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UPD: 25/02/2014 "Opposite - in the Op." Activists of the Maidan insistently demand lustration of the authorities

Оппо - в *опу. Активисты Майдана настойчиво требуют люстрации власти

Participants in protest actions in the center of Kiev continue to demand that the leaders of the new government, who were still in the opposition a few days ago, nominate candidates for the reselection of the parliament, synchronized with the presidential reelections.

The main task of the participants of the next action in the center of Kiev, dissatisfied with certain actions of the "oppositionists" is to bring absolutely new leaders to power in Ukraine. Dozens of people came to the government quarter on February 24 with the following placards: "Oppo - in * om! New power! Re-election! "," It is not permissible to repeat 2004, "" Komunyaki, Get out of Ukraine! "," Chergov zrada! "," Dії, not words! "," Nі - we age to cadres! "," Mе за нових політиків " , "Lustratia! The order of professors, not politsik! "

UPD: 25/02/2014 One stick, two strings, I'm the master of the whole country. The Russian edition collected 10 of Yanukovych's most striking quotes

Одна палка, два струна, я хозяин вся страна. Российское издание собрало 10 самых ярких цитат Януковича

The Russian edition of Euromag chose the most vivid, in their opinion, incidental statements by Viktor Yanukovych for four years of his presidency.

"I'll tell you, this is not a balalaika: one stick, two strings, I'm the master of the whole country"

It was this phrase, even before the elections, Yanukovych made laughter during the "Real candidate" program of the ICTV channel. The truth, to which Yanukovych answered in verse, was not at all ridiculous - about terrorism and the IAEA.

"Here are the best genocides of the country!"

During his election campaign in 2010, speaking in Lviv, Yanukovych made a mistake and called voters "genocides". After prompting his assistants, Yanukovich did not lose his head and corrected himself. "Yes, and the gene pool, too."

"Why are there so far network stores for the distribution of narcotic drugs? Why do they still work? Why is Ukrainian legislation and international obligations freely violated? Who is responsible for this, who poisons people and youth? "

In July 2010, at a meeting with law enforcement agencies, Yanukovych was indignant that drugs could be bought on the Internet.

"This is banditry with an office face"

Home PHRASE, which was remembered by many, became the president's metaphor.

"In order to" uviknut "Ukraine, it is enough to look at it with your own eyes, when the chestnuts begin to bloom in Kiev. And in the Ukrainian cities women will begin to undress. To see this beauty is wonderful "

In January 2011, Yanukovych was embarrassed at the performance in Davos, Switzerland. He could not utter the slogan of Ukraine's promo campaign - "Turn on Ukraine" ("Uvimkni Ukraina"). One of the European journalists was outraged and found Yanukovych's statement politically incorrect.

"Whom they catch, he will sit"

Commenting on corruption in Ukraine, Yanukovych assured that all will be held accountable for violations, without exception, despite the posts.

"I know that there are skeptical views, I even see by the faces now, I, you know, have a 360% vision. You smile, sit, and I say so - we'll kick it out, kick it out. That's just who gets caught in a fist - only the spray will fly. There will be no mercy. No. Got it? Are you on the way to developing the economy? Are you collecting corrupt tax? Only get caught. Hand caught - we'll tear off our heads. "

Continuing the topic of corruption, during the Ukrainian-Armenian business forum, Yanukovich again stood out with a "loud" speech.

"You can not go to the future sideways, or, as they say, backwards."

In December 2011, when the president summed up the results of the year at a press conference, a memorable phrase was also said.

"There is no need to look for an excuse that prevents bad dancers."

In January 2013, at a meeting of the Committee on Economic Reforms, the President stressed that the government, as well as officials, should contribute to improving the quality of people's lives.

"No one, as they say, does not put any fingers in the door to anyone and does not force them to commit themselves"
"I say thank you to you that you criticize and at least do not beat."

In August, the President touched upon the issue of improving Ukrainian roads, which are still broken and are in a state of decline. Yanukovych thanked the Ukrainians for their criticism, informing the television channels.

"Do not humiliate us. We are not small children, we are not going to sweet sweets "

In November last year during the interview, Yanukovych commented on his dissatisfaction with the terms of the EU.

UPD: 02/25/2014 At the Institute snipers shot from British rifles - weapons expert

На Институтской снайперы стреляли из британских винтовок - оружейный эксперт

Snipers who fired on protesters on 20 February in the Institutskaya Street in the center of Kiev worked from the building of the Cabinet, Ukraine hotel and others. People equipped with helmets, bulletproof vests and shields, had no chance to defend themselves from sniper shots.

