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A large selection of links for victims of anti-Ukrainian propaganda

ВНИМАНИЕ. Большая подборка ссылок для жертв антиукраинской пропаганды

Thanks to the man for the great work. Organized all the links. Lord Russians! This is, first of all, for you.

We - Bandera, fascists, extremists - want you to see us. And they heard.

Wrote a sports columnist for the Russian-language newspaper Kommersant, a meser in the Fisherman’s House. It was written for his relatives from Russia, who asked him to flee to Russia from the “Bendera” and “fascists” as soon as possible.

From the first day of protests in Ukraine, the Russian media lied about what is happening here.
I provide a selection of links to real events that took place with us.
It all started with the fact that at first the country was informed about the imminent signing of an agreement on accession to the European Union, and then at the beginning of November 2013 they refused. At this time, Russia was blackmailing with a ban on the supply of our products to itself, etc.

The people went to a rally along with the opposition. Somewhere on November 20-22, as a journalist, I already knew that the opposition - Yatsenyuk (Yulia Tymoshenko’s Batkivshchyna party), Klitschko (Udar party), Tyagnybok (Liberty party) - got into a mess with each other and didn’t know how to tell people to break up or just "fuck you home."
But some remained, mainly Kievans, and students.

And a little later at night from November 29 to 30 at about 4:00 in the morning, the communal workers arrived to set up the Christmas tree. We arrived with the "Golden Eagle" (like your riot police) and brutally dispersed everyone. They beat everyone in a row and referred to provocation.
The same acceleration from the TV channel "Ukraine", which belongs to the largest oligarch of the country Rinat Akhmetov (and this is also Donetsk and the Party of Regions). Here, by the way, a provocation is really visible on the video (there are simply no others !!!) - some pretzel throws a burning log into a golden eagle. This is a reason to brutally beat everyone ???

After that, the people of Masovo began to protest that they were “beating our children” and to come to Kiev FROM ALL PARTS OF UKRAINE. They demanded to punish the guilty - the Berkut residents themselves, their superiors, to remove the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who made innocent eyes. There was zero reaction from the authorities, after that they began to picket the Verkhovna Rada, the cabinet, the presidential administration. Basically there were ordinary people, including a lot of my friends from Kiev. Now they demanded the resignation of the government and Yanukovych himself. The slogan "Zeka Get!" (in Russian - convict out) - because Yanyk was sitting, moreover, he was sitting for the theft of a mink hat. The whole country knew this, but he became president ... Do you have something else to say about the honesty of our elections?
Moreover, this government has built a clear system of common fund in the country with mandatory kickbacks. All the leading positions in them were occupied by their own people who had people watching according to the principle of the zone, or they themselves were watching ...
The rally was massive, but relatively peaceful until a few thugs stole the tractor and began to drive them into the soldiers of the internal troops (namely, these draftees with shields and even without batons, golden eagle heroes were put on the front line with cannon fodder). Ordinary people at first interfered with thugs, and then grenades flew indiscriminately from all over the cops. And then they themselves rushed to the attack, beat everyone in a row indiscriminately ...

December 2013. Maidan. There was a dry law - they asked drunkards to leave. People in the center of Kiev began to build barricades to protect themselves from Golden Eagle. Considering how they broke their heads earlier and beat off their kidneys - now they put on motorcycle helmets, helmets, shields on their legs and arms from ordinary sports stores.
They demolished the monument to Lenin, which not everyone understood.
So that it was where to live in winter in the cold, as “constitutional national property” were occupied by several buildings around the square - the City Council, the House of Trade Unions. There were attempts to disperse - it did not work ...
Some people here stayed for weeks. Food, clothes, blankets and mattresses were brought from all over Kiev, brought from all over the country. Power interfered with them - they burned cars, planted ... Moreover, there were also their first-aid posts, doctors took time off and came to the Maidan. Such is the “US funding”, as you were told)))
Everyone helped as he could. I handed over clothes through acquaintances - I already have no fleece at home)) My friend, for example, brought several thermos flasks - he just made tea. He said that one man asked how much it costs - they answered that nothing. He left, returned 15 minutes later and brought 3 thousand cups. Here we have such harsh nationalists, Bandera ...
See for yourself: even such "Bandera" - families, old people, children - walk the streets. They protest against corruption in the country, the impunity of the authorities. On the poster is the inscription “Servants of the people, be ashamed (Servants of the people, come to your senses”).

