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Automatic in the face. Cobra inspectors threatened with weapons Road Traffic Control journalist

Автомат в лицо. Инспекторы Кобры угрожали оружием журналисту Дорожного контроля

The Internet publication Road Control announced the video of how inspectors of the “Kobra” traffic police unit threatened the journalist with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a pistol with excess of official authority.

According to Road Control, on April 8, journalists arrived at the Zhytomyr traffic police post in Kiev to make a report on how the Cobra workers, according to the publication, stop cars for no reason. After some time, two traffic cops noticed a parked car of DK journalists and approached the car. Further, as the newspaper notes, they demanded from the driver to present the rights and registration certificate, without naming the grounds for verification. Journalist Vladimir Maralov opened the glove box to get the purse. There he also had a traumatic Fort pistol, for which the journalist had official permission to possess. As soon as they noticed the gun, the Cobrovans immediately sent their firearms to the driver’s head.

One of the law enforcement officers, distorting the bolt and driving the cartridge into the chamber, began shouting at the driver, using profanity and demanding to get out of the car. Maralov suggested that the inspectors calm down, since there is a permit for the gun, but the traffic cops continued to send the weapon to the head, while trying to open the car by force ...

As a result, special forces, other policemen and traffic policemen, as well as activists of the Right Sector arrived at the scene. How it all ended - look at the video!