The journalists of the Groshi program asked the opinion of weapons experts about the rifles with which snipers were armed in the government quarter.

"It is an expensive high-class sniper rifle, very similar to the series of English sniper rifles AV, AE, and AVL.This is one of the most accurate and expensive for today sniper rifles"

People's deputy from the party of the Fatherland Gennady Moskal believes that in addition to the special squad Alpha, there was another one, whose name is Shadow. It was created specifically to ensure order during the Euro 2012 football championship.

"It was called a special operations unit," Moskal said.

It was for this division that special sniper rifles were purchased for budgetary funds. So, for the internal troops bought special equipment for 106 million UAH. Among the bulletproof vests and sights are 80 British AV rifles for $ 10 thousand each. It was these rifles that were seen from fighters near the presidential administration on 20 February.

In Moskal's opinion, an experienced colonel Sergei Asavalyuk was in charge of the special operation, who earlier served as a sniper in the SBU special forces division Alpha. Moskal is convinced that, most likely, Asavalyuk had an order not just to kill, but to escalate the civil war. "There should have been dead protesters, but there should also be killed by law enforcement agencies." This is according to the scenario, "added the People's Deputy.

In particular, it was Asavalyuk who was probably seen near the October Palace in Kiev. He lay on the ground and shot a sniper rifle.

"He can be identified - they were all wearing helmets, and he without a helmet." He never put on a helmet, "said the MP.

Recall, the leadership of the Interior Ministry instituted criminal proceedings regarding the massacre of people in the center of Kiev.

In the involvement in this crime dozens of officials are suspected.

UPD: 25/02/2014 "All the trees, the curbstone, all the trees, the curbstone, are killed by the sniper." It's clear how he killed them, "is the place where the activists killed the sniper. VIDEO

At the site of the murder of several activists on the Institutskaya Street, the traces of the sniper's work are clearly visible. In the footsteps of the bullets left on the bollard and the tree, you can set and the place from which the sniper fired.

As the Censor informs. NO, the video's author Arkady Babchenko says that for a sniper - this is a very convenient place. From him, the whole movement of the Institute is being fully examined.

There are all the problems with the sniper, the trees, the curbstone, it's clear how he killed them, it's clear how he killed them, how they hid behind this curb, how he picked the curb, and how he got, how they dragged, how they injected the painkiller, how dragged then for stenochku, as pulled out then to the rear, "- he wrote in the comments to the video.

UPD: 25/02/2014 Kiselev misled dozens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians about the events in EuroMaidan - Russian Public Collegium

Киселев вводил в заблуждение десятки миллионов россиян и украинцев о событиях на Евромайдане, - Российская Общественная коллегия

The Russian Public Collegium on complaints about the press recognized as disinformation a number of stories of scandalously known journalist Dmitry Kiselyov about the events in Ukraine, which aired in December last year in the program "News of the Week" on the state television channel "Russia-1."

Experts have caught an odious TV presenter in bias, tendentiousness and violation of journalistic ethics. In their opinion, the scenes prepared by Kiselev * about Ukraine "have clear signs of propaganda carried out through the program that goes on Sunday prime time on the state-run television channel," notes Censor.NET with reference to the "New Region".

With a complaint to the Public Collegium on complaints about the press for the program "News of the Week" and its presenter Dmitri Kiselyov, Ukrainian colleagues - the chairman of the Commission on Journalistic Ethics, Vladimir Mostova - turned up. The occasion was the airing of the story "Ukrainian Veche".

According to the position of the applicant, Kiselev's stories in the "Vestiye Nedeli" about the events in Ukraine, including the above and the plot "Ukrainian Maidan", "differ in a biased video sequence, synchronicity, which, taken out of context, distort the meaning of what has been said, and are attempts by the authors of the stories to create "evidence base," confirming their judgments. "

The Ukrainian Commission for Journalistic Ethics pointed out that in the story that was broadcast on December 8, when describing the events in Ukraine on November 30 and December 1, Kiselev "deliberately violated the chronological order of events: the power dispersal of a peaceful protest on Independence Square that occurred on November 30, was presented as a consequence of provocateurs' actions, during a protest action near the presidential administration, which actually took place on December 1. "

In addition, the applicant considered the fragment of the video of the leader of the Freedom Party, Oleg Tiahnybok, listed in the plot on December 8 "defamatory and" fitted "for Kiselev's conclusions," since the video taken by the hidden camera can not refer to the events on Independence Square that occur now in Ukraine, as it was demonstrated for the first time on the Internet on October 15, 2012 ".