In parallel, the authorities began to organize, near the Independence Square in the Mariinsky Park (there the Verkhovna Rada, etc.) the so-called Anti-Maidan. Ordinary people, naturally, did not go to it themselves. To fill it, in the eastern, central, southern regions of Ukraine, the authorities, under the threat of dismissal, collected state employees (teachers, ZhEK workers, janitors, etc.), or simply gathered scumbags for 200 UAH per day (700 Russian rubles). We call scumbags paid in honor of the “paid” Vadim Titushko from Bila Tserkva (in the third minute of the first video in black Adidas suit in front), who beat up two journalists in August last year during the dispersal of another protest rally.

Union of Golden Eagle and Aunts:

And it was so))) From Nikolaev (this is the south of Ukraine) they threw homeless people to Euromaidan in Kiev. Homeless people say that cops put them on a bus ...

Independence Square, December 14. THIS IS OUR UKRAINE. WE WILL PROTECT IT !!!

Meanwhile, your TV shows news about us, like North Korea about the Americans)) Ukraine already stood for its rights at that time, and Russian TV fed you stories about the European Union.

Evromaydanovtsev began to catch - cops or simply hired gopnik. Who they planted, whom they beat ... Video from the DVR from the car of Tatyana Chernovol, which was severely beaten. This is a journalist. She wasn’t always friends with her head, but still a woman after all ...

New Year on this Maidan was celebrated by many:

But Bandera, which scare you. For reference, until 1939 the western regions of Ukraine were under Austria-Hungary and Poland, until they were conquered by the Union. In the next two years before the start of World War II, Stalin then shot, transplanted and repressed half of the population to Siberia, and Stepan Bandera was one of the leaders of the resistance (and under Austria-Hungary too). With the advent of the Germans, he tried to proclaim an independent Ukrainian state and immediately ended up in a German concentration camp for three years. When he left, he again began an underground struggle for the freedom of his country. Think for yourself, if Bandera was Russian and fought for the freedom of the Russian people - would he be a bad person?

Maidans were in other cities of Ukraine. There were aunts ... Guess who helped them?

January 13 - a month and a half of confrontations. Nobody came out from power to the people on the Maidan, but before the paid Antimaydan everyone was told how good Yanukovych was ... Words of an Afghan:

Conversation of Ukrainians with the authorities))

In mid-January, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada passed a law which criminalized punishment for participating in rallies. Only the Party of Regions and the Communists voted, and in manual mode, and there were no some deputies, but no one even counted ... They reacted to this LAW ON DICTATURE by putting pots and colanders on their heads and going back to Maidan. The most active were preparing for defense.

Avtomaydan (those who had cars) began to catch titus in Kiev, which had already openly robbed people and beat cars. In general, to do their own work for the police.

On January 10, an auto-maidan blocked the Berkut members, who beat activists at the court. They stopped and forced to show faces so that the country remembered its "heroes":

Well, the golden eagle began to catch the auto-Maidan:

In total, from December to February, several hundred Maidan and Avtomaydan residents were transferred to prisons. These are those who were caught during the sweeps, but only for the transportation of car tires to the Maidan there was a lot of people shining ... For the lawlessness of the police - NOT ONE CRIMINAL CASE OPENED !!!!! Even the killings were attributed to the Maidan residents themselves: the police did not use weapons)))

Self-defense of the Maidan was created to protect the people from their own police. And now find at least one trunk on the video with Maydanovtsy ...

And here is the Right Sector, which scares you. Says its leader Yarosh. Listen to what they say ... Zero fascism, but there is a struggle for the rights of ordinary people. Incidentally, they did not break into power and now they are not in power.
In general, the Right Sector, as Yarosh says, was formed on the Maidan by the merger of several nationalist (that is, for the freedom of the people, and not the Nazi - for the supremacy of the nation over all the rest as in Germany was) organizations. Moreover, to understand the size of the Right Sector - this is just one of the hundreds of Maidan Self-Defense. And there are many such hundreds, but they were formed in a different way - on a regional basis, etc.

Meanwhile, in my hometown of Khmelnitsky ...

