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A video was published as Yanukovych left Mezhyhiria with values

Обнародовано видео, как Янукович уезжал из Межигорья с ценностями

Collection and removal of antiques and other valuables from Mezhyhiria began on February 19, ie. before shooting people snipers and signing an agreement.

Then, on February 19, the situation on the Kiev Maydan heated up to the limit, but negotiations between the authorities and the opposition to stop the bloodshed and find political ways out of the crisis, without the immediate resignation of Yanukovych.

Intensive, but noiseless evacuation of values ​​began on February 21 - a few hours before the opposition and Yanukovych signed an agreement on a peaceful exit from the crisis.

Loading and sending of the vans continued until 4 am on 22 February. Literally a few hours after this, the first message appeared that Mezhyhirie was abandoned by all its inhabitants and servants.

Camera number 8

19 February. Video recording from the camera of the central entrance to Honka. Yanukovych's working day begins late. At 12:23 he just appears on the porch, discussing something with the bodyguards and hiding in the building. At 12:28 he leaves the building, sits in the car and leaves with a guard.

13:56. "Honka" is leaving the blonde woman. As the journalists found out, her name is Love Polezhay, the sister of the personal cook of the ex-president. Her things are loaded into the car, and she leaves. At 15:01 it returns.

16:32. Honku leaves the man with bags. At 16:42 the camera fixes the truck. Later on such machines under the control of Yanukovych from Mezhyhiria will export valuables.

February 20th. In the morning of this day there was a mass shooting of protesters at the Institute in Kiev. At 09:17, Yanukovych left Khonki, got into the car and drove away.

Chamber number 6

Camera No. 3

At 14:20. A man who looked like Viktor Yanukovich, the younger one, arrived. At 15:06 a man took out two large packages from the building, got into the car and drove away.

If all this time everything went on without fuss, then on February 21. The constant running around workers of the residence of Yanukovych. At 18:47 in the frame appears a man with a gun.

February 20th. With things the residence is leaving the blonde woman. Lie it or some other person - it's hard to say.

On this video, you can clearly see how for two days - on February 21 and at night on the 22nd - all the most valuable things were exported: pictures, icons, vases, watches and other antiques. On February 22 at 01:25 several guns were brought from Mezhyhiria. At 03:25, a brunette appears again, which flashed through the recording of camera No. 3 on 22 February.

Camera number 7

Camera number 5

As a result, from Mezhyhiria without much fuss, apparently, they took everything that was especially dear to former President Yanukovych. At 21:24 the owner Mezhyhirya appears on the threshold to control the process of export of property. The event confirms that Yanukovych did not plan to return here.

Camera number 2

On the morning of February 22, the first message appeared that Mezhyhirie is guarded by only a couple of people, and it is possible to enter the territory without hindrance. On the same day thousands of Ukrainians rushed to look at the luxury of the residence of Yanukovych.