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UPD: 07/31/2014 Rada approves the introduction of 1.5% military charge from the salary

Рада одобрила введение 1,5% военного сбора с зарплаты

The Verkhovna Rada on Thursday agreed with the proposal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to introduce a temporary national fee for the wage fund (military duty) of 1.5%.

As reported by Interfax-Ukraine, referring to the leader of the parliamentary faction Fatherland Sergei Sobolev, the relevant bill "On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some other legislative acts of Ukraine" was supported by people's deputies in the vote by 306 votes.

The specified fee will be collected until January 1, 2015 at a rate of 1.5% from the income of individuals in the form of wages, other incentive and compensation payments or other payments and rewards that are paid (paid, provided) to the payer in connection with the employment relationship and civil-law contracts.

The fee will also be collected in case of a win in the state and private money lottery, the win of the player (participant) received from the organizer of the gambling game.

According to the estimates of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the introduction of a military charge will allow to accumulate 2.9 billion UAH as one of the measures for securing defense financing.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to introduce a military tax on incomes of natural persons on July 25.

Earlier on Thursday, the Cabinet of Ministers allocated from the reserve fund of the state budget 9.494 billion hryvnia for the payment of cash to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

UPD: 31/07/2014 Proof: Russian mercenaries are shooting Shakhtersk dwellings from a mortar. VIDEO

Доказательство: российские наемники расстреливают жилые дома Шахтерска из миномета. ВИДЕО

In the city of Shakhtersk, the terrorists, stationed in the stadium "Olympus", shoot from the mortar in the direction of residential quarters.

It was found out by bloggers, having conducted an investigation on the video, which the terrorists themselves spread.

A video appeared on the network in which the terrorists boast that "the Russian patriot Andrey transferred considerable financial assistance to the account of Ekaterina Gubareva for the people's volunteer corps of Donbass, and asked me to fry them with name shells." With these words terrorists begin shelling from the stadium "Olympus" in the direction of residential quarters.

UPD: 31/07/2014 Another Russian soldier in Ukraine "lit up" in social networks: "We sit, we work on" Buka ", listen to music ...". A PHOTO

Очередной российский солдат в Украине засветился в соцсетях: Сидим, работаем на Буке, слушаем музыку.... ФОТО

The Russian soldier Alexander Sotkin posted pictures in the "Instagram" where he exploits military equipment in Ukraine, including the Buck rocket launcher system.

"We sit, work on" Buka ", listen to music, in short, normal Sunday," - he wrote.

As reported by the publication "BuzzFeed", the Russian military could not guess that the "Instagram" service automatically applies geolocation to each photo.

Sotkin also previously published a photo database in southern Russia. It was at this time that Kiev accused Moscow of attacking its positions across the border.

He also added a photo near the village of Krasnaya Tahlovka in Lugansk region.

Очередной российский солдат в Украине засветился в соцсетях: Сидим, работаем на Буке, слушаем музыку.... ФОТО

Already on July 5 Sotkin uploaded another photo from the village of Krasny Derkul on the Ukrainian side of the border. Then Ukraine accused the militants of firing a border point from mortars.

It is worth noting that Sotkin lives in the city of Narofominsk in the Moscow region.

Recall, the State Duma of the Russian Federation may prohibit soldiers from publishing on social networks photos and videos taken in military units and polygons containing images of special military equipment and weapons, as well as other "internal army information."

UPD: 07/31/2014 A "green corridor" was set up for the release of civilians from Lugansk. Near it, the fire will cease from 10:00 to 16:00

Организован зеленый коридор для выхода мирных жителей из Луганска. Вблизи него будет прекращен огонь с 10:00 до 16:00

The troops of the operational command "North" in the forces of the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass are going to provide a "green corridor" for the civilians to leave Lugansk, ceasing the fire every day from 10:00 to 16:00.

This is reported by the press center of the ATU.

"Humanitarian corridor" is organized in the direction of the street. Sovetskaya Str. 16th Line, st. Frunze Str. Shevchenko, further along the highway Lugansk-Happiness through the settlement Metallist. "Fire at a distance of 200 meters to the right and to the left of this corridor is closed from 10:00 to 16:00 every day." The collection and verification point, the so-called filtration point, is organized on the territory of the military unit of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the town of Schaste. ", - the report says.

"The purpose of the filtration point is to prevent the sabotage and reconnaissance groups and leaders of terrorist groups from entering the territory of Ukraine under the guise of refugees from the territories of the Lugansk region, as well as providing medical and humanitarian assistance to the refugees and refugees," the report says.

The personnel and the order of protection, the provision of a filtration point (the point of collection and verification), the procedure for organizing interaction with representatives of the State Emergency Service, the Border Guard Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service was determined at a coordination meeting on July 28 in Starobelsk. Inspection of refugees at the checkpoint 1203, escort to the "filtration point", the protection of the point is carried out by representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Border Guard Service.

