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UPD: 27/01/2014 Authorities and opposition agreed on amnesty, repeal of laws on January 16 and government responsibility. Yatseniuk refused from premiership

Власть и оппозиция договорились по амнистии, отмене законов 16 января и ответственности правительства. Яценюк отказался от премьерства

The next multi-hour round of negotiations has come to an end, in which Vitali Klitschko, Oleg Tyagnibok, Arseniy Yatsenyuk took part in the opposition. This was reported by the press service of the head of state. Once again, opposition leaders were pointed out to the inadmissibility of supporting radical actions, seizing premises and ways.

As a result of the meeting, the parties came to a conceptual agreement to vote the Law of Ukraine "On Amnesty." The insistence of our side is the following suspensive condition for this Law: Amnesty will come into force only in the event of the release of all occupied premises and roads. Otherwise, the committed offenses will not be amnestied.

Also, a political decision was made to repeal the laws adopted on January 16 this year, which sparked numerous discussions. But those laws that do not cause comments tomorrow will be adopted by Parliament again. The provisions of the laws, which will lose force tomorrow, will be worked out by the parties jointly and meet the European level.

As for the return to the Constitutional norms of 2004, the parties noted the imperfection of the norms of Law No. 2222 and noted the absence of personal developments in the texts of the Constitution. The parties discussed the issues of joint participation in the Constitutional reform and the obligatory cooperation in this matter with European institutions. Also touched upon the issue of referendum procedures.

The parties agreed on the inclusion in the agenda of the issue of the responsibility of the Government. Arseniy Yatsenyuk did not give consent to head the Government of Ukraine. Negotiations will be continued.

UPD: 27/01/2014 Protest action participant in Kiev plays virtuoso on street pianoforte

On the Internet there was a video in which one of the participants of the protest in the center of Kiev masterly performed on the piano the work of Nuvole bianche, written by the modern Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi.

The video called "The Extremist" reached the piano in a few days and collected more than 350,000 views on YouTube. The record shows how a young man in a mask performs a complicated musical work, reading sheet music, which indicates a high level of professionalism of the performer.

The video's signature indicates that the record was made on January 24 at EuroMaidan near the Kyiv City State Administration. It is worth noting that on this day the air temperature in the capital reached -15 degrees Celsius.

UPD: 27/01/2014 The number of "Griffin" and "Golden Eagle" increases six times - up to 30 thousand people, and the authority of the Ministry of Interior - expanded

Численность Грифона и Беркута увеличивают в шесть раз - до 30 тысяч человек, а полномочия МВД - расширены

The number of "Griffin" and "Berkut" is increased six-fold - up to 30 thousand people, and the authority of the Ministry of Interior - expanded - source in the Cabinet

The number of special units "Griffin" and "Berkut" will be increased to 30 thousand people, and the powers of special subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - expanded.

As reported by "ZN.UA" in the government, regardless of the decision to impose a state of emergency, the Cabinet of Ministers at a closed meeting on Monday adopted a number of protocol decisions, according to which:

  • - Firstly, the number of special units "Griffin" and "Berkut" will be increased to 30 thousand people, and the powers of special subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - expanded;
  • - Secondly, the Ministry of Justice was ordered to legalize the establishment of people's squads in order to ensure public order;
  • - Thirdly, it is planned to introduce a restriction of movement along 30 streets of Kiev;
  • - Fourthly, it is supposed to allocate money from the reserve fund of the state budget for the purchase of ammunition, ammunition and weapons for special units;
  • - Cabinet in strict security regime prepares documents on the introduction of emergency.

The meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers was dominated by the demands of more radical actions in relation to the protesters. According to the source, "the most hawks were the Minister of Energy Eduard Stavitsky and the Minister of Agrarian Policy Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, the more moderate but tough position was occupied by the head of the Ministry of Justice, Elena Lukash."

Recall, we are talking about the heads of ministries, the buildings of which were previously captured by the representatives of the "Spilnaya spravi".

We also add that the number of units of "Berkut" at the moment is about 4 thousand people, "Griffin" - about 1 thousand.

In addition, it is worth noting that earlier on Monday, the deputies of the Lugansk Regional Council had already stated that they took responsibility for the peace and order in the city and approved the creation of people's squads.

According to the official website of the regional state administration, the deputies supported the "initiative of public organizations of the Ukrainian and Don Cossacks, veterans of law enforcement bodies and armed forces, soldiers-internationalists, labor collectives and youth." "Based on the norms of the law of Ukraine" On the participation of citizens in the protection of public order and the state border, "we give them a mandate of confidence in protecting residents of the region from the penetration of extremism into our land, to protect public order and state institutions," the report said.