Football fans. They protected people from aunts in all cities !!!

And January 19-20. The street was freezing to 20 degrees, the police were watering all of the water cannons ... Molotov’s cauldrons were already flying in response.
The attack of Golden Eagle, a grenade thrown into the medical center ... As it was:

Here is what happened with the prisoners:

And this is the first killed - Sergey Nigoyan. His parents fled from the war in Armenia ... At the same time, Interior Minister Zakharchenko claimed that the cops did not use firearms ...

But not all really used small arms - soldiers of internal troops ALWAYS stood only with shields and batons. Noisy grenades were only at Berkut. To them bitches were washed with a sketch of bolts and nails. They threw at everyone. Journalists - about 40 injured, including with a severed arm and broken eyes.
And so the weapons were not “used” by certain parts of the Golden Eagle ... This video surfaced later.

This was lucky, he crawled out of the forest. The second - the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Yuri Verbitsky - was found in the forest with his hands blindfolded ... "Frozen," Yanukovych said.

And this avtomaydanovets was allegedly stolen near the house by aunt. Released a week later.

Euromaidans in other cities of Ukraine, people captured regional administrations and forced governors to write resignations. And their cops and aunts defended them. Ordinary people were protected by football ultras. People created self-government bodies.
In Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Sumy, the cops with the aunts of people at first were severely dispersed.

Chernivtsi, January:

Vinnitsa, January:

Odessa, January:
Odessa, the answer is paid aunts. Notice, everyone is wearing the same helmets, why? Because they were given in an organized way ...

Dnepropetrovsk, January:

Dnepropetrovsk. Acceleration by aerial. In the first video - the city council of the city, they were outfitted there.

And these are the people who are called Bandera and brown plague in Russia. They recaptured the Ukrainian House from the internal troops (historical museum exhibits, documents are stored there, the building was actually located in the rear of the Maidan), and they themselves set in the broken windows.

And these are our defenders of public peace))

Honest policeman from Kherson

And these came just to earn extra money)) And Bandera provokes them in pure Russian))

On February 17, the opposition in the person of Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, Tyagnybok (although Maidan never chose them as their leader) agreed in power: the resistance frees the administration building, and in return, according to the adopted amnesty law, they will release all Maydnovites from prisons. The buildings were cleaned, and right there some people began to appear in them who, under the guise of the Maydanites, began to “zighaylit” - a certain “Narnia” that no one had ever heard of ...
Well, no one was released from prisons ... Moreover, Yanukovych went on sick leave and did not sign this law.
On February 18, once again the deceived people went to picket the Verkhovna Rada. There cops and aunts awaited them together. The latter began throwing stones because of the back of the cops. And then - knead.

The video is signed as "snipers shoot at the golden eagle." If you are a little versed in weapons, even by the sound you can hear that this is a pneumatic small thing. Several Berkutovites sat on the roof and threw grenades at people, not even looking where they would go — a man, woman, or child ...

After that, TOTAL CLEANING began. Cops with aunts drove everyone from the government quarter back to the Maidan. Barricades began to be demolished ACCORDING TO A SPECIALLY DEVELOPED PLAN. Do not spare anyone. One person whom I know in absentia from the fishing forum was shot in the face. Another of the victims of the aunts is the 62-year-old female liquidator of the Chernobyl accident. Her aunts were stoned.

Blocked all the Kiev metro

At night on the Maidan was tin. Cops set fire to the House of Trade Unions, where there was not only the headquarters of the resistance, but also a hospital for the wounded. Two people burned alive, about 40 - firemen rescued.

Near the stage were mostly old men and women. The barricades defended a total of about 500 Self-Defense fighters. They were constantly watered with water cannons, drove armored personnel carriers, during the night they survived about a dozen attacks of Golden Eagle. And they survived. In fact, these people defended freedom in our country. If it were otherwise, the Maidan would be demolished, and Yanukovych would begin total repression.

People gather at hospitals where the wounded are taken and the police do not allow them to be taken directly from the wards, as it was before. Relatively light - take home to be safe.

At night, the police blocked all roads to the Maidan and the entrances to Kiev. But people broke through. By evening, there were already about 10 thousand people.

But people began to gather in the streets - they didn’t let armored personnel carriers even from night, they stopped the aunts.