With themselves, residents can carry personal belongings, but not firearms and cold steel. A recognition sign for the civilian population is proposed to have a white cloth for groups of people and a wide white bandage for every citizen or leading column and closing one.

UPD: 07/31/2014 The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation has persistently tried to correct the article in the German Wikipedia, shielding the terrorists. PHOTO

Федеральная служба охраны РФ настойчиво пыталась исправить статью в немецкой Википедии, выгораживая террористов. ФОТОфакт

On the morning of July 29, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation tried to correct the article in the German Wikipedia about the Boeing 777 crash for 20 minutes five times.

This is reported in the tweet "Gospravki" , .

As follows from the history of the revisions of the article , from the IP addresses of the FSO they tried to change the words "Separatisten" ("separatists") to "Rebellen", "Aufstandischen" ("rebels"), "militarische Fuhrung" ("military leadership"), and " Separatistenfuhrer "(" head of the separatists ") - to the" Aufstandische Ministerprasident "(" Prime Minister of the insurgents ").

But each time after the FSO revisions German users of Wikipedia returned the original formulations. "Fighting edits" lasted about half an hour.

This is not the first time that the Russian authorities make edits to the pages of Wikipedia in foreign languages. On July 23, the Gospravka account published the statistics of updates from IP Russian state organizations from 2005 to 2014. In total, 189 changes were made during this time. In 2013, the company VGTRK is the most active encyclopedia, and in 2012 - FSO.

The next morning after the fall of Boeing 777 over Donetsk, the IP addresses of VGTRK were amended to an article on air crashes in civil aviation. Initially, the Ukrainian user indicated that the plane was shot down by terrorists, and VGTRK corrected the wording for "Ukrainian military".

Shortly after the disaster, unknown Moscow IP addresses were corrected in an article on the Su-25. The information on its technical characteristics has been corrected.

UPD: 07/31/2014 Residents of Donetsk fight with terrorists in the conditions of occupation, and they advise Girkin to shoot himself. PHOTO reportage

Inhabitants of Donetsk are fighting terrorists in the conditions of occupation, and they advise Girkin to shoot himself. PHOTO reportage Inhabitants of Donetsk are fighting terrorists in the conditions of occupation, and they advise Girkin to shoot himself. PHOTO reportage
Inhabitants of Donetsk are fighting terrorists in the conditions of occupation, and they advise Girkin to shoot himself. PHOTO reportage Inhabitants of Donetsk are fighting terrorists in the conditions of occupation, and they advise Girkin to shoot himself. PHOTO reportage

Some residents of Donetsk in the conditions of occupation chose a rather uncommon way of psychological struggle against the invaders.

"There have already been reports that local people are quietly shooting out militants, but, for obvious reasons, there is no reliable information on this, I think they really shoot, they just do not report on their social networks pages. about the resistance to the power of art can be accounted for below the work of the art group "Murzilka" ", writes the blogger paulskp.

All photos are made in Donetsk.

UPD: 07/31/2014 In Rostov-on-Don, residents detained two armored personnel carriers without numbers that were traveling to the front to Ukraine. A PHOTO

In Rostov-on-Don, residents detained two armored personnel carriers without numbers that went to the front to Ukraine. A PHOTO In Rostov-on-Don, residents detained two armored personnel carriers without numbers that went to the front to Ukraine. A PHOTO

On Tuesday evening in the village of Chkalovsky there was an incident involving two armored vehicles.

Photos about the state of emergency posted on his page in Facebook, user Sergei Rostovtsev, said the blog "Novaya Gazeta." According to eyewitnesses, around 21:00 on Vyatskaya Street, drivers and pedestrians noticed two armored vehicles moving along the lane. Actually, armored vehicles in Rostov today, few people can be surprised, she regularly walks the streets of the Don capital. But these units differed from the usual cars: both with the numbers erased, here and there the metal was heavily rusted, unaccompanied by the military traffic police.

As a result, the townspeople decided to act quickly and radically: they blocked the move by fighting vehicles, surrounded them with cars, and called traffic police. At the same time, they tried to reach (literally) those who were inside armored cars. But the contact did not work out - only a few cigarette butts left the hatch to the outside world.

The investigation with the traffic police officers who arrived at the site of the accident lasted about an hour and a half. After that (as the participants in the event write in the comments), the police received a command on the radio: armored vehicles are not detained, moreover - to escort it beyond the city limits of the Don capital. What, allegedly, was done: under the protection of police cars left in the direction of departure from Rostov to Novoshakhtinsk. In the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Rostov region, it was not possible to comment on yesterday's blockade of military equipment by the civilian population: in the reports of incidents, this state of emergency does not appear. Earlier it was reported that near Kaluga, a 15-kilometer military column was seen, consisting of armored personnel carriers and heavy tracked vehicles.