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UPD: 28/02/2014 "Mezhyhirya" rest: The house in Koncha Zaspa, which Yura Yenakiyevsky built for the Family. PHOTO reportage

Межигорье отдыхает: Дом в Конча-Заспе, который строил Юра Енакиевский для Семьи. ФОТОрепортаж

These photos are worth seeing to the people of the East, so that they understand what work the Maydan has done for them, at the cost of the lives of many people defeating Yanukovych's mafia. This is written in her blog Tatiana Chornovil.

These photos of the estate, where probably the largest (single-family) residential building in Ukraine was built - almost 10 thousand square meters.

And he is not alone in the estate, a separate house for banquets, a separate church-picture gallery, an office center, garages and a bathhouse. This estate is in Koncha Zaspa. According to various evidence, he was building either for Yuri Ivanushchenko * (in the past, the criminal authority of Enakievo) or for Yanukovich's son.

Now I managed to get documents concerning this construction. The construction was conducted by the firm "Editepe", its office was located in Kiev at Gonchara 35, 9th floor. What is interesting at this address was also the office of Artem Pshonka-Sasha Yanukovych, who specialized in money laundering, where bribes and kickbacks for the Family were recorded.

The author personally found the documentation "Editepe", as well as documents with the names of Pshonka and Yanukovych in this office. However, the owner of the land on which the company "Integrality Invest" was built, as well as the customer of the construction of the "Financial Company" Index-Group "structures close to Yura Enakievsky.This company stretches to the fund" New Technologies ", which has long been known as Ivanyuschenko's structure, which appears in many corruption schemes, but due to the closeness of Ivanyushchenko and Yanukovych, especially in the first years of the presidency of the latter, it is quite possible that Ivanyuschenko twisted these corrupt schemes in the interests of the Family and built the estate also in the interests of Yanukovych, because he was considered "looking" for business. The family has not yet "grown up" Sasha Yanukovich.

UPD: 02/28/2014 A column of ten Russian armored vehicles heading towards Simferopol: AK-47s and SVDs noticed from the military. PHOTO report + VIDEO

A column of ten Russian armored vehicles is sent to Simferopol: from the military, they noticed AK-47 and SVD. A column of ten Russian armored vehicles is sent to Simferopol: from the military, they noticed AK-47 and SVD.

BTR with Russian flags turned towards Simferopol. Ten Russian armored vehicles are sent to Simferopol, TSN reports.

Military equipment was noticed when moving from Inkerman (suburb of Sevastopol) in the direction of the capital of Crimea, the journalist said.

Now BTRs are located about 40 km from Simferopol. "Of the weapons we noticed from the military - AK-47 and SVD," the journalist adds.

Recall that near the airport "Belbek" is a checkpoint with activists of the "Russian block", travel on the road is blocked.

UPD: 28/02/2014 Press conference of Yanukovich in Russia

Пресс-конференция Януковича в России

Yanukovych's press conference in Russia

"Nobody overthrew me, I had to leave Ukraine under the immediate threat of my life and the lives of my relatives," he said at a press conference in Rostov-on-Don. "

According to him, the power was seized by nationalist thugs, who are a minority in Ukraine.

"Armed people must leave the street," Yanukovych said.

He said that in the incident the Western countries were guilty, who indulged the Maidan.

"The Verkhovna Rada is illegitimate: they vote under the influence of the siloviki and militants ... Deputies are literally raped, thrown with stones, dragged out to the Maidan"

Ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych considers the current Verkhovna Rada illegitimate.

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych met with the fighters "Berkut".

"I met with them and asked for forgiveness: there were unarmed people in which stones were thrown," Molotov cocktails. "They were shot with weapons and killed .... They stood firm, and I once again want to apologize to these courageous people who stood and innocently suffered "

At a press conference in Russia, Viktor Yanukovych made another reservation.

"I believe that Ukraine is our strategic partner"

Ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych assures that he personally did not give the order to shoot at the protesters.

"I did not give the order of the militia to shoot, the police, as you know, were without weapons until the last moment, although by law they had the right to use weapons"

Viktor Yanukovych said that he got to the territory of Russia "thanks to patriotically-minded officers."

"I came to Russia thanks to patriotic officers: I would say so, who did their duty and helped me save my life"

Yanukovych also noted that he had not yet met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I talked to him on the phone after I got on the territory of Russia." We agreed to meet as soon as he had the opportunity to "

Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych said that Russia as a partner of Ukraine should and must act in the situation with its removal.

"Knowing the nature of Vladimir Putin, I wonder why he is still so reservedly silent and does not react in any way"

He specified that Russia should not stand aside in this situation. "Russia should use all available methods to help the situation," he said. At the same time, Yanukovych emphasized that he was against military intervention by the Russian Federation.

Russia can not remain aloof from the events that are taking place today in Ukraine, and must intervene.

"It would be incorrect for me to talk about what Russia should do, but I repeat once again that Russia can not stand aside, be indifferent to the fate of such a big partner as Ukraine and should use every opportunity to prevent that chaos and terror, which occur in Ukraine, but I am categorically against the violation of Ukraine's integrity "

UPD: 28/02/2014 The Kharkovites answered Hepa with his own words: "Suce dog." We'll multiply you by zero. " VIDEO

In Kharkov, people near the building of the regional state administration blocked the way to Gennady Kernes.