And not only in Kiev:

Yanukovych gave the order to clean up the army. This became known from the wives of the soldiers, and people in the Dnipropetrovsk region lay on rails. The military broke through and went to Kiev in the KAMAZ trucks, but did not enter the fighting.

Unrest rose again throughout Ukraine. So it was in my Khmelnytsky when the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) picketed. Inside, along with sbukhniks, there are already titles - you can see in the video how they beat windows from the inside for a review. The 73-year-old woman later died in the hospital. At the time of the shooting, she prayed on her knees. Also killed a 21-year-old guy.

February 20th. Snipers in the center of Kiev.
How it started in the morning is not clear, it seems like there was a truce. They began to push the police away from Maidan along Institutskaya Street, and there snipers awaited them.
They say that there is a video of people shooting in both directions (that is, they fell on Maydan’s people, and then turned around and hit the cops), but I did not see him. После первых жертв майдановцы (а там же были и два моих друга –им, слава Богу, повезло – коренные киевляне, которые всю жизнь говорят на русском, кстати) начали вытеснять ментов дальше от майдана. Там их тупо отстеривали. Из оружия, как видно, у пострелянных майдановцев только палки и щиты… Стреляли профессионально – в глаз, шею или живот. Порой стреляя кого-то в ногу, потом добивали тех, кто приходил на помощь.
Майдан тоже начал применять оружие.
Среди погибших – студенты, учителя, режиссер…

А тут ваши СУКИ из СМИ говорят, что это «дешевая постанова». Жертвы у ментов действительно были – где то 1 мент к 6-7 убитым майдановцам…
Ну и еще одно – ментов к этому времени ненавидели все за постоянное зверство и союз с проплаченными ублюдками.

А вот анализ серьезного человека, который поработал журналистом и во время боевых действий в Чечне.

И только после этого СУКА министр МВД говорит, что они начнут использовать оружие…

Снайперов в итоге вичислили. Было две группы, одна – от внутренних войск из Крыма, вторая от Службы безопасности Украины. И те и другие говорили о какой-то загадочной третьей силе… Допустим, что она действительно была… Если подумать, кому она может быть нужна: а) тем, кто стремится к власти; б) тем, кто ВСЕ ВРЕМЯ ВРАЛ В СВОИХ СРЕДСТВАХ МАССОВОЙ ИНФОРМАЦИИ И ГОТОВИЛ СВОЙ НАРОД К ВОЙНЕ.
Снайперы говорят

Людей, погибших от снайперов 20 февраля 2014 года будет помнить вся Украина!!! Их назвали «Небесной сотней»… Блин, у меня слезы каждый раз наворачиваются, когда это вижу…
… а еще есть около 350 человек, пропавших без вести. Потому что трупы прятались суками ментовскими…
Майдан скорбит, но продолжает жить

После расстрела 20 февраля часть милиции начала переходить на сторону народа. Бывшие соратники Януковича начали выходить из Партии регионов. В том числе и донецкий мер Киева Макеенко, который тут же возобновил работу метро (на нем, кстати, два дня титушек перевозили). Куча министров сбежали, в том числе и министр МВД Захарченко.
Срочно собралась Верховная Рада, потому что поняли, что их теперь попросту разорвут. Приняли закон о возврате к Конституции 2004 года, по которой ограничивались права президента и страна возращалась к парламентской форме правления. Для утверждения нужна была подпись Януковича.

Я 20 февраля днем сам был на Майдане – до этого не ходил. Сначала думал, что все можно решить мирно и что у милиции все-таки проснется совесть, и она откажется быть союзниками с титушками, будет отстаивать права народа, а не полных отморозков. Потом – было просто стремно оставить жену с двумя маленькими детьми на шее… И при этом стыдно, что я не там…
Мы с женой закупились лекарствами и сигаретами. Я отнес, своими глазами видел раненых и убитых. В аптеках, кстати, были очереди – все помогали по мере возможностей.
По Киеву тем временем бродили титушки, по ночам в спальных районах жгли машины. Люди во всех (!!!) дворах, которые раньше друг друга не знали и даже не здоровались, объединялись, чтобы защититься и патрулировали улицы сами. Потому что обосравшаяся милиция из дому не выходила. Иногда было стремно, когда пересекались две таких группы друг с другом: никто не знал, кто напротив – титушки или такие же, как сами. В принципе, вопросы друг с другом решали и титушек отлавливали.

