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The video of the assault on the Donetsk airport published

Обнародовано видео штурма донецкого аэропорта

The Russian television channel Life News released a video report filmed during the storming of the Donetsk airport.

The frames show how the separatists move and fire at the airport. Also heard continuous shooting from small arms, underbarrel grenade launchers, anti-tank grenade launchers and tanks.

In the video, the "militias" announce the assault on the new terminal and that they almost completely control the Donetsk airport. At the same time, the National Security and Defense Council declare that the airport remains under the full control of the ATO forces. The fact that the airport was not taken by the separatists was also stated by the "Minister of Defense" of the self-proclaimed DPR Georgy Morozov. According to him, the "militias" control part of the airport.

Also on the video, the journalist of the Russian television channel and the separatists accuse the Ukrainian military of shelling residential areas of Donetsk. In turn, the security forces said they were not involved in the shelling of Donetsk.

"Today, in some mass media, a message appeared about the alleged shelling by the Ukrainian military of a civil bus and a school in the city of Donetsk. The ATO press center officially declares that these materials are not true. The Ukrainian military does not fire at civilians and residential quarters," according to the press center of the ATO.