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Material-Investigation for Russians

Для свой знакомой девушки-россиянки, я приготовил данный материал.

For my friend, a Russian girl, I prepared this material.

She and before communicating with me and realized that her TV is lying. And now she turned to me, so I told her the truth about the events in Odessa, because in Russia everyone wants to die the Ukrainians and call us fascists ...

I relied only on the video without comment, with the exception of comments from the place of events.

Added a few really high-quality descriptions.

Judge for yourself, maybe someone will have to inform you or persuade you:

1. Read the article and see how people are dressed on the march "For Unity of Ukraine", are they like people who came to kill? And vice versa, look at the separatists.

2. Separatists very easily agree with the cops, so that they missed towards the ultras and civilians of Odessa.

3. The first corpse, killed a resident of Odessa, who was on the march "For Unity of Ukraine": Immediately: cops are forced to protect civilians. Cops run!

4. Here you can see how in front of the Trade Union House separatists shoot at ultras and civilians from roofs with firearms

5. Full video attack AT separatists furious crowd . Video with the analysis of shooting separatists. . Close-up shooting at the ultras and civilians.

6. This is a video of the supporters of the separatists, here they show how the attack on the Trade Union house was carried out, as a centenary of self-defense of the Odessa Maidan fired back from the separatists. This is an armed clash. Pay attention, this is the HUNDRED in a blue shirt and in a black armor, wearing dark trousers. It also shows how the "fascists" (in the opinion of Russian media we are fascists) rushed to save the separatists jumping from the windows

7. Video confirming that this is a centurion of self-defense (they all officially have weapons)

8. This is a record of "Rain" about how a part of the ultras was united in rescuing separatists , , https : // v = zcERmnGY9Os . In Russia they say that the ultras were killed with sticks from the fire. Here's how it really was:

9. Attack on the home of trade unions - a general plan, it can be seen (at 2:00) that the fire began initially on the 3rd floor, and it began not because of external arson, but internal.

10. We also believe that a very strange death among those who were in the house of trade unions in Odessa: Why did people choke in enclosed premises where there was absolutely no FIRE? Why did people choke on the spot, DO NOT WORLDWIDE? Why did people die in strange poses (the pregnant girl arched backward, and the legs lifted off the floor!)? Why did everyone die the same way - lying on his back with bulging belly and raised palms? Why did not people have time to WIN THE WINDOW? Why did some die, while others deliberately shot at the rescuers? Why the fire broke out in the center of the house, and people died on ALL FLOORS and CABINETS? THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT GAS or substance! This is some kind of intentional crime! People have already burnt down after poisoning and death, because they have the same facial expressions!

11. Interview with the Odessa ultras (eyewitness)

12. After the fire, terrible consequences frames (not for the faint-hearted) ,