На следующий день люди были в резиденции президента Межигорье. Все сбежали, кроме двух охранников, которые сами открыли ворота. Все вывезти не успел. Я представляю, что было вывезено…

В общем, смотрите - 123 гектара, народное добро, наворованное за 4 года при власти:

А вот домик генпрокурора Пшонки. Он тоже смылся.

А вот так живет сын главного комунниста Симоненко.

Это как делали политику и бизнес в Украине Янукович и ко. Если не в курсе, в декабре Янык под адские 10% взял у России в кредит 15 млрд. баксов. Как вы думаете, из этих денег за несколько месяцев что-то осталось? А кому их отдавать России? Правильный ответ – налогоплательщикам Украины: мелкому бизнесу, учителям, врачам…
Схемы вывода денег Януковича

Янукович дает пресс-конференцию в Ростове

А вот сука продажная, которая на протяжении всех трех месяцев троллила и рассказывала хрень про Майдан. В последнем видео то, что получилось у него во время интервью у дружеских титушек:

А вот и Топазик)) Его ловили два раза, во второй раз он прыгнул зимой в канал, чтобы спрятаться. Его вытащили, чтоб не замерз и опять передали ментам…

Народ опять поднялся по всей Украине. For instance:
21 февраля, Запорожье
Харьков, вечер 26 февраля. Мер Харькова Кернес набирал титушек в наглую прямо в горсовете. Его вся страна теперь ненавидит.
А вот, кстати, бывший мер Харькова, губернатор Харьковской области при власти Януковича

Начали валить Ленинов по всей стране, как символ старого режима. Я эту хрень не поддерживаю, для этого бы лучше подошло бы решение горсовета.

Всплыло видео от Яныка хрен знает откуда: «В меня стреляли, Рыбака (спикер Верховно рады) избили»…
А вот и Рыбак… В общем, очередной трындеж от Яныка))

Песни о свободе

Яныку за побег и нежелание разрулить напряженную ситуацию в стране Верховная рада объявила импичмент. Но при этом не соблюла все юридические процедуры – еще нужно было, чтобы Конституционный суд утвердил. Но «донецкий» Констутиционный суд распустили. Яныка объявили в розыск, но выпустили из страны. Теперь РОССИЯ ПЫТАЕТСЯ НАМ ВЕРНУТЬ ДИКТАТОРА, ВОРА И УБИЙЦУ.
Еще Рада отменила диктаторские законы, и стали выпускать активистов Майдана, расформировала Беркут. Под шумок выпустили Тимошенко, хотя к этому на Майдане вообще никто не стремился. Более того, все помнят как Юля с Ющенко просрали прошлую мирную «оранжевую революцию» и точно так же разворовывала страну, как Янык после нее. ПРЕЗИДЕНТОМ ОНА НЕ БУДЕТ, ИМХО.
Самооборона на дорогах останавливает кортеж Яценюка и Тимошенко.

А теперь ВНИМАНИЕ!!!
То, чем пугали Россию, и почему Путин хочет воевать за защиту прав русского населения нашей страны – языковой закон.
Как было на самом деле:
Что показали у вас:

Что Украина имеет на выходе:
- Разогнали воровскую власть, но новой не все доверяют.
- Народ, которые ненавидит ментов за беспредел при защите преступного режима Януковича и союз с титушками.
- Ментов, которые ненавидят активистов за коктейли Молотова.
- Расформированный Беркут, часть из которых в больницах без гарантии собственного лечения и будущего.
- Улицы без перепуганных и обозленных ментов, то есть формально – необороноспособного противника для военных действий.
- Прогнозированные действия партии Свобода о нагнетании языкового вопроса, который тут же перекрутили российские государственные СМИ.
- Подготовленный к войне народ России, который смотрел откровенное вранье по «зомбоящику»
- То есть формально имеется потенциально слабый противник, и уже готовые воевать солдаты. А кто хочет воевать, прикрываясь легитимностью вора Януковича, и подкрепляя это лживой заботой о запрете русского языка в Украине? ПУТИН И ЕГО КОМАНДА!

Симферополь, 27 февраля.