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"To himself an energy man" - a resident of Lviv, Babyachok installed a solar battery and even sells energy to the state

Сам себе энергетик - житель Львовщины Бабячок установил солнечную батарею и даже продает энергию государству

Roman Babyachok, a resident of the village of Solonka in the Pustomitovsky district of the Lviv region, not only became completely energy independent, but also began to earn money on this. A man sells electricity to the state. In September, his solar station generated over a thousand kilowatts of energy, he used part for his own needs, and sold the rest to the state.

Roman Babyachok is the first Ukrainian to sell his own electricity to the state. In September, a man earned more than 3 thousand UAH when he sold 897 kW of electricity to Lvovoblenergo, which was produced by his private solar power station.

The man began to build his own solar power plant on the roof of his house in the spring of this year. To equip 100 square meters. m of roof, acquired 40 photomodules (solar panels) with a power of 250 W, a GEL battery, a control unit, an AC inverter and a two-way counter. The latter "passes" electricity in both directions and can transmit data to the dispatch service of oblenergo. The total capacity of the power plant of 10 kW is the maximum of green energy that the state allows private households to produce for their own needs.

Prior to this, Roman Babyachok was interested in alternative methods of energy production for many years. In the end, I decided to try it myself. The fact that in Ukraine he was a pioneer in this matter did not frighten the man.

“First, it was necessary to prepare project documentation and obtain permission to connect a 10-kilowatt power plant to the network, purchase and install the system itself and register it with oblenergo,” said Roman Babyachok.

Solar panels cost him € 8 thousand, each for € 200. In addition, I purchased an inverter with automatic equipment for € 3 thousand, and also bought fasteners, cables and other things. Obtaining appropriate permits in Lvovoblenergo and buying a special meter cost 15 thousand UAH. Such a system will pay off, according to Roman Bab'yachka, in 5 years.

"My house consumes 300-400 kilowatts. So much energy is produced by a two-three kilowatt station, that is, I sell part of the produced energy. If you put a smaller power station, only in accordance with your own needs, you will not sell anything, but the costs will be the same . It’s better to produce more and make money on it, "he said.

Now a person sells energy at the rate of 3.89 UAH / kWh, which is many times more than the energy produced in conventional power plants. According to Ukrainian law, the tariff will remain unchanged until 2030.

“In just 22 days, my station generated 1.2 thousand kilowatts. I sold what was in excess,” the man notes.

He made the station in three months, and dealt with documents for almost a year. He says that such an investment is very profitable.

“I spent it once and forgot it for my whole life. Then you spend it only on servicing the station, but that’s a penny,” added Mr. Roman.

But to produce alternative energy on an industrial scale, according to the inventor, is not profitable.

"This is hundreds of thousands of hryvnias, access to the combined energy market, registration of a license and certificate, and Ukrainian-made batteries only. This is not very profitable. This thing is very interesting for private households. You just put everything in, say, and your house is provided with electricity," says Man.

At the same time, he adds that the heating in his house is based on electricity, so gas problems for him are gradually becoming a thing of the past.