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Bill №1135-1 "On civilian weapons and ammunition"

Законопроект О гражданском оружии и боеприпасах: пистолетом можно будет обзавестись с 16 лет. Инфографика

According to the bill number 1135-1 "On civilian weapons and ammunition" in Ukraine, four categories of civilian weapons and ammunition will be allowed for civilian circulation and possession by individuals, business entities and rifle sports organizations.

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According to article 4 "Categories of civilian weapons and ammunition" of draft law No. 1135-1 "On civilian weapons and ammunition", Ukraine will be allowed for civilian circulation and possession of individuals, economic entities and small-scale sports organizations such categories of civilian weapons and ammunition:

  1. the first category is a pneumatic weapon of caliber up to 4.5 mm and a flight speed of a propelling element up to 100 m / s; firearms chambered for "Flaubert" caliber up to 4.5 mm and ammunition;
  2. the second category - long-barreled smooth-bore firearms; gas weapons; pneumatic weapons of a caliber greater than 4.5 mm and a flight speed of a propelling element greater than 100 m / s; firearms chambered for "Flaubert" caliber over 4.5 mm and ammunition;
  3. the third category - long-barreled rifled and combined firearms and ammunition;
  4. the fourth category - short-barreled rifled firearms and ammunition; short-barreled smooth-bore firearms, intended for firing ammunition, equipped with elastic throwing elements of less lethal action and ammunition to it.

"Weapons of the first category, as well as oholoshena and deactivated weapons are in public circulation. Weapons of the second, third and fourth categories and ammunition are in limited civilian circulation, established by this Law. Citizens of Ukraine acquire the ownership of civilian weapons second, third and the fourth category, its main parts and ammunition, as well as its components of ammunition, with a weapons permit, which is issued separately for each category of civilian weapons, for and exception of the first category, "- the report says.

In addition, it is noted that non-essential parts of civilian weapons and additional equipment to it are in free circulation. The number of weapons of a certain category, which a person has permission to acquire weapons of this category, is not limited to them.

"Limiting the capacity of negative and inalienable stores of civilian weapons and the use of additional equipment can be established exclusively by laws governing certain types of activities on civilian weapons, or by the regulations (rules) of sporting events," the report said.