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MOBILIZATION FAQ - Kremlin propaganda

The anti-mobilization hysteria accelerated by the Kremlin is expanding along the vanet and affects the brains of people who previously seemed adequate. I decided to make a small FAQ, debunking the dies of a powerful, but rather dumb Kremlin machine.

Q: Why do you say that the Kremlin organizes protests against mobilization? I personally know a lot of people who do not want to join the army.

A: I say this because I’ve been working in the Internet PR system for many years, I know a lot of people involved in it, and I can see signs of “ordering” - usually these are “cliches” and “blunders”. This order is paid or the person "ideological separatist" is an insignificant question. To make such people “ideological”, the Kremlin spent a lot of money, but paid not to them personally, but to ORT, RushTudey and other shouts of military propaganda.

With stamps, everything is simple - there are vanishingly few creative identities among recruited idiots, so theses (and even the whole texts) are written in one place, and then, without alterations, they are used by zombie and paid bloggers in their texts, which gives them away. The appearance of blunders provides the same inborn idiocy of quilted jackets, they just are much more diverse.

For example, this time we observe the following picture:


Do Ukrainians write their surnames with errors, moreover, typical for translation from Russian? Haha And pay attention to nicknames created according to one scheme - three letters of the name plus surname.

Conclusion - these are bots created in Russia.

Not enough? .. Here is another proof for you:


An ordinary user will not pay attention to these little things, but will see thousands of accounts scaring him with the horrors of mobilization. And it’s quite likely to get scared, it may not come out on the square, but it will “slope” away from mobilization on the principle of “I am like everyone else”.

Moreover, the information policy of Ukraine is still in a disgusting state, despite the creation of a kind of "ministry of information policy." There is no systematic struggle, everything rests on separate media and bloggers, absolutely unrelated to each other, having different and conflicting sources of information and not having time to fight off a well-coordinated and well-paid Kremlin propaganda machine.

The result - screams in PanicBook, decadent moods, deviators. But real people were infected artificially with panic, just as before they had infected Russians with horrors about the fascist junta. Explain to them that they are wrong, show them this text.

Q: And why die young guys? For business Poroshenko? For the oligarch Kolomoisky?

A: No, for this:


It was not we who attacked Russia, it was Russia that attacked us, as has already happened more than once in our "brotherly history". Russia has already taken away Crimea and a piece of Donbass, and if you don’t resist (people didn’t resist in the Crimea and in the captured part of Donbass), it will arrange New Russia for us from Kharkov to Odessa. Each of you saw Putin’s statement about a certain “historical region of Novorossia”, through the central channels of the Russian Federation that “Ukraine is under-state” and similar maps:


These are the true plans of the separatists and the Kremlin, which they especially do not hide. And if we do not stop them, then what is happening now in the Donbass will happen in your yard.

Do you want "Grad", devastation, poverty? Sit at home like indifferent people in Donetsk. Later they had to flee, abandoning housing, work, a quiet life. In our world, pay for cowardice is always the highest.

Q: This is a civil war! Why are Ukrainians called to go kill Ukrainians ??!

A: Yeah, of course, "civilian." Only some strange citizens:


A month ago I went to the anti-terrorist operation zone and interrogated captured militants a bit (1, 2, 3). All as one argue that among the "militias" 70% are come in large numbers of Russians, most of whom believe in the atrocities of the "fascist Bendera".

This is not a civil war, but a HYBRID war, and the battle in it is not primarily for the territory, but for the minds (another kick in the ass for the Ministry of Information Policy). For years, Russian propaganda has zombied the inhabitants of the east and Crimea, as a result, it was precisely on their territory that it was possible to start a war, moreover, by the hands of the same zombie Russians.

If you believe that this war is "civilian" - you too have been zombified. If there are many of you, a war will soon come to you in the person of Motorola.

Q: Why Poroshenko does not declare war ?! Why is this cowardly ATO? !!!

Q: This mobilization is illegal! There is no war, there is a "counterterrorism operation" that special services should be engaged in!

A: The first hysterical “why” has been wandering on the Internet since the summer, his embroiderers love to scream. The second was composed of kremlyady in time for mobilization, cynically and cleverly using embroideries and a weak spot in the position of Ukraine.

The weak point is that we cannot declare war on Russia, because:

1) this will give Putin the opportunity to attack the country along the entire southeastern border - and completely legally. Kharkov, Sumy, Chernihiv - will be captured quickly, because we have no serious military formations there. In the south, Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa will turn into ruins, because there we have troops and we will resist - but alas, we are still an order of magnitude inferior to the Russian army in military power, we actually have no aircraft and navy, and allied assistance has not yet reached the desired level. A bunch of equipment and individual battalions of special forces thrown by Russia to the Donbass - this is not the same as a full-fledged and well-managed army. And even Ilovaisk - not the same thing, it was just a "demonstration of opportunities", and we got great there.

2) no European country can help us. Because the supply of weapons, even non-lethal, will be considered participation in the war - and the old woman-Europe really does not want to participate in the war. Sanctions and isolation of Russia are all that should be expected from them.

3) there will be no international loans and free financial assistance, due to which we are now fighting. There will be only humanitarian aid in the form of food. To those who survive.

Embroidery, do you want to be defeated in the war, hundreds of thousands of dead and “Novorossia” at hand? .. No? .. Then “shut up, please, Hugh” ©. Do not help the Kremlin defeat us.