UPD: 27/01/2014 Azarov's Cabinet prepares documents on the introduction of a state of emergency in strict security regime

Cabinet in strict security regime prepares documents on the introduction of the state of emergency. This was reported by ZN.UA source in the government, reports Censor.

From the details of the documents, the source said that the regime of PE, in particular, would imply "the introduction of restrictions on movement along separate streets of Kiev." The source did not specify whether this regime will operate on the territory of only Kiev or other regions of Ukraine.

As it is known, before the Minister of Justice Elena Lukash did not rule out the introduction of the state of emergency due to the fact that Maidan activists seized the building of the Ministry of Justice.

On Monday, January 27, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov held a Cabinet meeting behind closed doors, where he heard a report from the Interior Ministry on the situation in the country. After the meeting, Azarov's press secretary assured that the Cabinet did not discuss the introduction of the emergency. Previously, the first persons of the state, in particular, President Viktor Yanukovich, have repeatedly stated that the state of emergency will not be introduced.

Recall, according to the law, the state of emergency is introduced by presidential decree, which is subject to approval by the Verkhovna Rada for two days from the time of the president's appeal.

Prior to the introduction, the president applies through the media or in other ways to groups of individuals, organizations, institutions that are initiators or participants in actions that may be grounds for the imposition of a state of emergency, demanding that they cease their unlawful actions during the period set in circulation and warn of the possibility of introducing state of emergency.

A state of emergency in Ukraine can be introduced for a period of not more than 30 days and not more than 60 days in some of its localities. During the period of emergency, the powers of the president, the parliament, the government, etc. can not be terminated.

PE provides:

UPD: 27/01/2014 Siloviki are preparing two special operations to clean up. Will involve 10 000 people, - Moskal

Силовики готовят две спецоперации по зачистке. Будет задействовано 10 000 человек, - Москаль

In the near future, the Interior Ministry's silas, with the possible involvement of separate assault detachments of the State Border Service units, are planned to conduct a stripping of the area, which is controlled by the protestor. About this on his page in Facebook wrote MP from the "Fatherland" Gennady Moskal.

"To me, as the chairman of the Provisional Investigation Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to investigate the activities of law enforcement agencies and individual officials during mass actions that occur in Ukraine since November 21, 2013, information was received from high-ranking officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine who took part in joint exercises with the antiterrorist center of the SBU, "- wrote Moskal.

According to Moskal's sources, "the seizure by activists of the public organization" Spilna on the Right ", objects of strategic importance (MinApK, Ministry of Justice, as well as an attempt to seize the Ministry of Energy) became an occasion for the development and conduct of two special operations in the near future."

According to the politician, one of the special operations - code-named "Volna" - will be carried out by the Interior Ministry forces (all units, primarily those that have subversive and assault training - Omega, Jaguar, etc. with possible involving separate assault detachments of the State Border Service units.) The purpose of the "Wave" - ​​the sweeping of the terrain, is now controlled by the protesters. "

"Moreover," writes Moskal, "it is planned to conduct an offensive operation and create several filtration boundaries with the use of distracting maneuvers The task of the filtration boundaries is to detain all persons leaving the place of cleansing .The offensive operation is to be conducted from all adjacent streets - Lutheran, Proreznaya, Kostelnaya and others Its goal is to release the occupied premises of the KSCA, the Trade Union House, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the Ukrainian House, and the Oktyabrsky Palace. The total number of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security - about ten thousand. "

"I, as chairman of the Supreme Correctional Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, asked the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the chairman of the Security Service to confirm or officially deny the information stated, and to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, in case of confirmation of the information, to take measures of the prosecutor's response. plans are well-informed, "the politician summed up.

UPD: 27/01/2014 An interactive map of movements of demonstrators and security officials across Kiev appeared in Kiev

В сети появилась интерактивная карта перемещений манифестантов и силовиков по Киеву

In the network appeared an interactive map of movements of demonstrators and siloviki in Kiev

On the Internet appeared an interactive map of Kiev, which reports on the situation in the capital in real time.

On the Internet appeared an interactive map of Kiev at , which shows in real time the places where rallies are held and the soldiers of the Berkut special forces are standing.

UPD: 27/01/2014 What should I do if you are detained?

What if you were detained?

What if you were detained?

UPD: 27/01/2014 Motorists, who were detained by traffic policemen, are going to escort to the police station.

Motorists, who were detained by traffic policemen, are going to escort to the police station.

Motorists, who were detained by traffic policemen, are going to escort to the police station.

UPD: 27/01/2014 Berkut Wars