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Who will not be affected by the fourth wave of mobilization (infographics)

Кого не коснется четвертая волна мобилизации (инфографика)

January 20 in Ukraine starts the fourth wave of mobilization. It became known who she did not touch.

Thus, the categories of military service that are exempted from mobilization in January-April 2015 are unsuitable for health reasons, students and graduate students, clergymen, parents of three or more children, people who are engaged in constant care and residents of the occupied territories.

Note that unsuitable for health reasons should be recognized by the military-medical commission unfit for military service for up to 6 months. Full-time students and graduate students, clergymen who occupy positions in registered religious organizations will not get into the troops.

Parents of three or more children under the age of 18 will not protect Ukraine from the enemy.

Those liable for military service, who provide permanent care for disabled relatives, will be exempt from mobilization. Residents of the Crimea and uncontrolled parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions will not fall under the fourth wave of mobilization.

The publication of LIGABusinessInform is reminiscent of the responsibilities of the received agenda.

According to the law "On mobilization preparation and mobilization", persons liable for military service, who have received the agenda of the military commissariat for arrival to call for charges, are obliged to arrive at the point and on time indicated in the agenda.

Agenda can be sent as non-serving graduates of military departments of civilian universities, and simply not served. After their arrival at the military enlistment office, either the account is simply reconciled, or, if the military specialty is in demand, a referral to a medical commission is given. If, according to the results of the medical commission, the reservist is deemed fit for military service, he is interviewed to find out about his desire or unwillingness to serve. Be sure to take into account the passage or not the passage of military service in the past and military specialty. Preference is given to serving in the army.

Types of subpoenas

an agenda with a proposal (“proponyu”) to appear in the draft board for verification of the account or interview;

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data", a citizen of Ukraine has the full right not to provide organizations, including military registration and enlistment offices, with information about himself, his family, place of work, health, etc.

subpoena demanding (“punishing”) to appear at the military registration and enlistment office for medical examination (which is already illegal)

It is worth noting here that the military enlistment office cannot force a medical examination , because in Ukraine, no one has the right to provide medical aid to a person or to examine a patient without his consent (except in cases of emergency medical care). The provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On the Basics of Healthcare" state that no one has the right to force a person to see a doctor, undergo diagnostic methods, pass tests, etc. Thus, a person who does not wish to serve in the army has the full right to refuse to undergo a medical examination. Any intimidation of military commissars will be illegal - the responsibility for the refusal to allow the doctor to examine the patient simply cannot be provided.

As for the "mandatory medical examinations", they are introduced by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers. In the list of those who, by virtue of their profession, are obliged to undergo medical examinations for a certain period, there are indeed “draftees”, but not “mobilized”. But the responsibility for refusing to undergo medical examination is clearly stated in the current legislation of Ukraine. It is exclusively administrative - the management of the enterprise is obliged to remove the person who refused to undergo the "mandatory" medical examination from work or study (student medical examinations). In the case of draftees who refuse to undergo a medical examination on the basis of art. 43 of the Law of Ukraine "On Health Care Basics" or on the basis of art. 286 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, then military registration and enlistment offices do not have legal mechanisms to influence such objector.

A summons with a request (“I will punish”) to appear with things at the indicated assembly point (for persons in military service, having been interviewed, a medical examination and having received a mobilization order).

For failure to appear at the military enlistment office on the agenda with full or partial mobilization, the draft dodger is threatened with administrative liability in the form of a fine of 85 to 119 hryvnias, for violation of the legislation on mobilization administrative liability is provided in the form of a fine of 17 to 51 hryvnias, for intentionally destroying a registered certificate or military ticket - a fine in the amount of from 17 to 51 UAH. For evading the call for mobilization in art. 336 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine spelled out responsibility in the form of imprisonment for a term of two to five years. It is important to understand that criminal liability can come only in the event that a person has agreed to undergo a medical examination and received a mobilization decree. If a person refused to undergo a medical examination, did not receive a mobilization decree, then he will not be held criminally liable - only administrative.

The notification of those who are liable for military service, selected by candidates for recruitment for training fees, is carried out exclusively by handing the established subpoenas personally in hand - and not by means of phone calls and throwing subpoenas into mailboxes. The agenda should indicate the time of arrival at the military commissariat, the seal and the signature of the official (usually the military commissar).