At the moment, the trump card of Ukraine is precisely to dig in the defensive, freeze the conflict and wait for the Russian economy to weaken under the weight of sanctions, inflation and oil prices so much that the Kremlin will not be up to the "Lugandon." After that, separatists are most likely eliminated in a week, as was done with Serbian Krajina.

This is what we need to prepare for - by strengthening the Ukrainian economy (otherwise we will die earlier than Russia) and the army - with volunteer help and mobilization.

UPD: As for the special services - yes, there they are, doing their own thing, I mean the SBU. Only the maximum that they can do is to catch spies, and in artillery duels (the main method of war in the Donbass), the special services use no sense.

Q: Yes, but I still don’t want to go to war! I do not want to die! I have a family, children, a hamster, a ficus, I want to live!

A: You misunderstand the procedure and the meaning of mobilization (again, thanks to the dead information policy of Ukraine). No one will give you in the military enlistment office “Kalashnikov” and send you to the trench ( proof ). Now, those who were mobilized a couple of months ago and all this time were driven to the training camp at the training ground are being sent to the ATO zone for rotation. And only those who wrote the statement “send me to the ATO” are sent there.

The same thing awaits you. The country does not need to send you to certain death, it is irrational to spend time and money on preparing a soldier to ditch you right there. The tactics of the Second World War “women still give birth” are no longer in use, losses in the anti-terrorist operation zone are calculated in units, at most tens of people a day — and all these losses are the result of someone else’s mistakes.

Ukraine needs mobilization to create a RESOURCE. Russia can bayonet a million soldiers, but how much can we? 50 thousand - so you can give up, have already lost. A million, five million means Russia will not dare to attack.

In fact, you are sent for training, and there are already invited instructors, if you understand what I mean. Damn, in Kiev people pay money for the courses of a young fighter, and here the state teaches you, feeds and dresses you for free! Don't be stupid, huh? :)

Ideally, we would need to create a Swiss defense system in which every male citizen undergoes at least six-month training in the army, receives personal rifled weapons and is constantly listed as mobilized. You can attack Switzerland and you can even conquer it for a short time, but it will not work to keep it.

Yes, I say that, ibigdan is a non-military person, a blogger adapted to a comfortable peaceful life. Running with a machine gun over ravines is not mine and I am well aware of this. But there is no other way out - as long as freaks are sitting in the Kremlin, there will be no rest for us, which means we must learn to defend ourselves.

Q: But what about my work and salary? What will my family live for while I fight for a year?

A: It is unlikely that a year is spent in ATO only by those who want to be there. Most likely, you will return home after training, without having been at the forefront. And all this time you will be paid a salary - and even more.

According to the amendments adopted on 03/27/2014 to the Law of Ukraine "On Military Duty and Military Service" and the Code of Labor Laws of Ukraine, all mobilized citizens are guaranteed to retain a job (position) and average earnings for a special period (not more than 1 year). Thus, mobilized working citizens will receive two salaries at the same time - one civilian, the second - a contractual serviceman. And besides this, a one-time cash benefit is paid after demobilization. Read more here.

To summarize. All this snotty "anti-mobilization" gimp is raised by Russian propaganda. Do not get fooled, keep calm, love Ukraine, help the army with word and deed. Show this post to your friends.

If the Kremlin does not like our mobilization, then all the more so it needs to be carried out.

PS FAQ is not complete, add constructive questions and answers in the comments, I will add to the update. KREMLYADI and quilted jackets are banned.


Q: Let the children of deputies and deputies fight!

A: Warring deputies: "Yarosh, Biletsky, Birch, Gavriyuk, Parasyuk, Semenchenko."


Who will be called - infographics.



Another remark about the “civil war”: people who declared themselves to be the “Donetsk People’s Republic” or the “free farm Zaburbelivka” do not consider themselves citizens of Ukraine. These are some “Novorossiysk”, or separatists, or, if you like, collaborators in the service of 70% of Russians who have come in large numbers. The presence in the occupied territories of policemen and the army of Vlasov did not make the Second World War “civilian”.


Q: And why do we continue to sell food / water / electricity to the occupied territories? Why do we buy coal from them, and from Russia gas, if we have a war? Why did Poroshenko not sell his factory in Lipetsk and generally all the plants?

A: This business was given to you by Poroshenko. Ask yourself: if he sells everything tomorrow, how will this help you personally or the country? Yes, nothing! Absolutely nothing will change, the war will not win. Do you want justice? .. Do you want him to sell everything and give the money to the army? .. Are you ready to sell everything (an apartment, a car) and give all the money to the army? .. No? Clearly, the question is closed.

Now with regards to the sale of products to the Crimea and Donbass. The fact is that the rupture of economic ties with the occupied territories is killing our economy no less than their economy. If our food producers don’t deliver food to the Crimea, will you buy and eat three times as much? .. No, you won’t? Let them go bankrupt? .. Our economy is already in the ass, why kill it? how to fight without an economy? Stop the war, strengthen the economy - then we can strangle the separatists economically.

With coal the same way - well, our power plants stayed for a couple of weeks without coal, the lights started to turn off, the plants stopped without electricity - okay, right? That's because they did not find what to replace this coal with - corrupt officials and bureaucrats in the government must be blundered. And how to replace it - then to refuse Donetsk coal and Russian gas.

Of course we would like, like in a movie about the “Great Patriotic War” - a clear front line, here ours, here them, get up for a mortal battle, etc. Yes, only the HYBRID war. In it, passenger aircraft Kiev-Moscow fly as before, 20 flights a day. Trade is on, diplomats are not recalled, you are chatting with Russians on social networks right now. Globalization has changed not only peace, but also war. Get used to it.