And finally, according to Vladimir Mostovoy, the contested plot contains the "language of hatred": Russian federal television channels, primarily the Rossiya television channel, covering the events in Ukraine biased and biased, incite intolerance, distrust and enmity between Ukraine and Russia, between Russia and the West.

Based on the results of consideration of the complaint from Kiev, the Collegium made a decision stating the validity of the accusation against Dmitry Kiselyov, the author and the leading program, "Vesti Nedeli", in the deliberate violation of the chronological order of the events of November 30-December 1, 2013 in the center of the Ukrainian capital. According to the text of the decision, "the power dispersal of the peaceful protest on Independence Square, which occurred on November 30," was presented in the December 8 program as a consequence of provocateurs' actions during the protest rally near the presidential administration, which, in fact, took place on December 1 " .

The board finds a remarks of Kiselev addressed to the Ukrainian TV viewer in the program of December 15 ("I sincerely want to express gratitude to the viewers of the program" News of the Week "in Ukraine, who paid attention to our pardons last Sunday. Well, they hid, which, however, does not in any way negate the built-in logic of the Kiev riots ")" a trick designed to misunderstand the meaning of what was said by the majority of Russian viewers. " By ignoring the "mistakes" and "blundering", viewers missed the very subject of "confusion". With this in mind, this plot can be viewed not as journalistic, but as propaganda, believes the College.

The collegium considers it indicative that neither a clear notice of the committed substitution of the fact with fiction, nor a conscientious assessment of the "error", nor, especially, of an apology for the misleading of tens of millions of people, both Russian and Ukrainian viewers Kiselev did not wait.

The Collegium also confirms the validity of the applicant's finding that the coverage of events in this article is one-sided. Speaking about the injured law enforcement officers, Kiselev does not speak about the protesters and journalists who suffered a day before in the power breakdown of Euromaidan.

According to the findings of the Collegium, the plot "Ukrainian Veche", designed in the logic of adjusting life to the propaganda "shoe," "is characterized by insultingly low quality, calculation for indiscriminate, undemanding, omnivorous information-dependent part of Russian society, as well as distribution and consolidation in Russian society in general, these very beginnings. "

The collegium finds the situation of expanding and strengthening the presence of propaganda in the Russian media "definitely abnormal" and considers it necessary to draw the attention of the journalistic community to this situation.

Recall that in early December, Kiselev was appointed director of the new news agency "Russia Today" on the basis of the liquidated RIA Novosti news agency, which, according to officials, will become an instrument for propaganda of the ideology of the current Russian government. After the appointment to the post, the presenter scandalized, speaking on December 8 on the air of the Rossiya TV channel with his point of view on what is happening in Kiev on EuroMaidan. He spoke about the "horrors" of protest actions and the allegedly sad prospects of joining the European Union for Ukraine. Kiselev used controversial metaphors, for example, the actions of protesters during clashes with the "Golden Eagle" he called "the ancient African military order"; Kiselev, who took the Kyiv city administration of oppositionists, called "stormtroopers", etc. The ether of Kiselyov outraged both Russians and Ukrainians. Ukrainian journalists even handed Oscar Kiselev "for lies and nonsense". During the direct inclusion of "Russia" from Kiev, the Kiev journalist Vitaly Sedyuk went to the correspondent of the Russian television channel and said: "Give Oskar to Rossiya and Dmitry Kiselev for lies and nonsense about Euromaydan."

In February 2014, President Putin awarded Kiselev with the Order of Merit for the Fatherland for his achievements in labor, significant contribution to the social and economic development of Russia, merits in the humanitarian sphere, strengthening of the rule of law, protection of the rights and interests of citizens, long-term and conscientious work. degree.

Background: The Public Collegium for Press Complaints is an independent civil society structure that resolves conflict situations of a moral and ethical nature related to the professional activities of journalists. It was created in 2005.

