kharkov

Mezhyhirye. Honka

Mezhyhirye. Sculptures

Mezhyhirye. Zoo

Mezhyhirye. Common species

Mezhyhirye. Documents caught from the river

Activists found a warehouse of luxury cars near Kiev

Funeral in Lviv

The new guard of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Presidential Administration, Parliament and the NBU

Reaction to the appearance on the streets of Kiev of a regional deputy and supporter of the PR

Attempts to destroy the monument to the Chekists in Kiev

Strike students against corruption at the University of the God Bogomolets

Solidarity actions in Poland and the UK

Appeal runaway Yanukovych