In this case, as they say in the description under the story in YouTube, Kharkov self-defense answered Kernes * with his own words, Tsenzor reports.

UPD: 28/02/2014 "To never forget": 70 of the most impressive staff of EuroMaidan in Kiev. PHOTO reportage

Чтобы никогда не забыть: 70 самых впечатляющих кадров Евромайдана в Киеве. ФОТОрепортаж

All frames are placed in chronological order as events unfold.

We offer footage on which the most striking and tragic events of EuroMeidan are depicted in Kiev.

UPD: 02/28/2014 Rada abolishes MP privileges and privileges

Рада отменила депутатские льготы и привилегии

The Verkhovna Rada supported the bill on the abolition of deputy privileges and privileges.

For the corresponding bill number 1075 as a whole voted 301 people's deputy, informs Censor NO.

The author of this bill is Vitali Klitschko and all the deputies of the faction "UDAR".

UPD: 28/02/2014 NBU introduces restriction on withdrawal of foreign currency deposits, - Kubiv

НБУ ввел ограничение на снятие валютных вкладов, - Кубив

The National Bank of Ukraine introduced a temporary restriction on the withdrawal of foreign currency deposits in the equivalent of no more than 15 thousand UAH per day. This was during a briefing, said the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv, informs UNIAN.

However, there are no restrictions for hryvnia deposits. Source:

"UAH hryvnia deposits, remove at least a million, at least two." Banks are liquid, "Kubiv said.

UPD: 02/28/2014 Large amphibious ships of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation have entered the Black Sea. A PHOTO

Большие десантные корабли Балтийского флота РФ зашли в Черное море. ФОТО

The large amphibious ships of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation passed the Bosporus Strait and entered the Black Sea. This is reported by the publication of imperialcommiss, reports BlackSeaNews.

On February 26, 2014 at 07:20 (Kyiv time) the large landing ship (BDK) of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation, pr.775 Kaliningrad, the onboard number 102, which belongs to the 71st brigade of landing ships of the Russian Navy Fleet, passed the Bosporus Strait in the direction Black Sea.

Большие десантные корабли Балтийского флота РФ зашли в Черное море. ФОТО

Following him at an interval of 20 minutes at 07:40, the Bosporus Strait in the same direction was the second large landing ship of the Navy of the Navy of the Russian Federation, pr.775 "Minsk", b / n 127. This ship also belongs to the 71st brigade of landing ships of the Navy of the Russian Navy, transfers imperialcommiss.

The information was obtained from Turkish CCTV cameras along the shoreline of the Bosphorus Strait.

UPD: 28/02/2014 "Golden Prosecutor": an artificial lake for $ 5 million and gold plated sockets, activists are shocked by the bookkeeping of Pshonka. VIDEO

Activists were shocked by the found accounts of Pshonka and compromising materials. Home accounting, which the official did not kill, running away from the estate, is evidence for how much the owner was building up walls in the house and on whom he kept dirt. Despite the insane expenditure, Pshonka bothered even to owe "insignificant money."

Former Prosecutor-General Viktor Pshonka * in his estate put gilt rosettes, painted the walls with gold, bred kids and kept dirt. But despite the enormous costs and incredible opportunities Pshonka managed to get into debt, reports Censor.NET with reference to TSN.

To dig an artificial lake near Kiev (cost: $ 5 million 622,328 dollars), Pshonka had money. On 60 "green" for gilded sockets, also paid the Attorney General. Cattle for cattle for 57 thousand and a bath "For important people" he built himself.

However, Pshonka "forgot" to pay almost $ 30 thousand for the reconstruction of the house. Not paid the guardian of the law and the bath attendants - 1,750 dollars. All these expenses fell just for the period of deterioration of the economic situation in the country.

The neighbors of the prosecutor are shocked: they can not even afford such pillows for themselves.

In addition to debts and gilded bad taste, the prosecutor and compromising materials were stored at home, for example, at the firm of Zakharchenko's colleague. They came to him with notes and requests to close the case, and with requests to help in obtaining a free education.

The unknown captured Pshonka's house and took out the jewels. Men in masks do not introduce themselves and do not name with which they are organizations.

Recall that in the estate Pshonka found a unique weapon, which 4 years ago, the police took away from the collector.

UPD: 02/28/2014 Apparatus for tens of thousands of dollars, of which there are no state hospitals in Ukraine, is an examination of a polyclinic in Mezhyhirya. VIDEO

Activists and journalists continue to marvel at the scale of luxury with which Mezhyhirya was built. Journalists after the mansions and restaurants reached the clinic for the staff.

In the estate of former President Yanukovych Mezhyhirya there was a separate clinic for the staff, which numbered 962 people, reports Censor.NET, citing a video of journalist Nikolai Ovcharov.

The doctors who got into the clinic for the staff were shocked by the equipment that is not available in the regional hospitals, let alone the district hospitals. Provision of doctors with everything necessary up to napkins and disinfectants, which even dare not even ask other doctors who serve millions of Ukrainians. Comfortable furniture in offices and corridors, plasma TVs, etc.

Also surprising is the provision of detergents, household appliances and other things for technical workers who were engaged in cleaning, which is a huge contrast to the usual picture of cleaning in most clinics with a mop and a floor cloth.