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Mortal Kombat in Ukrainian: with the participation of Yarosh, Yanukovich, Putin, Lyashko and others

Online Game Mortal Combat in Ukrainian Online Game Mortal Combat in Ukrainian
Online Game Mortal Combat in Ukrainian Online Game Mortal Combat in Ukrainian

The classic gaming industry - the Mortal Kombat fighting game - has gained a new life in the flash version of the Ukrainian studio VolikAnime, which is developing websites, flash banners, 3D animation and promotional videos.

The developers decided to combine the legendary combat capabilities of the characters of the game with the realities of Ukrainian politics.

In the Ukrainian version of Mortal Kombat as a game character who will fight to the death, the choice is offered by famous Ukrainian politicians, as well as Vadim Titushko, Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin. Some are quite similar to game characters: Princess Kitana with combat fans in the game is represented by Yulia Tymoshenko, Dmitry Yarosh reminds Barak (although not claws but blades stuck out of hands), Oleg Lyashko pulls up the enemy, like Scorpio, Vladimir Putin knows how to freeze, like Sub-Zero, etc.

If the user wins two rounds, he becomes the winner. If each of the rivals won one round, the fate of the battle is decided in the third. If the user won the battle for each of the characters, it is waiting for a battle with the boss.

Before the battle, a training mode is offered, where you can learn the main control keys and combinations for combo attacks. After a click, you can choose your opponent and start the battle.