UPD: 25/02/2014 Interior Ministry launches investigation against siloviki who killed activists

МВД начало расследование против силовиков, убивших активистов

Acting Minister of the Interior Arsen Avakov appointed an official investigation against the siloviki for encroachment on the life and health of the protesters. This is stated in the message of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

As noted, the order of February 24, 2014 № 142 appointed an investigation into the facts of "committing disciplinary offenses, exceeding official authority, abuse of office by the heads of the Main Directorates and Directorates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in a number of regions, which impeded the exercise by citizens of the right to peaceful assembly , encroachments on their life and health ".

The commissioning of the service investigation was entrusted to a commission consisting of 29 employees of the General Staff, Departments of Personnel Support, Legal Support, Internal Security, Public Security and the Main Investigation Department.

The execution of the order and the course of the investigation Avakov * took on personal control.

Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada authorized the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine dismissed the head of the Kiev police Valery Koryak, who is considered to be involved in the dispersal of Euromaydan on November 30, 2013. The head of the traffic police and the heads of the regional police chiefs in the Cherkassy, ​​Dnipropetrovsk and Transcarpathian regions lost their posts.

UPD: 25/02/2014 "Tea House" Yanukovych in the Crimea opened the doors to the inhabitants of the peninsula. VIDEO

Another private residence of the Yanukovych family opened the gates to visitors. This time - on the southern coast of the Crimea, in the village of Otradnoe.

According to Channel 5, among local residents this estate is known as a "tea house". A small palace with access to the sea in the future can become a children's home - say local activists. The territory around, which was privatized by the son of ex-president Alexander Yanukovych *, will be handed over to the local community.

On the territory of the "dacha Yanukovych" there are several buildings for living: in fact, the villa itself, a cottage on the beach, a "fisherman's house" and farm buildings.

"Tea House" was built in Otradnoye on the site of the old ampelographic collection of the "Magarach" Institute, from a site under which the Presidium of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences voluntarily refused. In 2003, the government of the Crimea gave him a lease for 49 years to the "Interregional Industrial Union", close to the structures of Yanukovych. In 2008, the government of the Crimea satisfied the appeal of the Ministry of Railways about the termination of lease contracts for both sites with a total area of ​​2.05 hectares and transferred them to the family-type boarding house LLC. The founders of the LLC are structures close to Alexander Yanukovich. He himself denied his involvement in the "Tea House", but in 2012 the Massandra Council decided to submit a plot of land to A. Yanukovych at the address that coincides with the "Tea House" for servicing the purchased real estate.

UPD: 25/02/2014 "We acted within the law and no blood on our hands", - the commander of the special unit "Alpha". VIDEO

Oleg Prisyazhny, the head of the special unit of the SBU Alfa, initiates an internal investigation.

As Channel 5 reports, with such a request, he already addressed the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko.

"The unit operated exclusively within the law and there is no blood on the hands of Alfa's employees," the Jury emphasized.

UPD: 25/02/2014 Clashes near the October Palace on February 20. The SWAT uses firearms. VIDEO

In the network, a new video of the clashes of special forces and activists near the October Palace in Kiev.

As RT reports, the record shows how, departing from positions, special forces shoot back from firearms.

UPD: 25/02/2014 Reloading of the Ukraine. Photos of the main events on February 22-24

Перезагрузка Украины. Фото главных событий 22-24 февраля

Mourning of those killed by sniper bullets of activists on Institutskaya Street, the return to Kiev and the speech at the Maidan of Yulia Tymoshenko, Dobkin and Kernes at the scandalous congress of deputies of the Southeast of all levels in Kharkov, mass "excursions" to the open territory of the Yanukovych Mezhyhiria residence, demolition attempts Kiev monument to the Cheshites - these and other major events on February 22-24 - in a photo compilation.

In memory of the Heavenly Hundred. Maydan, Institutskaya and Grushevsky on February 22-23

The morning of February 24 in the center of Kiev. Visit Catherine Ashton

Tymoshenko's speech on the Maidan

The action against Tymoshenko's return to politics

Dobkin and Kernes at the congress in Kharkov

Mezhyhirya. Honka

Mezhyhirya. Sculptures

Mezhyhirya. Zoo

Mezhyhirya. General views

Mezhyhirya. Documents caught from the river

Activists found a warehouse of elite cars near Kiev

Funeral in Lviv

New protection of the Cabinet, the Presidential Administration, the Rada and the NBU

The reaction to the appearance on the streets of Kiev of a regional deputy and a supporter of the PR

Attempts to destroy the monument to the Chekists in Kiev

Strike students against corruption at the University of Bogomolets

Solidarity action in Poland and the UK

The treatment of the runaway Yanukovych