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The state budget 2015: revenues of 475.2 billion, expenditures 527.2 billion, a drop in GDP of 4.3%, inflation of 13.1%, a minimum wage of 1378 UAH and a 2% tax on the purchase of currency

Госбюджет-2015: доходы 475,2 млрд, расходы 527,2 млрд, падение ВВП 4,3%, инфляция 13,1%, минимальная зарплата 1378 грн и 2% налога на покупку валюты

The cabinet proposes the parliament to approve the state budget for 2015 with revenues of 475.239 billion UAH and expenditures 527.193 billion UAH.

This is stated in Bill No. 1000 amended by the Cabinet, registered in the Parliament on December 22

State budget revenues are proposed to be set at UAH 475.239544 billion, including revenues of the general fund - UAH 452.771253 billion and special fund revenues - UAH 22.468290 billion.

Expenses of the state budget are proposed to be set at UAH 527.193946 billion, including a total fund of UAH 502.936681 billion and a special fund - UAH 24.257264 billion.

The Cabinet of Ministers proposes the Verkhovna Rada to approve the state debt at the rate of 68.3% of GDP and the state budget deficit of 3.7% of GDP in 2015. According to the draft state budget, the limit of the state debt as of December 31, 2015 may amount to 1 176,060,356 billion hryvnia.

In 2015, state guarantees can be provided in the amount of up to 25 billion hryvnia.

The limiting amount of the state budget deficit for the next year is set at UAH 63 669.6 million, including the deficit of the general fund of the state budget - 49,802.604 million hryvnia.

The Cabinet of Ministers proposes the Verkhovna Rada to raise the subsistence level to UAH1,330 in 2015, the minimum wage to UAH 1,378. It is established that in 2015 the subsistence minimum from January 1, 2015 will be 1176 hryvnia, and from December 1 - 1330 hryvnia.

For the main social and demographic groups of the population: children under 6 years from 1 January 2015 - 1,032 hryvnia, from December 1 - 1167 hryvnia; children aged 6 to 18 years from January 1, 2015 - 1286 hryvnia, from December 1 - 1455 hryvnia; from January 1, 2015 - 1218 hryvnia, from December 1 - 1378 hryvnia; persons who have lost their ability to work, from January 1, 2015 - 949 hryvnia, from December 1 - 1,074 hryvnia.

The draft state budget-2015 provides for raising the minimum wage and fixing it in the amount of: from January 1 - 1218 hryvnia, from December 1 - 1378 hryvnia.

At present, the cost of living is 1176 hryvnia, the minimum wage is 1218 hryvnia.

The Cabinet of Ministers proposes the Verkhovna Rada to extend the military fee until January 1, 2016 and raise the fee for compulsory state pension insurance on foreign currency purchase transactions from 0.5% to 2%. The military charge of 1.5% of incomes of natural persons was temporarily introduced by the Verkhovna Rada on July 31.

It was assumed that it will operate until the end of 2014.

The pension fee of 0.5% from currency purchase transactions was introduced by the parliament in late March.

The Cabinet of Ministers proposes the Verkhovna Rada to approve the forecast for GDP reduction in 2015 by 4.3% with inflation of 13.1%. At a meeting of the government that took place on December 22, the forecast of economic and social development of Ukraine for 2015, developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in two scenarios, was approved.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the forecast assumes a certain intensification of economic activity in the second half of 2015 as a result of the implementation of economic reforms and is built on the premise that: the military conflict in the east will end; solve problems with gas supplies to Ukraine at a reasonable price; donor assistance will be received; The National Bank's policy aimed at supporting growth is being implemented; cooperation with the European Union will deepen.

Scenario 1 of the macroeconomic forecast for 2015 as a whole is in line with the IMF estimates and provides the following indicators: the real GDP will fall by 2%, the nominal GDP will increase to UAH 1,751.0 billion, inflation will be 11.2%, the producer price index - 14.1% , the labor compensation fund is projected at UAH 472.6 billion, the average monthly salary is UAH 3,934 and in real terms will decrease by 2.5%.

The profit of profitable enterprises is expected at the level of 281.2 billion hryvnia, exports will decrease by 4.8% and amount to 61.8 billion dollars, the volume of imports - by 7.7% and will amount to 64.2 billion dollars.

Taking into account that at the moment it is very difficult to take into account the full range of unpredictable factors in the forecast of macroeconomic indicators under the rapidly changing events in the country, the Ministry of Economy has developed scenario # 2, which is more conservative.

In order to minimize risks, scenario 2 was chosen as a basis for calculating the indicators of the draft state budget for 2015, according to which the drop in real GDP is 4.3%, the nominal GDP is UAH 1 720.8 billion, inflation is projected at 13.1%, the price index manufacturers of 15.2%.

The compensation fund under scenario 2 is projected at UAH 467 billion, the average monthly salary is UAH 3,882, and in real terms will be reduced by 4.4%.

The profit of profitable enterprises is expected at the level of 272.1 billion hryvnia, exports will drop by 8.9% to $ 59.1 billion, the volume of imports - by 12.8% to $ 60.7 billion.

Recall, the Cabinet proposes the Rada to extend the military fee until 2016 and raise the pension fee when buying currency from 0.5% to 2%.