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UPD: 03/17/2015 Kabaeva gave birth to Putin's third child, - Blick (Photo)

Кабаева родила Путину третьего ребенка, - Blick (Фото)<

Today, the Swiss media spread sensational news about Russian President Putin.

Journalists report that the Russian politician has disappeared from the view of the press due to the fact that he became a father.

Кабаева родила Путину третьего ребенка, - Blick (Фото)<

According to the Blick tabloid, local residents of the Swiss canton of Tessin are actively discussing the news that the famous Russian gymnast, former State Duma deputy Alina Kabaeva, came to give birth to their local clinic of St. Anne a few days ago.

Despite numerous rumors, information about the birth of a child at Kabaeva can forever remain a secret. Swiss journalists are confident that the clinic of St. Anne will not risk an excellent reputation.

During the Olympics in Sochi, Alina Kabaeva appeared in public with a wedding ring. At the same time, the symbol of marital fidelity appeared on the hand of divorced Putin. After the hype in the press, the President of the Russian Federation removed the ring.

Later, the media reported that Putin and Kabaeva got married.

Also, the media have repeatedly reported that Kabaeva already has two children from Putin.